Cardano’s hierarchy of needs

Welcome everyone. Today we’re gonna be
talking about the organizational hierarchy of needs and this is adapted
from the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I have a few notes in front of me
and this organization of needs is basically from a business context it’s
what a business needs in order to achieve growth and I’m going to post it
in tandem with this video and you can follow along but I thought it would be a
great comparison tool or a great identification tool to analyze each of
the entities of Cardno and see where they fall into this pyramid the premise
of the period pyramid is at the base level of the pyramid you have the most
broad needs for a company and as you go towards the apex the company grows grows
grows grows grows until you reach the top and that’s maximum growth well this
is probably you can never reach maximum growth you’re always climbing to the top
but the the top triangle on the top of the pyramid the apex of the pyramid is
where a business should aspire to be so I’m going to be using all three entities
IOHK, Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation and I’m going to see where they fit into
this hierarchy of needs and please feel free to drop comments down below I don’t
know if you agree or I don’t know if you disagree give me reasonings why I’m wrong or why you think I’m correct so the bottom of the pyramid
the bottom of the hierarchy of needs is the basic operation and this involves
generating some form of revenue and paying employees the next layer is
safety so security of revenue, profit, management, organizational systems the
third is culture accepted, healthy ways of working as a team the fourth is
esteem confidence, recognition, awards, accolades in the top of the pyramid is
actualization which is creativity, spontaneity, and problem-solving so we’re
going to start with IOHK first so I think that IOHK definitely achieves
the bottom of the hierarchy of needs the basic operation because
they’ve generated some form of revenue and are paying employees I
believe that they have close to 200 employees might be between 180 and 200 IOHK, Emurgo and the foundation they had a very
successful ICO when they were raising funds for Cardano
and they generated a lot of revenue and this is what’s funneling a majority of
the action today and I’m sure that IOHK has revenue streams from
elsewhere we don’t know because they’re a private company but they definitely
achieve the basic operation so that’s the anxiety tension stage and they
achieved that so the next one is safety security of revenue, profit management,
and organizational systems and I think that they definitely accomplish this as
well they do have revenue they do have profit and they definitely do have some
sort of organizational scheme behind their employees and their task force if
you go on the IOHK team website they have various different teams working on
various different aspects of Cardano and other projects so that’s considered a
success with 180 employees they’re probably burning while I wouldn’t say
burning but probably spending between one and two million dollars a month just
on salary and other business expenses so next of the hierarchy of needs is the
culture so that’s accepted healthy ways of working as a team and this is a
little difficult to ascertain because first of all they’re a private company
and no one has access to how they’re working as a team other than IOHK
employees themselves but their turnover rate is pretty low I mean there have
been employees that have left but it’s not necessarily a mass exodus of
employees and people are generally very excited to work there so I think that
they surpassed that and the fourth pillar or the fourth tier of the pyramid
of the hierarchy of needs is esteem and that’s confidence, recognition, awards and
accolades and I’m not speaking about the trolls that don’t like the Cardano project but a lot of people are very confident in the project they have been
recognized all the papers that they’ve written people have
used that for citations and they’ve used it in their own papers for different
projects they have over 40 papers and they definitely
have some employees that have presented at conferences and Philip Wadler so
they have a lot of people that are very highly esteemed and so they have Duncan
Coutts and everyone that is all the way up there and the last part of
the hierarchy of needs is actualization creativity, spontaneity, and
problem-solving so this is where I think that IOHK falls not necessarily in
this but on the border of esteem and actualization because I don’t think that
they’ve reached the apex of the hierarchy of needs yet but they’re very
close they’re very close actualization will probably be when staking and smart
contracts come out that’s my personal opinion that’s how I feel I
should rate them on the hierarchy of needs but IOHK I would say is
between esteem and actualization on the border about to cross over so that’s IOHK We’re going to move to Emurgo definitely meets the
basic operation of generating some form of revenue and paying employees they do
have employees that they are paying safety security of revenue profit
management and organizational systems so they have certain I’m assuming that they
have revenue I don’t know if they have revenue outside of the funds that they
raise for the ICO but I believe that they’re making moves
with their dlab and and making sure that they’re acting as a venture
capitalist arm and going and creating new partnerships once again these are
private companies so it’s hard to figure out exactly where they are but I would
say that they have safety they’ve achieved that
now culture they’ve accepted healthy ways of working as a team
all the Emurgo employees seem to be very happy to work for Emurgo and happy
to represent the company and the brand so I would say that they achieved culture
and esteem so esteem would be confidence recognition awards and accolades so
people are very confident within Emurgo as far as
recognition they’re recognized as a branch a big branch of what the Cardano project has to do I mean they have their Yoroi wallet which I would consider an
accolade an award, but I think Emurgo falls there so I think that they fall at
the bottom of this esteem category they still have a little bit of work to do in
order to increase their confidence recognition awards and accolades within
the community so I would say that they fall on the bottom of this esteem which
is still very high and they’re growing as a company but IOHK is towards
the top of that esteem hierarchy and the last is the Cardano foundation so
the Cardano foundation had the basic operation was generating some form of
revenue and paying employees they do have that check safety security of
revenue profit management or organizational systems I believe that
they have that as well I believe that even though there may not
be generating some sort of revenue but if you look at the the distribution
I believe the Cardano foundation from the initial presale of Cardano
has around 7168 BTC which is a
staggering amount of money I mean that’s it’s like nine figures almost so yeah I
think they have quite a lot of revenue from that particular time so I don’t
know how long that’s going to last I’m sure it’s probably gonna last a very
long time and yeah it’s a lot of money and just an FYI Cardano they raised
over 106,000 BTC so that’s why all the entities are probably so solvent right
now and they’re so liquid they have a lot of liquidity and they don’t need to
touch ADA because they receive so much BTC from the pre-sale 106,000 I mean at
the peak of the $20,000 BTC run that’s over two billion dollars
that is amazing incredible so we know the wallets of the
Cardano Foundation and IOHK so we know that they haven’t spent any other ADA they’re just spending their BTC we’re not so sure about Emurgo but who
knows it’s up to them whether they publish their wallet or not so they’re in
the middle of the culture and I don’t think that the Cardano Foundation is in the esteem category I think they’re in the middle of the culture
because the confidence in the Cardano Foundation it has improved since the Parsons era but it still needs more improvement and
they need more recognition and awards and accolades so every entity working on the Cardano project fits on this hierarchy of needs where do you
think each entity fits in do you think that I did a good job
categorizing each company or each foundation so what do you think what do
you think about using this in the future and once again these are private
companies so it’s just a guessing game I don’t know
and yeah let me know what you think until the next video thank you bye

25 thoughts on “Cardano’s hierarchy of needs”

  1. Is this a ledger giveaway? Can I have one, please? 😀 Thank you for your point of view of Cardano, for 99% of the things I agree 🙂

  2. You and Charles are too quick to label people Trolls
    – oh he she dont like project = troll!
    – ask a tough questiin = troll!
    – person brings flaw to your attention = troll!
    – you guys are creating a Members ONLY business model which is the LAST thing Cardano needs

  3. Who sells the coins if I can never be mined? mega rich scam devs? that have 12millons coins? The question is who sells these coins if nobody could ever mined it? scam coin. Where the hell are those coins that are sold from?

  4. An EXCELLENT video with a key info about ICO funds raised.
    This is a great proof that there should be more than enough funds for building Cardano full speed ahead
    ADA4Ever. THX.

  5. This pyramid is ripped off from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Its based on psychology, not business. The cardano community is dull, naive, and represents the worst of blind faith as you continue to wait to stake your 4.5 cent ada, wait a programming language no one in is going to use in any significant capacity for so called smart contracts. Ya'll need a sip of reality. The good thing, I guess, is that most of you have don't any real money so at least you wont lose a lot.

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