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everybody it is Maddie here with altcoin buzz with you on this Friday as we get ready for the weekend and in a rare occurrence at least lately it seems to be rare we have some pretty good news we are talking about the resubmission of this application for the Bitcoin ETF by the CB o e yes it's been a pretty crazy turn of events but this is what's happening we're gonna cover that from a bunch of different angles and perspectives as always we're also going to cover news out of by Nance which very importantly is now allowing Visa and MasterCard payments so a nice tandem one-two punch combo I think of positive news stories at least that's my opinion you're always free to disagree but some pretty good stuff some pretty good developments let's begin here with this article on alt point buzz dot IO by Luke great news US stock exchange operator CBOE re files bitcoin etf application now it's just been a couple of weeks or so since they voluntarily withdrew their last application request so if you're like me you're kind of scratching your head this doesn't really make a lot of sense on the surface we're gonna dig into some of the potential conspiracy theories even or at least some of the hypotheses because again at face value this doesn't make a lot of sense and i don't think we have all the information we're just going to pontificate about some ideas some suggestions but launching into the article here in a tweet the CBOE announced that it has resubmitted its application to list a bitcoin etf on one of its trading platforms a few days after the CBOE withdrew its previous bid the US stock exchange operator announced that they have resubmitted the application to list a Bitcoin ETF on one of its platforms our friend Gabor ger Beck's head of digital assets at van eck tweeted the following the van eck solid ex Bitcoin ETF proposed rule change has been submitted by the CBOE hard work by all teams involved and the public document is available for anyone to view here it is this is for your pillow talk if you want to help by yourself fall asleep at night again as I always say if the counting of sheep doesn't work this is a hundred and thirty two pages of delectable stats and dry prose if your so inclined he could check it out we will link to it in the description below if that kind of thing floats your boat of course on Wednesday January 23rd the sea buoy withdrew its previous application according to the CBOE the prolonged US government shutdown made it almost certain that the SEC would deny the ETF before the applications late February decision deadline so is this awesome kind of a strategy is this all just them kind of playing the cards that they were dealt in terms of the shutdown in terms of that ongoing context it's interesting that as soon as the u.s. shutdown ended that's pretty much when we saw the resubmission of this application furthermore the CBOE wanted to change some rules in regards to the ETF yen then act the CEO of van eck said quote we were engaged in discussions with the SEC about the Bitcoin related issues custody market manipulation prices and that had to stop and so instead of trying to slip through or something we just had the application pulled and we will refil when the SEC gets going again it's funny that he's talking about market manipulation there are some theories already floating around that this by its design is meant to manipulate the market is meant to manipulate the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the peripheral and extenuating market as well it's hard to say more than likely I think they were tipped off by somebody inside the SEC or inside the structure in one form or another and they were told like look given maybe it was the shutdown maybe it was something else but given what's happening right now you're not going to have success with this if you withdraw your application you refile and we can kind of work around that end of February deadline that we've been structuring things around thus far if you resubmit then you're gonna have a chance at it so I think there are some behind-the-scenes negotiations that took place none of us will ever be privy to them however as Luke concludes many people within the crypto space believe that a Bitcoin ETF will cause a new bull market and that the market highs that were experienced in January of 2018 over a year ago can be retested well it's kind of funny because news that the ETF application had been withdrawn it didn't really move prices and now that the etf has been resubmitted or the application has been resubmitted I should say it hasn't really moved prices in a positive sense either once again you could take a look at the original document the original submission here Securities and Exchange Commission Washington DC form 19 B 4 as you can imagine a lot of different news outlets are talking about this including coin desk CBOE resubmits the van x solid X between ETF proposal for SEC approval also here on CCN comm breaking CBO eerie files Bitcoin ETF application following the end of government shutdown and on point Telegraph comm you have this article CBOE reapplies with us SEC to list Bitcoin exchange traded fund as always guys we are interested to hear your perspectives in the comments below hey maybe some of you are still against the ETF I know I said I kind of came off the ETF and perhaps it's not as big a deal as I had originally anticipated on the whole though I think it would be good news if this were to pass I think that would receive national and international of course coverage and it wouldn't be a bad thing on the whole I just think it's probably less potent and less powerful than we once thought it was however hey all being equal I'd like to see it happen and in the second half of today's news stories we have this news about finance which is now supporting credit cards in the form of Visa and MasterCard payments this is a big deal finance the world's largest cryptocurrency trading exchange by volume announced today that both debit and credit card payments for crypto currencies are now open thanks to a partnership with simplex a fully licensed financial institution that offers online fraud protected payment processing solutions finance users are now afforded the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin aetherium litecoin and XRP via Visa and MasterCard debit and/or credit cards a process which takes between 10 to 30 minutes on average and there's a processing fee that is 3.5% per transaction or 10 US dollars which ever amount is higher you can read about here in the official act by Nance tweet finance enables debit and credit card payments support by Nance com where you can read more about that here it is that exact page published just recently actually by Nance enables debit and credit card payments all the details are here including the specifics about that partnership with simplex as I mentioned it's pretty fast 10 to 30 minutes for cryptocurrency to reach your wallet on average with low fees 3.5% per transaction or 10 US dollars whichever is higher but most importantly forget about all that I mean those are relatively minor details visa and mastercard because you think about all that happened in the previous bear market you think about the barriers to entry when it came to mass adoption well a lot of it had to do with funding a lot of people really couldn't get around to transferring their money or they couldn't be bothered or maybe their banks didn't support it in the first place maybe there was blowback at that level the institutions weren't too fond of what their customers were doing so they disallowed it you get Visa and MasterCard now on the scene you get the world of credit involved with the world's best cryptocurrency exchange I think this is a game changer and I think if and when things do turn around this is going to be that kind of thing that catalyzes a new wave of consumers and even if they're not serious consumers even if they're just there to satisfy some curiosity to scratch a mental H and learn about blockchain learn about cryptocurrency this world becomes much more accessible to them if they can access it via credit cards in the form of Visa and MasterCard I'm very excited about this it's going to be a great development on coin Telegraph comm here they're also talking about it top exchange by Nance adds support for credit card purchases of major cryptos I would definitely I'm not going to sit on the fence when it comes to this I'm telling you guys I would definitely avail myself of this service it's no secret that I live in Canada and as I've mentioned in the past it is difficult to acquire cryptocurrency here in terms of moving your money around in terms of the banking system here who they support who they don't support where they allow you to spend your money so I would 100% make use of this feature if and when it becomes available I'm looking forward to it let us know if you are in the comments below as always guys make sure you're following us on Twitter on Instagram on Facebook and on telegram check out the website altcoin buzz dot IO if you've not seen our last video it's available somewhere around here remember to smash the thumbs up if you enjoyed this video like subscribe and share if you could think of anybody else that could use this information have a wonderful Friday members of the altcoin buzz army I wish you a great weekend and all the success in the world should you choose to invest here for now we hope to see you again in our next video

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