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Harrison say again please well there's overwhelming proof that it didn't happen when you study bitcoins path up to 19,000 there are no shadows on either side of the broad could we realistically have gone that high that fast once we do the calculation Brewers fixed-point theorem tells us that we're looking at an impossible graph far too many people was how many people have supposed to be gone beyond low-earth orbit B idea 24 how much did you put down on that marker what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so it is Wednesday it is home day and I'm having a little bit of a hump day over here myself because my morning was just extremely hectic guys I I know this video is probably coming out a little bit later than usual and then on top of that I lost my ledger this morning couldn't find it it was just really crazy so okay we're here we're good we're back now having a look at what's going on some people were freaking out this morning like I heard everyone like oh no we're crashing and I checked it out and I'm like rolling down like 2% on Bitcoin I mean I know sometimes it drags the altcoins down a little bit more than that but if we have a look we only felt like two billion dollars it's not really that much considering we've been in a downtrend and there's not much happening and we have very low volume I mean having a look at the chart right here this is what we're freaking out about I mean I'm not saying we're not gonna go lower we could but I mean as of what happened this morning wasn't really that big a video you know Bitcoin sitting around three thousand four hundred and ten dollars XRP twenty nine cents a theory and 104 dollars aetherium you know got hit a little harder out of the coins Bitcoin dominance at fifty three point five percent biggest gainers so far of the day on the top page we have by Nantz coin veritasium Bitcoin s v-neck so theta one chain repo and then we go into stable coins so not really that exciting geez it's just nothing is really happening in these markets right well we do actually have some pretty positive news today I got a lot of cool stories just like very reaffirming you know for the space but let's just start off like we always do guys I want to just have a look at what some of the experts out there are saying right I mean obviously some some of these guys had a lot more experience with the charts then we do so according to Mourad mahmoud of as you guys know i mentioned him a lot on the channel he's actually been identifying what he believes to be clear accumulation zones if this downtrend line remains intact only when it's been broken will the Bitcoin Bulls return he says break that trend line before we can even think about having bullish discussions I actually have it pulled up right here but we'll get into that in just a second so pretty much long story short this is being based on you know obviously looking at previous up you know things that have happened in the past and applying them to today which we know is not always the best strategy but it does give us an idea of what's going on so according to him he says that the bye zone is from June to August of this year when Bitcoin is predicted to be around $2,400 and he says accumulation can continue until it breaks above 3000 dollars again later this year so currently we're sitting right here and he has you know heaven purgatory and he calls this Bitcoin hell and apparently this is the you know where we're looking right here if we scroll down we could see June you know July August so that's kind of the spot that they're saying could be the sweet spot to potentially buy according to him institutions won't enter the market until there is a clear trend reversal and using the same chart that he's also talked about a final capitulation with one wick where he thinks we can touch 1800 as the potential bottom where we consolidate around 2,400 for the better part of the year and this has been echoed by using fractal pattern analysis which we actually were looking at the other day how it's just kind of continuing the same thing over and over again right but also on a macro scale that could be something to look at but of course nobody knows it's just speculation but yeah I mean if you guys want this is the what's going on oh there we go so yeah I mean that's basically what he's saying guys now I want to move on and talk about something else that happened before we get into some really cool news of the day so obviously the Bitcoin bull market was a bubble that burst all right in 2018 but the painful event had a major upside now here's the interesting part and this is why there's always a positive side always a silver lining you know it attracted a lot of money and talent to the industry so this is the assessment of Matt Hogan he's the global head of research at bitwise creator of the world's first cryptocurrency index fund he says while financial bubbles understandably carry a negative connotation he says that the Bitcoin bubble actually fuelled intense media interest in blockchain and the crypto market and moreover the soaring crypto prices actually lured in a tremendous talent pool to the industry that otherwise might have not been wooed you know unless it had the crazy headlines that it did and you're seeing a lot of these guys still sticking around and building as well so you know in this sense he says that the Bitcoin bubble isn't dissimilar to the internet bubble of 1996 to 2001 which imparted similar collateral benefits to the then nascent industry he says it did the same thing that happened with the internet which is it attracted a huge amount of talent it did bring a lot of capital and interest into the development of the ecosystem so I don't think interesting things will be born from that but yes it was a difficult year in 2018 I'm sorry he says I do think interesting things will be born from that he says I think bitcoin is the next calm remember the dot-com bubble created pets.com but it also created amazon.com he says there's 2,000 crypto currencies out there 95% of them are useless and will die a painful death the sooner this happens the better but from those acid ashes will merge important things you know just like the dot-com ashes we got Amazon Google Facebook etc so he also says that bitcoin is the Millennial generations version of gold he pointed to recent surveys showing that Millennials which is individuals born from 1981 to 1996 have a favorable view of crypto currencies compared to bake baby boomers people born from 1946 to 1964 he says every generation has an asset that they loved or a way of getting exposure that they loved the Greatest Generation loved gold then people loved active mutual funds Gen X loved hedge funds and Millennials loved crypto actually I'll show you it's pretty cool because in his interview he wasn't just talking like just about like price and stuff he actually was talking about the advantages to like you know blockchain and stuff like that I'll show you like a real quick clip I don't want to harp on it you guys could watch it but you know check this out we've known for a long time how to do digital transactions I can send you something with a private signature through cryptography and you can receive it right the risk is with digital we haven't had digital scarcity in other words if I send money to you that's a bunch of stream of numbers I could also send that same stream of numbers to someone else and someone else and someone else and you can just make altima copies of that right and that's why it's been difficult what blockchain does is there's a process called mining whether the the blockchain or the Bitcoin miners look at all the transactions I have to solve a mathematical puzzle to piece them together and in that process they timestamp that the only transaction that mattered for this string of numbers was the one I sent to you and everything else is invalid so it's created for the first time this concept of digital scarcity which allows you to put things on to like transactions like sending you money or like contracts onto a blockchain in a reasonable way that you can believe it it becomes transactional I mean we could watch this all day guys but what I thought was cool about it was it wasn't just an interview you know talking about like price and stuff it was actually related to the advantages of the technology as you can see right here when they were talking about the age groups you could see for example how familiar familiar are you with Bitcoin when they asked 18 to 34 you know 32 percent heard of it twenty-six percent sounds familiar and then Bitcoin is a positive innovation in financial technology you have 20% strongly agreeing whereas ages 65 and up hey he only have 2% strongly agreeing something mode the majority of them say they don't even understand it and yeah so that's that right but accordingly he says he doesn't pay too much attention to the constant media hype that Bitcoin is dead and all this other stuff he says all the you know cyclical lurching is part for the course so everyone needs to just calm down bitcoins gone through six or seven seventy percent plus draw downs in the past and each of those has you seen an even higher rally he says I'm not saying we won't it will necessarily happen here but it's down 70% it's up 300% over the last two years so it depends on your perspective it's actually down more than 72 percent it's it's closer to like 80 to 83 but we'll take it you know and then he talked about fidelity hiring different people they just hired over 150 people right and he says we know we had conversations with 2,000 institutional and financial advisers last year he says there is a dramatic interest in crypto they want good ways to get exposure also one thing I just want to let everybody know the all you on these retail exchanges might be quite low but the OTC market is absolutely booming don't let them fool you they are absolutely accumulating right now so you know even though there's not a lot of data which is the unfortunate part with the OTC markets but there are many sources that are saying that there are so moving on to some kind of lighter stuff of the day right so we have Jack the co-founder of Twitter and in response to imagine a world where you can tip people with Satoshi's for their tweets I bet content quality would go up and he says I love that idea now some people in the bottom they're saying well you know XRP tip bot already does that but let's just indulge the story because it was really cool that the CEO of Twitter was getting involved right so long story short the Lightning Network has achieved a new goal in terms of adoption and publicity the the trust torch right so consisting of an ever-growing quantity of satoshis which gets transacted back and forth by lightning enthusiasts has finally arrived to Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey so you can see it says actually the movement was started by huddle not who I actually follow on Twitter and it was probably thought as a fun little experiment to demonstrate the capabilities of lightning as well as point out the virtues of the technologies early adopters an initial amount of 100 satoshis was added by huddle not as an initial tip and every new participant who gets in must add ten Satoshi's of his own before passing the torch right and the initial message it all sounded like a challenge to see how much money could be accumulated until somebody got greedy and decided to break the chain so that's why it's like you know the trust torch right or whatever they're calling it so basically as you can see right here this is where it starts and then throughout the two weeks after that hundreds of tweets had been published to talk about the status of the torch and many influential bitcoiners have had the chance to endorse the campaign through participation it's somewhat obvious that the initial expectations have been exceeded yet the limits of this trust chain are yet to be reached for instance you had Bitcoin educator and advocate Andreas Antonopoulos who actually passed the torch he said playing Ln trust chain is better than watching the Super Bowl okay I lied anything is better than watching the Super Bowl for this nerd and you can see hotle not he says when I started this experiment I never in my wildest dreams thought that it would get this kind of traction you know mind blown this is crazy also note launcher developer Pierre Ricard who has written and published the software which allows any Windows and Mac OS users to run a lightning node also was one of the first to receive the torch as well now there was a little bit of a bump in the road this was kind of a funny one so you have Edouard BTC and actually have his tweet pulled up over here he said so I'm currently proudly holding the Lightning torch I'll seize it because I can and no one can stop me this is Bitcoin Lightning Network is unfairly cheap and fast so then people were upset and he said sure you can which is why this experiment is so cool more than a hundred people got to experience how good it felt to be trusted and live up to trust a feeling of community you choose the experience how it feels to lie and betray trust hope you grow bigger from this the whole point of Bitcoin is to remove the need to trust any individual person and you know basically after this they state they essentially convince the guy to keep the torch going so thank you for doing that and again keeping it going that was pretty cool of you then it went on to Matt Odell and he said are you ready and he passed it on to Jack who ended up taking it and not only did he provide the Lightning address to receive the torch but he also made the symbolic gesture of passing it to Lightning labs CEO and co-founder Elizabeth Stark and you can see over here she says whew jack takes the lightening torch sends it to me tweets a bunch about Bitcoin agrees to do a podcast on the spot with Stephen lavera and me pretty sure Lightning Twitter is now officially a thing so that is like the crazy story of what's been going on I mean everyone was just having fun last night on Twitter also Elizabeth Stark she's got like the coolest name I don't know if it's because she's like doing lightning Network stuff or like I think of Tony Stark from The Avengers but Elizabeth Stark she's got like a badass like tone to that name right so this was like a side note and also just want to mention that also he didn't stop just with the lightning advocacy in another tweet he also publicly claimed that he would not choose to own any other cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin and also weighed in on confusion over the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash as you can see right here you know you have Bitcoin the official account which we know is run by Bitcoin cash and it says how do you think bitcoin can grow to be the native currency when it can only handle three transactions per second a level that was already reached more than a year ago and resulted in fees of $50 per transaction and then he responded never said it would be the only one said it'd probably be the native currency and then here you know he says Jack would you hold any other coins he says nope and then it says well Jack is actually talking oh so what if jack is actually talking about Bitcoin cash and then Jack says hell no so he's not a fan of Bitcoin cash so that's basically what's been going on guys that is the big news I guess the fun news to start the video off now we do have some more news coming out of quad Riga so it looks like okay a lot of people are being affected by this there's been a lot of victims obviously there's a lot of money lost so now there's lawyers that are trying to figure out what's the most sensible thing that you could do to help compensate them so now they're saying that one of the most obvious to solve this issue is to sell the exchange but there's one more solution that gives hope the encrypted laptop that was used by cotton will be given to a court-appointed monitor an independently third party that will investigate the company's operations during the bankruptcy procedure it said that after the death of cotton the laptop was held by the representatives of the exchange but namely that the device might provide access to frozen quadriga customer funds so they have asked for a 30-day stay of proceedings the period will end March 7th the company explained that they need this time to find the key that could provide access to the customers funds nevertheless if it doesn't happen the lawyers speaking on behalf of quadriga CX will consider a variant of selling the exchange to cover the debts but the question is who's gonna buy the exchange this this exchange that already comes with debt you see that I'm saying like if you buy this exchange you're already buying it with debt included so who's gonna buy this plus the reputation and the name of the exchange has already been so tainted I can't see that happening and on top of that I don't even know if this is true or not this is just like another rumor that came out apparently people are pointing to the co-founder Michel patron and they're saying that he's using a fake name and his real name is omar de nani who was convicted of fraud in the united states and was released in 2007 the fraud was for operating an online marketplace for identity theft he was also arrested in canada for laundering money for the fraudulent payment processor Liberty Reserve so I mean apparently his history is true I don't know if Michael patron is actually this dude I mean did this this this thing just gets crazier and crazier then I saw somebody was saying that they found proof of the death certificate so obviously we're gonna let this one just kind of take a breather for a few days and we'll get back once we have some more sound information on what exactly is happening now guys yet again we have another freaking phishing attack this time it's on electrum and my ether wallets now I want you guys to know phishing attacks can be avoided you know a phishing attack is a link that you click that is essentially not the right link it's a copycat link you know when you hover your mouse over links you can see where you're going on the bottom of your browser you know if you don't recognize the link or it looks fishy or you're getting an email that you don't know just don't click it you know or if you have a question um don't be afraid to email you know the the staff there's always somebody there that is more than happy to help that customer service so you could see one user on reddit found that the phishing scam attempted to steal sensitive data from the electrum customers and it was posing as a security update now electrum subsequently published a warning on their website notifying that versions of electrum older than three point three point three are vulnerable to a phishing attack so yeah you got to upgrade let electrum's had a lot of issues though i mean personally that's why i am i am i talking and my broken record here with with the hardware wallets guys I feel like I am but yeah okay anyway moving on so here's actually some kind of cool news I guess in a sense for Bitcoin it looks like that according to some research that's been done by let's see according to Canadian financial services the Canaccord Genuity group Bitcoin has become more decentralized by several measures so this is a good thing because we do worry about centralization so they talk about how big was less decentralized in its earlier days as measured by hash rate distribution however over the last few years increased competition among mining chip manufacturers has led to decreasing centralization now if you look at this in 2014 the mining pool gh hash do controlled about 50% of the total Bitcoin hash rate now a lot of people are you know you know bit Maine right well amp pool only holds about 19 percent now there is an issue though these guys are affiliated with each other and that's the problem you know you have ant pool and you have BTC comm and f2 pool I mean they all sort of affiliate with each other so you can kind of say maybe there's a conspiracy behind that but ultimately it's looking much better whereas you have five mining pools that have roughly between ten to twenty percent as compared to you know back in the day when it was 50 percent by gh hash do so it says that this is a positive development for you know Bitcoin adding that while there are several factors that contributed to it the most important factor has been commoditization of Bitcoin mining chips as advances in Asics have slowed allowing for broader competition for bitcoins mining rewards so there you go some people are still gonna argue and say it's super centralized I don't know it could be it could not be that's it's it's up to you your opinion but it is generally less centralized than it used to be if you really want to go by just percentages right so also some good news you have Japanese financial giant SBI says it's new crypto exchange VCT trade will officially launch in march deposits and withdrawals for Bitcoin XRP and aetherium are already up and running as the platform prepares to enable trading as the SBI CEO made an announcement via Twitter confirming that the exchange will also support Bitcoin cash they said it's expected to onboard customers from its massive user base of more than 23 million people and VCT trade was initially set up to enable crypto trading back in July SBI delayed the launch after reporting a crush of demand for pre-registrations funny funny how Bitcoin and crypto is going to zero and everything is gloom and doom yet there's just this like insane demand for people to get involved but um yeah we'll just we'll just we'll just act like the like the whole space is going to zero right anyway let's talk what is going on with some coins and then we can move on so we have the light coin Foundation sponsoring California Film Festival so light coin is going to be a sponsor of the mammoth Film Festival and this is happening in February yeah and this was announced by the litecoin foundation so they had the you know they were over there for UFC looks like they're really trying to get their name out there is what they're trying to do so as part of sponsoring the festival the winning filmmaker will receive some light coin as part of their prize also members of the light coin foundation staff will be in attendance for networking purposes and also to educate the attendees about cryptocurrency that's a pretty cool guys and how to use crypto and yeah it's cool I mean I like educating and that's great for those guys what they're doing also you guys haven't seen this this is a um this is an interview history of cryptography with Whitfield Diffie now this is done by what Bitcoin did if you guys let me turn the volume down yeah it's a podcast so there's not much to see but if you guys don't know who he is outside of being an adviser to n KN and a few other projects he's an American cryptographer and one of the first pioneers of public key cryptography along with Martin Hellman and Ralph Merkle Merkle sound familiar so Diffie and Hellman 1976 paper New Directions in cryptography introduced a radically new method of distributing cryptographic keys that help solve key distribution a fundamental problem in cryptography so if you guys are interested check that out lots of knowledge lots of information if you know you're down for that now unfortunately we do have some more bad news to report from the bull market coin Square has announced that 40 members have now unfortunately been let go you know the head of talent from coin swear coin Square Martin hook took to LinkedIn and he said the ever evolving digital currency space has been volatile and unpredictable many similar companies in our industry have had to make some tough choices in recent months and coins Square has had to do so as well so this is very unfortunate although they go on to say that they are very grateful for the people that they had on the team it's unfortunate you know a lot of people are a lot of people got put out of work because of this bear market it's um it's it's really really sad but at the same time it's it's good to see the guys still pushing forward and doing the best that they can um yeah maybe maybe next time around will better better manage for these these types of downturns I mean I don't think anybody expected it to be this bad but hey what are you gonna do you know you can't you can't change the past right now also that this story was that when I saw the title but would look at the title right here head of Russia's second largest bank compares crypto mining to counterfeiting like I literally laughed out loud before I even read this but I was young I'd entertain it so you have Andrey Costin the head of VT b which is Russia's second largest bank has compared cryptocurrency mining with counterfeiting right he says I'm not a big fan of crypto ruble to me this is kind of like counterfeiting a person who's mining Kryptos is similar to someone who's printing money during the initial euphoria everyone thought that everything can be paid in crypto starting tomorrow but it hasn't happened so far mining is nothing like counterfeiting just cannot point that out there but he believes that there's no relevant way to regulate the crypto area in the same way that traditional markets are regulated and if crypto currencies become dominant on the financial market it could become dangerous he says the board chairman at VTB I know it says actually however the board chairman at VTB olga does not share his stance in fact in June 2018 she claimed that VTB was potentially ready to work with digital assets moreover she said that they could be treated on an equal basis with Fiat in the near future also coin Telegraph had previously reported that the demand for kryptos in Russia is allegedly very high that's like kind of where that whole Russia's buying Bitcoin thing kind of came out from that economist right but the banks are not able to meet it due to the lack of clearly defined regulations actually if you don't know what I'm talking about I'll drop that one below but I'm during a closed-door meeting in September several Russian banks including spur bank alpha bank and VTB reportedly expressed their interest in crypto now we also have another story coming from the Winklevoss now I actually highlighted a lot of this story I'm not really too sure that I really care to go into it as much as I did when I first read it but long story short basically they are shutting down accounts without warning that are trying to cash out their G USD okay so you have different guys that are coming out saying their account been closed for absolutely no reason and yeah I mean you guys can read this this is kind of crazy basically they don't want people cashing out too fast the trader provided emails that showed that gem and I closed the account without offering any reason so many players are unable to redeem even very very big OTC desks having an account doesn't guarantee redeem ability and it looks like they had given these guys a little bit of a discount back in the day and they were asking them not to sell and they said that if you sell it could potentially hurt gee USD yeah so you guys can do what you want with that I mean you know they're supposed to regulate it exchange the regulated exchange aka we can freeze your accounts we can freeze the G USD we don't have to honor it like basically we can do whatever we want so so that's how it's regulated I mean you guys know that the the gemini dollar has a freeze function in it right so like even if you take it off the exchange and you're holding it in your own wallet they still have an ability to freeze your funds even if you take them off the exchange just just on that out there but they're being compliant the other there it's regulated ah interestingly enough here's here's something cool new data showed that the United States actually has the most active traders across most major crypto exchanges so you have 60% for coinbase by Nance 24-bit ryx 27 and Polonia X 28 which is quite interesting considering that we also have the harshest regulation right so not the harshest but you know we have regulation so here's a little bit of a graph from data light if you want to have a look at that and guys I saved this story for last because I didn't even know if I want to bring it up because it I was gonna like anyway let's just talk about it so this is somebody that they're saying in theory ok the independent republic calm they say that one day XRP could possibly surge by two thousand percent and reach a price of six thousand excuse me six hundred and ninety two dollars and 30 cents per coin which means that it would have a market cap of twenty seven trillion and that would be insane because as of this point you know gold being mined is only seven point eight jyllian right so according to you today such a surge is possible if ripple is chosen for all cross-border payments made by all financial institutions worldwide the daily value of all all cross-border transactions around the world is 9.8 trillion while 27 trillion is stored in cross-border transactional accounts so hypothetically speaking if we dropped every other form of remittances across the globe and we only used X R P then possibly for cross-border transactions we could see 692 dollar x RP although I don't really think that's possible guys I'm sorry to break your heart so investing in comm haven comm believe that x RP could potentially hit $20 by the end of 2019 okay as they explained ripple enables international payments and due to this fact such a price is possible and somewhat more realistic so just kind of a fun article not trying to say anything guys that just was having a good time with this one that being said guys thank you so much for coming back to the channel if you guys didn't actually catch the the live stream that I let me mute it the live stream that I did with crypto candor last night she does have it up on her Twitter you can also you can you can go on YouTube actually I'll drop it below if you guys haven't seen it was really cool thank you for everyone that came out also we did happen to talk a little bit about the blockchain brief and I do want to mention to you guys you know this is the newsletter that I write for but we do have a pivots giveaway it's a swag bag so let me put this right here you could probably scan this right now above my head like if you're if you have looking at a screen or just go to the website and you can enter for your chance to win if you're interested obviously you know it's totally free and once again guys you know please keep your stuff safe you know so many hacks you finally found this guy this morning I missed him I thought I lost them so if you guys you know want you know I do appreciate you guys using my ledger affiliate links to stay safe it definitely helps support the channel it doesn't cost you a thing and that being said that is it for me today guys so let me know what you think about Jack Dorsey and Twitter and Lightning Network and the potential of a six hundred and dollar xrp which is absolutely crazy guys so just let me know and yeah it's Wednesday halfway through the week pleasure to have you back here on the channel look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow shout out to everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting if you haven't subscribed yet guys I do videos every single day no matter what boring or exciting bearish or bullish I'll die do videos so hope you guys enjoy thanks again for stopping by my name is K dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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