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Today is November 21st 2018 and we will be talking about Black Friday in a crypto market everything is 80% off you can’t afford Not buy it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like Friday 2018 Bitcoin $4,500 get it while it’s cheap. Let’s go ahead and get into it ain’t none tool but to do it So let’s run through his intro. We’ll be back in bitcoin price prediction,bitcoin 2018,free bitcoin,crypto,bitcoin,btc,bitcoin btc,crypto news,bitcoin news,btc news,bitcoin crypto,crypto market,btc today,bitcoin market,crypto live,bitcoin live,free crypto,bitcoin price,btc bitcoin,brandon kelly,bitcoin today,crypto today,btc usd,usd,free usd,bitcoin prediction,crypto trader,cryptotrader,bitcoin bull trap,fidelity bitcoin,black friday,black friday 2018,free btc,bitcon,xrp,xrp ripple, System one Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day. This is OSA Bitcoin The crystal of crypto is your boy BK and if you don’t like me, you must not like what’s going on everybody It’s good to see you. Thank you for Your patience and getting it set up well Brendan Kelly experienced My name is BA also known as the crypto trader now owes these charts as you will soon find out Every day I Greece is my voice is another day you improper as a result. Today is no exception shout out of Belgium in the building Theriot Yawns and became big and Egypt shout out that him Flo Rida was going on and Big Ben You know rocking out with me as well empty one good to see you. Let’s go ahead and get into today’s discussion Right Take them away. Laughs Everybody see 80% what it’d be a lot I Breathe, you know is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that’s why I really wanted to come on, you know make sure everybody knew the theory of the moment This is the real deal. The point is life-changing Accessibility to Secure Financeable Valley um You can’t buy that at Walmart 1899 you know Hey, they don’t need to bundle it up and put it in Sunday’s paper and tell you about you know They got Morning Joe in and pigeon swapping on the street trying to keep you from getting it, right. Um And we’ll talk about this. This is a site site Psychology experiment how long and we eat sheep will sleep so that we buy up everything about it this is the longest-running experiment in the history of humanity in Sohar as financial means of Monetization are concerned right? Um, but nonetheless, right we look at today’s price BTC to the USD and we are currently Let’s go our candles early forty six forty Five hundred dollars. We had a little bit of a bounce. Um, Over the past, you know, 24 hours not much to be honest, but just barely a little bounce Right there, but still this paint is very very slim, right? altogether, you know, this is a huge YouTube drop from what we experienced previously and so that’s what I wanted to get on let you guys know that you know Bitcoin is not Something you get on the clearance rack at Walmart or Home Depot or Best Buy you don’t wait in line You know get to a little paper ticket, which is number one it I only got I’ve an inventory You know marked off 30 percent. This is this is Longevity, you know, mr. Reggie Middleton talked about it in his early video. This is generational well, right if you could go back and read on and read those books when I was little And I said, if you would invested $1 in the first Bank of America like 1816 something like that. Just $1 back in you would have a hundred million billion Dollars, it was something crazy. It was like just it was like 186 million dollars and this was when I was younger 33 years ago. So, you know, this was uh, Now clearly it will be over a billion dollars that’s compound rate of interest, right? And so what you have right now is the opportunity Bob a point which is most secure protocol for the distribution of value in the history of the world at $4,500 bitcoin is digital I don’t know how much more clear I need to be on it should buy. Oh, yes, you should and Then you get you a be stamped on it You know with the private keys on the back now, you’re not getting hurt and well, you know, that’s just a little low He’s like But it’s a simple it’s literally digital go Go is has been real money or Yeah Thousands of years millennium right internet just came out about 20 years ago. When is the money a tenon so If you and monetize every bit of data that was sent back and forth across the internet over the past 20 years You would be a very very very wealthy man Well, guess what that’s gonna happen. It’s called the blockchain and it’s called a distributed ledger and a secured dice Cohen Anger of that Network now ran it there will be other coins that how about you know that do certain aspects better Over the past thousand years Old techno in so far is Distribution of will is concerned he who has the gold makes the law? Shout out shout out. You know, they’re going any team welcome doors are always open, you know And so that’s what that’s what I want to discuss on. Today’s video is the difference between You know just a run-of-the-mill, you know, a four hundred dollar 32 inch TV. I don’t even know how much I used to be one of those people that waited in line your no TV no more no more Yeah, I mean, oh you got one that computer. That’s it. How many TVs you need? What they come out with 4k is for khbs-tv You know smart dumb stupid polite call Alexa But every year they got something to keep you here is moving you spending money Keep you broke. I come change that change of values change of work This is 24 hour volume point market cap You can see this volume is pretty low. Like nothing’s really happening right now. A lot of money is already all Right and so with Bitcoin we’re down If we look at this Currencies I think on two or three videos ago if you go back and watch that, I think the first date I probably dropped under like if he six You know I said we would go down 46 and I’d say a market cap if you remember we had just broke under a hundred billion dollars and I said the next Fibonacci level under that is the 786 we’ll probably get a little bounce On the 786 right? And so that’s what happened right here If you just take the first three letters of that number 786 that’s where we bounce right around seven. Seventy eight Billion dollars price was about 44 45 and now we’re flutter Right more than likely this will not hope more than likely will probably go down The six what is it 6:18 It’s a to Fibonacci level and that will put they went around 42 I’m wearing I think we’ll about 35 I don’t see us breaking That bunnyzon the top of that monies element six eight money’s on six one six one eight six one eight five Green Green Zone Three eight two two six one eight I don’t think we’ll break that but you no when you go sit around your table on Thursday and you go stand in line at Best Buy on Friday at BTC is the buy of a lifetime After next January you probably won’t ever attach Under $5,000 of in the history Um for sure about it in the mark, but you got about three months we got a little flutter window now or will be littering between 4,000 and 6,000 probably put in the market, but once we break, you know 65 is like top right? Um That’s literally what? 4050 It’s almost 60 percent right now 46 the 65 Like 19 on top 46 40 percent right now and so again we need to Go in this thing with long-range beaut, right? um, if you want, you know Argan go to Walmart, I got plenty of I’m Sam and his Gobi is go be fools fighting left and right with a little bit of money that they got trying to get That little bitty bargain, you know, the only thing on one that’s like carry You know the carrot and those are all the hamsters run around that wheel Just trying to get that one care if I say no, let’s say no Let’s say no Change your values. Let’s look over here to slow Kansas City shuffle up everybody looking right. Yes what let’s look left They say oh they don’t value big Ok, they don’t Bitcoin 40% in the past week. Ok but they’re putting billions and billions of dollars into building out blockchain based protocols and bringing Vic when Wall Street For 9.99 One for 30 I’m pretty sure they got TV it’s gonna be some fools on Black Friday buying a $3,500 tea they need to be You I Should I should go I should go to Best Buy and talk didn’t people buying a $35 my freedom. I fit in one Bitcoin, right? But you’re not and that’s why you’re here, so will thank you I appreciate every single money off it before people rocking out live on air with me I know it took a little bit to get everything set up. But if you are in the chat right now Shout the country out. If you got a question real quick, we can run through that Smash that like button. We’re true preciate it life-sized box was going on. Um, Jonah I got butterflies Um, unless see what else we got You canyou can decide in black pride a big one. A lot of a lot of people will be back same That this is literally by of a light right? And it’s it’s no coincidence It’s at an all-time low annual when you know, and lo Two or three days before the whole family goes back in green beans Right as if you think about it last year last time it happened was Christmas 18,000 days everybody saying About Pam, drop it on I’m saying this time the exact opposite, you know I’m saying mommy and daddy sitting back broke as it is OB laugh and that little Johnny talking about a little Johnny You lost twelve thousand dollars in the market little Johnny go saying No, I didn’t I just huddled it or little Johnny go say no I did not just talk to a little Johnny today over in the UK brought his mama to the Boston now His mama is getting paid using the boss method. He said nah, man this dude named BK. He taught me about the boss method What’s going on shout out? And now we we are RT, you know 30 BTC I only bought one big when I lifted about 10 times 30. I need I don’t know what Empty corner what’s going on? I say it much love you expect to move below 4k just a little bit I don’t think it’ll be that low for that long Hey 38 36 I think of Oh, Oh to market is gonna consolidate and settle at 4200 we got another drop coming. Um, so this next round is gonna take us 45 to about 38 But that’s when you’ll see a long we’ll be down there because if it gets brought up, you know I’m right back up 44 45 it stays there for about a week and that’s pretty good But if it goes down to 38 35 36 38, you know somewhere down in their name probably stretch it out a couple weeks, right? Um, but yeah, it’ll be there but relative to the whole situation, you know, it would be like a lip like this thing you know if you don’t and I need to make a whole nother video on this but when we go and look at What we did a while This is gonna be a whole night video. I want to say Black Friday all the way and this is this is one like was one dude had it we talking about the 200 EMA Let’s see what other questions I’ll keep answering this one say what do you think about last dose? That’s what somebody that’s what the one dude was talking about earlier Hey Yeah, la this was what the one little guy was talking about they on the The one that brought his mom over to my Osler messages she domain money Young’s and we got Like when you help people changed a life and I say money trouble day money, you know give them a little bit of insight into the secrets of the universe man, Sarah Jane BAM Young’s answer Jane and so You know That’s with its with okay, um, I don’t know too much about less I know I guess if you like it why not? This is you know, it’s pretty much I doesn’t look like it’s too big of a hit This is literally the same thing I’ve talked about with this dude on um 5% of in the past couple days. I guess they had something change in their economy which pushed it down right now it’s at 30 the next Fibonacci which is below the 3/2 so the next one it’ll probably drop to is the two three on this next drop. So I’m talking about 23 million wait It’s under 23 million or floating right above it. That’s when you buy it. That’s the 786 for trace Manzano direction that is Best Buy and then tomorrow it’ll slingshot The thing with these smaller joins is when they go what they go up, right? this thing was a 200 million dollar mark one 36 hours a Night in it under a bus right three big So, you know only time will tell I think it’s definitely a longer-term play probably going, you know, at least nine months on Top of the net. All right But you know, I little so high right this is the lowest little low. So got it do it. I Would like to see them get a major player, um a major exchange right now They don’t it doesn’t look like they have really delivered on some of the big exchange Connect even cracking looky-loos I see point. But you know, I would like to see them get a major exchange but if you buy a four to get a major exchange You’ll get that pop once they do so Neal Mike, no, I don’t this is a 350 dollar microphone I Think it’s just a little far away. You should be able to hear me right now. Can you hear me now? Good Thing I’m out here but it took you tease my oh man, you know, man You don’t even see all the weight. I got behind me. I got a block it out. I don’t even know What? This is When it alerts you I could be in a museum and it’s just in here chillin in my office Ain’t you josey? Maybe not suspect take millions of years It might be the connection I got it running through like a UVs thing I Just hook it straight through after this video. I’ll hook it straight through a computer. So that’s cool. Um, That’s all I got let’s go ahead and pick a winner for our Facebook Panthers, I should have told you guys to share a post. I forgot my bad You’ve got six Hahaha Probably anyway, my my you know, they open Black Friday. That’s five home Tuesday night. So people camped out all week He one of them people we camped out on on Best Buy’s why he mad I’m saying This is the contest right here, I’m gonna do another video tomorrow. I’ll have two winners Going in the Black Friday. I’m also gonna have a Black Friday sale So what you need to do share this post if that share button I’m gonna come back tomorrow morning with a video real quick then I’m back on a Friday with a video and me and I’m doing I am doing a Black Friday tail about 350 dollars and value or anybody that gets involved click that doing the money team Imma, send out an email tomorrow For everybody to sign up for that and it’s a whole month long like you can literally get it the whole month, you know so yeah, if you want to get in on that make sure you join the money team Give me an email address and I’m gonna send you an email to get you hooked up with that in addition to that I am releasing another profit as soon as I’m done with this video Can somebody please tell my man, you know? If he go, if he go, come on my page in my group in my was this dude been Kim? Who are you? Let’s do go come in my house crap on my carpet and say you oh, you don’t know what you talking about And you just tell him somebody kill him for me To send them the link Send them the link What is November 9 paint, what’s the day was day I see I see and this day I said is going down to 36 You win my boss alert messages. I told y’all before I told everybody else and was what’s happening. What’s that? Saying this gonna be two swings on between 42 and 45. Oh my goodness look and what’s gonna happen next. We’re going down BAM 36 expected in a week buddy ill been, you know send him the link, you know as I have no Haters coming doesn’t world’s full of them. Don’t be a statistic. That being said everybody time of day signing out Oh boy became no matter where you stay Brazil debate on ie all the way back out to Jerk money. Good night more and good day. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time. I found up button one time 67 people live on air show me some love down below. Leave me a comment. Let me see what a video you want to see You know on and to December going into the holidays, you know, I do this Are you guys I just want to make sure it’s value educational content Entertaining and lightning and amazing. So leave me a comment. Let me know what you think You Arnim here Or Nick tably a minute it sends solace in silencing think about what you like Value now you can manifest more We meet again Jeez Like a boss

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  2. i want some little gold shoes for my dog. or just a yellow brick Fibonacci stroll to the city of alchemical soul gold… Investing in that electromagnetic Au.Ra coin !

  3. I dont know BK…..Hyperwave is starting to really look like the most solid reality. Ive been following it since January. Its the only theory that has held up over the year.

  4. Bk
    crypto dead
    crypto dead
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    All I feel is stress
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    Tell me what’s the cost?
    I know you’re the boss
    But not even the boss could replenish what I lost 😢😢😢😢😢

  5. I like you. I've been saying for weeks now that bitcoin got something up their sleeve this has gotta be on purpose and at the same time you're being realistic and unlike these guys blowing hot air with claims like "oh its gonna be $100,000 high 2019 no doubt about it" granted i dont even have a whole bitcoin ive been trading these nobody coins in their highs so i might in the end have 10% of a bitcoin but its a win to me when i spent $0 of my money to obtain and trade up and learning REAL QUICK what to do and not do from the years i traded stock

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