30 thoughts on “Buy Bitcoin or Any Cryptocurrency Instantly with a Credit Card on Bitstamp!”

  1. Bitstamp is not respecting my private life. They require too much. There’s not anything saint for Bitstamp.

  2. I hope that soon the rumor that Bitstamp is selling people’s personal data will transform in a real investigation and a court case.

  3. If I find out that Bitstamp is using my personal information somehow, I’m going to report them. That’s a serious crime.

  4. Looking at Bitstamp I understand how less are the crypto exchange controlled. They are easily scamming people.

  5. Bitstamp are so predictable. They are not going to change anything. We can expect only some “positive” news and maybe a new update for their application.

  6. I hope hackers won’t attack Bitstamp before my withdrawal is in process. I’m going to take my money and close my account.

  7. Bitstamp consider that every their user is speaking English and is able to understand everything. They should be ashamed for such an approach.

  8. Bitstamp is a complicated choice. I do not see any advantages. They offer a small number of crypto pairs and oblige you to pass through a very strict verification process.

  9. The Bitstamp’s license doesn’t guarantee the user’s data and funds security. The administration continue to seize people’s money as “administrative costs”.

  10. Bitstamp is not a top platform anymore. The number of users’ s complains grows everyday. Something will happen very soon.

  11. bitstamp has one of the worst customer support. there is no chance you can get help with solving kind of issue and you always have to wait for response for so long time

  12. after my account at bitstamp was verified in 2 months I decided not to trade at this exchange. seems like their support team is not working at all and they will not able to help me if anything serious would happen

  13. i personally has once trusted bitstamp and it was great mistake. my account was frozen and the trading balance was blocked. all the funds were eliminated from it and never got it back

  14. adding my personal info and funds to the bitstamp that is known for freezing money and seizing them? no thanks…

  15. who watches this in 2019, you must to know
    all this is no longer relevant. Bitstamp became not profitable as possible.

  16. A useful action is to forget about such an exchanger as bitstamp …
    I traded on it for 7 months and I know how it got worse

  17. I've done then. I mean I have no idea why to sign up on Bitfinex they need my banking info. Now I know it makes money on selling private info

  18. i can not recommend you guys to trade at bitstamp. really suspicious place, they have one of the longest KYC procedure, I had to send tons of docs to get approved

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