Buying Watches with Bitcoin – Crypto Playhouse Pays for Rolex in BTC

>>ERIC: This is Watch Your Style. On today’s video we’re gonna be discussing
how to buy watches with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So more and more customers are lately requesting
to actually buy watches from me with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. It’s just been something that as this whole
evolution of the whole cryptocurrencies has been going on, more and more people want to
actually buy things with it. Now, in the beginning I was not really able
to facilitate such deals mostly because of the way to actually handle the transactions,
but nowadays it’s been a lot easier with this new service that we use. It’s called BitPay. I actually just recently sold a $100,000 Patek
with BitBay. He paid with Bitcoin and it was actually very
easy and a smooth transaction. So when Austin Doyle from the Crypto Playhouse,
one of the leading crypto influencers on Instagram and an expert in crypto currencies contacted
me to buy a watch using Bitcoin, I asked, �Why don’t we collaborate and do a video
so we can show how easy it is to make a purchase using Bitcoin?�>>AUSTIN: What’s up Eric?>>ERIC: Austin! Alright man, so we have Austin here from the
Crypto Playhouse. He contacted me about this watch. He actually was looking at stainless steel
Submariner with date, ceramic bezel and he is the leading guy in this right now, so I
figured who better to explain how it easy it is to buy with cryptocurrencies? So Austin, tell me, �Why crypto?�>>AUSTIN: I mean…so, my background is actually
engineering. I found Bitcoin and crypto a couple of years
back and I basically just threw everything that I was working on at the time right out
the window for crypto because I just saw like potential it has, how much it’s changing the
way we look at money, how we look at cataloging information and all that. And biggest thing, it’s easy! I mean, everyone seems to think it’s just
a real difficult thing, but the technology has really come far and I mean, I can send
somebody halfway across the globe 150 grand and it’s there in 30 seconds.>>ERIC: So another question, is buying something
with Bitcoin safe?>>AUSTIN: Yeah, absolutely! There is a lot of kind of back and forth about
like, Oh well it’s used for sketchy things and this and that and the reality of it is,
I mean cash is the biggest thing that’s used for that kind of stuff. Bitcoin, if anything, is even safer because
not only are you transacting on the blockchain, which is secure, but when you’re going back
and forth, I mean you know who that person is and it’s confirm-able on the blockchain
not just for you, but anyone else that wants to confirm that, they can go, they can take
that transaction ID, check it out, bamm! Right there!>>ERIC: So the process is actually very easy. We have Betty from Accounting actually create
an invoice using BitPay, send it over to you via email, which we’re gonna share with you
now so you can see how easy the transaction is. So while we’re waiting for this invoice to
hit your email, explain to us a little bit about BitPay. I’ve used it before, but you obviously are
more in the tech side of this. What exactly is BitPay and how does it work?>>AUSTIN: OK, so basically it’s a little
like PayPal for crypto. There’s a couple of different providers, but
BitPay is like…it was really like one of the first ones on the scene and they’ve really
kind of cemented themselves as like a go-to and one of the big things about it is, I mean
client side it’s easy to use, but for merchants, the fees are lower than credit card fees. I mean, like…>>ERIC: And probably PayPal fees too.>>AUSTIN: Yeah! No, no, absolutely. They’re lower than PayPal. They’re lower than credit cards and the thing
is you’re dealing with something that like everyone’s like, �Oh, well if Bitcoin prices
going up, prices going down,� but for the merchant side, the moment it goes through,
I mean you guys get cash.>>ERIC: Absolutely! It does already the conversion and from what
I’ve already experienced with the transactions I’ve already done, once the client gets this
email, he has a 15-minute window to actually complete the purchase. Now, why is it that it’s a 15-minute window?>>AUSTIN: So the whole thing with the fifteen
minute window like I said with the price volatility. Obviously, there is gonna be movement, but
the whole thing is basically that locks in your spot price. They go and they check the exchanges. They say, �Alright, this is the price of
Bitcoin right now. This is what you’re buying.� And it locks
in that spot price for 15 minutes and I hear this going. I think the invoice is in.>>ERIC: Alright, well let’s get this going,
so we could show how easy it is to buy with Bitcoin.>>AUSTIN: Alright…so BitPay does allow
you to use a number of different wallets to make transactions. My personal favorite is the Bread Wallet and
you can do Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, but Bitcoin Cash is crap, so we’re not gonna touch that. But anyways, alright, so it’s real simple. We just hit pay. This pops up. You can see it’s got the info for our invoice
here and we’re just gonna hit �Pay with BitPay.� I’ve got my Bitcoin over on my
Bread Wallet on my phone and I mean, seriously guys, like check this out. This is the easiest thing ever. We’re gonna hit Send. Am a go Scan, scan the QR code it all automatically
throws out for you right there. I gotta enter in my pin code for this one
cuz it’s bigger than one Bitcoin. And there we go! Confirmation, money sent! There we go. I just back myself a Rolex with Bitcoin!>>ERIC: So let me tell you that in the beginning,
I was a little bit kind of like skeptical when I first started taking Bitcoin for payments,
but actually now it’s so easy. It just feels like any other trasanction and
let me tell you that, you can’t go wrong with the Sub man. I mean, this is something that I’m surprised
you haven’t bought already. I mean, the Sub is a great choice and I think
you bought the perfect watch at the perfect price.>>AUSTIN: Yeah man. I mean like I’ve been eyeing one down for
a while. I mean, like Bitcoin is the crypto everyone
knows. I mean, everyone knows the Sub. I mean, you gotta have the Sub in your collection. I mean, let’s be real here. [laughter]>>ERIC: Well man, congratulations and thank
you for coming by and helping me collaborate with this, so that I can explain how easy
it is.>>AUSTIN: Absolutely man and thank you. It’s been killer!>>ERIC: No problem! [music]>>ERIC: So feel free to comment below on
how you feel about buying watches with Bitcoin. And if you liked this video, please like and
share. Also, subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style!

68 thoughts on “Buying Watches with Bitcoin – Crypto Playhouse Pays for Rolex in BTC”

  1. It was awesome collaborating with you Eric and getting a great price in the process. Thank God that I did it before today's market plunge! Lol

  2. Warren Buffett clearly side the Bitcoins are bad coins!!! It is easy to buy Bitcoins it's hard to go out of it cashing it out

  3. I'm 19 and i built my dream collection on the back of the crypto boom. This is amazing Eric, I never thought the day would come when you guys would accept crypto payment.

  4. I like the concept of bitcoin but I would never accept payments with it, specially at higher prices due to volatility. The profit you made by selling the watch might be gone in a second. Just my opinion of course, keep doing your thing man 🙂

  5. Great video! Eric, you are too cool! Good to offer clients different payment methods. As long as it's legal, keeping up with technology is a great way to show your clients you up to speed with the latest innovations.

  6. I give zero fucks about Bitcoin I’d rather invest in real estate and healthcare but I’m so happy for anyone who has been able to use bitcoin to facilitate the achievement of their dreams.

  7. Was the submariner he bought used?? Or new?

    Because 8,4 is bellow the retail

    And if you sell them for that price new, I will definitely visit you soon!!

  8. Might wanna leave one watch in Bitcoin. When a Steel sports goes for 2 bitcoins today. I wonder what one will go for 2 years from now 🙂

  9. Terrible video. Cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme, a scam. The only way you don't get scammed yourself is if you scam other people. The video has many lies as well… perfectly safe? WTF. People have lost tons of money due to hackers' attacks at exchanges and wallets. Come on now!

  10. Oh man, I was waiting for the lobby wrist watch parade with Carlos…..seriously though another great, informative video.

  11. So get the contrast? People with real business drives porche and people dealing with Bitcoin (BTC) walks home after buying rolex submariner. Probably his trash BTC that was left he saw the price was never going up so why not get a Rolex and sell it for more when time flys by.

  12. Congratulations on your purchase and Congratulations on your sale. I'm still new to the whole bitcoin scene but you guys made it look very easy and straightforward

  13. Can you please make a video where you talk about and show a few examples of how you can get good quality, iced out watches for less than normal? Love your videos!

  14. Eric, did you really sell a $8 k Rolex Submariner to a guy with weird jewelry in his ears and who paid you CRM in Bitcoins ? Seriously ?

  15. Wow. For a guy who's got so many wrist-watches, I'd expect you to have better timing! Bitcoin @ $4,400 and dropping fast. Sorry, man. Hope you're not still holding.

  16. Excellent Video Eric, I trade Bitcoin & Crypto 24/7 and prefer to buy and sell with BItcoin where ever I can. Not many UK Watch selling companies yet accept Bitcoin, but a few are now starting to take notice. (same with Cars) Next time I'm in Miami, I pop over & might even buy a watch or 2 from you with Bitcoin.

    Keep up the great videos!

  17. He over paid by $2500. I just bought one for a gift to a friend for $6k. Same watch, black stainless with the cyclops.
    Edit : buy 2 and it's even cheaper. And this is from a rolex distributer.

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