49 thoughts on “Cardano Coinbase ADA New Partnerships #Cardano Crypto Analysis”

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  3. “Um, uh, so, well” …you need to thin out your word whiskers. It’s distracting. Try pausing. You don’t need to fill every second with words. I love ADA!

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  6. Cardano has lots of internal dispute IOHK/Cardano at the moment I don't think anything will develop any time soon.

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  9. Cardano is a whitepaper tiger with no use at the moment. I bet $1000 against any crypto head to head vs Bitcoin Diamond. It is eating Amazon for lunch.

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  11. youtube makes everyone say "not a financial advisor".. I wonder what idiot thinks they can sue some random youtuber for wrong financial advice :))

  12. Great video, I love your Analytics! What thoughts about feniks.finance ? I think the project that in the future will be the best cryptocurrency. I saw their mvp and I was shocked! http://ffnet.io 500k tps..

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  14. Coinbase is stupid, the muppets there just add crap coins such as 0X. The fact that EOS, Cardano or XRP are not on it just shows Coinbase is complete shit.

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  16. This is the time to educate our friend and family about cardano project. it will be good for all….! Thanks

  17. Please write a script. Then read that script. Take an occasional pause to let key points sink in. Do not engage in gibberish or drift off on tangents. Stop saying "um" and "ugh."

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