hey everybody well Christopher green you're watching amtv alternative media television and damn I am really depressed today really really depressed I was thinking about it this morning like why the only thing it's better to be transparent with you guys and honest let me give you some background why I'm feeling the way I did I do sometimes I feel like foreknowledge is almost a curse and I realize that's not the truth I realize that it's actually a blessing to know like to see what's coming let me give you an example of this people come up to me almost every day now people that don't know me just random people and they'll tell me things like man I just can't believe how much change there's been in the last 10 years I can't believe that robots and technology and the algorithm is taking over and we're not even gonna build to drive cars in a couple of years as these Tesla's are already self-driving and they're gonna ban ban it and basically say that I'm just using this as one example that it's dangerous to drive and then the algorithm is going to decide for us I mean the same centralized silos that discriminate against Christians conservatives those that love this country the Constitution that serve its military and now that this is in the present sphere it's in the consciousness of the American people what these same people don't realize is there are 10 years behind right this is what we've been speaking to for over a decade since 2009 since the engineered financial crash which is exactly what it what it was it was a heist no different than a robber coming into your home with a gun to basically rip off the American people before the inevitable reset reset of the dollar collapse of the United States and destruction of our once loved and god-given principles it's what makes this country so unbelievable in such a free place for all people of all races diversity religious beliefs etc so why am I feeling depressed well I'm feeling depressed because I know what's coming I'm feeling depressed because I also read an article last evening by an intellectual a Canadian I can't think of his name it doesn't matter but if you're interested in reading the article you all put the link below now of course the article is laced with progressive propaganda as normal right that's the normal state of affairs but there's a lot of truth in it and basically this Canadian author is telling the world how America is going to fall and we are already engaged this is what I've been speaking to for over a decade by the way already engage in an ideological war civil war we already have a divide in America that cannot be reconciled and although it's tough to envision a future where America is fallen I mean because we're just so used to everything being so easy we've never been occupied by a foreign nation you know it's it's kind of like the running joke you know maybe if we have enough time we'll go to Bed Bath & Beyond and then a home depot right Will Ferrell's famous for saying that so we don't picture this dystopic hell this dystopic reality with a Bed Bath and Beyond in the background it just it hasn't been normalized to us yet history proves otherwise even recent history and I use these examples all the time I mean keep in mind it was America that rounded up innocent japanese-americans not too long ago just a few decades ago into concentration camps here in the western United States during the war with Japan and the engagement that made up World War two the cost millions of people their lives in fact we're headed to Singapore in a couple of weeks and if you read a little bit about the history of course Singapore was under occupation by Japan for several years at the onset and outbreak of World War two and there was great famine there was starvation there was death and probably what stood out the most this is just a lack of hope and you come to understand these precepts you you come to understand the great macrovision the picture of where we are because all this ties it and on a great scale it goes you know specifically just looking at the dollar looking how our entire planet is becoming much more global and globalized economically we see this in the blockchain technology which I'm really bullish on that I study you see how all of this you see how America is just it's not going to last it's not going to survive in its current form they're not going to reset crash the dollar China's not going to pull out of trillions of dollars worth the US Treasury isn't it just be all you know dandelions lollipops & gumdrops here in the US also we've been sold a lie through predictive programming which is also telling us what's coming and people think I'm kidding what I'm saying this but I'm not because most of the mainstream media pop culture movies cartoons or a form of predictive programming preparing the American people in the general public for what's ahead so let me give you an example of this there's a very famous Simpsons episode where Donald Trump is elected president the United States before we ever knew Donald Trump would be President United States he gets into much fanfare and then crashes the entire global economy whether or not it's just fault or not we don't know but basically America crumbles to dust and Lisa has to take charge and become the new President of the United States I actually think we're in that phase now right now you know we've seen Donald Trump before getting elected he said we were in the biggest bubble that we had ever seen and that we would have you know a Great Depression worse than 1929 it'd be worse than 2008 you know and then he gets into office he takes credit for the explosion in credit zero percent interest rates shenanigans at the Federal Reserve quantitative easing Operation Twist trillions of dollars worth of bailouts and what we add I think it is like eight trillion dollars or something like that that doesn't really matter – the fake bottom line of this giant bubble now he's blaming the Federal Reserve saying well Obama had 0% interest rates I don't have zero percent interest rates and I should build to print money from nothing just like all the other presidents the point is the second part of the phase of this process is commencing now the general public that tells me things like man I'm just so scared of how technology is taking over our lives almost like a modern-day Luddite right instead of destroying the weaving machines that we're threatening the jobs of the Luddites of time now we have machines that are merging with actual human beings and notice how they introduced this over a period of time right it's a death by a thousand cuts something that I've also espouse to you tuning in for over going on 11 years now it doesn't happen all at once same thing would Drive self-driving cars they introduced it marginally it's same thing with gun control over a long period of time so that you don't really notice it's happening but then you just wake up in a decade and it's the mission has been accomplished right you can no longer Drive or you no longer have a second amendment in the United States now I'm not going to speak specifically to the events of recent days but I will comment on them it's just another example of the irreconcilable differences that this country has the fact that ideologically the country is already broken which is just a precursor to physical events transpiring here in the United States also I want to kind of like speak a little bit in metaphors with you guys which I think will be relevant to all of you tuning in I was reading The Book of Numbers last evening as I'm working my way through the old and new Testament King James Version and this applies to you that by the way there aren't religious you don't have to be a Christian or anything like that to understand this but in the Bible in the Old Testament the chosen people the Israelites that have been promised the promised land by God the Heavenly Father are out in the wilderness having flee to Egypt in slavery and they're out there and they're starving they've built this tavern which is like kind of the modern day Church and they're just sitting in the wilderness waiting for the land that's been promised to them by God they're starving a lot of people are depressed there's great sorrows there's challenging God's will and all these kinds of things and above the tabernacle there's a cloud that sits above it during the day and there is fire in the sky above it at night and as long as there's this cloud and as long as this there's this fire cloud by day and fire by night they stay put they don't move they don't question God's will his authority but when the cloud dissipates they know it's time to flee they know it's time to move and I think we can understand and relate that metaphor to our own lives because for those of you out there those of us are Christians we know not to question his will we know not to try to drive right God knows better than we do there what I'm trying to say here is there's going to be time for many of you tuning in that live in the United States or maybe outside of the United States where you're gonna have to make a choice and you'll be instructed by God to flee to safer ground whether or not this is fleeing in the mountains it is fleeing to a part of the United States that will be less effective affected by coming events or it is fleeing outside of the country itself now to get into I don't know a little bit of personal opinion you know I've always thought it's more than likely better to stay in America somewhere where you're not a refugee and this is what the article was referencing this article out of Canada because what he's expecting and what many Canadians are expecting is a breaking up of the United States a collapse of the USA like the USSR millions of refugees fleeing the border the technologists in Silicon Valley many of whom I meet with on a regular basis which this is already happening by the way who don't live in the United States live pretty much everywhere else fleeing to other cities like Vancouver tech capitals Montreal other parts of Canada and then the author goes on to say how Canadians are much do to dependent on exports to the United States are much too dependent on our dominated reserve currency and these are the reasons of course China and these other countries are moving away from it and we even see strife with Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia of course is threatening removal of itself from the long-standing kind of inside deal handshake that Saudi Arabia would price oil in US dollars while at the same time behind closed doors the United States military-industrial complex would provide for its security and that's pretty much how things have worked through throughout most of our lives the point being is all of this is coming to a grinding halt all of it and although it's tough to picture what it's going to look like in an America that is fallen in an America that is the USSR having collapsed and again no one thought the USSR was gonna collapse this stuff happens really quickly you don't really get forewarning where we see it now where you can see the cracks in the windshield so to speak cracking very unpredictably besides a like you get a proper warning okay you get signs but then you wake up in the events transpire all of a sudden you find yourself along with millions of other Americans at the border trying to get into Canada is an American refugee you know suddenly overnight the dollar collapses we move into a period of hyperinflation and the money in your bank account which is backed by nothing which the banks don't even have because it's all digital is gone and it's wiped out again this has happened time immemorial throughout history and at pretty much every country in the world including the United States this happened in 1929 it happened in panics and crashes before them the point being is that we are already at a great divide ideologically I mean just look at the recent events this weekend look at the horror look at terr being perpetrated on the streets of america look how your reconcilable the two-party system is and how there really is no meeting in the middle ground anymore right or left it's it's it's like you know all that was preached by Obama for example which was just a lie but in an ideal world and an idealistic world is how this country should operate you know about unity you know there's no difference between a Republican and a Democrat there is no you know we're it but there's no differences between the races or religions or anything we're just all one people it was all about unity well it's abundantly clear and I agree and I I've said this for years this is our primary weakness in America we're not united at all divided we fall I mean this is just common sense people this country's divided it is eroded we have irreconcilable differences when looking across the aisle there's no moderation there's no middle ground this is an ideological war okay we've got conservatives those that love this country the Constitution with traditionalists Christians those that believe in Family Values in the old way of doing things and how this country was founded and then we have progressivism and the destruction of borders and you know my way or the highway and basically an invasion from the other side and again I'm not you know I wish this country was united I really do but we've we've had a coup in the u.s. you know I don't even know where I'm going with this but the point being is you know it's feeling very very depressed today because again people aren't gonna realize what I'm saying until the events have transpired you know we're probably if I was to estimate five to ten years out from these events from actually happening okay I'm typically about five to ten years just like it's been 10 years now and all of a sudden I got everyone everything we've been talking about espousing is in the public sphere and public consciousness today I mean even look at social media right I mean what were we talking about on this channel 10 years ago social media is gonna take over the world it's gonna become the new economy it's gonna be a multi trillion-dollar industry you should invest in companies like Amazon Apple Microsoft you know etc Netflix everybody most people missed it now it's the entire economy now it's obvious by the time it's obvious you're gonna be a refugee at the border ok you'll be trying to get into Canada so the point is I'm not trying to drive I'm a Christian you guys know that I'm not trying to drive I realize I'm not smart enough ok but I am aware of the cloud that's above me above the tabernacle so to speak today and I realize there's gonna come a time time and there's gonna come a time for you when that dissipates ok and there's gonna be an urgent to God's people to flee to relocate ok to move to get into head to safer ground higher ground whether or not it's here in the United States or it's outside of the country completely we need to look to history and understand that these aren't unique events I mean look at just the great suffering of the biblical people in the holy book and all the things that they had to put up with we are so lucky we are so desensitized we've been so sanitized by the mainstream media and modern-day pop culture and consumerism and this brainwashing that it's going to come by a big surprise for a lot of people when these events actually hit so you know I guess that's the point of today's video I urge all of you tuning in to prepare I urge you to take action I urge you to educate yourself you should join our courses not just a how to profit with gold and silver course which we just launched but also my world-class Bitcoin blockchain two Academy which by the way we've got a special today click the link below enter promo code Wozniak I mean guys now's the time to be proactive now is the time to actually build relationships with other like-minded people to get your ducks in a row to think about wealth and capital preservation not just in physical preservation now is the time to buy food water emergency supplies look at second and third properties and bug-out locations and have a bug-out bag and all these kinds of things to be ready cuz like you I don't know when the cloud is lifted I don't know how soon it's gonna be I've got my instincts sometimes I think it's a curse but I realize it's actually a blessing and maybe the reason I know is so I can alert all of you tuning in so that you know and you can do something and you can tell your family and friends and pray


  1. President Trump is the bankruptcy liquidator. Elizabeth Warren is the bankruptcy debt collector. There's no more money and they didn't have the heart to tell you, so they pretend they shut down the government over a wall to keep you in. Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia…

  2. Canada's GDP is about the same as Texas at US $1.65 Trillion and the total sum of US Foreign Direct Investment in Canada is around US $392 Billion which is 45.2% of all FDIs in Canada. These figures not to mention the heavy reliance of Canada on exports to the US would just as likely lead to Canada's collapse. And with various experts predicting the start of a "mini ice age" that would blanket even Florida in snow within 2 years Canadians would just as likely as Americans turn into refugees streaming into shithole drug infested Central America and other third world countries along the equator which are the only places most likely to survive due to their ability to grow food albeit insufficient to support the hordes of refugees that would flock to these countries.

  3. America will be fine once the patriots grow some balls and take their country back. You can’t expect to rescue freedom and liberty on a diet of comfort and dumbed down culture.

  4. If this actually happens the gun is where I'm going. I do have dual citizenship though. I guess I could leave. Life just isn't really worth it at the end of the day.

  5. America is occupied, covertly, By Israel. America has become a satellite nation of Israel
    Deep State = Israel

  6. America needs to expand, in order to ensure its strategic posture in the world. Pretty much everything west of Manitoba to the north passage will be annexed by the US in the next decade when the aging population of Canada causes a complete and unsustainable economic collapse. Start getting used to statehood.

  7. I predict AI and Robotics will force a reconstruction of global government. These technologies we already have cold put most people out of work. So much robot work. I used to make glass pipes of hard glass and that is robot work. I place value on hard work!

  8. Unlike the United States, Canada admits it has sold off all of its gold reserves. Canada has the worst private debt burden in the G7. Vancouver and Toronto are among the top six bubbles in the world for housing. Justin Trudeau is on track to set a record for the highest deficit spending outside of a recession or wartime. Canadian oil has completely collapsed despite Trudeau approving 2 pipelines and purchasing Trans Mountain with taxpayer dollars. You may want to think twice about fleeing to Canada.

  9. Wow what a script, 5 – 10 years out lol you are out alright! How to profit from taking HIS course in silver and gold as he makes a reference to the bible!! He is trying to line his own pockets and is a puppet! Gold and silver will be worthless to those that have not food and fresh water! The plan is the earth will burn as it is in Cali so seriously I know there is not 533 subs to this channel because most are aware and enlightened enough to know google plays with the numbers to enhance who they want promoted and they want to promote their agenda and he is their tool! The tares think they will succeed in their fear porn and suck all into the crypto market which is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme!! Take heed people, digital money that you will never have access too! As with silver and gold has been bought up already too! The ultimate delusion is the different countries when the Qu een and the Crown owns it all! Nothing but organizations and Crown Corporations!! Wake and seek the truth!

  10. Your sold out my friend, I'm not saying were not going to fall as a Nation but you speak more of the world than of the Word who is ETERNAL, and why? FOR GAIN !!! Not happy with your words at all for what will it profit a man if he loses his soul and what shall he get in exchange for it??? In the end for its coming I'd rather be with Christ than to receive a quadrillion dollars !!! IT AIN'T WORTH IT, REPENT by calling on Jesus our Christ your Christ and do as we are doing , looking up for the return of the Son of Man , now that's a name you can trust , Jesus our Christ your Christ , the CHRIST who alone is JESUS God with us as written in the original KING JAMES VERSION. SELAH AMEN

  11. this man sounds like a christian extremist. ISIS says they are godgiven also. at least terrorist kill less people on a daily basis than USA. US is a christian controlled bank. the USA only want one currency they do no realy want democraty. if you do not do what theese american extremist do they crush you. USA the worst democraty of the western world. lets fear the others not themselves. fake christian americans.

  12. I'm sick of hearing you go on a about collapse…you haven't got a clue what's happening in the economy…there are billionaires and will always be billionaires…DOH!!!!

  13. Hi Chris, I'm not an every day follower but I take your presentations seriously cause I perceive them as intelligent thinking. And here is my point, or rather, question: Do you ever talk about Chemtrails, poisonous food that we are force feed, and poisonous social construct that we have to endure every day? America may be slowly (or quickly) going down the drain but My own perception is that it's not because of political breakdown but rather because of these fundamental human needs that cannot be fulfilled that drive people neurotic. Deny a human of clean air , clean food, shelter and make his life so unnatural that he forgot what being a real human is, and you will inevitably confront a crumbling population. That is the real problem. And, by the way, Canada may appear to be a different country but the reality is Canada is simply another State in America and it will crumble together with the USA. The reality is, we are all humans, we feel into the complacency trap, borrowed up to our ears and delegated our immediate day to day problems to the nanny government who is now becoming overwhelmed by the uncontrollable amount of people on this planet. It's going to crumble because it's unsustainable. Period. Being depressed won't change anything, but depression is probably inevitable. All that is left for us little baby is to try our best to be as civilized and decent human as is humanly possible to be in this slowly ending world. Let go, let God, and be gentil. It's the only way to experience happiness.

  14. He's no manly-man, and he doesn't speak for Canada. Americans and Canadians are brothers and sisters and will always be. Good season "Eskimos," better next year!

  15. 3.5 years at the most head out soon and not in masses. Why? You elected Donald Christ J Trump The Antichrist. Revelation 9:11 Much love and prayers Relatives. Considering you are sitting on a massive chain of Super Volcanos and most of the country has magma flowing below you. Anyway you choose where to go.

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