what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the tech cash house as always I hope that all of your having a good one or even a great one now in today's video I do have something pretty controversial to discuss so go ahead and get your tinfoil hats on and to prepare yourselves for a hell of a video now basically in today's video I'll be discussing why we could see projected prices of Bitcoin at fourteen point seven million dollars roughly okay that's an estimate by myself by the year 2030 now like I said this video will be pretty controversial you know it's definitely my own interpretation I have done research on cryptocurrencies and my opinion is definitely worth listening to but with that being said this will be a bit of a wild ride and remember this is my prediction for bitcoins price by the year 2030 it's now 2019 so obviously we are looking at the far flung future you know 11 years from now so this has a long time to develop and it has a long time to really flesh itself out it is something that I think that unfortunately it could be caused by some circumstances that are less than favorable for Americans you know this is my opinion once again so keep that in mind this video will be a bit dicey at times but anyway folks that is what we will be discussing an absolutely astronomical price prediction that I think very well could happen in the next 11 years if we see a couple of key things play out ok so anyway guys with that being said if you do like the video go ahead drop it a like do subscribe and share it with your buddies especially if you think that they would get a kick out of this sort of controversial take on bitcoins possible future due to some unpleasant things let's go for 250 likes 5,000 views on this video and without further ado let me go ahead and get into the discussion so you're probably thinking Mike what the hell are you talking about you know this video sounds absurd I am completely amped up now and you know what here is the basic fact ok by 2030 we may see the power of the American Empire so to speak or the United States of America what I'm a proud citizen start to encounter a period of major decline both economically morally and otherwise now once again like I said I am a proud American I love being a citizen of the United States you know take that as you will I am proud of my country and I like living here a lot but with that being said I have seen a couple of different things that could actually lead to the decline of the American economy especially and the astronomical rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices astronomical enough to you know help us reach the 14 million dollar per Bitcoin mark now obviously to reach that point we would have to see some really really drastic changes but 2020 you know the 2020s may be a very serious time for the American economy in a way that might not be exactly ideal and I do want to say again this sounds very doom and gloom and it kind of is because these things that I will be discussing aren't exactly positive so first I want to say I'm a bit of a history buff I love reading about history I have several large history texts that I reference often and I just absolutely love it okay I'm kind of a history nerd I have studied the downfall of the Roman Empire to a great degree in fact I've really scrutinized it and I've gone over the details probably hundreds of times you know as to what caused the downfall of the Roman Empire what caused the invasion of the Gauls and of the Celts and of the other tribal peoples to really be successful in forcing you know the Roman Empire back to Anatolian basically forcing them to become the Byzantine Empire you know what exactly caused the downfall of that great Empire can we see parallels between the downfall of Rome and the downfall of the United States and to a disturbing degree we actually can in my studies I've noted a couple of distinct things that I believe actually did contribute to the downfall of Rome and there are things that show up in the current United States society as well now a lot of people cite immigration as the possible downfall of Rome and America I'm actually not going to touch on that and the first thing that I really want to focus on is the stagnating middle class okay now this is something that greatly impacts the economy think about the age when America's economy was at its peak orcam talk in 1950s 1960s employment was really good you know only men had to work to support families full time and you could earn a good wage simply working at a factory ok wages were increasing people got raises and people could earn a good amount of money throughout their lives without necessarily being college-educated without taking on a huge amount of debt and without really you know encountering too many financial problems that is something that we simply do not see in modern American society generally speaking in order to get ahead you have to come from a wealthier family uh or have connections you know through college or otherwise but you have to really generally pay to play more than you did back in the 50s and 60s when our economy was so so strong and because of that there is a stagnating middle class our middle class in the United States is shrinking while it's growing in other countries that are experiencing economic booms wages are also going pretty much nowhere which is resulting in a lot of big problems inflation is rising you know the US dollars becoming less valuable by the year but wages simply aren't rising to meet the required demand brought on by inflation and an increased cost of living and for that reason I think that the 2020s are going to be a tough very tumultuous time we are entering another sort of Gilded Age where the extremely wealthy have basically everything and the middle class is starting to kind of slip away now say what you will obtain this is not good for a nation's economy ok having a strong middle class is probably the best formative factor for having a strong economy I mean you can't argue that in the 1950s and 60s our economy was weaker than it is today it was much stronger and very well developed there were a lot of career opportunities and people were working hard to earn a good wage that's just becoming more and more of an abnormality so aside from that we need to talk about these student debt crisis now a lot of people have begun to realize that student debt the United States is becoming less and less bearable and it may soon cause a major economical issue as students that have a large amount of debt begin to default on it by going bankrupt and otherwise if student debt can't be paid that would also hurt the economy pretty greatly now I'm not saying that we need to go out and make College free I'm not saying that we need to go out and forgive everyone student debt you know I worked my way through school and I paid for it and it was extremely difficult but I still did it you know I still remain strong and held on but this may soon become a problem as people are unable or unwilling to pay that would also damage the nation's economy and lead to the US dollar becoming less and less valuable a third thing which is really a major parallel between the United States and ancient Rome is increasing corruption okay like it or not increasing corruption is a big problem in the United States you know contractors are getting kickbacks representatives are being lobbied in mass by large corporations basically to serve the interests of corporations and not middle-class Americans once again the ruling class is beginning to establish itself you know as the power in the United States it's no longer about the people it's about the ultra-wealthy and you might be saying Mike you goddamn socialist what in the hell are you talking about you know and I want to say I am a capitalist tried and true okay I have experimented a lot with capital I have done actually pretty well for myself with capital with investing and otherwise I'm a capitalist okay well I will not deny that and I am a blue blooded American but here's the thing corruption becomes unstable and unsustainable okay think about ancient Rome think about these sort of ruling class taking from the poor and from the middle class think about North Korea right now okay the top of the top is the North Korean family in the lower part of the population has nothing okay same thing goes for China and the United States is heading more and more in that direction which is something that I think you know the average American doesn't want to see once again I am a capitalist and I defend that you know to the end but here's the thing this is becoming unsustainable okay and throughout 2020 heading into 2030 it's probably in my opinion going to become even worse so these are all things that we need to really think about and consider heavily when it comes to the future US economy now will this be bad okay for companies or for those invested in the US economy greatly okay for example I you know companies like Apple Microsoft etc is this going to negatively impact them here's why I think it won't because while all of this is bad and you know really not great for the economy I think that as the US dollar begins to lose value into as a lot of people begin to lose trust in the government we are going to see a major paradigm shift at some point okay I think we will have a crossover between the dollar and crypto currencies especially Bitcoin I think at some point in the near future Bitcoin is going to usurp the US dollar as the world's major currency according to many experts in my research has also shown this the u.s. dollar is becoming less and less favorable on the world stage but Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more favorable in fact the love of Kryptos as a means of payment and as a store of value by governments and you know traditional investors alike is growing at a pretty alarming rate and that shows me that as we see this sort of paradigm shift from the US dollar to Bitcoin as a dominant currency we could very well and very easily see astronomical price rises you know fourteen million dollars if this were to happen really isn't unreasonable I think that's very well within the realm of possibility and remember also a lot of the big companies in the United States are thinking about tokenizing their assets and their stocks okay basically transforming them into crypto currencies so if this happened I genuinely don't think that a lot of these large companies would be all that affected other than losing revenue from people that might not have as much money if the economy kind of starts to crash down and once again I'm a blue blooded American and you know a true capitalist all right I don't have any problem with capitalism but I think we're seeing some things here that could really impact the world's economy and if it does you know if the US dollar starts to slip I think that Bitcoin will be right there waiting to replace it now if the US continues to develop and innovate in regard to cryptocurrencies and basically makes their dollar backed by Bitcoin or something similar that would go great distances to basically you know make sure that this does not happen this isn't an endgame scenario and if the US dollar can successfully sort of partner with cryptocurrency or Bitcoin and make it a lot more stable you don't prevent inflation and really just get the benefits of both currencies working together we could see maybe still prices of four to five you know million dollars per coin without the major economic you know turmoil or downfall that might occur otherwise so really we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out my research shows me that this is very well something that could happen which is why I'm bringing it all of you you know if I simply just kept it all in my head and just said nobody needs to hear this what good would that do anyone you know yes this is a pessimistic scenario in terms of the US economy in terms of Bitcoin it's very optimistic but I have to share my research with all of you so that you can all formulate your own opinions on it as well and with that being said you know if you think that this opinion is complete jackassery or tomfoolery you know let me know in the comments because that's your opinion and you aren't title to it if you did like the video go ahead and drop it a like and leave comments below you know saying why you agree giving feedback you know doing all of those things because really unless we have a good dialogue going we won't develop as a community so anyway folks that is of course my take on the whole thing that's my opinion once again like I said before I'm sure this will be a bit of a controversial video for a couple of different reasons but anyway give your opinions in the comment section do drop a like if you liked the video subscribe and share it with your buddies for those things are greatly greatly appreciated you know talk with your friends about this with your family about this and I'll see all of you in the next video keep reiter the tech cash house have a good one folks and adios


  1. I will debate anyone for $500 that bitcoin is the only digital coin as envisioned by its inventor. Bitcoin was a generic name to apply to any digital currency running on blockchain ledger. Thus, Satoshi, the inventor made the blockchain's code open source so anyone can clone his/her "bitcoin" and make improvements as desire. Hence, there could be unlimited brands of "Bitcoin" as persons and organisations clone from Bitcoin blockchain. There is no scarcity like real estate. As a comparison… Banks will lend 80% knowing real estate will not dip by more than 20%. Bitcoin price crash by 85% on 5 occasions. …proving there is no scarcity like real estate. Bitcoin currently trading at $8700 with market capitalisation value of $190 billion the biggest bubble in mankind history. Using metrics from Wall street investment firms' to value a world class brand…this should be no more than $5 billion for a brand for a coin

  2. Its a plan Just conected the dots 5g Will be worlwide and guess wich currency would be uses for that? ( I think iota but first bitcoin)

  3. This guy is out of his freaking mind. Few videos a day about BTC price goes up to million of dollars is so pathetic. Hope he'll get sue for misleading people lol.

  4. how can bitcoin help the lower class? there is zero appeal to people who live pay check to pay check. Without a solid explanation in your next video, I'm not sure how I can convince my bleeding heart liberal buddies that bitcoin is going to replace dolla bills yo… and yes you certainly outline all the high-level benefits of crypto in an elegant way… but the poor simply will not embrace crypto unless you can think of a reasonable explanation as to why they should. And I'm not talking about old folks, I'm asking YOU why you think people living in POVERTY between the ages 12-45 would invest in bitcoin… As a centrist/conservative/libertarian I just dont see incentives for the poor. please explain?

  5. You NEVER respond to your subscribers so stop pandering to them by asking them to leave a comment. You don't give a rats ass about your Subscribers, you are ONLY here to monetize your channel, shameful. You have become nothing more than every other clickbait loser.

  6. To get to 15 million around 2025 (~120 months) is not even such a big deal… At least if BTCUSD maintains it’s bottom trend by roughly 5,8% monthly gains like since 2014. Note, that said bottom trend has been going on without any really substantial mass adoption. 1,058^120*X=15million => X=17’300 which is for example not that much away from the estimated present fair value calculated by Tom Lee (at the end of 2018 around 13000).

    With excessive mass adoption we could see even much higher values especially in a typical bubble like 20k at the end of 2017 was.

    USD and very possibly EUR and even RMB drifting into a serious hyperinflation… Well… During Weimar Republic the total inflation was counted in trillions of percents.

    So… You do the math.

    Comparing to Roman Empire is imo spot on ?

  7. I think if this were to become reality we wouldn't be measuring bitcoin's value in USD anymore. Instead USD would be measured in BTC.

  8. Bitcoin Rich baby. Yes this is a bullish run for us who buy & own some Bitcoin. Oh yeah, Bitcoin Forever.

  9. What you failed to mention, or I wasn't paying attention to, is that the value of the decline of the value of the dollar will mean that $14.7 million at that point will be very much less valuable than it is now. Holding BTC will not make you quite as rich in real terms as these figures immediately suggest.

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