C3 Crypto-Conference Berlin: Decentro Media Partnership for this cryptocurrency conference

Sandro Media is pleased to announce our official media's partnership for the c3 crypto conference April 5th and 6th in Berlin shaping up to be the premiere blockchain event in Germany c3 will be having 45 plus exhibitors showing the best of crypto tech that the core of Europe has to offer and a list of blockchain industry and cryptocurrency leading experts who will be speaking at this event including Elena of Renova a polygon ik startup mastermind founder of Satoshi Labs now advising for the development of blockchain focused startups miko Matsumoto founder of ever coin exchange and ICO investor and advisor Jeff galas director of the German Bitcoin foundation and blockchain entrepreneur and investor and too many other amazing speakers to list here you'll have to go to the website and check it out for yourself in order to really feel the pulse of this convention I introduce to viewers the debut of block 20 reports and media agents loop and Neutron polygon ik crypto enthusiasts who will give great projects at this event the time and space for human to human interface at the c3 crypto conference loop and Neutron will utilize their combined fluency in german russian english and spanish to provide multilingual communications aiding to connect the world for a greater understanding of the global blockchain industry that will be a block 20 report debut at c3 crypto conference very exciting i will also be on site to provide viewers with decentral report coverage for this awesome event servicing the English Czech and Japanese speaking communities at this event if you are planning on going to c3 we hope to see you there and when you buy your ticket use our promo code to get a discount this promo code is written in the description box of this if you can't get to Berlin viewers can still get involved as per D Centro media tradition we invite viewers to take part in our coverage of events through reddit we will tweet out upcoming interviews with a link to the subreddit for the interview and you will have a chance to ask a question to your favorite projects through us follow at dissenter lucien on twitter and it's easy to know when to get involved subscribe to this channel so you don't miss out on d centro report and block 20 coverage of what is assured to be the premiere crypto conference and expo in germany for 2018 see you in Berlin

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