34 thoughts on “BULLISH BITCOIN Signal that Kick-Started the Last BULL RUN is BACK! $30k by 2020?!”

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  2. Hey man, please do more news about altcoins. Shilling BTC every single day becomes more and more boring to watch. Thats from your fan, that tries to watch you EVERY single day. PLEASE! Like EOS social platform rumors. We need those news too!

  3. I love how we're hearing more and more about "utility tokens" in the mainstream media! XRP is the STANDARD! Would love that Nano Ledger S K-Dub!! Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. Hey, speaking of DEXs , what are your thoughts on the project Blocknet?
    If DEXs are going to be the next big thing, maybe do a review on the different ones out there?

  5. Total BS MagicPoopCannon's projection to $2947 in October; I'm tired of that curved long term chart also; you can draw it in a number of different ways to depict whatever bear or bull stance you want to portray.

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