Buy Stop Hit – lecture from Cryptocurrency never losing formula course

Hello dear traders, this is Petko Aleksandrov and I continue with the example because the price jumped higher the last hours and I’m into the Never losing formula. So, what I need to do now? I need to place another Sell Stop on the same level of 6485. 41. So, I am going to the Trading, and New order, as a type I will select Pending order, Sell Stop. But here first I need to change it to 1 lot and my entry price will be very same as the initial order so, that would be 6485.41, Stop Loss will be 6965.41 and my Take Profit is 6125.41. I click on place, the trade is placed and you should not see any different lines from the ones that we are having. This means that you have placed it on the exact same place as the initial order. OK guys, so I’ll continue the example If the price goes up to my Take Profit of the buy order or if it goes down and hits the level of 6485.41, I will need to place another Buy Stop with another 1.4 lots. OK? Thank you for watching. And I will continue with the example. Cheers.

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