Buying cryptocurrency via Pundi X smart device

Press the icon [top up cryptocurrency] to buy A list of cryptocurrency will be available on the list… key in the number of tokens user wants to purchase Pundi X POS will display the sales price after querying the server, after confirmation, price will be locked for 30 seconds The sales price is shown on the screen, user can decide whether to proceed with payment, User confirms the payment and pays using Pundi X Pass Pundi X POS device will request user to swipe the Pundi X Pass card User swipes the card and completes the transaction, the system will store the transaction details. Transaction details will be printed on the receipt, advertisement can be display on the receipt. It is very easy to check the balance of Pundi X Pass, users only needs to swipe the card and the balance will be shown on the front and back screen. Every Pundi X Pass has a unique QR code and a sealed passcode for verification purposes. User can use any e-wallet apps that supports Pundi X POS to bind Let’s use Pundi-Pundi for example, press the cryptocurrency function, user will see the notification to bind Pundi X Pass. Please follow the instructions to scan the QR code that is on the Pundi X Pass, for security purposes, user needs to insert the Pundi X Pass passcode, the actual passcode will be very complicated User can access the balance of the Pundi X Pass after binding Press the [confirmation] button at the bottom, user can now manage their Pundi X Pass through e-wallet apps. User can use the binded e-wallet app to buy cryptocurrency directly, Press the button [ buy cryptocurrency]. Please key in the amount and verify the rates with user, the remaining process is just the same as before. The device will automatically turn on its scanning function if user chooses to pay by QR code User will have to scan the QR code using the e-wallet app. After the merchant confirms the payment, user shall verify the payment again, transaction Is then completed. The device will print out the receipt after the transaction, at the same time, the binded e-wallet app will show the latest balance. User can buy cryptocurrency other than Pundi X Pass or e-wallet apps, the purchasing procedures are alike , press the button [top up cryptocurrency] and choose the cryptocurrency user wants to buy. After confirming the price, select the [redeem code] to purchase cryptocurrency. The device will print out the receipt with the redeem code. Let’s take iPhone as an example, scan the QR code to fire up Safari browser The redeem code will appear in the column automatically, user needs to input the email address twice to verify where the redeem code should be sent. The system will send the redeem code to the speicified email address, user will receive the email with information of the cryptocurrency purchased, and also ways to redeem it If user wants to redeem or transfer the cryptocurrency to other e-wallets, please follow the instructions in the email. The procedure is similar to Pundi X Pass balance checking, press the button [sell cryptocurrency] after swiping Pundi X Pass. Select the cryptocurrency user wants to sell. Key in the number of tokens that user wishes to sell and verifies the sales price After confirming, user will need to swipe the card again to verify the transaction, user can be paid in cash other means based on preference.

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  1. Hmmm… Very very much interesting technical (or broad) review we want to get this device/app for our businesses. Anything that is connected to the internet of money, the blockchain local exchanges, remitence, having the possibility to disrupt mastercard and visa systems while being inclusive to the unbanked is a huge blessing… So shout out from Central, West and East Africa. I am about to download their white paper prior to get in touch with them for further questions.That was a nice shot, thanks @CryptoGrinders and Zac Cheah !

  2. I need to know where to buy pundi asap please.i am using coinbene for it but it appears as if they are selling it for a dollar.i tested out by sending dollar to my ether wallat in coinbene and tried to buy dollar worth and it was only Gon give me 0.99 NPXS..HELP!! LOL thank u

  3. our channel always speak well the project pundi x, make a donation to help our channel thanks to everyone wallet pundi x

  4. You can still buy PundiX tokens on EtherMium DEX> Cheapest price starts 0.000007530 ETH ($0.0015) / 1 Token. Available 10,000 PundiX.

  5. Can you alsof pay with currend valuta? Like euro or dollar? Like a normal pin? Because in the Netherlands we already use a other pos system.

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