Cardano is financially sound and destined for success

Welcome everyone today I wanted to do a
second thought on the AMA that happened a couple of days ago and this was
towards the end of the AMA when we asked him a question about the financial
solvency of IOHK, the Cardano Foundation and Emurgo. Charles and
Sebastian were basically saying that Cardano is a well-funded project and
there’s no need to worry about any of the three entities that are responsible
for the Cardano project, and this is very important because in these bearish
times a lot of these icos that did not hedge their bets and did not sell their
Bitcoin or did not sell their initial ICO holdings they’re underwater and
they’re not going to exist in a few months or a year so no matter how
brilliant the idea is, if your business is not correct the cryptocurrency
project will not last. People are constantly giving shit to IOHK for
working on different cryptocurrency projects, but like Charles said this is
bringing in revenue so when you are complaining and complaining and
complaining that the main focus should be this. Cardano
is the main focus IOHK is a cryptocurrency
builder and if they can generate revenue and last ten years, twenty years, thirty
years that’s beautiful that’s beautiful for this entire
ecosystem. A lot of these projects are fizzling out because they do not know
how to spend funds, they are not about their business. IOHK has
almost 160 employees, may be a slightly more and these employees wouldn’t be
able to stay on payroll if IOHK was not generating revenue so this bodes
very well for Cardano because every venture that IOHK does they’re
doing it with a business mind state behind it so this means that this
project is going to last for a while and IOHK when they first received
their bitcoin and their ADA holdings First of all, Charles said that they did
not make the same mistake that Ethereum made back in the day. They sold their BTC and that was probably close to the top of the bull
market so they have USD and USD right now is is power so they are working with
they’re working with big money and they’re going to be able to
continue doing the projects that they have that that they need to do to
prosper in the future they’ve written 40 academic papers those
cost those costs you have to pay scientists for that and they’re
continuously writing papers because they’re well-funded so I think that this
this goes through all my investing principles I invest in businesses and
this business shows me that they are serious about the longevity of this
cryptocurrency it’s not a one-and-done they understand financials and they
understand what they need to do to be successful so let me know what your
thoughts are please like, comment, and subscribe and until the next video thank

43 thoughts on “Cardano is financially sound and destined for success”

  1. Only thing that makes me nervous is that Charles is leaving in 2020. is that really enough time to develop the project to where he isnt needed anymore? idk.

  2. Everything on Cardano is on sound… today they released a new Ouroboros Privacy paper… this is going to be big… and I can't w8 for Marlowe…

  3. ADA will hit the trillion market cap and will be the no.1 crypto on the market. Charles says by 2020 he will step back so I feel this will be when he has reached that goal. Great AMA guys, keep up the good work.

  4. From my personal experience in business I think good projects never lack funding. but even if they do lack funding I am betting on the jockey to take us to the promise Land. Charles is like a LeBron James of crypto hahaha

  5. New concepts survive from their ICO win fall. Where IOHK is a profitable business with long term ideas. I like it Brother. Good topic?

  6. Thanks for these insights!! It has been a rough bear but I am with you for the long run.!! Dug deep down for the courage to buy more 4 cent ADA last week and again today!!!! I will tell you what I am feeling next year after 2019's Thanksgiving!!!

  7. Agreed cardano has what it takes to achieve everything it sets out to achieve no question that's why I have a ship load of cardano

  8. They are transparent but why is there still secrecy? I’ve heard Crow mention Charles told him a bunch of stuff in the works, Charles himself said there are partnerships in the waiting bit can’t say. Why? Let’s get the train rolling forward and not backwards. We have 1 ICO and it’s a erc-20 token. Why aren’t more being announced? Why can’t we get some project names that are going to come over from Ethereum? I’ve been invested for over a year and was told Shelley was happening q2 of 2018. I have my doubts that it will be q2 of 2019 let alone everything else finished by 2020. Hope I’m wrong. Hodling for sure until 2025 unless something catastrophic happens ie the shuttle explodes after take off!!! Even mission critical tech sometime fails example The Challenger in 1986 and The Columbia in 2003. Shit happens! Be prepared!

  9. Rchain is another project with lofty goals as cardano, too bad they did not liquidate their ETH earlier this year . Thanks for that viewpoint Felip.

  10. I like the point in the AMA about how significant it could be if the coffee growers adopted Cardano for their supply chain and selling needs. The impact of that for Cardano would be enormous for that industry as well as the multiple other industries that would sign on in Africa if one industry takes off with this system. Africa is so rich in natural resources. I would love to see them thrive. Thank you for all the amazing content you are bringing through your channel and the Cardano Effect. It is greatly appreciated.

  11. I told you a few months back you'd soon be interviewing sir charles, and you done did it! Good job man. Thanks for all you do for the Cardano community.

  12. Yes, solid project for investment and since following the space since 2016 I would venture to say anything under a .15 cent ADA is a great entry point for a the next year.

  13. I hope you will continue to make videos outside of the Cardano effect. When I came across Cardano in Nov 2017 I new this was the project that was going to make a difference. My wife wanted me to sell and take profits. Looking back I could have increased my Cardano holdings significantly IF I new how to sell without taking a HUGE tax hit or losing it all in BTC or ETH. I am much smarter now but I still think everything IOHK and Cardano are doing is correct. I hope someday you and I can chat… Glenn

  14. Great, do we have some access to public financial records on IOHK? That would do a great video.
    What about we taking a look at IOHK income/expenses sheets? =]

  15. STOP! STOP! What can Cardano do that XRP can’t? NOTHING! XRP has all the banks and businesses with the liquidity! STOP! Cardano is a scam and will die a more embarrassing death than Ethereum.

    1- Bitcoin for value store
    2- XRP for use and transfers
    3- USDC interim hold for trades

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