1. In investing when everyone knows something it tends to be a dud event. I agree that in the past there is proof that it could happen. This time with all the institutional investing and OTC markets I believe the price will stay around the cost for mining. The will keep the price down just like they do with GOLD.

  2. If the price 1000× so does the market cap. That's about 140,000,000,000,000. Do you really believe that's possible when the total market cap for the entire stock market is only about 33,000,000,000,000?

  3. Can’t you come up with more creative titles? Very suspicious why in the blue hell you are shilling btc so many times a day. Not an act of a reasonable person without any strings attached.

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  5. bro, i don't know who backs you or if you are already a whale in the making but i think you are supported by some serious crypto outfit. you pump out videos steady and you are the most bullish bitcoin channel on the internet. when bitcoin smashes ath you will be the biggest star. keep going!

  6. Yeah Mike, what the HELL are you saying? Halving a block reward is akin to a stock splitting — its value drops proportionally. It DOESN'T mean your held bitcoin doubles.

    This is all bullshit. In order for there to be such a huge jump, something historically significant has to be associated with it. The halving of coin rewards won't do it. At all.

  7. In your opinion, which value coins or tokens will experience the most congruent growth with Bitcoin and why? Curious what people’s thoughts are on this.

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  9. your titles are so obscured what are you smoking, any calculations or hard data to your claims? don't get me wrong i'll be happy if the price is anywhere near but you seem to pull number from thin air…..

  10. It "always, always drives the price upward." Your data set consists of 2 entry points lol. Not saying it wont happen but that's pretty misleading to a noob

  11. one year from yesterday but that has been moved forward 3 months in the last year so the timing is dependent on the amount of mining, if mining continues to rise or even stay here it will happen sooner

  12. You said it’s not speculation but you said “you think” multiple times just in the first 90 seconds

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