CARDANO 2018 Prediction | Cryptocurrency Analysis, In Nepali

Ok, Cryptocurrency Analysis We are in Coin Market Cap Website. Here, you can see CARDANO in 5th Rank Before starting video I’m not Expert Financial Advisor This video presents my own point of view. Analysis done here is my own point of view. We’ll see chart sometime later… CARDANO, I hope you are following its updates… I will not explain about how Cardano came to top 5, you can have a look on past graph. So I will not waste time on that. Prediction of Cardano is done by many people recently. And most of these prediction is facing UP and Down result at end. Cardano Hype, or so called surprising rank is main point to look right now. Some few hours earlier, change percent was 14-15%, Right now, change percent of Cardano is 9.57% M.Cap right now is $20.84 B Cardano 2018 Price Prediction will be provided at last of video. Before predicting cardano price for 2018, I want to show you something about cardano. Follow Cardano hub site for more info on Cardano first. Most important, I want you to see and read Roadmap of Cardano. I pretty much think, Roadmap of Cardano is playing key role right now in crypto market. go through progress bar below They are in first step of development and deployment. And they are sharing what and how much work has been done till now. You can read all details by going to their site. Progress and result is yet to come. Right now in 5th rank. So, I think along with completion of different sections in roadmap… This will make huge jump in ranking here in market So from my point of view, ranking and value ….. both will show positive result in 2018. In 2018, i think Cardano will be in between ethereum and ripple….. or might go straight to 2nd position. .. Let’s see.

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