34 thoughts on “Central Bankers Plan to Control All Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum)”

  1. How do you speak out against the cabal & still adopt the collaborator mentality?
    They will wipe us (good activists) out.
    You will not be one of the "spared", if you are unfortunate enough to be one of that billion.
    There is another option, beyond selling out your fellow human, Sarah.
    We can make a stand, instead of adopting the collaborator mindset of a judas goat.

  2. Listen – can Kent explain to us why he requires Google Chrome for his platform and why we have to give up our telephone number just to become a member? Google Chrome is serious spyware and an real invasion and a risk. So how is it that somebody who is promoting peace, freedom, privacy, etc., is asking us to give up so much just go join with him?

    When he sets up a platform that doesn't require us to give up our privacy and hence our freedom just to be a part of it, then I'll take him seriously.

    Anybody who partners with Google Chrome and forces us on to that platform should not be given any support. If Kent made a mistake with that, then he should correct it. If he refuses to correct it, then I think that tells us a lot about him.

  3. Shit why would I even want to live in a world where they've done all of this? Those billion would be living in hell on earth which is not living at all. Smh.

  4. Spot on. Either Satoshi is The Banksters/US Govt or he is the Toolman for them, knowingly or unknowingly. The buildout continues, the economy will falter here in ways not seen, and the “savior” will come in and “rescue” the world from collapsing….so the masses will jump lock step. How far from this trigger move….hmm ?

    I think I have been informed by another author about this Apocalyptic event….Hope to see Him soon ?

  5. There is a catch here with this 1776 coin folks. They ask for your phone number to participate. Why would they want that? Hmmm…

  6. Trump is a divider,(so was hillary by the way) nothing else. Does anyone really think that a foul mouthed, loud person like him is the best that this country has to offer the world? Come on folks, wake up….

  7. Sarah, thank you for all your hard work and dedication, I absolutely LOVE watching your shows. I've tried on several occasions to donate to your patreon account but for some reason the page will not open for me. Please consider opening a PayPal account.

  8. instead of this one sided rubbish, id love to see…stefan Antonopolus and catherine austin fitts have a balanced debate..it would be quite Educational…

  9. Yep. Total fear to speak up, to speak out, and most won't listen. I am already vaccine-damaged (1970s swine flu fiasco was my last and it was forced on me and just about killed me, changed me forever). If I am forced to receive even one more vaccine (and who knows what's in those chemtrails), it will kill me (no drama here, just a fact), which I know is their goal. I try to discuss this with my MD and she looks at me like I am paranoid ans says that there is no way that forced vaccines will ever happen. Wth? Pisses me off and scares the hell out of me. And also, I am so tired of knowing so much more (like WAY WAY more) than any MD whom I know, and I know a lot. Seems so very unfair. Why am I not making the big bucks, ya know? They are filled to the gills with incorrect info and yet? Extremely bad situation. Nothing like a bunch of pompous asses who in reality are ignorant.

  10. All of this Segwit commotion and Lightening Network has been a ploy and it is leading the Bitcoin community into the clutches of the banks and monied interests which is a disaster for the original BTC and us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYHFrf5ci_g

    It is not all just the block size that is what really happened even though it is what everyone has been in an uproar about but that was merely the icing on the cake. The real subversion happened in March of 2015 wherein they added RBF or replace by fee which broke zero-conf and first seen.


    "Due to the constant high fees and network congestion, they introduced an anti-feature called Replace By Fee (RBF) https://medium.com/@octskyward/replace-by-fee-43edd9a1dd6d (Mar 28, 2015). The aim of this was to allow users to pay a higher fee for transactions that were stuck and unconfirmed. This broke a critical feature called Zero-Conf which meant merchants could reliably accept a low value transaction with no confirmations as long as it was the first transaction seen on the network. Merchants could monitor key nodes around the network and reliably detect double spends with very good accuracy which allowed them to accept transactions with high confidence within 10 seconds and not have to wait minutes or hours for confirmations. Zero-Conf worked great for Brick and Mortar stores like buying your morning coffee. With the RBF feature, now users could pay for their goods, leave the store, then send the same transaction again but this time with a higher fee and send the amount back to their own wallet and rob the merchant in broad daylight. This feature robs Bitcoin of being a useful Point of Sale transaction mechanism."

    "Repeating past statements, it is acknowledged that Peter's scorched earth replace-by-fee proposal is aptly named, and would be widely anti-social on the current network
    – Jeff Garzik

    Coinbase fully agrees with Mike Hearn. RBF is irrational and harmful to Bitcoin.- Charlie Lee, engineering manager at Coinbase

    Replace-by-fee is a bad idea. – Gavin Andresen

    I agree with Mike & Jeff. Blowing up 0-confirm transactions is vandalism.
    – Adam Back (a founder of Blockstream)"

    The original lead dev's knew it was a bad thing but something happened along the way. They could turn the beauty of a decentralized Bitcoin into a much bigger cash cow. To counter the double spend problem, which they created with their greed and desire for higher fees and corporate centralization, they added segwit which would later lead the way and allow the Lightning Network which would make BTC all very centralized.

    Not all the lead dev's were up to doing this and they were simply replaced along the way.

    This entire uproar and fiasco with segwit vs segwit 2x forks etc was supposedly because of a slowing BTC and increasingly high fees and it was, however they created the problem to begin with in order to bring in their solution.

    This is critically called the Hegelian Dialectic or Problem, Reaction, Solution. Create the problem (slow and high fees), get a reaction (please help us btc users) then offer up the solution, that being the one that they desired in the first place. Segwit vs 2x was merely a circus show to distract from what was being created in the first place. Blockstream and the other corp types like Mastercard and related Bilderburg connections are behind all of this since 2015 and were behind both Segwit and 2x.

    They offered up both solutions to their problem and then let the people choose which cup of poison they wanted – Segwit – which is the monster leading to the LN. It has all been a masterful deception wherein they will be the ultimate winners unless we the people see through this deception and choose wisely.

  11. i tell you, ''they" are going to high interest in '08. it'll be 1931 all over again. see low interest prolonged, in the 20's., to help europe. sound familiar. 'they won't be able to stop it, when europe breaks. AND IT WILL.

  12. Cryptocurrencies are the banks new weapon intended to rid the world of all cash and only have digital currencies .

  13. so you still have to use fiat currency,
    by whatever name you give it,
    to buy,
    and sell.
    (…what did i miss?…)

  14. You're new computer expert better be careful, the CIA might wack him for providing to much info to the general public!

  15. "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called 'ownership' is only by virtue of Government, i.e. law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law, and subordinate to the necessities of the State." – An article entitled, "Contracts Payable In Gold", by George Cyrus Thorpe, showing the legal effect if agreements to pay in gold; 73d Congress 1st Session Senate, Document No. 43 1933 https://archive.org/details/pdfy-htyAjTTj1y7WqU6I

    No Citizen has any ownership of anything in the US, they have Usage rights to the extent they can't damage the property they're in use of.

    This is known as a Usufruct in Law.

  16. Where did you find this guy? You were having a little bit too much fun with this interview. But im just a factual guy.

  17. Of course thell try, none of this negates the fact that us early adopters will be wealthy, and that this is and will be the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of humanity. PS, shit sales job, plenty of coins have decentralized markets like "1776". Just another fear monger trying to cash in on fear!

  18. He right. We're loving cryptos now, but in the long run they're not going to allow a decentralized system. They'll never give up control

  19. I agree with alot of what this dude is saying about California, and the agenda 21 "plans" (that are being taken down by Trump) chemtrails n shit , ….but with crypto….NO….YOUR WRONG BRO! The problem to what he's saying is he's under the assumption that the DYING deep state will own and control the commodities which will then dictate cryptos future!….for somebody who supposedly studied deep into crypto tech…hes pretty stupid about that subject…. nobody can explain in detaI how these deep state LOOSER's are supposed to , with a wave of a magic wand just POOF and centralize the crypto? Not gonna happen! The cabal is falling, the globalists are in retreat….Being up in the mountains alone made this guy paranoid! ….plus I personally never ever trust a goatee! …Sarah this guy is not very bright

  20. The government is still committing false flags. The government is spraying chemtrails and killing everything. They're still putting fluoride in your water. They're still injecting your children with mercury but you think you will control them with a system they could shut down. You're going to be standing there with your Autistic children and bitcoins and so fluoridated and dumb down and you'll say, we beat them. They could shut the whole thing down tomorrow. You think Trump is the savior and they got him on video with his dick in a 14-year-old girl and has to do what they want and you think he's your savior.

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