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alright guys good morning happy Friday it is March 29th and it's that time again for Bitcoin and crypto news and today we have another positive day Bitcoin continues to go up we're inching inching forward inching up almost at forty one hundred and it's actually bucking the top the top all coins because like ether and light coins actually trailing behind Bitcoin at this point so are we go actually a see a bullish Bitcoin run soon and quite possibly there's a lot of people think after we hit forty two hundred we might start really climbing but that is not to indicate I'm talking about today the topic of today is there's a very bullish indicator that a lot of stock traders and traders in general look at and I'm noticing that it's happening across the board on most of the all coins that I've been talking about for a while not most but a lot of them so today I'm will constrain that and also talk about the other pieces of news which are all extremely bullish today so today it's a happy day even though we don't have a like a huge pump day but we are slow and steadily going up and that's what we want to see step one hit 4,000 step two hits 6,000 and we have hit that step one and we're holding so things are looking pretty good thanks for tuning guys as always appreciate the people that is in the channel already always appreciate a commentary those that can't make it hopefully will one day and appreciate your support so make sure you smash up the likes and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on any important info that that you may not otherwise gets alright let's get started and then do Q&A so overall market cap right 140 3.5 billion roughly where we were we inched up very slightly however there are some big movers for example Cardinal is up basic attention tokens up T Zoe's is up a lot of things are up today and I'm we'll get to why they are up at least try to explain lobbies up there's a lot of things going up today and that is very positive but before I get it indicator I'm gonna force you guys to wait until the end before I get to it however I made a video and those of you guys that that follow me a lot you'd know that I made this video about a week ago about ten Kryptos to watch right and when I first pulled put this out a lot of people saw in Jedi it's nothing new and some of these have run up a lot right but as we know most of these old coins are still 8090 percent down from all-time high so even though they had a run up does not mean they can't continue and some of those ones I've been talking about like Wahby and bat were stated in there and there are other ones that haven't moved that significantly yet so you guys haven't watched that video make sure you do so because there are still a lot of coins waiting to explode up now moving on very bullish statement from TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington who who also owns Ironton XRP Capital which is very bullish on X or p2 but he just made a simple quote simple quote simple tweet I've never been more bullish about crypto than I am now well obviously obviously for the last year and a half two years right we've all been down Alban crushed by either mount GOx or the Bears that's taking advantage or simply the bots and now things are finally turning around and slow and studied right so it's no surprise that he is bullish and plus and plus he he kind of he has some skin in the game too because he has a lot of money in Arrington xrp Capital so yes it generates some hype right but he's not alone he's not alone there's a lot of people that is now starting to come out and say you know what crypto winter is officially over the worst is behind us and now we're ready to go out go forward it yesterday I showed some some other traders and Alice what they're thinking too right but I think this is this is pretty bullish and I mentioned about the 4200 so there's someone else Alice Krueger and I he's just uh someone that follows the market he is quoted saying once price breaks $4,200 they can move fast matter of watching levels just like thirty thirty seven hundred yesterday I guess this is a little old right the key for a short-term prosperity of crypto market is for PDC to break out of a major resistant level with strength so even though this quote is probably a few weeks ago he thinks breaking out at 4200 can then lead to really fast growth and we're inching there inching slowly slowly upwards right all right now let's move on to coinbase just like finance coinbase is trying to find new ideas right they're trying to get themselves to be like one of the exchanges and they already are but they don't want to sit idle they I'm sure they're noticing what my ass is doing but they have their limitations because they're in the US right so for coin mates to say offer ILO is it's gonna be really tricky with the regulations here so what are you doing they're coming out with a staking service for institutional investors and this is why T's owes have jumped up tease those have been jumping up a lot recently actually brought a lot of tension to to the bit max exchange because the Molson volume is there but now coin base is parting up as the first one with T Zoe's where they're going offer not just custody service right not just hold it but if institutional investors want to make a return just by holding on to these kryptos coinbase well we'll help them it makes sense because they have custody service why not right so T's owes the first clients of you want to state T's owes you could with coinbase and clients can expect to earn about six point six percent annually the firm says which is not too shabby that's actually much better than say 30-year Treasury bonds and savings account and so forth right but that if that if T's O's continues to go up at T zero starts tanking at 6% for 6% is that does that go do much because yeah you know you guys would do the math but this is pretty interesting this is Ranger it's pretty smart you think about it if you have custody service and you're holding Kryptos for people why not layer in this additional service where are you saying you go stake for them and then whatever rewards they get right you stake that too and it makes sense who knows maybe fidelity we'll think about this I mean this could be a new cash cow for coinbase so good for them for thinking about something that's relatively easy to implement since they have custody service already all right moving on another bullish news Facebook is continuing their hiring spree so Facebook it's not a matter if it's a matter when at this point right rumor speculating about Facebook coin we just turn about whatsapp integrating a third party wallet right this is all leading towards Facebook coin and they will be introducing it and that is why they are posting jobs like crazy they want to hire people so they already had 20 right and now they're adding five more and you know by the end of the year this team is probably go being the thousands all right they don't want to fall behind Facebook wants to innovate I know a lot of people don't like Facebook right a lot of people don't like their privacy issues and so forth and how they sell data and blah blah but still they're one of the top companies in the world with over a billion freaking users so if Facebook gets involved it's gonna bring a ton of attention to this space and it's gonna lead to good things now Facebook of course once they go down this path with Facebook coin you know they go do whatever it takes to grow and partner up with other people such as wallet makers write exchanges and possibly other other kryptos that's in niches that they want to go into possibly possibly they want to acquire a crypto company that has an awesome browser like basic attention token right things will start rolling downhill really quick once this gets started its overall I think this is extremely bullish for the entire market now moving on from there JP Morgan the irony the irony of this is JP Morgan is doing the same from the banking side Jamie Dimon the biggest Bitcoin bear now have turned crypto bull right JP Morgan now tops in terms of job openings the most blockchain job openings JP Morgan is on the top of the list compared to everyone else so they are hiring like crazy to right now just like Facebook because they're preparing for their JP Morgan coin right and why is this positive because coins like ripple coins like stellar they're they're trying to position themselves as a base currency so it doesn't matter if JP Morgan comes out their own coin because it's internal right and what does it go happen all the other banks out there in the world are gonna think about well maybe we should come out their own currency alright and that's fine and if everyone comes out with it how are they go transact with each other how are you go trade between JP Morgan coin and say Morgan Stanley coin or Goldman Sachs coin you still need some kind of base currency right some kind of trading pair that's gonna exchange all these right so it could come to exchanges it could come to XRP or it could come to xlm at this point with world water we don't know but still this space book coin in my opinion is bring adoption or awareness from the consumer side and someone like JP Morgan in IBM and all that well actually IBM is the tech side but JP Morgan is bringing from the banking side and then Microsoft IBM Amazon is bringing from the tech side right so this is part of fundamentals that is getting better and better and better and even in 2018 2017 you had none of this right so that's why there's so much hope in 2019 right because it's also been said that previous bear rods there was no hope at all like people had no hope that things where they'll come back because things like this doesn't didn't exist right that's why it's very different 2019 now moving on to more good news breaking news Japan s biggest railway plans to accept cryptocurrency payments now Japan just like South Korea very Pro crypto they have made a lot of strides regulations have been put in place and they're moving forward and forward and of course if you have the biggest railway in Japan a sceptic ripto payments that is very positive right so this goes against this goes with consumer adoption right so who knows what what what Wallis service they will be using it's probably something with whatsapp because everything in Asia like revolves around whatsapp I don't know if Japan has their own version of whatsapp but at least China Taiwan a lot of Chinese communities whatsapp so I don't know I don't know what they're gonna be using but this is gonna be very positive all right now moving on to I only have two other news and they both revolve around Tron someone brought this up Tron acquires a blockchain apps or coin play and in my opinion this is pretty good because you know we have seen like strap what's that company shoot you know we have seen a thern and based projects right that have like an app store and neo is doing that too right because right now let's like how do you find all these apps right decentralized apps these gambling apps right you have to find them individually there's no like real app store for decentralized apps so these network protocols that want to highlight the apps that's running on top of their network you know it makes sense they have an app store right so I think that's what Tron is trying to do I think this is a good play for them because there are a lot of gambling and just gambling and casino type apps out there right and if you want to showcase all of them why not put in an app store so that it's easy for people to scroll through and use so I think this is pretty good for Tron what's not good is this contest that they've been Justin's been running and this has just I mean it just it just turned out to be bad right so Justin said that he was gold give out a Tesla okay and somehow his first drawing was screwed up and there's a lot of controversy people were looking at it somehow and said that all these bots were participating and the actual winner of it this guy right he actually got picked and then Justin wiped a video that did another pic and someone else won and then explained that the reason why they had to do this is because people thought a non livestream was unfair and it was gamed and so forth right so this guy is left saying what happened to me where's my Tesla unless they could prove somehow he did something fishy which I don't think they can or and I don't think he did I don't know but I don't know I don't know so this kind of this kind of thing is turning into a big debacle for for Justin I know he wants to get a word out he wants to spread the Tron love he wants to give a lot of stuff away obviously he has over a billion dollars that he'd give away but I don't know people just seem to do this way at least Justin seemed to like do these things on the fly and they this to kind of expect things to work they gotta realize they have an audience of thousands tens of thousands hundred thousands possibly millions of people watching so I mean can't you just take some time to kind of like run through this do a pilot or something before you do this live I just I don't get it I don't get it alright so moving on that's it for the news so let me talk about what I was showing while I was talking about in terms of the bullish indicator right and that is a Golden Cross so according to traitors for longest time one of the things you look at is the moving averages and there is a death cross and a bullish cross right a golden cross and a death cross is when when what we saw when BTC started coming down and that's the 200-day crossing down right over 250 and the opposite is happening we're 50 is now crossing over the 200 and that is the Golden Cross and this is the image I use for my thumbnail and I'm showcasing basic attention coin because it has finally happened to them so I got a lot of squiggly lines here but the ones you want to look at is the yellow one and the red one the yellow one is the 50-day moving average the red one is the 200-day moving average and you can see it just crossed over and it for a lot of stock traders this is an extremely foolish sign for the long term it doesn't mean that once this happens that the it could only go up now there's girls still be up and down so Kay but for a long term this is a very gigantic indicator that showcases that it is a reversal the swing is now moving upwards the momentum is going upwards and we could see great things happen and this is what I've been talking about for a little bit but I'm noticing it's happening a lot more across a lot of all points which is why all coins continue to go up and up and up you and of course fundamentals and carrying them but from a trading a charting perspective something like bat which has been going up like crazy and it is still going up like crazy and one of the coins I mentioned in my top 10 crypto to watch so this is very positive obviously bat has the fundamentals right I talked about Brendan Eich and how brilliant he is and the strategy he's been doing and I've always said that basic attention tokens very undervalued now they're starting to get traction people are noticing them more and even indicators like this shows that they are definitely moving in the right direction now other ones right like wahby has been moving a lot recently too and same thing they had a bullish cross that happened not too long ago right so a lot of these ones are starting to move in the right direction and it's looking pretty good now I've talked about like one before something like this happen I coin a while go right so ever since the event happened like one has been slowly going off it doesn't mean it's just gonna be a hockey stick but if you look at the all coins one by one they're all turning or they're all having this gold cross event right B&B which I talk about lot which continues to do very well had it back you know early March right and you see everything's going up and up and up so that's one thing that you guys could look at the two things I the one thing I generally look at for short term is the stochastic RSI which cuz it gives you a good indicator for our daily chart gives you an indicator if short term very short term if things could continue to go up or it's about to take a breather and come back down but something like this a bullish cross or the moving averages kind of gives you a longer-term perspective if it is on the way or there's a reversal up and the moment is going up right but outside all this really really it's the fundamentals that's carrying things right right now is really the fundamentals tearing things I just went over three big pieces of news today TechCrunch you know founder who is a billionaire he's very bullish coinbase doing good things Facebook getting involved JPMorgan getting involved Japan getting involved I mean what more do you need to see everything is foolish and it's go carrying the market right but without getting too bullish I mean things will take a breather right things will come down there will be down days it's not like we're just gonna go straight up to 20,000 the next day right but overall momentum is definitely moving to the upside right and then before I get a Q&A I talked about my sponsor yesterday data light and I played around with it so today I made a few of these widgets and it's actually pretty interesting because you customize this really well so today I did this the top percent gainers but only within the top 200 because if you search for the biggest gainers on CMC for example they always show you you know the top you know mm right and you see a lot of pump points out there that you really don't care about so today the biggest gainers within the top 200 coins you can see T Zoe's is in there right basic attention token is there and you got other ones like Aurora that went up 874 percents crazy QoS in there this is this is sorted by their market size sorry the market cap that is why it is not sorted by percentages but this gives you a good perspective and obviously basic attention token is here which is very positive that 30 cents now and I was curious how this is correlate with Twitter and telegram pipe so last 24 hours again top 200 coins in terms of Twitter hype and telegram hype and of course it's interesting for Twitter look at basic attention token everyone is excited about it right it is there's a lot of hype on Twitter telegram to however look at it T's O's has a ton of telegram hype but not Twitter hype so T's O's is definitely not utilizing they're not utilizing Twitter at this point and that's that's the disappointment they should be also Wahby which has gone up a lot it has come down a little bit but it's still continuing to go you could see Wahby is actually one of the ones they have a lot of telegram hype right now but not a lot of Twitter hype so it's kind of interesting so you could kind of correlate some of these things and just because you have a lot of hype doesn't mean that it's actually going up that much because for example you look at a nano nano engine they both have good telegram hype which means a lot of people are talking and telegram getting excited but you don't really see any movement today right so this is an interesting I'm gonna play around I said data lie is my sponsor for the whole month I'm gonna start fooling around with this they have a lot of really cool stuff but you do have to customize it so just want to give you guys some more insight on that alright guys that is it let's turn it back to you guys for some Q&A I see there's a lot of teases fans and that's only after start coming up T Zoe's the best way those of you guys aren't familiar with T's O's and some of you may may disagree with me but T's O's is basically like a OS with extremely with governance that's extremely decentralized to the people everything for the projects is voted by the people where ye OS is voted by black producers so it's a little bit different right and I don't know if it's go work long term I don't know if a project that is purely run and and voted by the people a hundred percent is actually a good thing I actually tend to like project with very strong and capable leaders because I think they can make a tremendous difference right obviously the leader will take input from the community and from the shareholders or whatever but ultimately they're making a decision but T's OS is completely democratized right so I don't know I don't know and they obviously had some controversy and so forth but I do think I do think that them working with coinbase to get their staking involved with their custody service is a pretty smart move so that's obviously why it moved up a lot today waiting for pull back and bad to snatch more yes yes if you look at that like I mentioned the stochastic RSI right it's pretty good indicator if you look at a day right it's it's not crossing over yet so it does have a little bit more leg room right on a four hour it was actually on the way down until today and it's going back up so if you look at that perspective yeah it's it's probably run out of steam sometime soon and then come back down right but right now it seems like it still has some legs left but overall even that basic attention token is only where is it yeah it's only number 22 at 358 million right basically ten tokens should be a lot higher they should be a lot higher so there's a big gap right once you go from 22 to 20 two-twenty look at it it's almost double so even though teases 19 its 606 million which is almost double that so basic tension token could easily double right and go to number 19 or 20 or 18 right and that that could easily happen within this year where'd I get that Bitcoin pic I actually made that I just found a picture on on Google and and just created a canvas art that's much cheaper that one than trying to buy one what do you think my cardano's latest pump I mean card ah no you know they don't move much because people don't have anything excited right there's a lot of development happening but people don't get too excited about development updates other than if they're go release there's something you know new like a new wallet or something like that I mean the last thing Cardinal a lot of people got excited about is the ledger integration which is why I started pumping up because it's been so stagnant for a while right it karna know used to be number 5 on the list and now has dropped to number 10 and for a while Tron was above 2 so I think cardano's is in a good spot they have such a large loyal following they're not going to go away anytime soon but it seems like it's still gonna be a while until everything is done from a prop profit perspective xrp is my long plate is my short play it as your short play what's your biggest coins definitely take a look so that's too much in my opinion that's too much in big caps okay so 50 50 25 25 rule all right I should make a video about that again because a lot of you guys are new 50/25/25 rule 50% in Bitcoin write it I know that a lot of people don't agree with that but 50% in Bitcoin really saves you ask sometimes and like today it's actually moving pretty well compared to somebody's big catch right 50% in Bitcoin 25% in big cash which is anything above a billion dollars and 25% in small caps and small caps this is necessarily mean the ultra small caps it could be the mid caps such as like basic retention token or ontology or neo or T's O's those are all considered small cab at this point the under billion dollars so that way you have a good mix of growth right big caps when they're moving it so carrier portfolio when small caps really move and start really pumping its go carrier portfolio right but overall you still have that stability 50% in Bitcoin and that when that pumps is great if things are crashing then at least Bitcoin crashes the slowest – so I looked into phantom and I don't I don't see the big deal at this point so I'm gonna do a write up he's one of my insiders really wants to know about it because a fusion one of the fusion founders contributes to them so I'm gonna write a big write-up for phantom for my insider program those of you guys that want to learn more definitely take a look it's in the description and then once I once I do the research I could let you guys know what my thoughts are but at first glance I don't see anything that really excites me but you know maybe I'll change my mind after I do some heavy research into them check out honey pod device and as honey token scam nothing burger worth a look what's nothing burger isn't all still a good quaint yes definitely nulls they just they just came out their album for an alts 2.0 very positive they're inching forward they also got a huge investment too so they're gonna be in it for a long haul how about bit max well bit max is a relatively new exchange right they have a they have an interesting perspective in terms of how they want you to keep your tokens and trade because they're basically refunding bid max tokens and so forth right Superman Branagh attention to it I actually did write about the max token to my insiders this week on Monday I'm like hey you know what it actually looks like it could climb more all the hype and the technicals look pretty good it's worth taking a shot I did you know just put a small amount in there and it went up like 200% since then so it's been pretty well and it's been holding and that's why I also mentioned during these streams that exchange points are really hot exchange coins are really hot besides finance coin cool coin shares have been really hot which I missed but recently I've been studying them more and they've been inching up more because of their spotlight and bit max double-a is hot and there's other ones but you know they haven't been moving that much yet so exchange quite something to take a look at to data I think data is in a good position I'm really surprised that theta has not moved yet I talked about this it's only a matter of time but I think it went up a little bit too fast and too many people you know they're waiting for tea fuel to be really traded across a lot of exchanges right it did go up very significantly now it's down but if you look at you know if you look at RSI right look at how long it was at zero for like I haven't seen any other coin where the RSI was at zero for this long now it's finally moving up a little bit so it's slowly moving up right and I do think that once people start catching on to theta it will make some significant moves upwards I I like the fact I like what they're doing right but they do have competitor now because BitTorrent is in this space but we'll see they have a lot of traction in South Korea and in Asia right now right so I think they have a good chance of taking over the market oh yeah I should showcase my let me go on login maybe I didn't login yeah I didn't login I'll show you guys next time but I'm not doing good in this altcoin fantasy drive right now there's some people that's doing really good so you guys could still join it's not too late to join us for another week or so but you might be behind me some people are ahead but here I'll just post this link really quick if you guys want to do some free fantasy league and there's a prize it's like 20 bucks No yeah 20 bucks or no 40 bucks something like that who cares you know give it a try right but I'm certainly not winning there's some people that's doing really good and good for them vibes man I haven't heard about vibe for a long time vibrator vibe I guess five the 3d play ever since that came out I didn't think I was that good I mean you know they're they're in a space where they're gonna map 3d environments right and to go put an oculus and stuff like that overall I just don't see that taking off and I don't see you know me are dere right now really making any traction there was like so much buzz about oculus and stuff like that I don't know anyone that that has a VR gear that they use constantly people are just on their phones or iPads so I'm not sure I don't know they might be a bit early I might regret saying that in 10 years when everyone's wearing a br gear but right now I just don't see it ADA is your short-term play because April 17 they may announce Shelly update well they may or may not and even they do I mean this is why I mean there's nothing wrong card on oh okay I mean I'm let me see the off too bad but you got to realize how their short-term perspective right if card on oh goes up they have to double right and then they they'll be at number five basically number six or number five right so it's it takes a lot of money to be able to do that so but I have to double you know maybe 500 800 million needs to be put in before they can do that right but some of these other ones are recovering they have a lot greater chance of going up faster right but that doesn't mean you go all in a small ones that's why I think 50 25 to imply distribution right in terms of how you allocate your portfolio I think that's a good balance and I've been saying that forever Jose do you asked about nucleus vision every day because there is nothing I don't see nothing nothing will happen with any with nucleus vision or any indium based project unless India becomes pro crypto that's ultimately the bottom line when you think of a list which is better than Finance coin no no not even close and they're not even in the same they don't even compete they're two different products finance coin finance coin ultimately is utility for finance that's in all the all the ducks they're having all the exchanges they have Launchpad everything revolves around BnB so that is the purpose for that they're not trying to come out with smart contracts is finance chain that they develop that's nothing into a smart contracts they're not trying to run apps that is not what their vision is this on the other hand is trying to do that but I just feel like no one is talking about lists at this point although all the developers are moving to yields or trying order sticking what the thorium and I don't hear anyone talk about Lissa anymore so I don't I just can't see it and you know they're they took a long time to come out their main net right and I know they have a lot of operation funds because they did their I co really early but I just don't hear anything on it list right now I will April 1st April 1st 1 is April 1st April 1st is Monday my live stream on Monday is probably go be a hundred percent based on dental end or serán labs one of the two so be ready for that so just be ready whatever I put out at Monday it's gonna be a little bit different alright alright guys that is it thanks for tuning in overall the market is doing go specifically a lot of these all coins and basically attention to coin is one of them yeah basic attention token I should say is one of them and all the news is turning very bullish guys I mean if you're still sitting outside lines you're still waiting for 1800 or 2000 or whatever it is you might have to wait years for that to come back again right so this is definitely this is definitely not a time to be sitting on the sidelines alright thanks for tuning guys make sure you smash of the like subscribe to the channel and I haven't done this for a while so I want to play a quick message for my friends at sarin labs to end the show take care guys buh-bye what do you think about Ripple well I mean I think it's too centralized but I definitely want to meet Chris Larson [Laughter]

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