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hey welcome to the lab QA okay we already have callers on the phone I'll give you guys a chance to settle in here thank you so much my name is grant cardone this is Cardone capital the goal here is to answer your questions today I was just going over with some of our viewers we bought a deal we bought a deal okay on December 21st two days ago I get an email dear grant that's the same email you'll get I'm an investor with you just so you understand in every deal I have money in these deals not only do I have money in the deals I bought the deal with my money first we don't raise money first i buyed the deal with my hump hump lump of money and then I come to the public and say hey would you like in this deal money either comes in or doesn't either way I own the deal so keep in mind that I've done my due diligence enough to diligence to buy the deal with my cash and sign on the debt on this deal again you can't get in this deal this deals gone okay it's called Port st. Lucie we promised us we didn't promise but we said we think it will do six percent a year and it did by the way it did 6 percent a year in fact it did hey we have great news can you show this email can you show this email so they can see it we have great news reserve it reserve it port st. Lucie Lucie LLC operations performed ahead of expectations during 2018 accordingly you will receive your will receive this it's a misspelling you will receive a distribution in the amount of thirty five thousand dollars or six percent of your investment the annual distribution combined with your six percent refer preferred gives you twelve percent now when I bought this deal I told the investors I expect to deliver six percent return to you while you're invested in this deal my goal is my goal is to match that everybody laughed at me when I said it man you can't tell people that I said my goal is to match that at the end of the year we hit that number exactly so that deal when was that deal closed 18 months ago couldn't been more than 18 months ago okay that means that means this group everybody that invested with me on that deal is earning twelve percent a year okay so we want to answer your questions Justin I hope that helps also by the way just let me tell you that to answer his question again even though I got distributed twelve percent on that deal I'll probably show no income because of my k1 the investors will probably show no income because the depreciation on that transaction will wipe out the cash flow you received number one number two cash flow distributed from real estate as a passive investor is not taxed at the same rates that earned income is okay okay Johnny yeah I want to show them the email cuz up can they see it you just talk it's fine nobody they can see the email right now okay so what Johnny do you see the milkers okay yeah so okay yeah let me talk to Scott Sam yeah you don't do the depreciation just so you guys know you get a form called a k1 everything's on there is it's no different than me going I'm not going to go do the depreciation we have accountants to do that they send you the k1 you get anything that you get about October right or a Prologo BIR okay you could be as late as October now now some of you I'll just tell you just one time for one year you may have extended returns that does not mean a penalty you have the right to extend your terms your your filings you should everybody should extend filings you should never give them their money in April you should extend the filing make sure you got everything in order the goal is with real estate is to reduce number one protect your preserve your capital don't lose money be ill liquid to get cash flow three don't pay taxes okay I think I got an investor on the phone and and again I questions for everybody I want to know what your questions are to but who's on the phone is this done in or you want to go over the high-level overview of the fun in between yeah sure go ahead yeah I don't care let me hold them on can we hold them hold them let me just go over the okay so again guys this is a live QA for for those that are either invested in Cardone capital or or interested in you filled out I just don't see the live right now do us can I see the questions guys I have because I don't see the questions yeah I have them right here but why don't I see them let me see why you don't have it popped up oh that's so cool okay good good now we got him okay yep so I'm here from Asia hi uncle G this is from you and she's in Asia okay so yeah and your question is going to be number one how do I invest when I'm outside the country you want to answer that question so there's there's there's two ways the first one is they can get a US tax ID number and also a bank account here in the United States and they could they could they can invest through that that route and we can we can help you do that okay for for a very limited amount of money you can get an LLC in the United States you buy an LLC it takes about 20 to 30 days we already have a people people that can help you with that so I think what how much is that three or four hundred three three I mean three four hundred bucks three or four hundred bucks you can buy an LLC in the United States you'd create the LLC then you create a checking account because now you have an LLC in the United States and now you have that what's it called the u.s. the u.s. tax ID number and there you go now you can invest in the United States and let me just say that if you're in Asia or India or South America or you're anywhere in England the assets that we buy cannot buy in those four countries the assets that we purchased to that you cannot just go buy these in Russia Russia the UK this is not an over-exaggeration for my staff either you cannot buy the assets we're buying anywhere in South America this property these properties do not exist as 300 unit 40 million 50 million dollar properties their cash flow okay Justin young what am I to expect from this as my first investment with ten thousand dollars first time investing of course needs to be GC okay so this is what we expect ten thousand dollars to do this was one of the most asked questions ten thousand I get to put in ten thousand what do I get we expect that that deal will pay five hundred bucks a year that's not our goal that's what we think it will do our goal is five hundred dollars a year in year one we expect as rents grow that this distribution over time will increase if you believe rinse are going to go up if rents go up then cash flow goes up so the number of units times cash flow equals appreciation as rents go up the reason properties go up in value by the way multifamily is the only sector in 2018 that continues to go up everything else in the housing sectors has gone down air everything okay all right so that's that's that's our goal but but that's our cash flow goal our cash flow goal is you're getting a drip to remind you you made this investment very few funds pay every month we pay every month the reason we pay every month Jerry you know the answer this right why because I want to check everything page I want to be paid every month I want money coming in I like money coming in there it reminds me that the investment was good it's a victory so are you gonna get rich on five hundred bucks a month and this is what people say or five hundred ology is it's five hundred dollars a year right oh my god it's only forty forty forty five dollars a month right but it's only ten dollars you invested if you invested a million dollars that would be $50,000 a year in ten years you have half your money back if it only cash flows at five percent we don't think that this will continue to flow at five percent we think it'll be five we think 24 to 27 months from now it'll be seven we think take it out another 60 months we'll think we'll be at nine or ten but I've always been wrong I'm just telling you guys I've always underestimated how much rents would grow our goal is for every investor to pay them cash flow every month and every year and then the 2x or 3x that original investment this is where I win when I start to xn and 3x and on the exit when we sell this is the sale this is where we benefit as a group okay so my goal as your partner my job is to make sure your money is protected number one number two make sure it cash flows number three make sure I pick the right piece of property so that when we go to sell this thing I can rip somebody's head off tear their head right off their shoulders just cavitate them because we pick such a great property that people are willing not just one person's willing to pay me a premium go two or three people are willing to bid the price up and pay us at which point we exit we sell we pay your ten grand back you keep all your cash distributions possibly for ten years okay and then at that point we carve it up I give you your 10 grand back everybody gets their money back first and then we have a pot of gold left over you get 65 percent of that money I'm gonna carve off 35 percent for me I only get my 35 percent once there's a profit in the deals okay great question from Luke here it says it says when will the properties be purchased in this investment good great question the properties are already purchased you come in today call my office today will they get a check next month no these deals are done stick you do 90 days okay this is what we do we buy deals and then we offer what would that be called the equity are we we all first shares okay partnership shares okay so we bought first most companies what they do is they go they go raise money we buy we buy and then race we're not really raising money but again I guess I got to call it that so we bide the deal and then we raised then we raised the money most groups raise the money and then have to buy then they buy mm-hmm okay we buy with my money then we offer I don't not really raise the money I'm offering you a position that I've already taken and I just give you my piece of the deal absolutely yeah yeah they raise the money and then they're like I have to buy something we buy something that we want with my money we're looking all year long I mean I well you see me flying around looking at properties I'm in Houston I'm in Austin I'm so like I see I can't open my thing to see my question ease for some reason yummy to help you out Arthur Arthur really were damn he said he says is there a preferred return on fund five uh there's no preferred return return whatever the cash flow is the cash flow which means you can also get more than five percent is your company listed on the New York Stock Exchange no it's not not yet but it could be one day okay can I use my this is for Julie Nichols can I use my SEP IRA to invest I would be subject to the atrocious penalty for pulling money out to invest put dunya on the phone because Diane came out of a retirement account in grant you can give my direct email addresses well I could help anybody who wants to do a self-directed IRA okay so so we can help I think we want it huh hey Diane yeah how you doing this is my sister just so everybody knows so for full transfer see this is you know I've either brainwashed her she's my sister and she's gonna say great things about me but Danny and I want you to rather than saying great things about me just talk about you know you want to tell them how much money you put in with me I was on the phone with Dan I said how much how liquid are you I was in Houston I picked her up the other that said how much more money do you have how much cash do you have now Diane the last money that you invested with me where did that money come from that came from money I made with you no no no no the money the money the money you put into in the st. Lucie I'm saving no but but but but what savings account where was that money sitting because I know you paid a bank account making nothing no you paid a penalty on that money that money came out of her time retirement account oh that we're trying to count money yep I paid income tax in advance for money I pulled out of my IRA and put it in to I think that was a st. Lucie property that's right that's right I just got an email you would talk about saintly she just now I just got an email and I'm getting an extra fourteen thousand two hundred ninety two dollars yeah no she paid them everything they paid every month she paid her penalty this is going back to the question that was just asked to me here she paid her penalty she's like grant why would I pay a penalty to come out of I'm like you're gonna pay it anyway that's your money paid the penalty the problem is that you see the 401ks and a retirement accounts they're holding you guys hostage by saying oh there's going to be a penalty it's gonna be a big penalty oh my god there's a big penalty dude the penalty is going to be keeping the money in there and it either doesn't earn anything or it's getting cranked it's going down in value right now because of what the stock market is doing and it really was the penalty it was the income tax that I'm gonna pay at some point no matter what whenever I draw that money out right a lot of you this is a great thing that she's saying cuz a lot of you have the penalty confused with the tax you're gonna pay anyway I said Diane either way you're paying that pay it now rather than putting it off let's get the money to work and and and and would that pay you last Monday we paid me 6% last month and I'm getting extra 7% in one big lump check cut out okay now check it out she's 70 years old Jarrod's in the deal she said that's my older sister she raised me just so everybody knows like I'd have to be a pretty evil person to not want to take care of my sister so I know a lot of you are thinking about your sister and everything I did my sister a favor putting her in this fund again I bought the deal I had money in the deal I called my sister up I'm like exactly what we're telling you we buy the deal then I call my friends up and say hey do you want to be in the deal and that's what I'm doing for you guys today if you want to be in the deal go to car loan capital calm non-accredited investors can now invest with me if your money's in a cash account it's a minimum of $10,000 maximum of a hundred right a week we capped at 100 max 100 yo max of a hundred thousand can I show them the account Jon okay and I'm going to show you what the account looks like we created a portal for you hey Danny do you like the portal oh it's wonderful it's it's fantastic I can see everything that I'm invested in it it's just fantastic and I really want to mention something to everybody that's listening I had my stock brokers license years ago so a pretty savvy investor as far as stocks in the market this is undoubtedly the surest most solid investment I've ever made my life I've been investing with you for 30 years now I guess since the very beginning and I have never lost a dime that's awesome sis that is good hey if anything happens to you give me all that money yeah I have one question yeah I don't know how to spend all the money I'm getting every month ad Ryan and Jared your list okay get that rock context though so so so great massive jet fuel yeah you didn't offer to beg for the jet oh the other day no well we'll just take it out of her district her up the other day just to give you guys a Sadanand I picked her up the other day I called her and I said hey I'm going to Houston you want to come with me so we pick her up we get we get over there we stay at a hotel that night beautiful kill post though can use this nicest hotel in Houston and then I start working on how liquid are you how much money you got is this what you came to pick me up so so all of you out there I just want you to know man I know you guys hear me pounding on on you all the time I'm either trying to sell you something or get you to go to something or join something with me this will be the thing I'm remembered for more than hid all that other stuff I'm gonna I'm gonna our goal here is to send more money out every month than we've ever received so okay so John let me just show the Cardone capital if you guys are not in the private group right now you're missing out on this turd do you want to tell that the folks on instagram that that's where you're taking questions from and if they want to go there go to if they just go to Facebook and they go to the Cardone capital investors group to join the group there that is where you will get access to the Facebook feed which is where Grant's pulling questions from so if you're on Instagram go to the Cardone capital investors group on Facebook that's where all the questions are being answered and then you can see this portal that we created for you Cardone capital this is the portal we created this portal this portal shows you the deals were working the deals we're looking at the deals were buying the deals were passing on like with me everything's very transparent I go look at deals I didn't do that deal I wouldn't tried to buy a deal we had it listed as a deal and then I tell you hey I lost the deal I couldn't get it so I'm just going to show you some of the stuff that you can find out here investments Oh Scott's time is on the line okay yeah we'll talk to Scott in just a second tell Scott to hold on okay so here's some deals right here Johnny can we show him this so Cardone equity fund 5 there's two deals that we're currently having that that we have proposed for that fun one's already been bought and the other one we're buying here's Cardone equity for this is for accredited only investors that that properties been purchased here's three close funds you can see well no not three and here's Cardone equity fund threes closed Cardone equity fund – Carter on equity 1 and these other deals that I've done we're happy to show you what the historical zone and the or these deals we're happy to show you what the cashflow we own all these deals right now currently have them some of these deals aren't 25% of month come back to me so some of these deals started out at 5% like this though some of these deals are an 18% 20% some of these deals I'm gonna tell you the ultimate deal the ultimate deal this is this is velocity wealth creation ok some of these deals will buy for instance I'm thinking about one deal we paid 40 million for it if we put 10 million dollars down to buy we refinance the deal got all our money back return all the money back to the investor while it paid 12% to the investors for about four years jarett's in this deal okay 12% it paid the 10 million the people that represented this 10 million dollars it was about 18 people that represented this they were paid 12% a year I told them I think it's gonna do five it did 12 they got there 12 and then we wouldn't refinance the deal what Jarrod so so Jarrod's in this deal too by the way this is a different deal four years into the deal 38 months into the deal we went back and refinance the deal returned everybody's money now nobody has money in the deal okay we refinance the deal and now that now now now we're still getting cash flow out of the deal with no cash in it so this is called velocity wealth creation no money in the deal we still own the asset and it still pukes out cash flow by the way when we returned the 18 investors there 10 million dollars this was a non-taxable event so these are some of the questions you're not asking I just want to make sure you guys understand some of the potential here Arthur Sam says which markets you represented in the new fund Texas and Florida and there's a reason why there's a reason why it's because we have job growth job growth in both of those states okay Julie Nichols says hey James you said 5% minimum if I invest 10,000 5% is 500 what am I missing I don't think you're missing anything that's the cash flow that doesn't consider the possibility that we refinance the deal doesn't consider the possibility that the rents go up it doesn't consider the possibility of when we exit our exit target is because we have to tell people something we expect an internal rate of return of 15 percent per year annualized okay so if we're in the deal ten years that's 150 percent we're in the deal eight years eight ten fifteen you can just do the math 120 percent that's not our goal though that's what I had to put on the the offering yeah I got to put something hey what should we put on the offering I can't poop what I really think it's gonna do because you guys gonna be like no way you can do that how long do you typically keep these property good our past our past if you and again you can go look at my past deals our past deals have an average hold time of 39 months not even close to the 10 years that that is in the the offering memorandum we're 39 months we think that that I think that that's going to stretch out a little bit it's going to get longer than that the fund is 10 years okay the fund I have the right to keep your money in that fund for 10 years with discretion to sell sooner close it sooner or even extend it to now this is why the reason I want 10 years on the term because there's a lot of three and four and five year terms out there you do not want sharp terms right now okay the last thing you want is to be in a fund right now there's three to five years the worst fun you could possibly be in right now would be a three to five year fund any any of you get told by a broker oh yeah but you can get out in three years you can get out in four years you the reason they're telling you that is they want their fees they don't get their fees till they exit and and most of these guys get an exit fee whether there's a profit or not they want out of that fund because they get their two points what are our points on the way at one point one point we point everything one time at one point okay when we when we when we buy a in this case when we buy fifty million dollars we got fifty million dollars with an equity going in this deal for their non-accredited fun I spot the fifty I put the fifteen you guys come in later and feel a part of that fifty up that's fifty million I'm gonna go public on this next Friday I think it's next Friday right next Friday we're gonna go public on this it is yep a thirty percent of this has already been raised I think and we're not public yet what is my point this this we think will distribute 2.5 million dollars a year in cash flow that's a big number that's why I bought the deal so you guys need a thing don't think about your ten thousand right now while I was grant why did grant why was grant willing to put fifty million dollars is money because that 50 million earns me two point five million dollars two hundred grand every month if I don't give a position away if I keep this whole thing and you got fifty million dollars and you're like I'm buying it I'm buying an asset that won't go away it won't disappear I can't lose my money would you be willing to earn two point five million years that sound like a good number to y'all mm-hmm two hundred grand a month I'm like I don't have to do anything and I don't have to worry about it I don't have to worry about it disappearing or some technology comes wipes it out what was my point here my point is that's my cash flow huh oh yeah the 50 million is going to buy one hundred and fifty million dollars or the real estate okay this is the real estate I'm buying this is the cash I'm using this is the multiplying effect right this is called leverage right I'm buying one hundred and fifty million dollars for the real estate would you be willing now to accept 2.5 million dollars and control one hundred and fifty million bucks like did that that story just got good you guys said yes to this one now you're like I know you're gonna say yes to this one I control one hundred and fifty million dollars worth of assets that provide 2.5 mm I'm being paid 2.5 million dollars to control 150 million dollars for the assets just got to be sure they're in the right City right location right jobs around them okay I made a good purchase now we want to wait 10 years okay I want to wait 10 years somewhere between now and 10 years we think we're gonna sell that I only point I only have a management fee on the 50 not on 150 a lot of these funds they're gonna they're gonna put two points on the whole 150 I'm only putting one point on the money that we raised and that money by the way that money that money is what I use to expand the company manage you supports you send out your checks like all that money gets eaten up in this deal just things like we're doing today answering questions having people on the phone okay our number is three oh five eight six five eight six six eight we got a caller right now three oh five eight six month eight six six eight Scotts Simon Scott Simon's what's going on Scott hey great uncle G what's one of our investors right here by the way hey buddy good good good to have you on board man hey Scott how much have you put in with us I'm in my I'm going into my fourth phone we'll be over right and 1/2 million dang what a baller man looky he's a redneck see let me hear talk to me like a redneck man southern western you hillbilly great you know that yeah yeah so you you you would you start with what was your first investment with me it was I'm in Port st. Lucie Ormonde and then the third fund and then I just I just went into the fourth fund with you uh-huh and what would you put in a hundred at a time fifty at a time would you put in two hundred it was one hundred two hundred one hundred one hundred uh-huh so you've got you came in you came in test the waters out a little bit yep how often do you get a check for me every month like clockwork that's why that's why we joke around say there's that mailbox money but uh I'm in a car industry and I maximize I know what I'm good at I'm good at you know manager car dealerships and I've been really fortunate so I wanted to get involved in real estate so basically I researched who's who knows what they're doing I've been friends with you and known you through the car industry over 20 years I trust you you know you know trust returns you know what you're doing so I'm basically just riding your coattails so it's been it's been a great partnership for me you've done everything you said you would do got a real good email for me yesterday or day before it's you're referencing where our returns came out really nice I appreciate all the hard work brother it's been a it's been a good investment for me yeah dude I appreciate you man appreciate you you know believing in me and I and I and I love sending you money every month had me two brothers me too keep it up make that grow so he got thirteen percent on one one investment with me last lash this year he earned thirteen percent on his money and still owns that we still own the asset so guys if his cash flows 13 percent Facebook's down forty percent what else what's some of the big stocks apples down from 225 down to under one hundred sixty-eight dollars Amazon's down ge Ford Motor Company's for $16 to $9 like people are taking a bath I have a buddy right now he lost 200 grand this week three hundred thousand a week before in the stock market I have a another friend's got twenty million dollars for the Apple stock he lost freakin eight million dollars and I've been telling him I was playing golf with him I'm like dude get your money out of this garbage okay yeah yeah so so Facebook was down five percent yesterday while Scott Simon earned 13 percent of his money last year and it's all passive income most of which by the way will not be taxed hey grant this is from pesky past you Ally it's an entity question if I invest with you do I need to start an LLC no you do not need to start an LLC you do not need to go get a corporation you do not need an S corporation you need to send me a check in your personal name you haven't an LLC does not benefit you in any way these cash flow checks that that Scott Simon and my sister just said that they got they're taxed at the lowest rates of all money in the United States of America Thank You Donald Trump one thing he slipped in right there at the end of that last deal passive income from last year 2017 to 2018 passive income distributed but from real estate okay actually came down so if he slipped it in right then he's a real estate guy he loves real estate so you got to know he's working his boys over there to make sure the code protects the real estate that he loves and is so heavily invested in one of the questions here was if I invest 10,000 bucks what's my return per year right and you had mentioned it's $500 per year yeah and then they get paid out monthly what is it 50 bucks a month or 30 $40 a month what why do you some people look at that and think that's a bad deal because for me when I look at that I think that's an awesome deal is what hurts the bank right this is what happens with the little guy the little guys like hey man I'm investing 10 grand 10 grand only earns me $500 the reason you only have 10,000 is because you treat 500 like it's nothing you send me 500 bucks you can meet $500 what watch you put 17 people in a room and you throw $500 on the floor I'm like I'm buying that I'm getting that damn 500 you think it's 500 but you know what I think it is I think it's $1,500 okay I see every five hundred it's three times that because I know $500 come by me $1,500 really real estate okay the $10,000 investor the little guy says that's the only 10 grand yeah but it buys $30,000 where the real estate and $30,000 whether real estate 10 years from now could be worth $60,000 okay that means I got paid peanuts nothing drips to get 10,000 to become 60 grand so I'm giving you guys an opportunity I'm giving the little guy the opportunity to invest with me so that you guys don't go for the Bitcoin play how did that work out see white I Lopez was telling you guys to buy Bitcoin at 20 grand and didn't own any I owned a million dollars of it and said don't buy it he took down all his YouTube stuff I'm not speculating I don't want to speculate give me 500 bucks here what you want to do little 10,000 little guy what you want to do is get rid of the 10,000 that's the play here the plays not the 500 the play is get rid of this this is what Jared's been doing now for four years with me he gets surplus money gets rid of all of it once you get rid of it nobody can ask you for help I mean they can but it's like Jared's telling all his friends and family dude I'm broke I don't have any money all of its with grant in the real estate once you put it in the real estate you can't get it out okay you want to be illiquid you don't want to have money for the strip joint I'm just saying some of you get weak when you get to kill in you know some of you get weak when you want you're going by the superstore you're going by oh my god a Lamborghini some of you get weak man if you don't have the money you just don't have the money and you don't get weak you're like I can't do that watch right now how much does that watch Alan he got a $160,000 watch see see to me when I see when I see a watch right I don't see $160,000 watch what do I see is your over four hundred and eighty thousand dollar piece of real estate a half a million dollars at ten years from now I know I know like if I'm if I up it's gonna be worth a million dollars if I screwed up that watch that watch becomes a million dollars okay that means I could make 800 grand not buying the watch now I know at some point at some point you can just go do dumb stuff but you should only do dumb stuff off of passive income money you did not have to work for didn't have to think far didn't have to do something smart you just made an investment and it pays you and that passive money you can waste Greg was asking what is my money get invested into your money gets invested into a real asset not I show you I wanna show some a proper look at you man look at you that's awesome that's what he gets invested into real assets real addresses real cash flow real tenants you can go visit the properties what do you look for in these deals what if a catastrophic event from Greg meaner if a catastrophic act of God wipes out the property I am invested in what happens mm-hmm it's never happened it's never happened I mean if I guess if the locusts come through back at the biblical locusts they come in however if it happened 31 acres show them the Delray deal do you have the Delray deal I mean you got your game on dog no okay show them this this is 88 acres this is stupid it's ridiculous okay what act of God is going to wipe out this whole thing this is 101 million dollars but let's say that it did happen let's say that I don't know what could it be 400 now there's up on the hillside show plenty of you 400 mile an hour winds come through a tornado yes yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so let's say there is something catastrophic okay miss Bala or whatever their name is come and they they they plant 450 bombs in 450 units and blows the whole thing up I'm covered on an insurance right I'm not covered for that yeah I'm covered hurricane comes I'm covered you have terrorism's okay I got terrorism protection so we're covered that has never happened to me in 2008 let's talk about catastrophic in 2008 when the housing industry had the worse contraction since 1929 I didn't lose any money I kept all my property the banks around me banks that I owed money to went out of business and I didn't go out of business we got any more callers over there okay yeah Yan says do you still open investing to Carter on capital till February because I get my bank account in February I'll apply right now who do I contact the credit LLC from Grant's office you can call Melissa talk to Melissa Nevada Corporation offered to create an LLC for her for $4,000 that's ridiculous you shouldn't pay for grant I can get that done for three or four hundred bucks somebody's ripping you off yeah and you don't need to do that Matt what's going on Matt Manero big I wanted to call in with a real-life testimonial for your audience oh dude that's Austin Daye dude I'm gonna turn this and hey I'm a dumb you know Matt Matt I've been telling you for what three years about my real estate right I'm always calling you hey Matt I got a great deal do this deal Matt I'll call you later Matt so so listen you know people need to understand grant couple things you're still there yeah I'm here buddy listen I I just want people to understand one one or two things the first thing is there have got to be some people on your on your line right now or your your stream right now who say to themselves for that is Cardone can do it I can do it yeah maybe I should just hold off because I if he can do it I can do it and I want people to understand you can only be the captain of one or two ships right I happen to be the captain of my business which throws off the cash which allows me to not have to be the captain of my real estate business because you're one of the captains of my real estate business because I can't do what you do mm-hmm it is impossible for most people to do what you do to find the deals to analyze the deals to fly around and see the deals to touch and feel the deals and I just gave up and said you know what I'm going to trust Cardone with a million dollars of my money and there's only a couple people on the planet that I trust with a million dollars of my money yeah and you didn't fully trust me when you did it you're like goddamn I hope this goes right yeah I mean if we want to go there I'm fine with that too I started with 300 then I went to 500 and then I went all in with another 500 for you and evened it up to a million bucks yeah it's been at a phenomenal investment but I think what's important though is people need to understand that sooner or later you've got to determine what ship are you gonna be the captain oh yeah yeah yeah and and I didn't want to be the captain of a real estate ship because because that takes my attention away from the primary ship that that feeds the cash yeah I can allocate to other things so and just so you know Matt if I remember this Matt it's been a while but Matt put a million dollars in a deal that I had already bought right Matt I had already bought the deal I don't a deal I'd probably hone that deal for three or four or five months I had put I think I'd put what was that deal how much I put down that deal it was seven I probably had to put more than that but it was 32 million dollars let's say I put four down thirty huh and I financed twenty-eight million dollars i don't–i dal told Madison you really should invest in this deal with me he came in I think one or two other people came in you put 7.5 down yeah yeah I thought it was eight million dollars I put eight million dollars down but we refinanced it Matt that's what you're thinking about that's why we're 28 now so we put eight million dollars down on the deal eight million dollars down so Matt how soon did you get a check after you invested with me oh right away I man I think within 30 days or so 30 days every month yeah every month since then on the 27th of every month the check comes in my mailbox yeah and and it's happy days every time it comes happy days are here yes actually asking the same question he says hey once you refinance this is ownership share does it change okay good great question hey Matt thanks for calling buddy so yeah preciate you so so look we refinance this deal okay I put eight million dollars down I went back to the bank later and said hey I want to refinance this deal they're like we'll give you twenty eight million dollars a debt on it so the eight million we had now we return four million dollars back to our investors okay that is a non-taxable event everybody got their piece back we still own the property now I'll tell you right now that I mean you guys are asking questions like hey tell me about my 500 bucks but this is not the magic of real estate cash flow is king only because the cash flow allows me to keep the property long enough for us to find a buyer that will pay us a premium and there's two ways to exit this real estate which by the way to do it yourself think Matt Evie even though Matt's a rich dude Matt could not buy thirty two million dollar piece of real estate no offense to him he's probably gonna feel a little hurt me saying this but he couldn't buy it dude he didn't have eight he had one okay one doesn't buy that deal eight buys the deal even if he had the eight by the way Matt probably couldn't about that deal because one they probably wouldn't have taken his phone call – he probably didn't know about the deal three he probably couldn't have gotten the 24 million dollar loan even though he's a rich dude he wouldn't get the loan not because his credits bad but because he doesn't have experience managing big facilities I did okay so check it out these are the two exits and this is a bigger question see the investors really should be asking grant what should I be asking right now sometimes we don't even know the right questions to ask there's two exits the first exit is a refi exit the second exit is a sale okay and there's actually a third exit but I don't want to complicate this for you guys when I buy a deal when when I buy I deal when I let a non-accredited investors come in for ten grand or twenty five our average investor in the first five days has been about twenty five thousand dollars when we buy the deal the deal that's in that fund right now is ninety two million dollars okay I put thirty two million dollars down I financed sixty million dollars again deal bought it's already bought it already cash flows you come in you come in today you make a decision I'm giving this guy my Christmas check boom we pay we write you we start writing your check next year soon as soon as your money comes in we start sending your money out every month the first exit on this deal is to refinance the property and return the investors their thirty two million dollars so his question jo-jo when i return let's say we get there let's say i go back to the debt market i go back to the lenders we're talking to lenders every day every day I'm talking to one or two lenders I go back to the lenders we already know what we have to do in this property I already know how where I need to get on this property to refinance the property okay let's say four years from now it'll be 2022 I think I think our Noi needs to be around about about five million dollars I think we're four four right now and they're still so I need to get my net operating income to a certain level at which point I go back to the bank and it makes us sure man will refund incidentally they give us the thirty two million dollars back we send that money back to all our investors investors we make everybody whole you still own the same exact percentage other funds don't do this by the way other funds have in their claws that they can take redistribute and take over the property and count that is paid I think that that's a ripoff personally I would not want that done to me dude I went through this four or five years of a little bit of cash flow now I get my money back you finally get this place in a position where I get all my money back the ultimate that the super velocity wealth creation is I got my money back and I own the property Rosetta's asset then then we would sell then we would go sell so just so you know this is not pie in the sky also I'll tell you a deal idea at fifty eight million dollars fifty eight million dollars I put fifteen million dollars down to buy okay we got our entire 15 million dollars back Jared was in part of this deal my sister was in part of this deal my twin brother was in part of this deal the entire 15 million 100% of it came back we still own the deal the deals still cash flowed okay the cash flows at this point now are infinite they're not five percent they're infinite you understand we have no money in the deal and everybody gets a check that was one that's called the reef on the second reef I by the way there can be many reef eyes as long as we owned the property for long periods of time there could be three four five six seven reef eyes we could refi this I can be refined this again in the year 3000 dude I'll always have debt on a deal debt debt allows me to distribute chunk wealth tremendous wealth all at one time when these people got their 15 grant and 15 million back most of which was mine by the way that is a non-taxable event I want my money back why because I can take the 15 million and do what I can go by forty five million dollars more the more real estate and hope that I do it on this deal as well okay but let's go back to this deal because this deal gets better and this is why you want time on your side look if you know you want to invest with me if you're listening to saying dude this guy's a genius by the way I am okay and now I'm not bragging when I say that call us if you know right now you want to do this get in this fund now because this fund will over subscribe what's the phone number here 3 107 7702 five if you know you want to do the deal three one zero seven seven seven oh two five five if you want to do a hundred the max a hundred if you want to do a hundred and you're qualified to do that I'll do something special for you on our 10x growth conference immigrant they can also go to card on capital calm card Oh capital common just a fun fun five is card on capital calm you got to start filling your paperwork out anyway and it's gonna you it's it's gonna take you three minutes three or four five minutes to do it okay check this out this story gets better I just refinanced this property for a hundred and eight million dollars okay I paid fifty eight we got all our money back we had no money in the deal I went back and refinance it again they gave me a hundred and eight million dollars to refinance it I distributed fifty million dollars to the investors non-taxable event it was stupid we still own the property my sister still has her percentage my brother still has her position my friend Howard still has his percentage I still have my percentage and we still get checks every month we don't have any money in the deal we I didn't have any money in the deal right here now I don't have any money in the deal plus fifty million that this is this is how you this is why so many wealthy families and wealthy corporations have money in real estate so I know a lot of you out there looking at Instagram for your inspiration what does Warren Buffett do when I talk about wealthy families I'm not talking about Warren Buffett I'm talking about Berkshire money I'm not talking about Warnes money I'm talking about the Berkshire family okay you're talking you're not going on trillions not hundreds of billions yeah okay good good what's the advantage of uh I got twenty units in Jase Vernon just said he's in for a hundred okay beautiful Jason good for you man fill out your paperwork and versus 300 units I'm gonna have thirty units that are vacant more than you have units now why is that important because you're gonna have vacancy on these properties you have to have vacancy you can't you can't keep a property at a hundred percent it's just impossible so if I have four people move out here I'm at seventy-five percent occupied I always have four people out I'm always getting I get rid of four people I I look for people to get rid of on the property you know they don't take care of it they're not nice in the gym they don't put their stuff up get them off the property okay I we buy extremely nice properties you want to show them some of the like showing the Gables property that we're buying right now oh by the way we just bought this Gables property I hadn't closed on the deal yet rape this deal I mentioned in three people and it was gone which one Oh Gables yeah Gables yeah yeah the exits are different on these these the 20 unit deal and in the in the 40 unideal so Raymond's asking can you do a 1031 into your fund what's the answer currently we can figure it out dude okay look at that it's that beautiful it was gorgeous okay okay good so so the other difference in the Allen made a good good point the the the the types of exits for these buyers are different when I go to sell this in 2022 who's the buyer for this deal he's a little guy his chiropractor he's a dentist his business better be doing good in 2022 if we go through a major recession he can't buy that he's getting hammered man it could be a network market it could be a first time real estate guy I'm dependent upon the little guy who's this bar right here this deals 100 million dollars big player Blackstone kam JP Morgan come on Bay just drive around drive around the major city man you're gonna see all the same names JP JP Morgan Morgan Stanley Blackstone properties Camden's lambdas all in my neighborhood right here by the way why do they sell that's a great question what if it's such a damn good piece of pretty why do they sell most these big corporations have to to capture their profits because they're paper they're wreaths they're not property owners they're actually REITs they put together this property their cash flows they they create a piece of stock and they have to distribute it and this is the way they get their bonus by exiting these properties we will probably put together a book of business meaning a lot of these different properties not-not-not 28 of them but think about maybe putting grant putting together hundreds of them and then I'll go to them and say how would you like all this and then you guys turn it into a little piece of paper maybe I'll turn it into a little piece of paper in the future yep and on that last deal Gables grandeur yo the reason you asked why you selling yeah why you guys selling and they said I'm getting pushed out by my equity he got he got pushed out by the guy that the big company that funded the project I have equity and hurricane hurricane hurricane yeah this is from Raymond he says he says I have equity in my home is it a good idea to refinance and take the cash out and then invest it could be it's certainly a better idea to use the equity in your home then and invested then then you and have the equity in your home just dying okay I mean I would rather see you just sell the house but it sounds like you can't talk your wife into that so yeah I would I would use the equity in my house I wouldn't own a home number one cuz it's dead equity it's the cash hidden work and number two I would definitely get the equity to work okay hey what about a hurricane we have hurricane insurance Clint Coker says hey don't say that anything can happen of course they didn't think an Abbott dude that's why we got insurance hey I wish I didn't have to buy insurance for all this okay so because most of time it doesn't happen hey that last hurricane that we had that covered the entire state of Florida my damages on eleven properties was fifty thousand dollars fifty eight thousand dollars in all tree damage there did you little god this Maria thanks for talking about the little guy the deck is stacked against the little guy little guys show them the deels again little guys do not get show them Delray you got Delray in there let's say a little guy question that's that's great little guys do not get access to these deals I've been doing real estate for 30 years okay you little guys can't get access to these deals you're never gonna buy this deal whoa that's beautiful you'll just change the image on that thing okay this deals 92 million dollars 31 acres of land four hundred and three hundred and forty six units it's a two million dollar swimming pool $200,000 dog park with movie theater movie theater look at that pool okay people are like oh I could buy a house buy I could own you can't own that swimming pool that's a 12 million dollar 12 million dollar house for that swimming pool and you won't even get that swimming pool mm-hmm you don't have a dog park it at 12 million dollar house there's a park there's a park in the front what am i doing that for the little guy most of the people that I know most of the people that are buying books for me most of you out there that are getting on Carlin University you're not qualified to invest in an accredited fund that's why we created this we created this for you so you could get access to real property that is typically out of reach out of reach and typically only purchased by big institutions okay Bruce says that property is amazing so so how important is that grant when you look at these deals how important is debt buying it and then also long-term debt debt is very very important get debt is one of the most important parts of this of this purchase right because like we just we just secured debt for two hundred and fifty million dollars whether realistic or 250 million dollars for the debt it's a quarter of a million dollars for the real estate it's ten years interest only like you can't get this debt that I get I get the best debt I am a qualified preferred and this goes to the question from and that blew me away to you when you told me you're getting these loan for ten years first only yeah I mean nobody like like when you're doing 20 units or 40 units or she's never gonna get 10 years of interest really their interest rates gonna be you know one to two percent higher yeah do we have some kind of insurance from the money to guarantee our money back and do we get a tax form from you this from Julian Ramirez mm-hmm there are so many scams in the world it's hard to know what's legit so what can you do to prove this is not a scam dude I don't want you invested with me so you're not the right guy for me oh then he says I'm very interested yeah I know man but God dang man like light you need to do your research on me I've been I've been I've been selling products and servicing companies fortune 100 companies for 30 years there's no scam reports on me I've never ripped anybody off I'm not involved in lawsuits we want people that are positive by the way okay I'm an approved by the SEC when we first open the funds what did you used to say you have to have a good attitude you've got to have a good attitude like you guys if you guys are waiting to be ripped off yeah don't come into this deal because you know okay this from dieter Huber I don't want I don't want negative attitude you know the you know there is something to be said about the law of attraction now if you're waiting to get ripped off you're probably gonna but it won't be by me you can't get your money back though I just need to make this clear day but you give me 10 grand that 10 grand is gone let me tell you why it's gone because Monte unless you can figure out how to get somebody to replace your position I guess you could lint it I guess you could go to somebody and say hey I got a I got a percentage in this real estate thing and I want to transfer would you lend me money or transferred but you can't get it to come back to me okay don't don't come back to me and say I want my 10 grand cuz I got thirty two million dollars in the deal I'm not I'm not I'm a big boy I'm not going to somebody saying can I have my money back okay this is an illiquid asset you don't want your money back folks why would you want your money back because some emergency came up that's when you need to say I don't have the money that's going that's my wealth now go out and create some new money to pay for the problems okay how many deals do you do in a year how many do we do last year this is from Michael Rodriguez we did five deals and they each range from 50 to 100 in five mil you know our small deal last year was 5050 million and our big deal was 101 101 million so we did a fifty million dollar deal this is what we did last year we did we did Morano that was in Orlando 50 million dollars okay I put fifteen million dollars now we did wood waste where we did wood way square okay I'm just gonna put it up I'm gonna put that right there mm-hmm because I'm trying to protect myself right now on we financed we put twenty thirty million dollars down on that right 30 million no whatever no if I put 15 million down here I put 30 million Ralph okay yeah we bought del rey del rey was 92 million this was 89 now I need to we put down 32 million dollars on this deal a little more than that I'm buying Stella by the way this deals not even close yet I'm telling you I'm buying it like like it's like the people that I'm behind in front please don't tell anybody I'm telling you I'm buying Stella in sugar land I can give you the address you can go look at go look at their website Stella you can't buy it I got it under contract that's 70 million dollars those gables I'm buying Gables this will close this year and that deals 101 million dollars what is that 101 171 263 340 350 to 400 and two million dollars for the deals almost half a billion dollars for the deals so like it's not like I don't believe who's on the look who's on the hook for all this debt that's what y'all should be asking not one person that who's responsible for the debt I am they're not calling you asking you to sign anything I don't think okay Johnny Johnny the camera guy they don't want Johnny on the deal can you Rico's asking he says can you briefly explain the roll about how much I can invest based on my income or net worth yeah you need to read you need to read the prospectus on how much you can invest as an unaccredited investors lays it out exactly what you can do it what does it say ten percent of your your income ten percent of your net worth then it says yourself verified or your net worth okay then it says you self verify your income and yourself verify your net worth if you're an accredited investor in your in fund for I have to verify that your your income and your net worth if your accredited I am responsible to verify if your non-accredited man my guns are looking big today aren't they huh look at math dang how you get guns like this you goat you work how do you get assets like this you work okay I mean do you have any callers okay awesome you got to tell me Melissa has equity in my home is it a smart idea to refinance and cash out yeah man but I would just sell your houses guys I and I don't know why you guys are so committed to your houses I'm committed to freedom mm-hmm frank kern frank kern just gave me 500 grand last week I'm calling Frank out Frank Kern the digital guy's like man I'm good at digital man I don't know anything about this wealth building okay go ahead Johnny from B what's up awesome I called in a two weeks ago you sent me one of those 10 XS it's great never I get one of those ash flow shirt you buy them dude goddamn don't be a freeloader man you sound like your own government oh come on given Christmas that's why I opened up this fun for you son the ultimate Christmas gift is I'd give you an opportunity to invest with me hey I am I'm gonna put 25 K in a few questions okay I already have an LLC set up yeah my wife's business would it make sense to in better senators Mike sent my account up with car loan capital through the LLC I wouldn't like I wouldn't I would I would have it I would have it run through to my personal income frankly that up because because you're gonna get the benefits against your personal income which is where you want it your business to two-thirds of all businesses in America lose money so if she's in that batch you already got it right off right there you know you want to write it off against your personal income but 25 you know I know I called in the other day you said you know you got a hundred but a hundred I'm just trying to convince my wife you know I'm taking all my money out of the stock going down so thank you for this fund right now yeah dude I would definitely do a hundred grand I'll just tell you right now if you got a hundred grand sitting around folks if it was your last 100 grand if it was not if you had ninety thousand and you wanted to be at a hundred before the end of the year I'd go bar ten thousand and make sure you do a hundred I would not have any cash in the bank every day the first report I get every day is my cash accounts the only reason I look at my cash accounts every day is I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of it I do not want money sitting around okay so let's make sure we follow up with him that's twice he's called in I want to make sure he gets his forms done Cardone capital comm is where you register Cardone capital comm is the site that we've created all your let me just show them Johnny let me just show them what they're going to be looking at when you go to Cardone capital I'm gonna bring you there right now you go in here and you're gonna you're gonna log in okay okay I'm already logged in don't show my login okay so you can see right here 922 investors registered accredited 1500 1500 ninety ret eleven thousand seventy two people registered eleven thousand sixty five of those are offline right now 78 million has been invested four point nine million dollars has been distributed 328 investments you can't is this all this is all completely public Trent transparent data okay there's two funds in the offering right now once for accredited once we're not accredited 13 million dollar for the non-accredited and 23 million dollars for the accredited these funds have been open less than 60 days the non-accredited fund this one right here has been open five days all right I'm gonna show you that people are actually putting money in this fund these are real people that have done their homework what it okay yeah we can show this yep I just don't want to show names right so here's here's Barton put in thirty thousand Marija put in ten thousand David put in ten thousand John Peter did his homework did 125 grand twenty thousand from John Courtney gave ten thousand I'm sorry invested Jeff put in twenty thousand James invested ten thousand this is crazy man dan these people did their homework folks okay there's gonna be millions of people by the way you guys don't get impressed with this millions of people are gonna do this with me I'm gonna go run ads on CNBC Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity I'll even do the MSNBC people I'm gonna be like hey do you want to earn 5% of your millions or people gonna be like I love their own 5% a year millions great how is this different than a real this is not a REIT a REIT is a real estate investment trust you are a partner in a real piece of property your partner not a reed why would I call it a real estate investment trust when I could just call it real estate the moment they went past real estate was the moment they were in the chemistry lab mixing the brew okay if you got to call it something other than real estate you know we've already put the footing the magic on it okay let me go back to some more these questions this is great man we ought to do these more often we should do every weekend hey don't listen do we have another caller and where do we send a check you don't send me a check hey Ron we're not gonna take a check for you go to car loan capital kaam karte on capital comm and you register ACH what is an ACH it's a automatic Clearing House so they they type in all their bank information they go to card o capital com fund five they fill out all their information with their name their address all their personal information and then they go to their wire instructions or is actually it's an ACH so however they want to send us the money you think that all their banking information and that's so so I'm just going to show you just so you guys can see like you just go to the board my offers my investments which one do I go to to find mine right on this thing you go to not the dashboard huh so you're in as an admin you have to go back as an investor so no I am right here okay your profile okay okay so you guys can see that I'm invested in this that's Grant Cardone Oh got my pretty picture right your your invested in every fun every time invested in every fun so how do I see my investments don't-don't-don't lead Duke why you walking away from me for you man no don't don't rub my back though that's weird okay that is weird see see there's there's a non-accredited fund right over here on the left and this is for the accredited on the right Melissa go ahead and bring them in while I figure this out my trains that old my investments there I go I'm gonna click my investments okay Helen Helen how you doing hey grandis is Helen from Alabama I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to let me invest with you I have been invested for about six years I wish I had done it sooner I just was one of these conservative retirees but actually I'm making more money for my investments with you than I will do with my retirement thank you well how much was your check last month Helen well totally it was over 8,000 with some distribution I got average check is around four to six thousand yeah that's awesome how old are you Helen I'm 78 see I'm taking care of old people too yeah I'm said yeah is that better that's then so do you get a Social Security check as well I get a federal government renew attached a yeah how much is that about 4,600 a month what take take home that it not you know you see you get a check for 4,600 from the government every month and check for me for 8,000 that true so I'm doing when I'm mostly reinvesting what I get from you right back into it that's awesome that's awesome Thank You Helen all right Thank You grant that's awesome huh I guarantee you I'll keep paying or longer than the government will velvet it there'll be a day when the government will not be able to crack that check they closed this weekend by the way the government shutdown ain't shutting down boys and girls okay so look look at this Johnny show than this okay I have in in one of these deals I have four point nine million dollars this is what you're going to get you're gonna have a portal that shows you how much you have invested and what your distributions are that deal has distributed me six hundred and six thousand dollars it shows me the deals that I'm in this is only three deals it's reporting me for one did six hundred grand one did 835 reserve at Port st. Lucie did six hundred this is in real time by the way these are in real time bringing back Johnny show it again huh yeah but it's too small a hundred and thirty five thousand dollars that reserved at Ormond and then Cardone Equity Fund 3 which was what would weigh in Morada paid me 3.5 million dollars this year I don't even need government money I'm like y'all keep your money okay keep your damn prisoner money okay like you know what Helens down in a position 78 years old my sister in a position 70 years old never to wear it again just to clarify though so those were your investment dollars yeah and in the distributed you got six hundred thousand dollars off of your your four million invested yeah you said that you said the three point five was distributed 200 I'm sorry okay six hundred and six thousand dollars I'm sorry just fifty grandma yeah no no I'm sorry what well we arguing over millions yeah no we're not Hey now let me just say this okay if you would have invested four million nine hundred fifty two thousand dollars just so everybody understands your distribution would be identical to my distribution not one penny difference it would be exactly down to the penny the same distribution so Justin Yuans acini how many people are investing in this versus your accredited funds uh well I don't know I mean it looks like eight hundred and thirty-five right now but it'll be twenty two hundred people when I get to twenty two hundred people the funds gonna be capped off in just in the minimum for the accredited the non-accredited fun is ten thousand the minimum for the accredited fund is a hundred thousand so the average for the accredited investor is four hundred and fifty the average for the non-accredited is twenty one so there's there's quite a bit more non-accredited people yeah you're either a creditor dinner you're not if you're accredited put in the if you're credited you want to go to fund four okay if you're non-accredited which only means you make less than 200 grand a year this guy doesn't this guy's not smarter than you by the way he just hit this number two hundred and one thousand dollars a year he goes into fund for the minimum is a hundred now if you have eighty right now just call ron up we'll take the eighty I can make an exception as long as you got a good attitude this is a minimum of ten and a max of a hundred I can't take more than a hundred with that non-accredited is that right or not correct okay because because if they take if they're if we take more than 100 then they you're good at it then in theory you would you could move over to the other one I don't know that's always true though it may not be yeah it may not be because I know some people have put in two hundred yeah and they keep they're not worth two million right okay let me talk to this person how you doing my friend hey grant how you doing no listen Ernie and non-accredited wired the money and when will the next non-accredited be opened up cuz I'm already stacking waiting for the next one I don't know by February I don't know I don't know that I can't I don't really know I don't even know if I'll do another one okay cuz if people give me too much trouble on this deal I don't think they're gonna but you know I for years I didn't do this because everybody we don't yep you know don't don't get involved with investors okay so got to get to accredited level then yeah you don't have two dozen you guys you guys don't worry about what look my sister was not accredited Helen Helen was not accredited when she started Jared glandt was not accredited Ryan Seco by the way that works with us he is not he was not accredited when he started me there's four people that were not accredited they became accredited because of their investments got you so just load up as much as you can how liquid are you right now right now 12 grand yeah do it all do 12,000 and $1 man just commit all the way all right we got you okay James coward says what is the process to invest 401k dollars can you invest or is the percentage still based on salary no I mean you can invest your 401k money you would self direct your 401k funds is there anything between the accredited and non-accredited sports benefits no there's not the only different all the same benefits you correct the only difference is they don't get a prefer return on the non-accredited fund yeah which our properties are the same terms the same why won't the video work no clue well one way or the other I got to get in on this yes you should get in on this as a beginner if I take out a loan for 10 grand no that's crazy don't do that Ryan do a webinar for the 401k transfer okay let's say let's say you got $20,000 first of all for the 401k to work you need to not be working at that company anymore so just like you can't self-direct if you still work at Exxon right that is correct but you yeah yeah but what so what you can do some companies do allow self-directing so you need to find out about the benefits that like your company might restrict your ability to cetera and they also let you take a loan out on that money so what I did when I was working for the airline is I had 40 grand in there and I wanted to do my next deal right so what they did is they said you can give yourself a personal loan yeah for half when he ran at 4 percent you have to pay yourself back right so that's what I did I took the 20 out and I paid yourself back every single Matt's gonna that's when he to work in a piece of real estate so Jared wants to know what do I do with this okay let's say let's say that you're you you were in this fun and you got to pay your taxes on now cuz you but you're not paying to like this is not a penalty it's 40 percent ok you got 20 grand sitting in a 401k I mean I don't want to get into the tax code here that's the problem with this but let's just say just for example let's say the tax on this was $4,000 yeah and what I did my grant hang on a second just understand that you're not like being penalized right here that's the tax you were gonna pay it anyway you you you're gonna pay what you didn't pay you didn't pay taxes on this so you're just catching up with what you didn't pay on you're gonna pay this when you're 63 or 65 the difference is by paying it now you still have $16,000 to invest that will by $48,000 buy the real estate remember the 3x rule okay we're we we only func we finance one-third of the property I'm sorry we finally has two thirds of the property so equity buys three times more dollars so you're now in a forty-eight thousand dollar investment that has the chance to grow you're using leverage to grow I would tell everybody out there right now this investment will be worth more money ten years from now than what you're doing in the stock market and it pays you every month your 401k doesn't I know it doesn't I know what you're invested in it doesn't pay nobody's paying you every month the biggest companies in the world do not pay every month because it's so expensive AT&T one of the biggest companies on the planet fuses to pay a dividend every month but but they accept their money every month they forced you to pay them every month but don't want to pay out every month why because when you get checks every month a company gets strong and we want you guys to get strong I want you to be reminded I'm sending you money every person that's called in today I go to check every month like clockwork every month like clockwork every month like clockwork why because I want to check every month okay I can't pay you if I don't pay me and I can't pay me if I don't pay you that's a partnership a real partnership okay yeah all right let's see here I'd like to do 20,000 but like clarification on the max I can invest on revenue we talking about 2018 yeah and what if I use money from my Roth IRA it is just it's self verification you tell me that you're qualified to do this that's what the fund says that's what the SEC says your you self qualify yourself so how do you read the code it says ten percent of your income you made 200 grand last year you can give me 20 grand is that right right correct yep or if you're worth 200 grand or if your net worth is is more or higher of the two the higher the two so if you made 200 grand you can give me 20 grand if you're worth four hundred thousand however you figure that you can give me 40 thousand okay but maybe you have a million dollars worth of life insurance I'm not sure how you read that I don't I don't know how you read what your assets are worth some people would say look I got a million dollars for the life insurance if I die right now I'm worth more than if I'm alive then you're like some people would say hey you should add your house you should add your assets you should add your boat you should add the value of your business if you sold it in the future like like a lot of that is interpreted by the beholder of the assets oh yeah maybe you got a contract you're working for 50 million dollars what's up Memphis man hey they put you through to Nathan in California helpless what up Nate what's up uncle gene come on my little Neff hey sits in here with my wife Emily and big shout out to you and Elena we read Empire together and we really got on board as a team had a killer year thanks to thanks to you both and stacking away cash had a question about the fun so so we're dropping 100k into the non-accredited and wanted to see about reinvesting more as we go yeah I know it sounds like it capped at 100 so should we be setting our target to 2 then you know get into a accredited investor know that Nate this is a great question okay by the way any of you that want to do you're like man I'd like to come in with more than I'm allowed to what you would do is you could do a hundred today this year in January one you could do another hundred okay okay right okay and look look all of you out there just understand this you you don't you're not going to benefit don't don't wait until you're an accredited investor to like you get in now I started as a non-accredited that can't that things losing battery I think where's asking for a software update I started as a non-accredited investors just so everybody knows my first deal I could barely get alone I started with three grand on my first deal glad I did me too so yeah all of you out there if you've got ten thousand right now and that's all you're qualified to do you could do ten thousand again on January 1 and this fun should be still open by then I think it will okay okay nice yeah you know we're continuing to just stack away and try to scrape as much much together you know I've looked at real estate for a long time and and what you're opening up to people is incredible I mean access to these deals is crazy yeah that's awesome dude hey also any of you out there that employ people rather than giving people a cash bonus this year buy them a piece of this deal I mean dude what's the gift that the the best gift in the world is the gift that keeps on giving huh love it hey hey quick question grant Kanna me and my wife we're trying to make it out there to the growth palm we're looking at flight ticket yeah any way to sports some tickets to the growth song baby dude you gonna do a hundred today yeah yeah yeah we're doing a hundred K today you know honey if the hundred comes in today have you already talked to no no I haven't call me hey call run if you're gonna do the hundred today I'll get I'll throw in I'll throw in some VIP tickets you the man you the man looking for a tote what's that I love Elena I love you yeah I love you why we gotta always talk about Elena why's everybody got to go talking about Elena ever get bored out there especially get your girls to read Empire man that book got got us on board as a couple and you know I mean together you're so much more than than just trying to do it yourselves I know it's men we try to handle everything but man this year we both got on board as a team and just crush it dude that's awesome that's awesome that's awesome what's your full name which was this bullying yeah yeah Nathan Anderson Nathan what's your wife's name Emily Emily and Nathan and hey hey Nathan Melissa is gonna give you my cell phone will connect after this and I'll get you all set up okay what thank you bro what was it Helens initial investment six years ago do you remember I think it was a hundred grand maybe 200 grand maybe 100 200 this from Nancy bait Bayard Carlson I can find out for sure though Nancy I would like to do 20,000 through Jonathan Bruton I would like to do 20,000 but like clarification on the max I can invest based on my revenues again it's self verified what do you think your work as a beginner if I take out a loan don't do that on the other way I got to get in on this okay John John said he's investing uses thanks for making this available grant arms are looking Jack thank you very much is there any difference from the accredited unaccredited that question what is the best Bank in USA would imagine have your money for investment in real estate I'm coming from Europe Chase Wells Fargo what is the best Bank in the USA would advise you to have your money for investment in real estate yeah you need to set up what is it called you need to set up a you need to set up an LLC a federal tax ID number better or tax ID number okay walk us through $10,000 example on when we would make money till the end of the sale do I need to do that again in 2001 many of the 401k dropped 50% overnight okay if you have money warning warning warning if you have money in a mutual fund or an ETF right now I would strongly advise you to sell everything you have in ETS a mutual funds before the end of the year the stock market boys will not sell they will not dump out you will not have capitulation between now and the end of the year if you have it it's going to be in the first two the next year they've already paid they're paying their bonuses out right now they will try to protect themselves in the first quarter if they liquidate it will be in the first quarter at which point we'll have capitulation capitulation is where everybody starts running from one door and nobody can get through it okay go ahead Wow okay so so look when that becomes 80 billion dollars watch what happens yeah the stock market thing we're just starting to see the first first rumblings of this thing this can get a lot worse folks and none of you none of you should be going through this drama man you should not be going through the drama in the stock market the stock market there's no reason for there's too much drama on this planet that's not the drama you need this is Sam from Memphis Sammy what's up walking in Memphis what's up gram how are you my name is Sam Sam do you play a guitar dude I did not I did not do you are you a good infants by when's the last time you had some ribs I had rendezvous downtown a couple weeks ago dang were they good they were awesome I some run some ribs and some brisket it's awesome dude okay what's your question my question is I guess how to get started at the age of 19 would you have a white $5,000 saved up I don't have $10,000 does this but what would you do if you were 19 and yes dollars saved up dude look I'm not cannot take 5,000 from him I can make an exception right can I make an exception yeah so if you want to put that 5 grand with me I'm gonna make an exception for you because you called in today okay so I'm gonna tell you guys the best way to make to make more money get rid of the money you have without without buying stuff don't don't I've been watching and watching and I'm just trying to figure out what to do get rid of your money dude get rid of the money okay if you don't get rid of the money what's gonna happen and I'm gonna give you an executive ticket to my growth conference because you called in today cuz you're a badass okay okay his 50,000 his 50,000 is gonna earn what is that gonna earn $250.00 next year twenty bucks a month he's only i'ma let him invest five grand nobody else I'm doing this floor by the way okay so I might just give him the other five grand just the beginning to the $10,000 level so so that that's gonna pay him $250 a year and you guys are like oh that's not the big freakin deal he didn't waste it yeah that's what he didn't do number one number two he didn't ignore it by sending it off to Wall Street in a 401k that sits there my wife has got some stocks I guarantee if she came in here right now hey baby how'd your stocks do this week she looked at those stocks she never sees it it's out of sight out of mind it's gone so if you're gonna do that if you're going to ignore the money you busted your ass for make sure it goes into a real asset that can't be ignored bricks cannot be ignored lawns cannot be ignored swimming pools cannot be ignored mole termites toilets roaches cannot be ignored they're like hey everyday tenants making noise hey man my air condition don't work you want that you want that kind of noise when you invest dollars because that means I got to go fix it take care of it so somebody else can pay more money for it in the future okay so do that today dude go fill out your forms 19 he's old enough to invest he's 19 great stay away from them drugs do something how many staff do you have managing your properties right now we have a hundred and fifty plus staff around in seven states managing the properties probably closer to 200 now I think we're pleased then why'd you ask me once you just say it huh no I got to do all the work no I'm just saying I mean it's amazing it's amazing how fast the portfolios are grown from okay let's see here can you clarify that the money invested can be kept longer than ten years I thought grant indicated there were situations that money would be given back earlier and later than ten years yes it is that my discretion I can do less than ten years I can do longer than ten years trust me it's 2018 in 2028 that's my 10 years December if I don't get the offer I want in 2020 28th December and I need to wait a month to get more money January 20 29 then I'm I sell January 20 29 nobody nobody's going to hold nobody's going to hold because I got it says 10 years if it takes me another two or three months or another half a year or or what if I want to sell it eight and a half years I want to sell right here because I got some guy that wants to pay too much look man I'm going for score okay so you just you know my twin brother says the reason I'm investing money with you do this because I know you watch your money period like I like money I've made it clear to the whole world over and over I want to make money I want to make lots of money okay I want to I want to make a lot of money on the next person every piece of real estate I've ever sold I thought the next guy was paying too much told him too face so that it was with sure Cheryl Ted will Julie okay Cheryl it's not how long it's how much we will make what's my goal two to three X with the exchange rate of 30% plus cross-border tax is this still beneficial for Canadians Dave night every Canadian should be investing with me you cannot buy the type of real estate that we're buying by the way on almost every deal that we look at there's a Canadian bidding on the deal look if Vancouver and Toronto or any indication of where values go to and three X returns will be nothing mm-hmm just go to Vancouver dude it's some of the biggest investors in South Florida yeah maybe or Canadians so they figured it out right they figured out the whole tax structure thing and and I would definitely consult a tax advisor and also your calendar okay okay the dude the dude that the 19 year old okay okay guys guys I'm not it's ten thousand dollar minimum that's the minimum just tell me minimums ten thousand there's no exceptions to it the one 19 year old dude I'm gonna figure out because I told him I would I'm gonna figure out how to do it that's it okay I'm Santa Claus for a second I'm your uncle figure out how to get the other five grand from somebody else if you got five figured out how to put five with it how does it work right if I want to start with ten grand and then put ten and ten ten yeah you just keep adding ten until the funds closed do ten now do ten in January Mike this is mr. Mohammed my offer is currently under review how long might the review take before I get instructions how to remit a few days will go on there right now and it should be approved in the next 48 hours can we can we open up this thing and see what he's what's it Heather government gave a cola this year $30 per month I don't know what that means can you transfer from a role IRA to the V fund without any penalties yes as long as your self-directed retirement money I did mine I'd self-directed five million dollars of retirement money so I just self-directed what I did was I went to fidelity and said I want to self-direct we don't do that good takes take I took it out of fidelity I moved my IRA account to Merrill Lynch or to a fund that would okay and said okay you guys I want to self-direct because they have self-direct all I did was slide money from once one IRA to another slid it over there I think I paid $25 for the transfer and then and then Merrill Lynch allows me to dump my retirement account into do you guys got to control your money man well we're happy to help you would do this okay okay again minimums $10,000 maximum is $100,000 any more questions that we haven't covered I'm looking right now heads-up warning okay look we think we have room for about 2,400 investors in this fund we already have 800 so if you're gonna come in I have between now and Friday on Friday next week on December 29th I'm gonna go public when I go public I have 11 million people follow me online and there's 7 billion people there's 5 trillion dollars in cash just in the United States I haven't run an ad I haven't told anybody I haven't bought ad time or a billboard Facebook Ads nothing I haven't bought any ads when I buy ants I've sold 35,000 seats to a conference here in you know in Miami running ads and talking about it okay I am going to fill the fun the question is will you get in there's only room for 2400 people to each give me 20 $2,500 this fund will be peeled while we were on this call today number of people gave us over 100 grand so I would love to have you in do your due diligence do your paperwork get registered if you decide that you like the idea of cash flow you like the idea of being in real assets not the stock market if you like the idea of me managing this portfolio I picked the properties I'm the properties I decide when to sell the properties if you trust me if you trust real estate if you like the idea of positive cash flow if all that sounds good to you strongly strongly advise you get your money invested if you don't somebody else is going to take your position I have no clue if the SEC will ever allow me to do one of these again for what I know the government could say no more you can't know nobody in the world can take non-accredited investors and let me just say we haven't said this up until 2012 I'm sorry 2012 I couldn't do this last year 2017 I could not take money from a non-accredited the only people that could invest with me like this like what we're doing right now was the accredited last year May last year there was a law passed in the JOBS Act that allows me for the first time in history and allows you a non accredited investor to invest with a guy like me doing what's called crowdfunding me going live like this and allowing you to invest with me so Cardone capital comm is the website if you have any questions that I haven't answered I apologize we try to answer them all if you want to do your own investing you can always get our course it's a grant cardone comport slash real estate program program grant cardone comm forge / program if you already do your own deals you want to invest in your own deals that's where you go grant cardone comm some of you by the way will invest in your own deals and and invest with me as well there's nothing wrong with that the website Cardone Capital dot-com that's where you register that's where you can start investing and that's where you will have your updates distributions updates distributions how much money you get what your percentages are it all sits there to protect you and take care of you any of you that want my book I'm happy to send this out to you for free go to Grant Cardone com forward slash free books this is my Christmas present to you you can start seeing and all the investors out there all of you should have the book so you understand what I'm looking at why how I'm thinking about it I hope this helped ok we'll do another one in the future if you got any questions that didn't get answered you could send it to melissa card on capital comm or ryan at card own capital comm melissa at card on capitol comm grant ryan at card on capital calm any other questions that didn't get handled let me double check really quick i think i think that's it grant if they have any questions they could reach out to us we can help them with their news just a lot of questions from transferring their deals that we're looking at they're on the site right now we're looking at we're looking at foot for the fun just so you know we have a deal in houston texas i don't know if you have a picture of it Johnny Stella 70 million dollar property it's beautiful sugar land almost impossible to build in sugar land you drive around Houston you see you apartments everywhere okay drive in Sugar Land you can't you can't find it you can't find apartments ok look at this property 70 million dollars I'm buying this I'm putting twenty eight million dollars down I've already got a loan for 42 million did we get that loan approved we did okay show them the property for point 42 million dollars for four point three five person four point three five percent interest containers full term okay full term all I'll pay its interest look at this property there's not a person on line right now including my sister my brother I'd live in this property I'd put my family in this property one two three bedroom stainless steel appliances I drop drop sinks under under granite countertops beautiful upgraded cabinetry so that's one of the deals Delray can you show them Delray plank flooring and did you get Bonterra in here did you get monitor this 31 acres 346 units this thing is sick mmm-hmm okay this sorry cash flowin already closed Allen put money in last month you gotta check this much you get a check I'm what was your check for yeah but I mean look this has got the the what are the little covered things over there no not that little Cabana that's Cabana it's got big whirlpool beautiful swimming pool security gated Barbie 31 acres of land so if a storm came through there it's not gonna it's not gonna mess up all 31 acres all right Delray the Delray deal is 92 million dollars already bought already funded already cash flowing all right love to have you invested thank you for watching today really really appreciate it again if you have any questions Melissa Cardone capital comm Ryan at Cardone capital com or you can always call here three one oh seven seven seven oh two five five three one oh seven seven seven oh two five five cash flow is king but it doesn't tell the whole story don't lose your money number one rule of investing don't lose money put it in real assets that produce cash flow cash flow then pays you every month until at which point the property's value or the company's value is increased because of the cash flow alright thanks for watching you

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