BUZZi | Review your favourite products and get rewarded #dapps #cryptocurrency

Today I’ll actually be sharing with you
guys about this app that I just found out about If you’re interested in reviewing stuff
talk about whatever you love at all And earn some bucks,
keep on watching Hi guys welcome back to Way Beyond Pad Thai Channel Welcome to my new studio kind of not really but it’s like my new living room in the
house. The house is newly renovated anyways today we’re talking about
something pretty different like after this Once in a while, I’m gonna be
talking about application Dapps.. Decentralised Applications A lot of cryptocurrency related It’s gonna be like another category
on my channel If you are watching me right now on D.Tube,
You are probably familiar already But if you are watching me on YouTube, you probably don’t know or not really sure what I’m talking about. I’m actually going to be talking about something pretty basic and simple and you’ll be able to understand like easily like this one Today, I am actually want to talk to you
about this application called BUZZi I just found out about this application last
week BUZZi is the reward based review Pretty much you review some stuff and then put it on the platform you will get
rewarded cryptocurrency and we’re talking about the currency STEEM.
Let’s dive into the app and see how it works How it looks like. Now, let’s go
into the app. I’m putting it in all these cryptocurrency things.. Go to BUZZi kids
share your experience discover new products It’s all Tanbay because probably on this app He was the only one I followed. See up there You can see the categories that you can
review or you can discover what products on the app.. they have clothes.. they have
shoes, feeding, pregnancy and maternity Baby care..etc. You know what? Since it’s
still in beta, it’s pretty lacking It’s not that fast but hang in there
It will be better it’s still on beta We are like early adopter here
Also you’re gonna see like a top posts, top creators.. Let’s see the cute kid
over here.. Oh! Cool thing about this app Cute cartoon faces so if you review
products with your kids in the picture and you don’t want people to see your
kid faces. You can just put some sticker on their faces
which is fair enough There’s also the link
for you to click on and if you’re interested in the product
you can just buy it from this link This link actually late not that the person himself sell this product It’s just link with the post so it’s easy if you want to go check it out or even end up buying it and that’s the big thing also because when you review
the products, They’re gonna.. Actually, you have to! You have to find like a link of the product so people can go and check it out and buy it easily and yes I
have actually been using the app already I tried it one time with the product
that I actually use in real life and okay let’s see..
Let me show you what’s up That is my profile..
Way Beyond Pad Thai everywhere One product I have reviewed so far
I just took the photo and and post on this..
It doesn’t have to be like long review as you can see, the Korean guy just did
He did like a short one and also just put on the link so people can just go find
out themselves if they like the product and want to purchase it or not
the BUZZi application actually came and comment on my content that
congratulations your post is being verified by the BUZZi team for our
rewards event.. So actually get rewarded As you can see, it’s $3.06 I mean that’s not that much like you’re not gonna make a living out of this but at the same time this is cool. This
is like it was on Instagram but not on Instagram This one instead and then at the same time
you earn some bucks so Give it a try you guys if you’d like of
course. Let me know in the comment down below If you like the app, you don’t
like it or if it’s like too lacking for you Because I still feel like it’s pretty lacking still I hope you guys enjoyed this Dapps Talk
Don’t forget to subscribe to Way Beyond Pad Thai Channel I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. I don't get any commission by sharing this dapp nor this is not referral link. Check it out at your own interests <3

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