Cardano laying the inroads to last for decades

welcome everyone I wanted to do a quick
rant video about one thing that I heard Charles say in a previous AMA and then
he also said it on the Cardano Effect podcast episode 24 if you haven’t
watched that you should check it out it’s basically talking about what IOHK is doing in Ethiopia and I find it fascinating because everything
that they’re doing globally in various different countries inadvertently has
an effect on everyone within this ecosystem because this whole system is
so interconnected if you look at the current fiat system what maybe one
person does it doesn’t really have much of an influence on the next person but
when you have a blockchain that has a finite supply and transactions are all
processed within the same blocks I mean someone could be transacting ADA in Ethiopia and someone could be transacting ADA in Australia and they
could be doing it at the same time and it could be going on the same block
everything is so interconnected which is great to see one of the most important
things that I got from that particular podcast was that IOHK has been
planting seeds for a long time John O Connor has been in Ethiopia i believe
a year now and he has really been working on partnership strategic
partnerships working with the government if you look at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in Ethiopia the guy who runs that is very
high up and John has a personal connection with him and basically what
i’d like to say is that Charles says that there are 106 million people in
ethiopia and there are certain blockchain solutions that this country
is searching for and when they’re running their projects when the
government wants a certain blockchain solution for a particular project who do
you think they’re going to call do you think they’re going to call some random
cryptocurrency that hasn’t put the work in or do you think they’re going to talk
to IOHK who has already run a successful Haskell course in Ethiopia
with nineteen Ethiopians and four Ugandan students they’ve been in the country for
a year you think they’re going to call another random company it doesn’t work like that it doesn’t work like that like Charles was saying
that there are not a lot of blockchain competitors in this space and I think he
mentioned Stellar was making roads in Africa as well but I don’t think they’re
doing it to the same degree as what IOHK is doing so a lot of these other
cryptocurrency projects they’re saying they’re gonna offer solutions to the
unbanked they’re saying they’re going to offer solutions to people that are
living in developing countries but it’s one thing to say it and it’s another
thing to do it the next thing you know you need governmental support
you need the support of the people in order to get these protocols moving forward
you can’t just say oh I’m just going to implement it today and everyone’s going to be forced to change no it doesn’t happen like that
and I see a lot in the telegram group and people assume that
since Ethiopia is a developing country how does this affect me because at the
end of the day there’s a lot of people out there that are just concerned about
the value of their ADA and whether that value of their ADA will go up well to
address those concerns if you’ve ever looked at the staking calculator you
can clearly see that the number of transactions in each epoch is directly
proportional to the amount of staking rewards that you receive so thinking
that transactions that are taking place halfway across the world are not
going to affect you directly then that’s you probably don’t understand that what
Cardano is trying to do Charles says that the Ethiopian government has looked
towards a certain blockchain solution to incorporate all 106 million people into
some kind of identity registry so put all their identity within the blockchain
so they’ll be able to pay their bills and transact and do various different things
to make sure that they’re interconnected and money gets from party A to party B
with minimal fees and limited access to middleman and I found this particularly
interesting because personally me I lived in Mississippi for two years two
years if you’re not familiar with Mississippi it’s a state in the United
States it’s in the south and Mississippi doesn’t have a lot of money at all
and the way I would pay my electric bill and my water bill I had to manually
write a check and drop it off at City Hall and City Hall was only open from I
don’t know 9:00 to 5:00 or 9:00 to 4:00 and if you did not pay your electric
bill or your water bill to City Hall if you didn’t write that check and
you didn’t give it to that person during the working hours your power and your
electricity were cut off the reason why I put this is think about blockchain
solutions for simple things like this so you could pay electronically or
digitally and access what you need access the services access the products
that you need in a quick and efficient manner and it doesn’t just happen
halfway across the world it happens right here too it happens in developed
countries there are a lot of places that the infrastructure is just not there
it’s just not there so Ethiopia is looking to put a hundred and six million
people on this blockchain identity system blockchain identity registry
system and when they solicit that government contract IOHK will
be bidding and think about the number of transactions that are going to be going
through think about the number of transactions it’s going to be constant
blocks are going to be constantly filled with transactions so much so that we
may have to be running everything on parallel chains if you have a whole
country running on a particular blockchain that’s crazy
think about all the transactions it’s crazy so that’s addressing the
point for people that are just not concerned about anyone else but at the end of the day it also plays into the role it also lets me know what IOHK is doing and this is the way to interact with developing nations this is
the way to bring them on this is the way to make financial inclusion
possible it’s through methods like this and you have to put the groundwork in
order to get where you need to get it’s a slow process sometimes
it’s convoluted but like Charles was saying like John was saying you know you
have to lay the in roads and eventually you start getting that tap on the
shoulder did you see how happy Charles was
that they’re pretty much getting a lot of work potential work thrown at them
and they may not even be able to handle all of that work that’s wonderful
that is wonderful and we’re replicating this in every single country we’re going
to try to get to every single country in Africa and we’re gonna go to Southeast
Asia we’re gonna go to South America it’s going to be worldwide we just need
to we need to just get the ball rolling there are so many different
projects and there’s so many different applications that you can use blockchain
for that can make life a lot easier whether that be identity registry
whether that be a great Agritech the Agritech industry there are so many
different options and I think it’s very interesting to see how committed IOHK
is and I think that this is going to work out this is going to work out and
just imagine a future where entire countries are running entire
industries on the blockchain and there’s no middleman it’s not like they have to
call IOHK customer service oh you know the servers down I can’t access this I
can’t access that no no this is the blockchain this is decentralized it’s running it’s going to be running for decades it’s not going to be shut down by
anything as long as people are running there staking nodes and
there staking pools it’s going to be running so there’s going to be
no excuse for failure and these transactions are going to be so micro so
quick and the fees are going to be they’re going to be equitable for
everyone so even if you’re a poor farmer living in a developing country you can
still afford to pay your electricity and pay your water and pay this and pay that
without double paying everything without losing all your money in middleman fees
without having to contract someone to run your check over to another place say
let’s take it back to my Mississippi example there are people that I live with in my area they work
all day they can’t get to City Hall they can’t get the City Hall to drop off
their check so what happens what happens what happens it’s oh
I’m going to give you this check and you run it down the City Hall for me we as a
community have to look at the broader solutions that IOHK is looking to
solve and I think that it’s time that people started looking at the the grand
picture of what everything looks like and things seem to be working with
extreme synergy so just a quick rant once again watch episode 24 of the Cardano Effect podcast please leave any comments below I’d like to engage in
dialogue and until the next video all right

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