20 thoughts on “Cardano Ethiopia Crypto Partnership; Japan G20 Regulations; Yelp Crypto Filter; Coinbase Chicago”

  1. Coinbase has lost more than a half of its profits in 2018 and now dismisses staff…it’s so suspicions, you know, maybe they are going to leave the market?

  2. Cardano will be the most decentralized crypto on the plant Shelley is in the transition process and smart contracts are coming very soon

  3. You voice sounds good but in the background i hear something like zzzzzzzzzzzzz (this ist not well). Great video anyway.

  4. Atala is an IOHK project, not a Cardano project. They will build private, permissioned blockchain solutions. They will not run on Cardano, but Charles did say if those solutions needed to be wired into a public cryptocurrency, that would be Cardano.

  5. you're sounding a little hollow, try a box around your mic, record and listen to yourself. your still the best to listen to and go charles"the lion tamer"hoskinson

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