Building the next Bitcoin mining farm. A family affair

but you just set it down now it laid down on the ground without hitting the walls alright so this is the inside of the building we just finished so as you can see it's very tall we are gonna be outfitting a lot of it but you know this is eventually we're going to build a platform up here and then we're going to have our miners right through here on the back wall will show all of that in future videos but this is the completed building here and one of Madra family employees what do you think of all this Caroline cool but ugly whoop always fun it's long it's close enough then we're not done yet but what do you think about all the Bitcoin stuff you guess alright well as always guys like subscribe and have wonderful

5 thoughts on “Building the next Bitcoin mining farm. A family affair”

  1. OMG seeing you building and getting this far is awesome! Cant wait to see what it looks like in the next few vids

  2. Are you interested in helping smaller miners get their farms up and running. I'd be interested in paying you for some expert pointers & help

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