Cardano Millionaire Cryptocurrency Oppotunity! ADA Interoperability News

how's it going everybody welcome to a brand new episode of crypto clout I'm your host faze crypto bringing you the news in cryptocurrency relevant world of course Bitcoin is money for people who believe in math and software that's pretty funny tweet right there we've got how gyms trade makes money that you know Bitcoin futures this is sort of an interesting bit of information to look at right there of course in the related news to this topic of this video we're going to be discussing card on o and many of the various different integral facets of this project of course in mergo ledger partnership fuels cart nerd card on o 88 demand up 23% this is an interesting article right here on news BTC no card on o price up 21.9% from last week's clothes ledger nano s now supports ad a a breakout above six cents at the back of high transaction volumes means of bulls are in control now definitely an interesting article right here to read this quote ledger leader in security and information solutions for crypto currencies and blockchain applications and emerge oh the official commercial arm of card ah no the first peer-reviewed third-generation blockchain are excited to announce full integration of card on OAD a with the ledger NOS sort of an interesting step forward you know a leap in the direction know that i think a lot of people were anticipating regarding card on own where we could expect it to go and other news we have bit true ads B&B /x RP b n.b such BTC and B&B such USD t trading pairs this is coming at a pretty interesting point the singapore-based crypto currency exchange announced and launched the three trading pairs of four by Nantz coin the 26th of March and the crypto currency exchange you know the news came after a bit true added four new XRP based pairs in other news we have most of a OS and Ronde apps are related to high risk activities such as gambling that which is a pretty interesting article to which you guys should probably check out now we've got worlds bank gives approval for use of X our P's X rapid / it's quick funds transfer feature and this is a very interesting article as well I'll pull up for you guys to look at it sort of interesting that you know thing when we talk about milestones yes milestones that we've got ripples payment to Lex rapid has attained another milestone as the World Bank has approved it for quick fund transfer World Bank has tested X rapid in 2018 and approves it for quick funds transfer because a near instant payment facilitated by the platform of course this quote right here is pretty worthy of reading on 2018 ripple fin tech company the pilot you know of course X rapid a DLT beast cross-border payments solution along with the very competitive us-mexico corridor financial institutions involved in the pilot saved forty percent seventy percent then foreign exchange costs and the average payment time was just above two minutes that transfer of funds on X rapid took two to three seconds with most of the processing time explained by domestic payment rails and intermediary digital asset exchanges this article right here pretty interesting stuff see I know this is a video that we're going to be generally focusing on card on oh and the potential that's in store for it but in the background we need to also maintain our sanity and understand that this is a pretty widely widespread this sort of ecosystem that we're seeing it's a delicate ecosystem when it comes to the crypto world and what one technology is doing is certainly going to affect the other and you know of course XRP is no you know it's definitely whether you like it or not I mean it's an interesting crypto to pay attention to for a lot of reasons I hope names pronouncing know this articulating this point correctly you know there's a lot of I'm interested in seeing where a lot of these technologies are able to go and I think XRP is one of the crypto is that's definitely a you know important to look at but at the same time I mean ata is uh just out of this world when it comes to the way I see card on Oh in the future is in part I weigh the pros and cons essentially with the fact that the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is essentially I mean for the most part things are moving sideways let's be honest with ourselves we've seen a lot of I mean with the market cap being at 143 you know 606 342 you know of course Bitcoin dominance at fifty point three respectively at the time of making this video I think what we need to we have every night I guess these articles kind of are something we need to get out of the way as well ledger announces support for card on Oh potentially introducing the token to 1.5 million clients we've got this article right here card nano USD technical analysis you know price targets you know cardano's a strong bullish short-term bias with the cryptocurrency adding close to 60% to its value this month both time frames show Baris MACD price divergence I mean so now definitely go and check out this article as well you know I'm not gonna read all these for everybody you know it's not that long of a video but of course we've got card on oh you know Foundation or Charles Hoskins you know talks competition with a theory I'm intron I think this is pretty funny picture right here but uh you know Hopkins emphasized the need for introducing a set of standards in order to let the blockchain industry have its Bluetooth or Wi-Fi moment know their long term goal is to build robust infrastructure of billions of people I think that this is a pretty interesting piece of content right here Charles Hoskins is definitely an interesting figure on that note when it comes to you know looking at cryptocurrency and how these things are developing but of course we've got another Charles Hodgkinson says cryptocurrency needs a inter you know and of course it's interesting to see crypto founder you know card on Oh industry you know of course thinks the next direction of growth for cryptocurrency is through you know increasing interoperability you know seeking in the interview with finance news outlet shutter former aetherium co-founder current inside/outside Hong Kong CEO explained that cryptocurrency is in need of a wide Wi-Fi or Bluetooth moment and so is uh interesting to see I mean n what that Wi-Fi Bluetooth moment would actually look like is certainly interesting as well and you know we talk we're going to be talking pretty extensively about that concept you know the Wi-Fi bluetooth moment sort of yeah respectively when it comes to the timeline of a blockchain and how we've been seeing it developing thus far Cardno price set to balance off resistance and head downwards here important levels to look out for this is an interesting article as well you know bringing us this chart and we know we've seen a lot of similar people out bringing forth you know analysis that both at the same time sort of supports and challenges a lot of the points that we see that have become sort of tropes across the space no 88 been accumulating and talking about card on o for a while now it seems like everybody on Twitter was hopefully I'll make money you know hopefully you know hopefully you guys are making money but all that being said you know if you guys are interested make sure that you connect with us on our Twitter you know that's that crypto toover as always you know make sure that you guys comment down below letting us know you think about card on o and you know cryptocurrency in general you know overall I'm pretty excited to see what Cardinal is going to be bringing forward for us but remember of course I'm not your dad you know of course you guys got to do your own due diligence and you know make your own decisions but all that being said hope you guys have found this video informative I think it's been a pretty good opportunity to discuss a lot of these different pressing matters in the space special cryptocurrency so all that being said I hope you guys have enjoyed this video I'll see you guys the next one have a good one

35 thoughts on “Cardano Millionaire Cryptocurrency Oppotunity! ADA Interoperability News”

  1. Vitalik said it earlier. He and so many other developers capitalized on the FOMO and sold off significant portions or their holdings along with the early adopters and investors in Bitcoin. Charlie Lee, Vitalik etc.

  2. Will we see the 1000x growth if the past? Not likely in my humble opinion. More slow, standard growth as people buy into the markets slowly

  3. Millionaire opportunity? Hmm, not so sure. The markets have changed big time and the speculation growth has seemed to deminish big time.

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  5. Cardano will grow over time, surprised no one talk about AION, that might work with ADA and has the 3rd largest dapps built on its network. Great team, great project, going places.

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  9. Hopefully ADA keeps it's contracts clear of those scam dapps running on Tron….. No wonder Tron has the most dapps, they are all gambling and ROI scams!

  10. The “p” sounds pop hard in my ears. I can not finish listening. Just friendly advice my friend. Thanks for the content

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