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buying Bitcoin could not be easier in the year 2017 we have two really important services allowing you to purchase Bitcoin easily online and I'm going to give you a slight presentation on which ones I think are the best and I've picked two out of the top ten so I have looked over all of the top ten places you could buy Bitcoin and I have picked two so it is really simple for you to decide now when you're buying Bitcoin you obviously want it to be able to be purchased globally because everyone around the entire world should be able to spend money no matter where they shop you should be able to buy something online and Europe and you should also be able to buy something online if you want to do in Russia it does not matter the point is is that if you weren't able to buy Bitcoin online all over the world you can also have transactions all over the world and that is going to really strengthen bitcoins economy as more and more services begin to offer these these purchases of Bitcoin globally and coinbase right now is available in 33 countries this is really good this is exciting okay 33 countries may not seem like a lot but it really is a lot of countries and i really suggest purchasing bitcoin through coinbase if you want a low exchange rate this is going to save you a lot of money one problem though is you cannot use PayPal to purchase Bitcoin using coinbase now I know what you're thinking right like oh wow that's horrible no no it's not horrible it's just coin base is set up to be its own exchange system and it requires to work with banks and so you in order to use Bitcoin or I mean in order to purchase in order to buy Bitcoin using coin base you must set up a bank account using your coin base account from there it will pull money out of your bank account and convert that to Bitcoin is it really cool I love coinbase I have tested coinbase I used coinbase at times I have also tested paxville and I use that also it really both of them are nice they are both good options I prefer coinbase because of the lower exchange rates but you have to make your own choice and globally paxville is a great option I am sure though coinbase would be supported wherever you live so if you want to try setting up coinbase or just look to see if it would work in your area go ahead just go on over look in the description I am going to give you two links in the description to either set up a coin base account or a paxville account so PayPal is accepted at paxville for purchasing Bitcoin unfortunately the problem with purchasing Bitcoin through paxville is that the exchange rate is high so you end up paying more money when you're actually purchasing or buying the Bitcoin so this is kind of irritating if you're trying to to get a good deal on Bitcoin coin base is going to give you the most for your money paxville is going to be the easiest the most convenient for most people because a lot of people pay with paypal whenever they're purchasing anything online because PayPal is just the leading online payment provider coinbase I've already kind of mentioned it is very secure it's trusted their support could be better I think and they definitely are simple it's just so easy and if you want to set up a bank account and get a really low exchange rate this is going to let you do that could coin base will and so that's you will save a lot of money by purchasing Bitcoin through coin based versus anywhere else really coin base is by far the best exchange rate so if you want to get Bitcoin and a lot of it and be saving money coin base as a way to go setting up your account does take some time the first time you get it set up but once your account is set up selling and buying Bitcoin is very simple it is so easy it is secure and as quick you just all you got to do is you got to set up your account that first time if you want to skip waiting okay so if you don't want to wait for Bitcoin you want it like right now let's go let's go get it with PayPal then packs full of course is your option so you really just have to decide what what it is that you want do you want to save money and get a lot of Bitcoin and pay less or do you want to go out and get pet you know use paxville and get Bitcoin but it's going to cost you more money now to have it quicker so it's really a matter of do you want convenience and to pay more or do you want to get more for less so that's really how you have to think of it coinbase you're gonna get more for less tax well it's gonna happen right now it's gonna cost you more money so if you're looking into getting the Bitcoin really quick paxville is the way to go you're going to be able to get it using PayPal you will have to go through a vendor though and their system is set up really nice it shows you who is a trusted vendor and who isn't it's got kind of a rating system so that can help you to get a good vendor signing up is really quick and it just it's almost very fast the whole process if you want to get Bitcoin really quickly like right now go to packs well it's you know the process is so very quickly it's just you get a Bitcoin really fast right now but again like I said if you want more Bitcoin for the money you pay then yes you're going over to coin base and in this in the conclusion part I just wrap it up by saying pretty much what I have already said here coin base is going to allow you to save money it's gonna take some time setting up your account and getting that paired up with your bank account but if you're looking to buy Bitcoin and save money coin base is the way to go if you want to pay more money to get your Bitcoin right now then you can enjoy the convenience of buying Bitcoin through paxville using PayPal as your payment method there are other simple payment methods you can even pay with Amazon and just a bunch of different options there for you so go ahead and check this out I did check out either coinbase or paxville see which one is right for you again links are down in the description for you to go sign up your account very quickly so if you click one of the accounts the right one of the links down there you're gonna be able to set up your accounts right now it's just really fast and simple I hope you have a wonderful 2017 you have a great day

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