Cardano is my blockchain defensive investment strategy

welcome everyone today I wanted to talk
about defensive investment strategies and what I used in order to foray or
dip my toes into Cardano when I first got into blockchain. If you analyze my
financial history up until now for the past few years it’s been an anomaly
I’ve always been considered a conservative investor I’m not an impulse
buyer whatsoever I’m a frugal shopper I do have nice things but I do
wait for them to go on deals and I make sure that I don’t overspend for things
and I have patience when it comes to that I’m not a gambler I don’t throw my
money away whatsoever I saved my money I work for my money and I put little nest
eggs here and there and just watch it grow and make sure that I am comfortable
enough to provide a security blanket for myself
should my money run dry for a period of time and that’s always how I’ve been
so if you look at my investment into blockchain it doesn’t
make sense yeah why would you be such a conservative investor and then it
appears that you’re blowing money within these projects I dabbled into stocks
before blockchain so I was involved in stocks. I always invested in blue chip
stocks no penny stocks it was always the Berkshire Hathaway’s, CVS, Google,
Amazon, Target, Walmart big companies that I always saw that they’re going to exist
whether or not the market is bad or not people are always going to need
pharmaceutical drugs from CVS people are always going to be shopping at Walmart
for the good period of time Amazon is here to stay
Berkshire Hathaway is going to continue selling insurance and buying companies
Apple is here to stay all these companies are here to stay and when I
use the strategy this is the strategy that I used in order to invest into
blockchain projects so in the epic bull run of 2017 I wasn’t more or less
focused on some random coin that had potential to 100x over two weeks
I mostly focused on projects that I feel like we’re going to implement features
that we’re going to be analogous to defensive investment strategies in the stock market so using this logic I said what features
does this blockchain have that allows me with sure confidence that should a
recession happen or should a dry period happen there are going to be features
that exist that are going to provide the utility regardless if the market is dry
or not and while those features haven’t been released yet I think that Cardano is the epitome of a defensive investment strategy given that they
release what they’re supposed to release and that means smart contracts, staking,
governance and all the features that are going to be and have been put into the
roadmap and the reason why I feel like this is because these are the things
that are going to provide utility for the blockchain and these are the things
that are going to take us to that next level where people are going to be using
it on a constant basis even when I look at BTC BTC is proof-of-work BTC
I mean everyone gets excited about BTC because of the price appreciation and
you know some people say that you’ve missed the boat it’s gonna go to a
million regardless the people that got it really early those are the ones that
benefited the most and of course you can highly benefit from BTC but besides
being a store value it really does nothing else I mean you can’t I I know
you can spend BTC I know Lightning Network it’s supposed to come there are
a lot of issues with that but there’s no long-term strategy for me
here it’s except their store of value and people compare it to gold and gold
as a store value – but eventually gold tapers off and I’m not saying gold is
1,500 1,600 dollars an ounce now I don’t know in 10 years it might be $3,000 $5,000 an ounce the people that got it really early of
course are the ones that are appreciating their assets
the most but now it’s more like okay it’s a store value it’s a store value
it’s a store value but eventually it has to be a little bit more than that
what are we going to use it for and if you’re quoting gold bricks in your house
it’s great it’s great you’re becoming recession-proof and your
protecting yourself in case shit hits the fan but at the end of the day it has
no utility in your house but Cardano has utility and Cardano’s utility will come
through smart contracts will come through staking will come through
governance come through all the features that are
going to be implemented and this is going to allow us to interoperate
between the legacy system and the cryptocurrency system this is going to
allow you to run a smart contract with someone halfway around the world that
you’ve never even known or you’ve never met and you’ll be able to trust that
person just like you trust the person that you go to at your local grocery
store and this is going to really interconnect the world.

15 thoughts on “Cardano is my blockchain defensive investment strategy”

  1. Be careful about the distinction between trusting the other person on the end of the smart contract and trusting the contract

  2. Since u r a conservative long term invester [ not a trader] – could you please explain your portfolio & tentative holding period u have- this will help us to have a right mind set along with right coin

  3. Defensive investment – Name a stock that runs out of $$ and goes up in value like ETC. You can't because the stock price would go to zero. How did this happen? The ETH network is full and transaction fees were up to $5 at one point. That is why Binance is working with ETC. This explains why a project with no $$ had a price jump of 30%. When ADA comes out with 250 t/s we should see a bunch of developers leave other projects. Just like we saw with EOS after it went live. Price should reflect that growth. Now lets recap, ADA like ETC will never go to zero and ADA will never run out of $$ = limited risk. Has 10x the throughput of ETH/ETC and will experience price discovery after release = upside potential. You say defensive investment. C.H. says the future is bright. I say buy as much as you can at these levels.

  4. I'd say Bitcoin is my Defensive crypto pick and Cardano is my offensive pick. Judging from my portfolio balance I'd also say I believe offense is the best form of defense!

  5. ADA is better than BTC in a way that by holding coins you participate in the network security, get a reward, and can influence further development of the project. BTC holders can do just nothing with coins. ADA has a bigger sense in the ecosystem.

  6. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”. This is one of the best opportunities in the crypto space, and many will overlook it and miss out. The best brands take time. Great insight on your investment perspective!

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  8. What advantage will governance have that will draw people to Cardano and make ADA a popular asset money, and utility, to have, as you see it? I can see the smart contact value (advantage) but my mind is more foggy over governance. Thanks for the video.

  9. You said "Epah-Tome" when you pronounced epitome. It's prounounce "E-pit-Oh-Me". Great video as always and great way of thinking/investing.

  10. ADA seams like a good choice, but I feel the price correction for the nearest future will be downwards. Staking will introduce measurable profit calculations for holding/staking ADA and running a staking pool, basically, giving a base value.
    Since running a staking pool will be very competitive I expect the profit margins to be very small (maybe 15% on top of all expenses running that thing). Think, you will be able to compare all pools with a push of a button and I’m sure there will be software which will be able to move your stake to the most profitable pool automatically. In other words, no marketing will help.
    From what I understand, running a staking pool will be cheap, not more than running a server (I assume, couple hundred USD/ months; maybe someone can give some feedback for expenses for a staking pool). Therefore the ADA price should correspond the economics of  the staking ecosystem.
    Different story when big dApp’s enter the game, but that’s x years in the future
    Long story short – best buying options are ahead.

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