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Oh what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby here your cryptocurrency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream what is going on my friends today I'd like to discuss Bitcoin and the magnet zone that we are still stuck inside ladies and gentlemen we cannot seem to break this equilibrium here within a four nearly 5% range that we are just ping-ponging back and forth in between the majority of this action definitely seems to be high-frequency trading BOTS as the volume has remained low we are only seeing big-time manipulative spikes when questionable action hits the market and I want to discuss guys what we can expect here when this zone does in fact break and I believe we are on the brink of it breaking now very shortly here coming within the next really day two multi day period here I do not believe that this action is going to remain coiled up for that much longer ladies and gentlemen I want to discuss my strategy my game plan to absolutely crush this thing when it does break in another direction and also guys I'd like to discuss some cryptocurrency news here with the SEC going to quote-unquote review the Bitcoin ETF rejections that we found out about yesterday so being said guys you already know the deal if you like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button click to subscribe tick the little bell and let's get this crypto moon the likes ladies and gentlemen moon them up alright so we'll begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis now guys obviously I'm calling this range we're in the magnet zone and the reason for that is that once we bounce below or above we do tend to just get magnetized right back into the channel there's not much sustained action anywhere else in this chop besides in the channel and this channel is ranging from about 60 350 up to 66 50 really but you know that the top-of-the-range hasn't even been tested that many times it's the kid you could even draw it smaller than that but just for the sake of this analysis here we'll say that it's about that 5% range right we've just been stuck in here ladies and gentlemen and this is the for our view if we zoom out to the one-day view we can see that we have had some very obscure action in here as well as you know a lot of these candles are just wicks in there that were bought up and then sold off immediately then very next very next in the lineup we have a bunch of candle bodies following a series of wicks and then of course we had our huge manipulation attempt at a short squeeze there that did not really work out guys and now we are forming yet again some more candle bodies within this range we are going to have to see a break here sooner rather than later ladies and gentlemen the action is starting to pick up now as just in the past few days we have been testing these higher levels and we are consolidating with full candle bodies inside the zone now another thing I'd like to look at here is the RSI ladies and gentlemen it's not much but it certainly has just creeped itty bitty bitty above that RSI resistance level that I have had drawn in the channel for quite some time and as you could see as we scroll back here in the trend this has acted as a pretty reliable support and resistance channel for the RSI ranging from between 40 excuse me it looks to be about 39 point 4 all the way up to about 46 has been that resistance and support range in the RSI and now we have just crept above it so that is something else to watch for here as well as we could definitely look to test the top of the channel again and potentially maybe even back up to the 6800 level where that manipulation candle came in the Wales the hft bots looked to make that short squeeze happen to potentially bring us up to the 7000 level if they could trigger cascading waterfall of liquidation points on the shorts they did not get it maybe they did not use enough capital maybe their BOTS or their plan misread the order book and they did not execute as planned obviously I don't know nobody knows but we can only fathom that that was what the plan was that seemingly was the idea here that whoever was looking to manipulate this trend and inject a whole bunch of fresh capital into the market the minute that bit mechs went down in my opinion the plan here was to pump this to a certain level to start a huge trigger of cascading waterfall short liquidations to really rock at this price up to a new price point and look to create a new support zone over this magnet zone instead of getting stuck right back in it but of course guys that attempt was failed obviously but what do you know we didn't really get rejected too far off we're just right back inside the magnet and we could trade in this range for quite some time ladies and gentlemen although this manipulation candle here was certainly showing me that the market makers the whales the big boys in this market are looking to break us out of this equilibrium zone right now and generally as you guys know what does tend to happen here is that once the market makers the whales whatever you'd like to classify them as once they spark the flame and get us into the direction that they want this thing to move a lot of organic buying starts to happen we should see that the volume should start to pick up we should start to see some different types of candle formations coming here that look more natural organic and less of just a very manipulative pump looking candle right so what I am believing right now ladies and gentlemen is that this was this was a huge indicator that another big move is coming if you guys are subscribed this channel and you have been following along with the streams I made a video literally about 15 minutes before this candle actually happened I posted the video I said listen guys I believe that they're going to try and start a short squeeze here and basically by they I mean the market makers I saw that the shorts were lined up pretty huge ladies and gentlemen we can look at them again today just to get an idea of what's happened here this right up here was the attempt to do the short squeeze but it failed I mean it did not even go further than a retracement of the prior day candle I mean it was a complete fail right what they were looking for was to bring us up to a level to get a candle that looked something like this and they did not get it it was a failure whoever was coordinating that obviously you know should be fired from there their job there because it was certainly a failed attempt um it is it is something we have to deal with in this market ladies and gentlemen there is going to be market maker manipulation from time to time there are just whales and and big-time firms and entities that do hold a significant amount of Bitcoin and liquid capital in this market that with a series of BOTS reading the order books reading the liquidity belongs to shorts etc can algorithmically extrapolate how much funds they need to eighty to squeeze these things and create mass volatility get their agenda completed etc so it's not often that these things fail ladies and gentlemen because they are certainly very well calculated and it is somewhat of an anomaly here to see that this attempt was a failure and we did get rejected and dropped right back into the magnet zone ladies and gentlemen if you are just tuning in now don't forget to moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto fire it up here today because I know ladies and gentlemen that when we break this equilibrium magnet zone it is going to be one of the most lucrative potentially profitable and savage trading environments of the entire year I can almost guarantee it with this range being so prominent here even over the past two months right this price range here guys has lasted so long this whole channel right has lasted for months now ladies and gentlemen and once we get a significant flush break out of this channel and just leave this range for good the market is going to have to decide a new level either we're going to take that ascent higher to retest up to the prior levels around 8500 or we're probably going to take a savage plunge deeper into the abyss of the Bitcoin bear market and look to create this type of magnet zone equilibrium lower in the chart but for right now guys you know I have to stick with my bearish bias right there is still plenty of shorts piled up as you guys saw on the chart that I just had up they the shorts I'll pull it up again these shorts right now are extremely high they are very very high you can see so there is definitely as we saw with the manipulators they are aware of these short contracts open and they did apparently look to try and take advantage of that situation but it failed so we do have to keep an eye on that but ultimately if we're talking classical charting technical analysis I still am under the impression that we do have a pretty Bear Flag –is– formation forming here on the one day and if we do go over to the I'll go over to the coinbase chart because I have less lines drawn on there and it's easier to see we will on the monthly candlesticks or excuse me the weekly candlesticks have what appears to also be a potential Bear Flag forming here as well and the Bear Flag guys is a flag pulled down followed by an equilibrium magnet zone chopped followed by a flag pulled down and that is a formation that I am seeing forming here on the weekly as well so we do need to keep an eye on these it could certainly break bullish though ladies and gentlemen either way right now I'm not in a position I'm waiting to play a breakout or a breakdown I'm looking for the high probability high-reward low-risk scenario as a full-time trader I'm looking to preserve capital allocate my funds to those plays that that should yield the highest return possible with the lowest risk possible and right now in this equilibrium this is not a area that I'm looking to open new positions I'm looking to open new positions when we get the confirmation that this equilibrium is going to be flush broken and and follow through with momentum in one direction or the other and of course guys as a full-time trader I don't care if it goes up I don't care if it goes down I'll either long it I'll either short it and I'm ready to get this crypto and of course I will be keeping all my VIPs updated in absolute real-time with all of my trades all of my positions entries exits targets etc on the Bitcoin in altcoins market absolute full transparency into my trading career no more wrecked City ladies and gentlemen I do not take that trip to rekt city with average Joe and dreams at the water cooler I stay far away from those – ladies and gentlemen that's their City not mine and I'm not looking to get burned playing inside this equilibrium I'm looking to play the continuation pattern and get this crypto and ride this thing for whatever the train wants to take me on the ride for let's get this crypto now guys um I do also want to take a look here at this article the SEC says they will quote unquote review the Bitcoin etf rejections now from what I've gathered from this ladies and gentlemen is that it doesn't mean all too much it's more so a textbook classic thing that happens it only takes one person on the board there to say that they'd liked to get a review done over this end from what I've gathered through social media ladies and gentlemen it does not seem like there's going to be much of anything changed here it just seems like this is a formality that's going to happen you know a case like this always will get reviewed after a denial a rejection and it is what it is from what I've gathered it does not seem like once these things get rejected that a review generally you know turns the decision around so we'll have to see but um you know it is it is still in a bullish observation right it's a bullish observation that we have not dumped on this news in the first place and that we are still remaining in that magnet zone so take it for what it is I'm ready to get this crypto ladies and gentlemen like I said I'm expecting extreme volatility and a power power power move to be coming outside of this range this week ladies and gentlemen I do not see how this thing called up is going to remain stuck in this zone much longer and I will be aggressively aggressively playing the break up or break down and so like I said guys I will keep my VIPs updated in real-time with all of those positions entries exits targets all of my trades etc up to the exact second when I make them I will keep you guys updated there so shout out to you all in the VIP and that is gonna wrap it up for now ladies and gentlemen Bitcoin dominance still at 53.3% not much changing there altcoins not really getting bit up or bid down just hovering around a neutral area up and down two percent you know fluctuating on a daily basis market cap total for the overall space has not really changed either we're just stuck here right now ladies and gentlemen looking to probably reach the top of this channel right now as we have seen two days of growth ear since the heinous manipulation candle that tried to get the short squeeze and fail lots to look for right now guys I am very very excited for what's going on here you should be too it seems like a boring time right now but it definitely is not because if you see the opportunity that is going to be coming out of this with a flush break in either direction you should be salivating ready to crush this market ready to get this crypto and awaiting for that type of action to ensue to come in take place and get this crypto so until next time my friends be safe be happy be healthy I will be in the VIP for the remainder of the evening you know if this action doesn't in fact take place ladies and gentlemen I will be you know getting those updates fired out there so let's get it guys and until next time my friends be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy Krypto Kerby peace and love my friends kerbs you

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