33 thoughts on “Buy side stop-limit order | Crypto trading strategy for buying a breakout”

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  2. Man, what a playlist on Coinbase Pro! Kudos, and your participation in the comments section… Priceless! I do have some questions and proposals, but I will hold until I finish all 55 videos on this playlist. I will definitely recommend your channel to my contacts!!

  3. great video =) slightly off-topic question please – what software do you use to animate your your funky lines & arrows?

  4. love these vids – what happens if we have a false break out higher which then moves back down? Is there any way to set a stop buy order then also a stop loss below it ?

  5. can someone explain to me why my gdax keeps rejecting my stop buy due to insufficient funds when i clearly have enough?

  6. Hi Mr. Lizard! A question…I tried to set a Buy Side Stop Order and it said I had insufficient funds. The market price was 8610.43 and I set the Stop Price at 8612.00 and the Limit Price at 8614.00. I filled the amount I wanted to buy with PRE-FILL ALL. Why would it say I have insufficient funds? Am I missing something ?

  7. Why is it better to set a stop buy order with a slightly higher limit order, than placing the limit order directly?
    Either way we will only get the trade if the price goes up to our limit price, so what's the point of delaying the placement?

  8. Can you explain this comment in a little more detail? "Triple tops are like butter. We slice right through them." Are you saying that if we see a double top like the one here, it's a good bet that we'll see a triple?

  9. hey , i really love your videos, I have a some questions (im sorry if they sounds too basic), i am really confused about the difference between LIMIT orders and STOP-LIMIT orders. so a few scenarios and questions :

    A) i understand at around 3:20 when you are describing wanting to buy when market is going up you have to use STOP-LIMIT because a LIMIT order at 320 means 320 or lower and if current price is (roughly based on your chart) 290, then that order will go on the books and get excuted. Did i get that right? So if you want to buy a rising market its best to use STOP LIMIT?

    B) When would someone use sell LIMIT then? i understand SELL STOP-LIMIT is to protect gains??

    C) when would someone use a Buy LIMIT , and when would someone use a Buy STOP-LIMIT???

  10. trying to do this and im getting an Insufficient funds message when I try use all my USD available… but when i set it $30 lower it works…. why is this?

  11. Thanks for the video. This always confused me. They make it confusing because they don't call it a "START" order. "STOP" implies stopping losses, whereas "START" implies starting a buy order. I've never understood why they still use the term stop on buy orders.

  12. Thanks bro for the super awesome explanation. Could you do a video on how to trade or beware of whales? Is it possible to look at the order book or the trend to jump in and out of trading when the whales come hunting?

  13. first of all thanks for the great content 🙂 Started using sell stop limit order after watching your vids. i feel much safer now if the price take a nosedive while i'm sleeping i can lock in those profits without losing out to a flash crash. i don't however get what the difference between a buy stop limit as opposed to just using a plain jane limit order. cheers 🙂

  14. Thanks for this video! Especially about identifying the 3rd peak opportunity.
    After executing the Stop-Buy and getting in on it, is there an ideal way to get back out again?
    How can you reap the benefit of the upswing when it starts slowing down and reverses course?
    For example, if you enter a stop-limit order at a set price and it continues swelling, do you delete and re-enter a stop-limit order at a higher level? Thanks!

  15. This no longer seems to work on GDAX. Whenever I try to do this, the order is rejected with an insufficient funds message, which makes no sense.

  16. Do you have to buy an entire coin if you do this? Say I want to buy $1000 worth of BTC at a certain price, say $13,500. How do I do that?

  17. Thank you very much for the video! I have a question that I could not find in the comments, so forgive me if it has been asked already.
    Can I set a stop-sell order in GDAX for a coin I do not own yet, like in Coinigy? Example:
    Coin A is at 500. I do not own coin A. I set a buy order at 450 and a stop order at 430 to sell at 500. Is this possible?

  18. About the BOTs to monitory price you mention and them execute the trade. Do you have any to recommend? Also a good alert system ?? Cheers

  19. Hey Mr. Lizard! I'm very new to this stuff, still in the researching phase so no investments at stake or nothin' to worry about, but I had a question fer ye'! Namely to make sure I at least got 'the idea' down sorta thing.

    To set the scene: Bitcoin has been blowin' up consistently and many suggest holding onto it a la 'long' trade. But at the same time litecoin and ether have been taking a hit on GDAX and I assume everywhere else, likely from people chasing the money with bitcoin and forking and all that. Perhaps all three will be climbing next month, but say we just entered the market mid-October and decided to focus primarily on litecoin. We'd be in for some rough days attempting to buy 'at the bottom' only for it to fall some more and either sit for it to eventually come back up in a week or two, sell at a loss and try again, or just wait till the market comes back. OR, and this is the theory, we could play the downtime to our advantage via a 'short' trade and ride the market down, makin' profits and passin' time all at once.

    That can only be done via margin trading, yes? And as GDAX doesn't allow it unless you have like 10 mill stashed away or run a bank or something, the only option to do so would be use another exchange to attempt that, correct?

    And I know, I know. Margin trading is the most crazy-risky of things to even think about dabblin' in, I know. As I said I got no coins at all and still researching candles and techniques, and even when I do enter the marketplace I'd be betting with pennies and .001 or less per trade till I knew for certain what I was doin', but I wanted to make sure I at least got my head on straight as stock 101 and crypo 101 doesn't always math out 1:1.

    Thank-you for your time and these great breakdowns of things, lad. Mighty helpful!

  20. So is it placing a limit order above the current market rate? I thought that wasn't possible since the order book would already have pending orders waiting to be sold at that price meaning you would just do a market order. I've tried manually placing limit buy orders above market and it always rejects them. If that is how it works though is it considered a maker or taker order when calculating fees on the trade through GDAX?

  21. Let's say I bought 1 bitcoin. And I made a profit of 1K and I want to take it out? How do I get it immediately? What are the fees?

  22. Can you also make a video difference between Stock market, Forex, and Crpytocurrency? Pros & Cons to be exact.

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