44 thoughts on “Canada + US Will Extradite CZ Binance: Jailtime? Digibyte Tells Their Story. Crypto News”

  1. Breaking crypto news from Canada: Canada Settles Its Largest Ever Forfeiture of $1.4m BTC https://thecryptosight.com/canada-settles-its-largest-ever-forfeiture-of-1-4m-btc/. Daily update on #thecryptosight #cryptoinsight

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  3. Digibyte can lie too. Binance is not that bad. They did ask a lot for listing. But it's a huge company, no? Big companies have disadvantages too. Digibyte should have asked for services of an american exchange. They wouldn't lie. Like coinbase, they're clear as the skies.

  4. I understand showing the truth and i respect that…However that song and bashing Asians is kind of Racist. There as much as many Fraud Americans, maybe even more..

  5. Love you Chico for running this interview. I'm a Digibyte's fan. 3 years into the game and still my favourite project. I own ELA too btw :)))

  6. We love you CC keep up the good work! Please please at some point maybe possibly if you ever have the time and inclination, do a review of APL/Apollo currency. Time will tell that the Apollo community is correct to support this project. Please check it out. BTW, you mentioned John McAfee. Unfortunately yes, he was the chairman of Apollo for a while. But now, he’s not! Happy days!!

  7. Can you make a video why you think NASH could beat binance? What are they doing better than existing dexes?

  8. Do people actually believe your bullshit videos? Lol You just make shit up. You will get sued eventually.

  9. Also I hope you answer this one. I have just watched a complete video about an ether dapp creator who recently tested out the Tron dapp system and he was completely blown away by it. So it must be doing something right and the fud regarding the shit coding is false. Ok we know it's evidently a rip off of Ethereum but is definitely quicker and definitely works and definitely has a higher use percentage than Ethereum dapps. Just saying! I agree with you on a lot but sometimes the facts out way the negative aspects and hands have to be held up.

  10. I do agree that cz is scamming to a certain extent. But if you know anything about crypto and you definitely do you will know that it's been going on since day dot! The truth unfortunately thing is that binance will be the no.1 trading platform in the world. Like it or lump it!

  11. Just subbed to your channel. Great content!! Didn’t realize how corrupt Binance is. Hope cz has to pay for his shady deals, one way or another!!

  12. What's the link between pundi and binance? What are your thoughts on pundix? Also your thoughts on bittrex. Thanks Chico.

  13. Its a matter of time before all these crypto cronies get hemmed up, no serious money will come into crypto until these fleas get zapped, imo

  14. NASH to rival Binance…best words I've heard since i've been in crypto. I can't for a legitimate DEX to come and take down these crap manipulation exchanges.

  15. NEO an other pump and dump from $0.11 to $140.00 and now is $8.00 hahahaha just like every coin on crypto, you must be really idiot thinking Bitcoin is decentralize. is very clear government is moving humanity from the dollar to a cashless society and bitcoin is the perfect project for that goal.

  16. The smartest guy in crypto finding bugs on the test net code for Tron from April 2018! Bruh horrible due dilegence.

  17. Keep on delivering this truly great content, I like you and your level of investigative reporting which is always seeking truth. And nice work on the Beer and Smoke thing.

  18. Regarding AION / QNT

    The "blockchain in the middle" with the TWC solution is just a group of signatories, not the whole Aion blockchain. I'm willing to bet the cost of using Aion bridges will be significantly less than QNT's usage fees (which they have yet to publish, if they ever do).

    Dunno what they mean by "a problem with fees or community", there's not really any lock-in as they're describing, especially if you're in a spoke chain rather than main net. Quant doesn't let you "switch from chain to another chain" at all, it just allows communication between chains, as does Aion. Plus, you have quite a problem if Quant shuts down because they control the patented black box code. They go, the code goes with it. If Aion or Ethereum Foundation went bankrupt, because they're decentralized and open source, the miners can keep mining and developers can keep developing.

    Whole lot of misinformation coming from QNT community.

  19. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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