Camp Hobo | Roblox Bloxburg Ad

Campo bow a place for the kids go to enjoyed or summers a place filled with fun activities a place where you can experience live drill our puffy marshmallows designed to make your mouth water sleep in our 100% cotton beds and pillows microwave our deluxe mozzerella pizza with luxury Bassel from brazil listen to power most exclusive music with big hits such as creb rave flamingo and into the mountain nice hey stop that No everything available Campo beau rent for one dollar a day call one free free seven sixty four sixty four to start your adventure today

20 thoughts on “Camp Hobo | Roblox Bloxburg Ad”

  1. Camp Hobo looks like a really cool place.
    If you think so then feel free liking this video OWO

    Here's a playlist full of Roblox Content

  2. Sorry for not being on stream today I was just tired abd dizzy Because I was at a party yesterday

  3. I turned off youtube notifications cuz.its annoying dats why im always late but sometimes early

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