Cancel Culture Hits New Level Of Stupid, Jacksfilms VS Fortnite, Reparations, & India’s Water Crisis

– 1,2,3,4 ♪ Welcome to the Philip DeFranco Show ♪ ♪ The show that is the best show ♪ ♪ That’s not really a show ♪ ♪ But it’s me talking to a camera ♪ ♪ For three to four minutes ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ‘Sup you beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday. I hope some of you enjoyed that throwback. My name, of course, is Philip “I Will Throat Punch You If You Do Not Hit That
Like Button” DeFranco and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
going to talk today, and something that can honestly be a daily recurring segment, the Call For Cancellation Of The Day. And today, according to The Guardian, more than 20,000 Christians
have signed a petition calling for the
cancellation of Good Omens, a television series adapted from a 1990 fantasy novel. They’re saying that the
show is, apparently, “another step to make satanism appear normal, light, and acceptable,” calling on people to tell Netflix, “Cancel blasphemous Good Omens series.” And the only issue there is it’s actually a series on Amazon Prime. Also, I’m a little bit bias here. I’ll watch anything David Tennant is in and I actually watch the series. I think it’s good. That’s just my take away. Although, I will say, there are some disgusting
problems with the series. For one, and I am outraged by this, the season is only six episodes. Sure they’re quality, but this
blasphemer would like more. And two, I found it just
downright appalling, people should be ashamed that there wasn’t more press around this series because I really want it to be successful so that there’s a season two. And while, obviously, that’s sarcasm, I think this is probably the
best thing for the series, for there to be some sort of “outrage.” Also, one of my favorite things the petition apparently
has a problem with is, “God is voiced by a woman.” Yeah, that’s really it. It’s kind of your daily supply of stupid. Although, in my opinion, the really sad news around this is they didn’t even need
to call on, granted, the wrong company to cancel the show, because it’s very much expected that it’s gonna be a one and done show. I would love for there to be a season two, for there to be an
expansion upon the book, but, you know, sometimes
life’s just not fair. Then in the latest edition, or iteration, of Fortnite Stole My Moves, we have Jacksfilms, aka Jack Douglass, aka The Guy With Garbage Dogs. I shouldn’t actually say that because there’s gonna be a lot of people that don’t know that joke. Yes, Epic Games and
Fortnite allegedly stole his most prized possession, the Deep Dab. (inhales) (sighs) (claps) A move so cringey, it’s
believed to be responsible for 37 American deaths a day. And those are real statistics
that I made up just now. But yet, fans and Jack
alike have pointed out that the move seems to be
exactly a copy and ripoff, although, it appears right now that Jack is not going down the route that we have seen others go like 2 Milli, Alfonso
Ribeiro, Backpack Kid who, of course, have filed
suits against Epic Games and instead Jack used the situation as an opportunity to promote
his Fortnite Creator Code. His creator code, which upon fans using it and making purchases, gives
him a portion of the proceeds. But yeah, honestly, I
think this is probably the smartest move for him. It’s low effort, probably
not as ill-fated, but that’s also my
personal take away from it. When he talked about this on Twitter, some of the top responses were
saying “Lawsuit, lawsuit.” So I pose the question to you, do you think that Jack’s handling the situation the right way? Or no, you think that he
should go a much harsher route? But from that, I want to
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pranks on real people. And it looks like a weird, weird mess that I’m gonna, I know
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trailer for Point Blank. We 73 Questions With Troye Sivan. We had Aubrey Plaza on Hot Ones. And then, the
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news coming out of India, where you may or may not know there is a water crisis, and yesterday hundreds of people were arrested in the
Indian state of Tamil Nadu for staging a protest over severe water shortages in the region. Protestors reportedly demonstrated in front of a local government building and carried empty water containers. Most of these protestors who were arrested were reportedly members of the main opposition party in the state and according to India Today, the policy arrested protesters because they had not received permission to hold the demonstration and right now while it is
unclear how many people were actually arrest,
you had CNN reporting that at least 550 people were arrested. Meanwhile, you had Indian newspapers going in both directions, some saying 400 people arrested while others sited police reports saying that it was actually closer to 700. While we’re talking about
the arrests of hundreds, the situation that we’re talking about is affecting millions. These protests are coming as water shortages in the
state capital Chennai, which is India’s sixth largest city, have basically left the
entire city of around 4.6 million people without water. In the last few weeks, the four reservoirs that supply water to the
millions of residents in the region, have nearly run dry. As a result, the state government has had to truck in
tons and tons of water. So that means right now there
is a situation every day where hundreds of thousands
of residents are forced to wait in line for
hours in the summer heat just to fill plastic
containers with water. And that’s the day-to-day
life of those getting water. There’s still many others
still left without it. And when I mention that heat, it is bad. This shortage has been described as one of the worst in years and it also comes as the region is facing and extreme heat wave that has already killed
hundreds of people. Schools, businesses, and restaurants have been forced to close. The water crisis has also caused unrest. People have started fighting over water with clashes breaking out across the city. Also, there have been reports that trucks transporting
water have been hijacked and the drivers have even been attacked. And so, of course, with this
story there is the question of, “Well how did it get this bad? How did it get to this point?” Well the main reason for the shortage is the fact that the seasonal
monsoon rains are late. Monsoon Season usually
starts in early June and it is essential for replenishing India’s water supplies each year, but so far it has barely rained at all and as a result the state’s high court has accused the state government of negligence and poor management saying that the government had just been passively waiting for the monsoons to come rather than being proactive about it despite the fact that a late and dry monsoon season had been predicted. Also, another cause of the shortages is the lack of proper infrastructure. Reportedly, even when the monsoons do come the city’s current
infrastructure often is unable to store water adequately, with experts saying that’s largely due to the fact that the city doesn’t have rain water
harvesting or recycling. Now India also relies on
groundwater collection but groundwater has been depleted by years of drilling into the earth and urban development that
has destroyed the wetlands. And notably here, that
groundwater depletion is especially bad in large cities and disproportionately
affects low income families who rely almost entirely on groundwater. Now at this point, I do want to point out that India experiences droughts every year and smaller towns have even run out of water in the past, but what we’re talking about today is an escalation of what
we’ve seen in the past, a downright horrible situation now, and future where it
can get far, far worse. According to a 2018 report by an Indian government think-tank called National Institution for
Transforming India, or NITI, droughts all over India
caused water shortages that impacted 600 million people. And according to the same report, only one in four Indian households have drinking water at home. And nearly 200,000 people die each year because of inadequate water
supply or water contamination. But Chennai, right, what
we’re talking about today, is the first major city to
have a sever water shortage. And according to NITI, this
is a growing problem in India. At least 21 cities in India, including the capital of New Delhi, will run out of groundwater by 2020, which is expected to affect
around 100 million people. And that report also says
that 40% of India’s population will not have access to
drinking water by 2030. And all of these problems
are expected to get worse thanks to climate change, which experts say will make
monsoon rains more erratic and water shortages more common. And that is especially
problematic for India, where 70% of the population
depends on agriculture and 75% of the water
required for that agriculture comes from monsoons. But ultimately, that is the
situation as it is right now. We are most likely going
to see an escalation regarding these protests. All ready the opposition party has called for state-wide protests on June 22, so we’re going to see what happens there. Right, so that’s just a
thing to keep in mind. Even if something happens where this gets handled in the now, this is a longterm situation. But yeah, that’s where
we’re going to end that one. And then lets talk about
the potential strides being made in terms of reparations for the descendants of slaves. Yesterday, the House
judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil
Rights, and Civil Liberties held a hearing and this hearing was about a bill introduced by Sheila Jackson Lee, who is a Democratic
Representative from Texas, and this bill proposes the
formation of a commission to quote “study and consider
a national apology and proposal for reparations for the institution of slavery.” And these reparations
could potentially include compensation to descendants, but, and this is important to note because I’ve seen different
kinds of reports coming out, wildly different understandings
of what is happening, the bill itself does not directly propose any kind of reparations, just a commission that would look into the matter. Now for some background on reparations, for those that maybe missed that day of eighth grade Us History, after the civil war a order was signed to set aside 400,000 acres of land that used to belong to
Confederates in the South and give that land to
recently freed slaves, with each family getting
up to 40 acres of land. And while this next part was
not specified in the order, some families were also
meant to receive army mules and that’s why it was
dubbed 40 Acres And A Mule, which is actually why
this new introduced bill is called H.R.40, it’s in
reference to those 40 acres. However, after the Civil War, none of those former
slaves ever saw that land and that is because Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, reversed the order. And so, the land ended up going back to its Confederate owners. The government later
proposed a form of pensions but nothing ever came of it. Also every year between 1989 and 2017, now retired Representative
John Conyers Jr. proposed a reparations bill but nothing ever came of that either. And all of that brings us
to now Jackson Lee’s bill, which is actually a reintroduction of the bill Conyers had been pushing. So, yesterday was the hearing. What happened at the hearing? Well, this was the first
time a judiciary committee held a hearing about
reparations in over a decade. It was also notably held on
June 19th, or Juneteenth, which commemorates the
emancipation of slaves in Texas and leaders from several fields got the chance to speak about this bill and explain why they either
did or did not support it. And those people included the likes of Senator Cory Booker, actor and activist Danny Glover, and more. We also, of course, saw Jackson Lee speak, who also said that this bill
deserves to move forward because even though slavery
ended 150 years ago, the impacts of it still live on today. – H.R.40 is, in fact, the response of the United States of America long overdue. One million African
Americans are incarcerated. That is a continuing impact. The black employment rate is 6.6%, in spite of what is being said currently, more than double the
national unemployment rate. 31% of black children live in poverty compare to 11% of white children. – Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates also spoke and there was a lot
press coverage around him because he countered the common argument of people asking why present-day Americans should have to pay for something that happened several generations ago, to which he said- – We honor treaties that
date back some 200 years despite no one being alive
who signed those treaties. Many of us would love to
be taxed for the things we are solely and
individually responsible for. But we are American citizens and thus bound to a collective enterprise that extends beyond our
individual and personal reach. – Of course, all those who were speaking did not speak in support of it. There were those who did
not support the bill. For example, we had the likes
of writer Coleman Hughes, who argued that while it was an injustice that there were never
reparations paid in the past there are more pressing issues
to deal with in the present. – Black people don’t need another apology. We need safer neighborhoods
and better schools. We need a less punitive
criminal justice system. We need affordable healthcare. – Now as far as the future of this bill, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says he expects the House to vote on it if the bill gets through
the judiciary committee. Also, right now, it is
supported by the likes of Chairman Jerry Nadler
and Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as many other Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus. But, of course, many people think that it will face problems
once in the Senate where Senate Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell has already stated this week that he does not support reparations. – Yeah, I don’t think
reparations for something that happened 150 years ago, for whom none of us currently
living are responsible, is a good idea. We’ve, you know, tried to deal with our original sin of slavery
by fighting a Civil War, by passing landmark
Civil Rights legislation. We’ve elected an African
American President. – And to his note on Obama, I imagine a certain group responded, “Who’s we, Mitch?” I’m not going to argue one
way or another with this story but it feels like Mitch
doesn’t want people to have to be responsible for the past but for some reason we’re taking
credit for the good stuff. You know, ultimately that’s where we are with this story as of right now and I’m very interested
to know your thoughts on this whole situation. What are your thoughts on
the topic of reparations? Do you feel like it would help with the horrors of the past, the give and take promise of the past, and potentially undo the inequality that is believed to have stemmed from it? Or are you on the other side of it? No, you are completely against it. It was different people, a different time? Or maybe you’re along the
lines of someone like Hughes, who says that we would be better off focusing on issues that impact
African Americans today. Or the argument that maybe
the money should be focused on the communities that people live in, the schools that people go to. Although, to bring us back
to the beginning here, what we’re talking about is not a bill that creates reparations but rather a committee
to study and consider it, where, hypothetically, it could lead to a
situation where they find what they consider a better answer. But ultimately, that’s
the story and, of course, I pass the question off to you, what are your thoughts around all of this? And that’s where we’re
going to end today’s show. And, of course, with it being the end, this is the part where I tell
you to hit that Like Button. If you’re new here, hit
that Subscribe Button. Ring that bell to turn on notifications. Also, you’re not 100% filled in. You want to see my stupid face vomit some more words at you, maybe you missed one of the
last two Philip DeFranco Shows, which you can just
click or tap right there to watch that right now, but with that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco. You’ve just been filled in. I love your faces and
I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  14. I agree with Hughes. Individual reparations being paid won't solve any of the problems the people are facing. It might make life a little easier for a short period of time, but what we need to do is make changes to the systems that still make life harder for African Americans than it is for white people. Something needs to be done, but reparations is not it.

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  51. regarding the jackfilms dab, I think he did the best move. no need to take the tough road and he still made a few bucks from the code.

  52. For a guy that invented the "deep dab", handling this maturely was the last thing I expected. Props to Jack.

    Reperations need to be done because every time they're pushes aside as a non-issue, they come back again. 150 years on and black people have never been given an equal chance to rise to a standard level of living. They can do well and live comforatble lives, but they have to fighter harder for it. This isn't fair and I see this bill getting pushed in 2070 only to be rejected again. It's ABOUT TIME we let these permanently injured people have a better chance of a decent life. Let's fix this so that we can move on. If there are other pressing issues, let's give those issues the space they need by dealing with things like reperations now. Get it out of the way. Pay the damn people!

  53. Am I literally the only person that caught the connection between the "throwback intro" and the first story being about David Tennant, who played the Doctor in Doctor Who (a time traveler who frequently attempts to correct the course of history both in the past and the future, in case you're not familiar with the show) from 2006 to 2010 (same time frame as said intro)?

  54. i just liked this video because of the intro… I LOVE IT!! also that show is amazing… #GoodOmensseason2req

  55. Here's my thing, if we are talking about slaves families getting reparations than they need to be looking at the black Irish families as well, they were treated as cruel or even worse than African slaves

  56. There are so many unanswered questions with this bill. What are the reparations they seek from the committee, who is on it, who gets said reparations if they are founded, who foots the bill, how do you prove legitimacy, etc. Why don’t we just spend time actually helping better the African American power and systematic inequality issue? Better education, more available resources, better job opportunities, community safety, etc. if reparations were decided upon at the time to give freed slaves a start in life and a place to plant their feet for growth, shouldn’t that be the main focus now? Finding a way to topple the inequality African Americans face and their power struggle within our white, American system. Giving a helping hand so the community can thrive on its own and grow with the rest of American citizens.

  57. Don't move to Canada or England if six episodes isn't enough for you lol. IT Crowd, Line Of Duty, Frontier and Durham County to name some. I feel like some Community now.

  58. That Good Omen story is a prime example of the heedless voracity with which people pursue a chance to collectively demonize something or someone.

  59. I'm conflicted on the Fortnite dance issue. I just don't know where to draw the line on what constitutes intellectual property that necessitates financial compensation for 3rd party usage insofar as a dance is considered. On the one hand, I am of the belief that art, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the creator, should always be financially compensated… although often MUCH less than what many creators ask for. This would obviously extend to any 3rd parties who make use of it. However, on the other hand, I don't really know if a dance would constitute as artwork that required valuable time and investment to make. In SOME circumstances it CERTAINLY would, but in many, I don't feel the same. However, as a courtesy at the very LEAST, I believe it is proper to credit the original dancers.

  60. I am trying to wrap my head around that "200,000 dead a year from improper water" statistic. That's…  I mean is that NOT a cause for worldwide alarm? Or am I missing something? Is there context that would make that any less of a horrifying statistic? I can't imagine there would be. I would say that there clearly needs to be immediate and drastic action taken by the government of India, but I am unaware of whether or not they have the resources. More appropriately, there needs to be immediate and drastic taken by governments on a global scale. I would gladly see my taxes raised to stymie that particular travesty. I'm going to do more research into this. I wonder if India's government is more capable of fixing this than the impression I've been given. If so, I condemn them alone. But, if not, than I must find out what action is being taken the world over… if any at all

  61. I agree with reparations. I don't care that no one responsible for the past atrocities yet remain. Most of their descendants don't suffer for them anyway. But those with whom this policy concerns very much still do. I will gladly help take on the burden of diverted funds, as it is right, and also necessary to help form a more socioeconomically cohesive population, which, pragmatically speaking, is necessary for the stability of a well run nation. I look forward to others being forced to do the same. I have no pity for them. It is right, and it needs to be done. However. It needs to be done properly. Hughes is correct in his assessment that a simple "one time compensation" will do little to help. When a system is inherently flawed, an isolated "care package" only staves off the inevitable. If anything, it could potentially be counter-productive. He is 100% correct in that changes need to occur at an infrastructural and legislative level instead. However, I do agree with Phil that establishing a committee to at least look into it might still be a good first step. I however share Hughes fears that it will only result in inadequate compensation, rather than fundamental change.

  62. Good Omens is an amazing show, that shouldn’t be taken too literally. The fact that some Christians actually have a problem with that bewilders me. And this is coming from one ? also I can’t help but ship Crowley and Aziraphale

  63. “God is voiced by a woman.”

    What the heck? The Bible literally says god isn’t technically a person, meaning he (by all technicalities) is neither male or female. He’s considered male most likely for simplicity sake as well the fact that he is technically Jesus

  64. You probably should make fun of people's religions or their beliefs, had this been done about Islam there would have been public outrage, and you yourself would be canceled. But Netflix would ne re make a show about that would they…

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