Case Study Proof – How To Win At Trading With Crypto Currency

hey what is up James here and in this video I want to talk about how you can win at trading every single month alright or almost every single month I'm just gonna talk about you can win at trading this is a really big breakthrough for me in the last couple months and the way I'm gonna really kind of show you this is to show you a case study because I was in a trade yesterday that really followed my trading plan 280 and I mean at the beginning of the trade I predicted every target all the way through up to the top I sold off at the top and now I'm buying back in on the dip like every part of it if there's a couple things that you just need to look for it if you really learn these things then you can win a training you may not win every trade but you can win most months that you're trading okay you can have most of the months that you trade to be in profit and that's really the goal right to keep stacking your portfolio so what I'm gonna do in this video again I'm gonna kind of show you a case study and kind of point out some of those things I'm not gonna be able to give you all the details of each of these things but hopefully it will open your eyes to like the power of trading and how emotional you know how the emotional cycle of trading like just repeats itself over and over and over and you can really predict these markets maybe not a hundred percent of the time but you can be right seventy percent of the time eighty percent of the time and it's it's amazing really okay so I'm gonna point this out I have Fibonacci extension lines drawn on this chart I'm actually going to delete these real quick we'll kind of look at this this and you can watch my previous video on this trade I did a video earlier or yesterday I think on this trade while I was in the trade and I was in profit already and I kind of said what I was gonna be looking for right then now you can watch this video I'm out of the trade and why I got out of the trade and I just got back in on this little dip here okay but I want to kind of give you the update to the previous video so if you watch that previous video I think it'll really help you alright so this is xlm this is called lumen or stellar I think the symbol on Polonia X is STR on bitter exits X LM but this is a 15-minute candlestick chart so I'm on the 15-minute chart I'm using trading vidcom to look at the charts and here's what's really cool like we trade Elliot waves okay we trade Elliot waves and so you'll find that in markets Elliot waves just paint themselves over and over and over again all right like a market cycle to us is very simple so this is what we were looking for on Excel M we had a really good entry well looking back I didn't have the best entry I got in right here around the 3:50 mark I think is where I got in okay so I don't have the best I actually did have some lumen from back here in the accumulation phase so that was a really good entry but the one at the main entry I had yesterday well it wasn't the best I probably shouldn't have chased it I should have waited until it came back down in this little dip here so I didn't do that perfectly but here's what the the waves what the waves do what the waves paint all right so this is what we always look for when we trade okay we always look for that first wave up and we usually don't chase that that trade or chase the coin when it's going up because there will always be a retracement it doesn't matter how hard a coin is pumping how fast it's going there will be a retracement there will be a retracement so we don't ever chase coins or which we try not to I've done it from time to time unless you can really catch it at the bottom you know and I felt like I did still had a decent entry even though it wasn't really chasing it I just knew it was pumping I kind of caught it at the right spot plus I knew I was trading it on a smaller time frame so what happened is you have this one and it comes down to the two and then you have a three that goes up and then it comes back down on the floor and then you have the five that goes up okay and then what happens is so I bought it down here and I sold here at the top I think I sold around five thirty five twenty five something like that and then what we have that comes next is this and again I want you to understand like as I'm showing you this this video is about how to win at trading and and the reason I'm showing you kind of these details because this is something that repeats itself over and over and over and over and over again it will never stop repeating itself because it's a mathematical prediction on how emotional psychology works and how emotions work right it works over and over and over and over and over so if you learn these patterns if you learn this setup then you can trade in any market it will work in forex or working in other markets and crypto it's very easily painted so in forex it might not be as easily discerned and cryptocurrency it works phenomenally right so what you have is again you have this you know then we're gonna have a retracement right so once it hits the top it's going to come down there's gonna be an a there's gonna be a beat and then usually there's gonna be a C sometimes there's a D and E but a lot of times you just want it in a bullish market when coins are going up there's a there's a a B C okay and then that kind of finishes off this market cycle now what is doing right now is it's getting ready hopefully to start a new market cycle right and what's really cool is that these waves they fractal out in all timeframes so what ends up happening is is this ends up becoming a big one and then this is a too and then there's gonna be a big three come down to four and then a big impulsive wave up on the five okay so this is a bigger timeframe alright so yesterday what we traded was on the 15-minute chart it was really really good trade we got in at 350 and we got out at um let me see got a 350 349 we got out of 530 I believe okay so we had about 51% gained yesterday that was within 24 hours and so it's powerful like I have you know know of people that trade in Forex and stocks and they can make 10% and a day they are pumped out of their mind but in crypto the gains that we're still I don't like to trade anything like get into a trade unless I predict or I can find the target that's at least a 30% gain that's how powerful trading cryptocurrency is okay that's why this is so powerful so here's what ended up happening I sold off here at the top we actually knew where the target was gonna be in the vicinity and I'll actually show you really fast again you may not understand all the details of how to do this this is this kind of a shorter video but all I did is I took a Fibonacci extension okay and and and let's do it off of this first wave okay so what I did is off of this first wave here I took this Fibonacci extension tool I went to the top of this just this first wave set let's say we didn't see any of this other stuff all right I took the tool and I came I started here at the top and I bring it down okay I bring it down to right there at the bottom and you can see that put it down here at the bottom of this this first pump up and then it gives me these extensions in price okay with this Fibonacci tool and you can see that this 1.618 is a lot of times where this the second pump goes up too and it hit right about that line it hit like almost literally right there another way you can predict a target is you can take a line and you can draw it from the bottom of this like the length of this first pump and then you can actually take that exact same line and go from the bottom of the second one and what happens in cryptocurrency is a lot of times the second pump is a little bit longer than the first one or the same length so it's usually not shorter okay so that's why you can see here that line would have been right about there and then the wave actually went a little bit longer which is what we were expecting so we were expecting this one to go up to 448 and then we did the exact same thing to get the target of the third and final pump up or or the the number five point okay because you have you have three pumps going up so you have the one going up two going down the three going up the four going down the five going up right and so that's how we were able to predict these targets you know it's really and then the same thing like the top of the five a lot of times comes to the two point six one eight right and so we knew that that was gonna be around 542 I was trying to be a little concerned and make sure that I got out it was also really late at night last night so I wanted to get to sleep so I just sold it off at like 5:30 wanted to go to bed but I knew I was selling into the top what you want to do in these markets is sell into the hype sell into the green and you want to buy the fear and buy the panic all right so when everybody else is panicking freaking out you want to buy when everybody else is like oh my gosh this coins going to the moon this thing is going up like crazy you want to sell okay it's just the emotional like wait you don't want to follow the masses in trading these markets okay so it's uh it's it's so cool and it was so exciting man I think we made I made about thousand bucks on this trade I think I'd like two grand in it and then we just bought back in here at the dip because now what we are training really is more something like this okay so now what we're seeing is is on the on a two-hour chart this is really just the one in the – okay so we have the we're gonna have which is Elliot waves this is what we trade right so we have the one two three four these aren't exact targets I'm just just kind of giving you the general concept of what's gonna happen hopefully and again technical analysis is what it is like it works until it doesn't work anymore it is what it is like this is a really powerful thing I followed up a few people watched a ton of videos been through a lot of training then reading books like this is one of the most powerful things I've ever learned in trading its how to trade Elliot wave theory it works it works over and over and over again okay so this is how we're gonna play this trade so you know I played it yesterday from the bottom sold off at the top I bought back in here the two I'm gonna try to sell off at the three or I may just ride it all the way up to the five so one thing like if you I'm not telling you to get it on this straight because depending on when you watch this video but if you were to buy it at the two and you wanted to ride it all the way up at the top you just can't freak out whenever it goes up and then it retraces that's what a lot of people get screwed over or that they they messed themselves up right because when they see a retracement if panic right and people sell and and then it takes off again right so markets move in these waves they don't ever just move straight up or straight down they move in waves they move in cycles and the faster you can wrap your head around what these more how these markets move the faster you're gonna be able to profit from them you really have to zoom out and it's not that you have to like master your emotions it's more that you just have to have perspective and you just have to understand how emotions are playing a part in these markets so anyways guys that's really it I want to tell you like you learn Elliot wave theory you learn how to use Fibonacci you learn how to use this RSI and you learn how to use it kimochi clouds I don't even know if I said it right but those are the indicators that I use you can crush it in training right I'm still kind of fairly new to trading crypto but it's been it's been amazing it's been awesome so this is this is like what I'm doing pretty much and and I love it so anyways I hoped you liked this video I hope it gave you some insight and how you can win at trading I firmly believe I know this video and I say when a trading this was more of a technical analysis perspective but that's what I trade I don't trade fundamentals I don't trade news I don't trade rumors I don't trade I SEOs hey this coins at one cent and it's gonna be worth five dollars in two weeks I don't I don't trade that I usually don't chase chase for coins up I actually love that I would love for more coins to come out and pop extremely hard everybody think it's going to the moon and then I wait for the retracement and buy the retracement and then ride it the rest of the way up that's how we play these markets so you don't ever have to chase coins you don't ever have to chase a market just learn these waves and you can get in on any trade like and you don't have to guess either like wait for the chart to to show you and give you a trade set up you don't have to guess I have this stuff I remember I used to think the trading was really like super risky and on on one hand it can be you know for a lot of people it probably is on the other hand it doesn't have to be so risky like you can if you learn technical analysis and you learn Elliot wave theory and you learn a couple things and you have a solid trading plan and you always trade your plan and you always plan your trade then you can win a trading and if you don't like don't treat this like gambling right don't go all in on a trade that's that's ridiculous but if you're putting five percent on each trade of your trading port capital or you're putting ten percent maybe two percent whatever it is but create a trading plan and follow it consistently and that's how you win you know because I've even had a string of trades three or four trades in a row where I got stopped down at 5 or 10% loss but then you have those two trades where you make 125 percent gains 50 percent gains you know 46 percent gains and it it's just you can win you can win a trading if you're consistent and if you have a trading plan so anyways guys that's it if you're interested in learning more I have a link in the description below that's it thank you for watching and we'll talk to you soon peace

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