36 thoughts on “Calling All Gold, Silver & Crypto "Road Warriors!" (Bix Weir)”

  1. Dude, don't use Patreon. They're just as bad as YouTube and Facebook. Subscribestar is better suited for your purposes.

  2. Ad for Patreon, Good luck. Will miss your content, but there is still plenty of great info on Utube for free.

  3. Not excited about crypto's . Seems to me there is third party risk there. I'll stick with Gold and Silver.

  4. The only thing I'm buying is silver…..oh, and diecast…I'm big into Greenlight, M2 Machines, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and AutoWorld.

  5. Your buddy Dick, is a real dick, I never liked him or trust him. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth, and would sell you out in a N.Y. second.

  6. Q is rubbish. I'd ban you, too, for babbling its psyop bullshit. Q is exposed by Fulcrum News a few months ago. Q ran down the sheer importance of Pizzagate, disrespected Pizzagate researchers as David Seaman and caused great monetary harm while this private person made millions making up the riddles then SELLING the "solutions" AND merch like mugs and t-shirts to the stupid followers. The Praying Medic is a former convict. That's your Q. IT knows nothing, it is not in any loop, not in government — just a con man. Like Trump.

  7. I agree. I am unhappy with the choice to move all your shit to Patreon. And they censor just as much as YouTube. Know your masters, Bix, when it comes to who owns and runs the media. How much does Patreon censor? Ask many in the 9/11 Truth movement or Jason Goodman's Crowd Source the Truth broadcasts. I won't pay for your shows nor your music. No one pays for mine. Why should I pay for yours? No guarantee of satisfaction. Try before you buy applies to music, Bix. Jes' sayin', bra'.

  8. Bix, long time RTR sub and PM’s stacker. You’ve often said Woodrow Wilson was anti-central bank but signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 after learning about the huge amounts of gold in the Grand Canyon. My question…Is it possible Pres Wilson and the public was duped by the 1912 news article and corrupt central bankers/geologists/politicians in thinking there was loads of gold when maybe the reporting was false and merely intended to get the Fed Res Act enacted? Wouldn’t be the first nor last time the corrupt bankers, politicians and media used lies and propaganda to further their cause. I hope that’s not the case but just giving another perspective.

  9. Keep on wishing cryptos won't be rigged, taxed and turned against you. And it's gone.???? HODL Physical Silver. ??

  10. Please consider showing content on howdoo, looks like it will be an amazing platform when it goes live

  11. Did he actually say someone did a "remote viewing of litecoin" predictions ? Jesus ….giving people "advice on where to park their cash .

  12. Uh oh..you want it to be true when he goes to gold canyon but maybe not when he looks behind the litecoin scene…

  13. Bix, quick question – if there is that much gold in the GC, is mining it not going to also produce large amounts of silver?

  14. I agree with your comments on Dick's remote view on litecoin. He also said in his vid they redacted some info. I would want to see all info..not just what they think I should know. Otherwise, what is the point for paying for "special" info????

  15. been holding silver since 2010. Since 2011 it has gone nowhere except down and flat. I see no reason why gold and silver will be moving any time, potentially in my lifetime sadly

  16. Take a look at some charts, when things are going up traders ARE in the market. When things are going down we may not be in BTC but we're still in the market waiting for the next dip for more gains. You are really strarting to sound more and more like an imbecile. Best to keep your mouth closed a little when you THINK you know what might be going on.

  17. Is Q real? Yes, is Q a psyop? Yes, is Q truth? No, is Q deliberately corralling lost sheep back into the arms of the beast? Combined with the engineered gaslighting by AOC, Warren and others, YES! You need to put Q in your rearview mirror and never look back or you will absolutely regret ever mentioning it for the rest of your life. 45 is NOT at all what you think. The Washington Monument is 6,666 inches tall for a reason. This should tell you who Q really serves. Go watch a few videos by Probably Alexandra. Go watch a few videos by Romley Stewart. IN GOD WE TRUST is written in all caps for a reason, the bible is the only book in a court for a reason. Their God ain’t the true God in Heaven. The beast has 7 heads and 10 horns.


  18. There's no way anyone is going to pay $10 per month for every YouTube channel they watch – that's insane. This is a YouTube channel, if it goes it goes, then I won't see it any more. People can't afford these kind of costs, we tend to jump around all various channels, we are simply not going to click on stuff where you have to pay, the Internet doesn't work like that. If you want revenue you will have to take it up with YouTube and get advertising – that's the only way, otherwise you do stuff that you have passion for only – I only watch stuff somebody has a passion for anyway, I'm not going to watch somebody just doing their day job. Good luck anyway Bixie.

  19. You can say whatever you want on YouTube (well kinda). What you're referring to is you're losing your monetization on videos where you speak freely. Well you already have a private subscription service that provides you with a profit stream. Making money shouldn't be the purpose of your YouTube videos, it should be getting the truth out. If your worried about costs, you should move out of commiefornia. I have a suspicion this patreon move is going to be a bad one for you. You seem to care more about making money than just getting the truth out to as many people as possible. But even on this aspect your videos have been faltering. Your points and arguments are slowly diverging from sound logic and fact and are relying more and more on presumption and assumption. However, good luck to you and I wish you the best.

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