8 thoughts on “Bull Trap? …Or Bull Run Continuation For Bitcoin & Crypto Markets? | BTC On 60 Minutes”

  1. I sure as hell hope you're right and big correction comes soon so I can sell my TUSD and get my BTC back. I made the critical error of panic selling and sold half my BTC at $3500 and the other at $4885. I listed to a trader on YouTube called Krown who convinced me the bottom was not in and we would go to around $2800.

  2. Stoch RSI is oscillator and really useless in trending enviornment and overbought condition does not mean a damn thing but sure way to end up on wrong side of the trade . It is amazing how many people use indicators incorrectly . These indicators are lagging and they just follow the price and have no predictive power . Stay away from indicators if you want to make money . There are at least 500 indicators and 90% of all traders lose money . If you make decision based on indicators , you are guarranteed to lose money eventually .

  3. Eventually, it’s going to come down a bit. But, this is crypto. Fidelity, ICE or NASDAQ announce a launch date and things will go parabolic. With such a young and immature market, TA can only give a very vague opinion.

  4. Do you think the parabolic rally will continue?

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