Bull Market! Maybe, Not…

you want to play a little game after losing anywhere from 60% to 99.9% of any given coins value with some notable exceptions are we now out of a bear market bull market confirmed firstly bull market is subjective there is no black and white answer here only I guess you could say general consensus but here's the reason why let's say we all consider a 50% gain for a coin over the space of two years okay bull market sure why not even a hundred percent to hundred percent but what happens if those gains happen within a month what happens if it goes over a week a day very subjective so it's more a question of time rather than gains but both going hand in hand still subjective anyway let's firstly look at why it's not you know why it is a bear market still long term technical analysis can still be bearish now what I mean by saying can is that it depends on the indicators you're looking and it also depends on the time frames you're looking so for example I'm sure a case can be made that's bearish for a moving average for bigger than at the same time a bullish setup could be derived from a moving average at the same time the same indicators RSI it goes on and on so but no matter what indicator you're using the fact of the matter is Bitcoin keeps posting lower and lower highs which is considered very bearish thus far Bitcoin has not been able to beat resistance at 42 43 maybe even forty four hundred dollars and we all know what happens when Bitcoin fails to post a higher high it happens all the way down from fifteen ten eight six plus a popular theory is that we have not seen a true capitulation wick form on the charts yet and there can only be a recovery once the masses have fully capitulated it's not happened yet we are going to retest previous all-time highs from the last Bull Run which means bitcoins has a way to go down that's pretty scary when you look at it like that but let's take a look at the argument why it is a bull market there already was a capitulation wick when Bitcoin went from 6 to 3 and that is the bottom pick when bottomed out in December 3200 and it's been steady sailing since then it's now at 4,100 just above that's around a 28 percent increase in Bigpoint over the last 4 months or so it's also been alt season where every coin even if it's in the top 10 or not can pump 10 to 20 percent in a day been pretty nice most attempting technical analysis over the next three four five six year period for Bitcoin predicts wild price increases the setting of new all-time highs that just make your eyes water looking at literally some get their hopes up of institutional offerings to help make this reality things like fidelity backed ETFs but even without those a potentially weakening of the USD as well as negative interest rates but even the sides just the Bitcoin havening alone all this stuff can get even the most part crypto investor tongues salivating at the thought and there's a lot more I could talk about that I'm not going to for the sake of brevity hash power transactions wallets etc you name it I'm sure you will let me know what I'm missing out volume ultimately bears are gonna point to the fact that we still have yet to reach retest the all-time high from the previous bull run Bitcoin still has a way to fall while balls will point to the fact that the Greater trendline is still intact and hey the past echos right just because it happened once before does not mean it won't happen again and the burden of proof in disproving that theory lies with the doubter parabolic trend curve it's got many names this is where we're at right now the blue line indicates where we could go if true right if that mean a quarter-million-dollar almost Bitcoin by late 2021 public rescue but wait a minute how about a middle ground must it be always a bull or bear scenario seriously it's not discussed very often what about a llama market now in a llama market there is no grand conspiracy theories about prices no predictions there's no point in too technical fundamental or even spiritual no sentimental reasons for price action that's just silly a llama considers that if Bitcoin dumps that means people salt and if Bitcoin pumps it means people bought and if it happens quickly well maybe it was a whale but that's about it a llama is also very patience and is aware that the sideways trading of Bitcoin yes fluctuating a few hundred dollars here and there but the general trend might continue for this entire year a llama does not predict the future for example with the way the economy is going there is maybe going to be another global recession within the next two to three years but the fact that bitcoin did not exist during the last global recession means the llama does not know whether that's gonna be a good or bad thing for Bitcoin let me know what you think bear bull or llama market or does it even matter this is stupid thanks for watching see you again soon

20 thoughts on “Bull Market! Maybe, Not…”

  1. I hope not, not new bull run…market took off on me…catching me off guard, and I don't to pay a premium for my altcoins.

  2. STFU and just HODL you noob! You know nothing about markets and sound like a circle jerk, stick to other things away from trying to predict the market or technical analysis because you just look phucking stupid. Just as you say this the market explodes upward lol… *face to palm

  3. Write this down! In 14 days BTC will be at 3.7k. I have the entire bear market mapped out. On April 19 we will be at or around 3.7k. When you see we are there and you want more info. Get in touch with me. I know exactly where we are and where we are going.

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