Cardano Foundation is rebuilding and will be stronger than ever

Welcome everyone I wanted to quickly
talk about this foundation article that recently came out and it is a statement
on the 14th of December and basically the foundation has strengthened its
leadership so the foundation council has been added adding new members as you
remember before Michael Parsons was in charge of the foundation now it’s
someone by the name of Pascal Schmid and Pascal I met Pascal over at PlutusFest and he seems like a very genuine guy and he is excited to move the
Cardano Foundation in the direction that it’s supposed to be moving I just
want to let you know I had some conversations and the Cardano Foundation is free so they’re going to start acting they are going to start
doing what they were supposed to do and what they were chartered to do Parsons
is out and there’s new leadership they’re looking for new council members
they are deliberating right now as we speak we have three members Nathan
Kaiser, Manmeet Singh and Domino Burki and these three people were added to the
council so the Cardano Foundation is growing in strength and they are going
to start doing what they were chartered to do so I look forward to the future
and this should be good for the community because the foundation is
supposed to be the community aspect of Cardano and although the community feels like maybe the foundation has been lacking in
the past this is a time for them to make up all that lost ground the Cardano Foundation is free and they are ready to do what they were meant to do, so 2019 is looking like a great year for Cardano. We have a lot of releases, the
foundation is back, everything is good IOHK is not running out of money. It is
great. I think we are in a great position to succeed. Until the next video please
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17 thoughts on “Cardano Foundation is rebuilding and will be stronger than ever”

  1. you’ll spin anything into a positive won’t you? I’ll say this, cardano has smarter group of buyers than XRP or other shitcoins but still has no future.

    people leaving the foundation when a project is “so promising” is a frightening tell. But you blind idiots will say anything.

    Should dip below .01 in 2019.

  2. i know charles has mentioned many times, the project is well funded… but we know how much is actually left in the coffers? it would certainly relieve some anxiety on my end…

  3. It would be really cool if we could try to get all investors of ADA in one place. We can make a night or weekend out of it. Discuss how we can all contribute to the Cardano ecosystem.

  4. I wish the Daedalus wallet would work. My wallet is stuck on syncing and opening a support ticket was no help. I don't understand why this wallet is so impossible to sync.

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