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wallet address now I apologize if I sound sick I am actually ridiculously
sick today umm I don’t know why the markets green I should be healthy but no
unfortunately we’re sick so let’s just jump right into this bitcoins price
jumps $1,000 in 30 minutes of market growth across the board so I wanted to
start off with a good news market Bitcoin jumped up a thousand dollars in
30 minutes which is absolutely insane we’re gonna be talking about more that
later towards the end of the video when we go over the technical analysis kind
of see if this is maybe some manipulation is this a bear trap is this
you know the bull with a bull run coming we’re gonna check out all that later on
in the video now number two is JP Morgan Chase is sued for charging crypto buyers
with surprise fees so this I’m actually very happy about
apparently JP Morgan and Chase they had been charging extra fees for people who
had been buying crypto currencies with their credit cards however now they’re
getting sued for this because they got caught and that is not something you
should be allowed to do so again bad / good news I guess bad news which ended
up being good news because now we’re suing them or not we are not me but like
people are suing them and that’s good they’re gonna get justice hopefully and
lastly I just want to jump through breeze through the news really quickly
because you guys do want to see the market and see where everything is at
today but a bank and ripple um they’re launching the first a blockchain
international payment service for retail customers so it’s a Spanish based bank
called something there and they’ve confirmed the launch of its ripple
powered blocky payment network on Thursday April taupe which is actually
today today is Thursday April 12 and they’re gonna be the first bank to do so
so now we’re seeing ripple you know we saw a lot of new is now we’re gonna see
things actually being implemented ripples price is at 56 cents however the
whole market is up now I’m gonna give this a
refresh I’m gonna get us a refresh and we’re gonna see if we can hit the three
hundred billion dollars so if we’re gonna go down let’s see three hundred
billion maybe if you loads okay no we went down a little bit two hundred
ninety nine billion so close to three hundred billion words gonna say we’d hit
three hundred billion we probably will suit 43.4% bitcoins almonds and across
the board in the last 24 hours everything everything except for Bitcoin
diamond is in the green and a lot of it’s in the green buy a lot so elf is up
33 percent up 110 percent in the week basically doubling your money and we
have a lot of other all coins like Wan chains up 69 percent in the week with a
14 percent in the day steam 41 percent in the day up 57 percent in the week
nano up 10 percent in the day just so much green all across the board
OMG is up 17% the day just green everywhere and AOS again continuing to
do its thing in carnivals we’re just so happy to see so many coins in the green
that is what we’ve all been waiting for now before we get to hype do we do have
to be cautious of course is this a bear trap is this able run I’m not gonna talk
about any particular cryptocurrency today all I’m gonna do is go over the
technical analysis with you guys and we’re gonna kind of sit down and figure
out where we think things are headed so first things first we didn’t manage to
break above we went up but we corrected back down below this resistance line
right here so overall we’re still in that descending pattern so it’s
something to keep our heads you know I’m all about positivity and I’m super super
hyped about this and you guys know I think the price is gonna moon really
soon but in the short run I’m gonna keep us updated so we are above the 20-day
moving average so hopefully we’ll stay above that and then tomorrow we can
start off and break above this resistance that’d be cool we might even
break above it today if we can end above it and then tomorrow continue moving
upwards that would be absolutely awesome now a few things to keep in mind is that
Bitcoin price can be manipulated so this might be someone with a lot of money
just jumping right in and getting some extremely cheap Bitcoin it also could be
an instant oh shit which is jumping in and getting
some really really cheap Bitcoin that’s causing the price to go up now something
I saw in a video from another youtuber to youtuber which I thought was really
really cool to think about is the inflation factor of a Bitcoin so
basically every day there’s Bitcoin being brought into the market from
mining right this is new fresh Bitcoin every single day so we have days of
steady movement basically the value of each individual Bitcoin is technically
going up because the demand is gonna have to go up because the supply is
going up and the price is staying the same prices bringing more Bitcoin in
everyday price stays the same in order for the price to stay the same the
demand is also having to increase so even well on sideways movement when we
had like the sideways week we had we technically had more demand come into
Bitcoin so that’s definitely something to keep in mind that thought was really
really cool now another thing you guys are going to really enjoy seeing is the
1-minute chart of big cliff I click the 1-minute chart take a look at that so
this whole pump now could have been a coordinated pump it could have been
whatever it is it was absolutely crazy and a lot of people were saying well you
can’t predict this with technical analysis now I don’t recommend using the
1-minute chart when it comes to technical analysis but there is some
aspects of technical this is where I don’t agree with that youtubers video he
was talking about not being able to predict us predict this with technical
analysis and that’s where I don’t fully agree because if you look at this we
have the support or we have the resistance line technically right here
from here we’re moving up and once we break above this level which you guys
can see we held throughout here dip back then we dip down and then here we held
it a little bit again once the movement starts moving up up above that it could
be seen and you could predict that it’s actually going to continue to increase
and once they hit a peak you know hard to predict when the Peaks gonna be but
we it was good we had this you know piece of sideways movement here because
now we’re we built some support here so when it corrected back down was
obviously something that goes up like this isn’t going to continue forever it
is gonna correct back down a little bit and it corrected back down roughly to
around this point right here that’s what we are seeing right now now the
basically right at the 20-day moving average
to the daily chart the minute Li chart I personally like to look at the daily
chart for my training but it is cool to see what the minute chart looks like and
see that the what technical analysis could actually do when it comes to
analyzing any form of chart now you guys know yesterday we were talking about
sideways movement and reaching this period right here which is the
intersection of these two points roughly the 20th of May of April and I thought
you know April 15th to 17th tax time is gonna be when we see the big pop now
currently it is April 12th so we’re not even there yet and we’re already
starting to see some pretty awesome movement didn’t even break I guess we’re
still technically within this range which is something again to keep in mind
we’re still within the range we did almost breaking eyes can see the wick of
the candle right here but we did crack back down and now we are trading under
this resistance moving again towards this so it’s still important to keep
your and keep an eye out it could it could very well be a bull trap a bear
trap I don’t personally think it is I think you know hopefully this is the
time when we see Bitcoin rise and congratulations to everyone who has been
holding onto their cryptocurrency be a Bitcoin neo light coin ripple whatever
it is you’re invested in and you held on then today you are seeing and you’ve
been buying on this dip which we’ve been all talking about you know buying on
this dip buying as things dip if you’ve been doing this and you guys are in some
pretty cool profit and I love the messages I receive every single day from
people saying wow thank you so much for calling this out for us I made some
profit here I made some profit with iOS I made some profit with Neil whatever it
may be I absolutely love hearing it but guys hopefully you enjoyed this video
just a little short one again sorry I’m sick and if I sound really sick I can’t
really hear myself so hopefully everything sounds okay if you guys did
enjoy the video and you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin don’t
forget number one be subscribed and have your notifications turned on number two
smash that like button and number three leave a comment down below saying
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you can let me know do you guys think this is a bear trap do you think this is
the start of the bull run let me know all that down below in the comments so
guys thank you so much for watching gratulations again to all of you guys
with all of your profit I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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