what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the tech house for another video here today from the tech cash house of course of course now in today's video I'm gonna be discussing why exactly it might not be a good idea to sell Bitcoin right now okay depending on these circumstances or why right now there's really no real reason to sell Bitcoin according to an expert analyst so that's what I'll be breaking down hope all of you guys are enjoying the weather wherever you are however it might be I know right here right now it's kind of raining but that's a little bit of side the point but anyway guys if you do like the video do go ahead drop it a like subscribe and share for more with that being said let's go for 200 likes 5,000 views do share with your buddies because odds are they'll get a kick out of this as well especially if they've been tempted as of late to sell but anyway guys let's go ahead and get a bit more information and read a bit further and see why selling right now may not be a good idea so of course bitcoin right now still seems to be piping hot as of the time that I'm reading this and I'm quoting from an article right now the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies remains at 175 billion dollars just shy of the year today high established last Wednesday night this effectively non-stop a bullish price action which pushed Bitcoin above the $5,200 mark mere hours ago however has led some to claim that a short-term pullback to under $4,800 or even lower could be inbound according to Todd Butterfield an analyst at the Wycoff stock market Institute though Bitcoin might not collapse in fact Butterfield writes that if the crypto asset follows his bullish Elliott Wave chart which it very well could which accurately predicted this 25 percent rally there aren't any real sell reasons so in other words what he's saying here is right now you know even if the price of Bitcoin were to dip a a bit down to $4,900 or so there's still really no reason to sell so let's read on here and see what exactly Todd is saying so the chart that Todd has created shows that Bitcoin will likely return to 49 hundred dollars which is a bearish move ongoing as this article is being read before ranging between five thousand dollars and fifty seven hundred dollars until the end of May this should then be followed by an eventual rally to seventy two hundred dollars potentially by June which is where Butterfield's model ended so let's go ahead and talk about this and break this down okay according to Butterfield's model here todd Butterfield's model essentially what we can expect to see in the near short term is maybe a likely return to $4,900 however that is in the short-term and like I said countless times I believe we shouldn't really worry about the short term all that much these short term doesn't dictate how things will go in the longer term outlook and that just kind of makes sense but before all that long okay before the end of May Butterfield here and I'd tend to agree with this believes that we will be between five thousand and fifty seven hundred dollars not a bad estimate and then eventually you know by June or by the end of June we could seen even better rally to seventy two hundred dollars now remember this is a technical analysis okay this is real data showing us that this could you know very well come to fruition and actually be something that we see over the next couple of months now here is why this is so important okay because you might be wondering Butterfield is just putting stuff out there you know he is analyzing this but why does this matter well if we reach 72 hundred dollars by the end of June we will really be heading in the right direction for more major growth reaching seventy two hundred dollars would actually be setting us up for some really good movement so if this is actually attained that would be really an awesome piece of news okay I would love to see that in the headlines before all that long and we may very well actually see this materialize and remember this may sound lofty okay but he isn't the only one that's still bullish I know a lot of you are still foolish as well okay another expert brave new coins Josh and this is a Polish name so I'm probably going to slaughter it holds Jewish I hope all my god that was so bad all the wigs I am so bad at pronouncing names anyway recently noted that Bitcoin on its daily chart recently closed above its Ichimoku cloud a multi-faceted indicator used to show levels of support and resistance for the first time in 442 days when this market established a top prior to crashing dramatically which was of course back in late 2017 considering the pic one trade above its cloud during much of 2017 s rally this sign has been deemed bullish by many traders and yes it is another thing to consider okay this cloud this Ichimoku cloud actually is a good indicator because remember like I said just just now you know just a few minutes ago or a few seconds ago rather when we saw this appear in 2017 we had a really really good and solid rally that continued for quite a while we haven't seen this cloud actually be topped again in 442 days over a year okay almost a year and a half or a year and one-third so really this is a good sign very good sign so the fact that Bitcoin continues to trade above its 200-day moving average has also pleased investors fun strats Tom Lee recently remark that Bitcoin acts significantly better when it trades above the aforementioned level which has acted as an overarching level of resistance for much of the past year in fact 80 percent of the time the pic when trading above its 200-day moving average there was a win in average six months for a return of 193 percent which is compared to a 36 percent win ratio when the tables were turned or during a bearish market so these tools while they might seem arbitrary do actually show you know all of these things do show that we're shaping up to see some really good momentum and some really good positive growth in the relatively near future so remember the Bitcoin bears like to belittle these symbols as nothing more than conjecture okay the Bears will always say these symbols don't matter they're not significant they're lines on a chart that don't show anything and that's not true at all okay these symbols these signs are significant they do really show that better days are coming and honestly it's only a matter of time before we see some really nice growth remember pick one traits largely on market sentiment when people are feeling good about it the market does a bit better when people aren't feeling as good and sentiment is lower just like with consumer markets and you know retail and other such assets and areas the market tends to not do quite as nicely so as always folks like I've said remain bullish remain calm keep strong and I'm gonna go ahead and wrap up this video I'll see you all of you in the next video cube right here the tech cash house have a good one folks do drop the video like if you liked it subscribe and share for more those things help the channel out a ton of course and I'll see all of you in the next one give me your comments in – adios


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  3. Even if BTC goes to 100,000 I don't think I can sell knowing that eventually it will be $500,000 to a Million.

  4. Who? I have a chart that shows Bitcoin will go to $6500 by the end of April after that dropping back down to $2800 by the end of July. Everyone will dump thinking it's over and the Sec will approve the ETF/Paper Bitcoin after that moving up to finish the year around 7400.All Facts


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    Spend months saying "Oh! BTC is going to the moon in the next few days."
    Exploiting Nipsy Hussle's death
    And the new trend of Clickbait thumb nails with "pretty ladies" in them.
    Not watching any more of this garbage.

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