Buying BITCOIN at the ATM. Get more BITCOIN

yes good was good it should boy Maddy ice coming back to y'all today minor but to go up in his gas station I'm going to show y'all how the body's a Bitcoin from the ATM man I'm out here and that all the Central Avenue man here PG County Merlyn like to show you how easy it is for you to buy Bitcoin by the pay a little bit of tax for this Bitcoin getting it from the ATM but I just want to show you how easy it is and after I show you out this way I can show you less expensive ways of getting Bitcoin man how to earn Bitcoin but uh let's do this right quick I'm actually what to show you how my wallet show you our that is nothing in this wallet I didn't transfer everything out of this joint it's a Bitcoin wallet it's an app and then we're going hand by this Bitcoin let's do it excuse me I'm trying to you know hold the phone and do both things there's a while Atlantic's an app called bread wallet you can download you can see right now don't have any Bitcoin in here but uh you can see that I've done sent and transferred Bitcoin on different dates man different amounts to to another Bitcoin wallet man while it is basically just like an online bank now you can hold your own Bank in your pocket you have as many wallets as you work just like you got purses or you know real wallets but there's these are digital waters where you hold just did you put money yet so let's go up in here man I can show you how we bought the bodies Bitcoin she walking up in a stove bear with me for a second joke I pray and even know it was Bitcoin ATMs around the way but it go Bitcoin ATM right here you can buy Bitcoin and you can get money out you can sell your Bitcoin and cash out there too it's gonna be a little more expensive but you can connect up with a Bitcoin exchange connected to your bank account and buy and sell Bitcoin that way and it's much cheaper but I'm gonna show y'all you know how you can turn the cash in the big horn all right so you can cash by coins withdrawal cash or redeem you wanna buy some coins you come back from $1 to 2000 you can see how expensive it is to buy here man oh dang what I hid old faith go back so it just like an ATM gotta first you know you paying three dollars for a transaction you can see you paying a four percent fee my in a Bitcoin and it's like a extra ten to twenty percent depending on the amount of Bitcoin you buying so you can see they selling their Bitcoin for six thousand you see it just changed six thousand six hundred and eleven dollars plus a 4% feet to buy that the eights here so that's the type of business that Bitcoin doing but not a game but I'm gonna show y'all how to do this today just won't pay this fee just for educational purposes so here we go so you see I got into my phone number in order to do is gonna send me your joint don't put my number in right quick so it's sending me a verification phone code to my other phone hold up oh sure they actually say a light coin that this machine to mine I don't know about litecoin it's a coin that's much cheaper than Bitcoin who's about fifty seven dollars a coin that coin gonna go up to man I actually own somebody that I can show you how to get some of that to we're gonna buy Bitcoin so we're gonna scan my QR code off my phone my wallet show your idea so Hickel my phone but the lord and totally put my pin number here alright put my pan there and we'll click i want to receive money so that's my QR code put it on there they just scan my QR code alright so now i'm by the by BTC might want to put this cash in here so see how we got to work this cash in the machine oh Hilda wrong place show y'all you see there honey that's gonna get me that amount of BTC cuz you only gotta buy a whole Bitcoin to buy it in pieces so that's 20 dollars $80 and BTC about to go ahead about it finish up there we go I just purchased that Bitcoin right there that's a sample of this debt man that's how you do the time I take a second for the confirmation to go through let's see what we got though was simple this deaf man I just sent $80 in Bitcoin to my Bitcoin wallet and that's it my go to the ATM get Bitcoin man not a game that simple why learn novel ways my heart let your boy Maddie ice ice cold crypto

20 thoughts on “Buying BITCOIN at the ATM. Get more BITCOIN”

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  2. Ice – nice video and some pretty funny dialogue. Just watched this after dealing with Coinbase today. I bought some coin only to tell me it was on hold for five days. My guess is they had to do this in order to stave off the regulators but really annoying. So I am praying BCT doesn't drop before I can make my tx. I'm going to hook up with a BC ATM tomorrow and get out of the Coinbase clown show. I like Bitcoin for the secure transaction. I'm tired of giving my debit card # out which any thief can go re-use. We need more secure transactions and Bitcoin offers that. I lost quite a of $ on Bitcoin last year but the technology is really awesome.

  3. This is so awesome!! Thank you for showing us this. I am super new to crypto and had no idea I could bypass all the coinbase and mama bs and just deposit straight to a wallet. whoot!

  4. what is the rate at the bottom? is it how much your bitcoin is worth now or what? I'm trying to learn a little more about gaining from it before I actually try it

  5. Very expensive. ….around 18th October the more usual BTC price hadn't reached $5600 usd yet….. so that machine is charging $100s extra. When I checked it out "Local Bitcoins" was charging 7% to 12% extra…so I guess that's 'normal'. My advice is if you can go to a regular exchange you would be able to buy cheaper.

  6. You can buy or sell bitcoins at I love them. They are easy to use and most reliable!

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