Buying the Bottom with Bitvo! | Crypto Exchange

What’s up guys, it’s the crypto coin kids
And today we’re going to meet up with bitvo And they’re gonna give us a little tour of their place And, learn about their business so lets go My clones again! How much subscribers have you made in the past few weeks? None? I made 950! So, hopefully you can triple that amount! DAD: so, where are we headed right now? Heading to the cafe to just, to get a few snackies My signature move Snacks are my secret weapon I’ll get whatever Kamea gets. I’ll stay with the camera. Today we’re just at the bitvo Place where they are located And, we’re just gonna get some snacks Because we’re a little bit early , so That’s why the early bird gets the worm And the worm, is that snack. So today, you guys are going to be buying some cryptocurrencies Which ones are you gonna be buying? Bitcoin Ripple Dash litecoin And Ethereum It’s good to be the crypto coin kid. It’s good. It’s the good life…… And the big life! This here is the office This is our security guard What do you think, do you think she looks real? People talk to her all the time Not real What you guys doing? They are gonna show how easy it is to trade crypto On their youtube channel That is so fun! We have candy? Awesome, that’s wicked! Well, welcome! And nice shirt , that’s fantastic. You are proof of work aren’t you? He’s their lawyer man, to make sure they don’t get into trouble

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  1. Hey Guys … well done! Recall I feature CryptoCoinKid over at I'll make sure to get this video posted on the site. BTW I deal with BITVO great exchange so far!

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