Cardano (ADA) Will Beat Bitcoin & DigiByte Coinbase Debate!

hey guys welcome back to another crypto video and today we're gonna be talking about car Donal Ada and about digi by D GB because there's a lot of crypto news that we need to cover as you can most likely already see at the top here I have a ton of articles open but also I want to let you guys know that I'll be trying to do more frequent videos so more news to cover and less advertisements so it's gonna be a lot more bearable for you guys to watch and hopefully less people complain about it I might do one or two in the middle but in comparison to what we had before that is hopefully really really do before you guys just make sure you let me know if you guys appreciate that with a little bit of a like or maybe a comment down below maybe it was subscribe if you enjoy the content that I bring so for today we got a ton of things on Cardano as you can see at the top but one of the Articles that stood out for me was why is Carano full of weird names I mean we all know that Carano is not a cryptocurrency for ease they have a lot of interesting and hard to pronounce questions and any marketing God would say that's the dumbest thing in the world but they did it anyway and I think it's actually really an interesting point that they're trying to prove on the one hand I think what they're trying to prove here is you know they can and they're doing it the the smart way how do you say this again the educated way and what they're also doing is using tons of these historical figures historical important persons who also had such a name like Voltaire or Byron that they're they're going for here and so I mean if they got popular with that name it should be still quite a remind upon name right and I think it's all quite fine I don't really see a problem with this whatsoever but people were wondering and here is a little bit more of an explanation as to why is really doing that so into detail I don't think most of you guys worry about that though but it stood out since I've never seen any article like this before it's also in the humor category though since it was asked on April Fool's here and yeah it is also kind of a fun question Forbes article says Cardinal ADA is a Bitcoin rival is there a chance for Carano to seriously threaten Bitcoin and we all know that but they're seriously a good threat on Bitcoin from Cardinal the reason that is so is because cardano's trying to really dominate the crypto realm with their newer proof of stake algorithms so they're not trying to do it the normal way like some of these other crypto doing it no they're trying to get the best out of the proof of work which is what bitcoin is using right now and the proof of stake you guys most likely one of us taking works trying to clamp it together by having the security of the proof of work and the effectiveness and the ease of the proof of stake and also electricity efficiency of course and I think that on itself is really a threat to Bitcoin because it's really a lot better to accumulate a DES over a Bitcoin and also knowing that Bitcoin is more of a easy payment type of thing I mean like it's just a currency more so than anything else I could not I was really a platform which could have tons of things on it with the time I mean that could be coming for their spot it's really common sense right there actually if you think about it the one with more potential the one with more things it is always a threat for the single use type of thing unless you guys think of some other things you can use Bitcoin for I mean there's applications which you can use it for and it's way more known than any other crypto but really speaking here guys what is the main benefit of Bitcoin that no other cryptocurrencies has I cannot name one it's only the amount of like people that know it and the amount of places that it is accepted at for the rest with modern times here with time it's not gonna like be that efficient there's way more other cryptos that are just as efficient or even better for that matter now there's a lot of articles here as I said before I have a ton of them open so I'm not even looking weird that they're they're loading a little bit odd or strange which is all the same word right the article name here is though Carano a de coin and grows girthy gains but it can oh but can a bully BIC win in the battle of blockchain assets so that also kind of comes close to the previous article that we saw but that was mostly due to Cardinal performing quite nicely in the market and people were like wait what's going on why is chrono moving up so good but the games that it made are actually quite I don't want to say ignore abut not that significant anymore in this time frame since Cortana is now plus 16% instead of the the little percentage that it was above the rest of the crypto market but Bitcoin and some of the others unequipped are like your Bitcoin cash are just doing insane right now some insane gains are made right here and this shows again to me that this is one of the biggest manipulation coins out there Bitcoin has V exactly same story and like coin a lot of you guys said there's so much potential for this coin to gain or you were right is this the bullish x coming in again it's looking a little bit like some nicer moves are flowing Carano price analysis Carano mason reached the highest point of this year and this is again based upon the fact that Corona was now doing so good and here they're also predicting some some earlier gains some earlier movement that it was already started which is gonna come in don't pay too much attention to this article itself since it is dumb and it's April 1st so we're taking it with a grain of salt but what they do have quite right is that this month could actually be a game changer for Edano with Shelly coming in I think again to my personal perspective that Shelly is one of the main things that's gonna change Carano and I mean it's in it's in there right now right we were in that red area right now what Shelly already so that's good and there's also a few other things which are coming up in the closest proximity here which also might change the way that cordon was gonna be valued so let's actually quickly see yeah I'm just quickly reply Cardinals charles Hoskinson says the crypto verse is looking for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth moment we already covered that in a video before just wanted to quickly reman ssin that given because I mean Charles Hoskinson is again putting it out there that we we're looking for such a thing in the crypt of space just want to quickly remind you guys with that again the reason I actually did that I remember now is because there were tons of articles coming out even afterwards of this phenomenon or of his words that's why I think you guys needed to to really know it if you didn't watch any of my two latest videos cardinal ranks ninth spot sliding down tether USD after surging over 15% growth right now Carano is at the 9th position yes a 2.4 billion dollar market cap and plus 16% on the daily here I actually totally honestly don't know how much it had before this little move right I don't know how much it had a few hours ago here it is quite hard to take a look we could check but we don't really need to so I also don't remember the order here what's teather like 8th before and it's just dropping down right now or what's going on with that coin it's it's just fluctuating like crazy here Bitcoin cash these gains are still crazy though I'm just looking at like damn 40% increase is like for those like 2 billion dollars that have just increased in terms of market campus so insane but it has happened before and it will happen again with Bitcoin cash cuñado 8 a price prediction for April can arise by 43% to hit the target of 10 cents I mean realistically speaking this will happen I mean Cardano will hit that 10 cent mark Carano will hit that the twenty cent mark with that 50 cent mark with time most likely getting following my non-professional opinion but it's gonna take time and it's really hard to predict whether or not that will happen soon but I just saw a lot of these articles coming in today of will it go all the way in rising up to there because when this article was made here on the first cordana was already in quite a nice little uptrend we were only at seven ish since though right here on April 1st right now we're actually getting really really close to that 10 cent mark at 9.30 3 cents right now and I changed my mom like yeah you know here was the the another resistance point most likely in the past as well at at 0.93 this one which could be resistance is what we already passed like like hard 10 cents of course gonna be a major major major hurdle since it's a psychological barrier that just is really easy to see but we're gonna extend above that if the the rest of the markets taste is bullish if Bitcoin stays at that +5 for a little bit you can see the moves though they're all going down already but if it stays with this move with this nice little bullish move we're just gonna see it skyrocket past ten cents no problem whatsoever I'm just just waiting guys another reason I think these coins are doing so extremely good right now is because the positive vibes that are coming in and it's a new month new capital people are happy April Fool's a lot of funny or not funny but like counter Fudd how do you say that like optimistic jokes came in a lot of people got some faith to getting crypto a lot of people hyped up again really happy and there must be some other big announcements that came in for crypto that is making people act too ridiculously and made them buy like like sheep but I'm happy with it I mean it is not hurting us is really doing good for their portfolio the only con is we can't buy anymore crypto right now which is I guess the bad part towards the whole situation and another article Carano price analysis chrono may soon reach 10 cents USD target it's all the same thing right it will reach 10 cents it's just a question of when indicators are looking at crazy bullish at least from my personal view upon it support levels at eight point four and eight point two cents resistance at nine point five and ten cents and for our MACD is slowly reducing the recent bullish slope and for our RSI is currently correcting lower from the ninety level with a minor bearish angle again it's actually supposed to have a bearish angle which is positive for us if we want to continue these gains and that was it for Carano for today let's move over into digibytes d g/b a coin I have yet or are not covered in quite a few days but it is always annoying to know whether or not these articles are are just are for April Fool's Day or if they're really real and that's why I was debating at first to really go into reading them because I was just like man you know they're all April fools are kidding me I'm not gonna waste my time but then I noticed that most of the things that are writing about were written before April 1st and thus I think they're quite serious so what we're talking about here is coinbase CEO per person ask me anything session caused a massive request from digit by TGB and did you bite the coinbase CEO dismisses the Digi by community no big deal for the digibind investors and on the same note with that is where is it now coin by CEO initiate s– a.m. a session leading to spam from the dubai community and coinbase CEO gets spam but did you buy enthusiasm Twitter following AMA announcement so alright let me give you guys a quick little recap Bryan Armstrong went on the Twitter and he said why do you want to see more of from me on Twitter what questions do you have thinking of trying to do a live video AMA this week well answer the top favorited natural questions and that of course initiated a whole a wave of digibytes supporters because the digibind community things that all the criteria that you need to get her listed on coinbase were met and people just started to go totally totally totally berserk it was actually kind of insane so yeah you could say it's his own fault for making such a question because people of course gonna respond but here's just good stuff did you bite he says hi Bryan Armstrong I would really like to hear your vision on what is needed for eclipta to become mass adopted what the crypto must be able to do in terms of decentralization scalability security and ease of development at which crypto truly and really comply to this Thanks another person that says hi Bryan I'd really like to hear what a five-year-old truly decentralized extremely secure super fast on chase scalable you to excel blotchy like did you bite with multiple use cases needs to get listed on coinbase what else what you want to offer your customers serious hashtag fact another person hey mister coinbase I'm an active user of coinbase Pro and I think it's about time you list some mind able real decentralized public Bachchan's to complete to complement BTC like coin theorem please let's did you bite before digi assets and block laps 30 by 30 laps goes live and it seems like the people in the digital community were really really out there trying to get this coin listed and Armstrong Brian ours from the CEO of coinbase replied on himself and he said try to ask a serious question and got spammed by the digipak community tough to filter signals from noise and again I'm I don't think he's really taking this too seriously but one of the digibind supporters like luke d g/b which was also mentioned one of the other articles here recorded a brief video explaining politely that there are actual people in the community no BOTS or fake accounts and they were all eager to know what it would take to get their coin at least the one that they support listed on there and I think you know per the set rules and guidelines that Brian Armstrong put in there like we're going to get a listen on coinbase they fit I mean did you by fits on there is what they're saying and that's why they wanted a response from Brian like hey man we know our coin is good why can it not get listed and that's a guess what they're waiting for but all right guys that was it for this video on these coins there was a little bit more on the price of did you buy it but I think it's a little bit too difficult to speculate on price right now because the waves are so bullish it is so crazy right now in the market that it's just too hard to predict and we're just gonna make a claim with no real back in behind it so I just want to skip that for now I do hope you guys enjoyed it if you did let me know with a like and a comment down below and maybe even subscribe for some further videos I'll be posting more news articles today so stay updated by hitting that subscribe button I'll see you again in another crypto video don't forget to join the discord make sure you answer that right now

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  1. Yeah i remember when i owned thousands of cardano coins at the price of 1 euro and it dropped to few cents

  2. Way too much advertisement if you took some out can't imagine how bad it was before your information was useless to me I won't be back throw in the towel dude

  3. At this point yes one less ad would be nice since some of us could only hear you in audio while working. ?

  4. DGB will get listed on coinbase very soon guys, and i mean very soon, maybe its already happening right now

  5. Digibyte is better in all aspects. Speed? security? decentralization? total supply? u name it. Digibyte is better in all aspects. there is nothing to discuss here. I dought anyone can bring up a serious argument.

  6. Look at the top 8. Two other smart contract platforms…..neither on par with Cardano. EOS can scale but isn't secure. ETH is secure but can't scale. The rest are simple payment systems. Cardano really has no competition

  7. Instead of buying these utility tokens buy some actual crypto currency. These tokens will only be worth what someone will pay you for it. Only buy BTC, LTC, BCASH, ETH. That's really it. ADA is dog poop

  8. ADA just bypassed Stellar Lumens to become #8 in market cap. That's why they call it King Cardano.

  9. That's the "The Rabbit and the Turtle" race… I bet on the Turtle , long term and smiles everywhere !!!

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