Cardano owners draw

Welcome everyone. Today I wanted to talk
about owners draw and Cardano and you’ll see where I’m going with this
I have a few notes in front of me but I think this is very important for the
longevity of a blockchain project or the longevity of a cryptocurrency and it’s
this whole idea of what are the bags of the owners or what are the bags of the
c-suite of that particular company and moving forward I think that it’s very
important that IOHK branches out and pursues other projects in the future
whether that be through Atala or different things that are going to generate
revenue on the side because what happens is when a company is so dependent on the
cryptocurrency or blockchain that they’re creating as soon as everything
is implemented within that cryptocurrency or within that blockchain
then we have an issue of owners draw so what is this idea of owners draw it’s this whole idea that the c-suite or the CEO, CFO, CTO all the top guys that
started the project and there are a lot of them within Cardano you have all the
top guys within IOHK you have the top guys within Emurgo and you have the
top people within the Cardano Foundation so there are a lot of heavy
bags and if you go on or any of the rich list wallets for Cardano you’ll see that there’s a disproportionate number of
very large wallets that haven’t moved and those are probably the c-suite level
wallets that we’re talking about here we’re going to talk about each entity
quickly within Cardano and see exactly what they can do in
order to ease investor fears and qualms moving into the future
because the question of will the founders dump on us eventually or one
day is a very relevant question because they have very big bags and chances are
that it will take a lot of small time investors in order to pick up their bags
and I think it’s very encouraging that if you see the transparency within
IOHK I think IOHK is probably the most transparent entity out of the three
they have their wallet address and no ADA has been moved since the launch of
the cryptocurrency so I don’t that’s an issue and I think that
when the time comes for either Charles or the rest of the top people whether that be Jeremy or whoever has very large wallets within IOHK to draw out I
don’t think it’s going to be as significant as they need to dump
everything right now and they need to get their money right now it’s going to be
maybe a little bit here a little bit there a little bit here a little bit
there and it might be just taking profits you never know so that’s very
encouraging because it’s been almost two years and there has been not a single
draw out they have a real company that’s building products and there’s
no real need for them to dump all their ADA immediately the Cardano Foundation
they were allocated almost 650 million ADA none of that has moved either you
can see at that address IOHK over 2 billion ADA none of that
has moved and Emurgo the last one no one knows their wallet address so we
don’t know whether or not their funds are being locked or they’re using it for
projects or using it for whatnot we can’t verify with 100% accuracy
but if any of the entities are so reliant on the project that they do not
branch out and create business models outside of Cardano or using Cardano and
generating revenue outside we’re going to have an issue long-term and I don’t
think that’s an issue with IOHK I think that IOHK will continuously build
on Cardano build on Cardanol build on Cardano but they’ll also expand and do
their own things in the future and always be integrated within the core
product but at the same time create revenue streams that allows the Cardano ecosystem to flourish because I think that we’re going to need all three
entities working symbiotically in order to achieve our goals in the
future so what do you think about owners draw what do you think is going to
happen in the future I saw a recent article about the chainlink founders
dumping basically usurping a lot of the funds the link
funds and selling and this is a real-world concern this is a real
concern so I don’t know what you think about this what are your thoughts what plans you have to hedge yourself against
possible dumps in the future and I’m not saying that they’re going to happen but
market pressures eventually people will draw out and I want to also leave people
on a note that when staking comes out IOHK will probably have their pools
Emurgo will probably be running pools Cardano foundation will be running pools
I’m going to be running a pool but I wanted to let people know if they truly
want this community to flourish long term and I have nothing against IOHK I
have nothing against Emurgo I have nothing against the Foundation I think
it’s great their wallets are huge so whatever pools that they create I
would recommend delegating to if you’re going to be delegating to a pool
delegate to a pool outside of the three entities they have enough ADA and there
are going to be very they’re gonna be high quality pools outside it doesn’t
have to be my pool but there are going to be a lot of pools and allocating it to the parties that are not directly affiliated with the project is going to
help the project long term achieve a certain level of independence and
maturity so let me know what you think and until the next video thank you

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  1. I'd like to think that ada would be snatched up fairly quickly post dump. Security is the most important factor. Interoperability and partnership will follow

  2. What a GREAT video ! Every Cardano real hodler/enthusiast should watch it to grab even more confidence in ADA4ever. Thanks !

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