In this section, everyone will tell everyone
in a very simple 4 different ways you can take the x-ray of the hands of friends, because
in general some altcoins are very very close to death. So when the market starts to clear, they will
probably go first. I wonder if we got the right coins today,
we’re going to settle this, my friends. Think of the coins you have, okay? If you say why you are telling this issue
Eren Hani, there is a Chinese-based research company, and do you know what results from
his very recent research? More than 1000 coins currently on the market
will die in the next 8 years. Investors’ money will also be garbage. We’il gather here to plant flowers in their
graves. Anyway, sit back and make 1-2 announcements. INTRO
By the way, my friends, next week. 3 lucky people will win the signed Bitcoin
tshirt from me. Next month comes a more special gift. My negotiations are continuing. If you want to join and support me to make
new sweepstakes, just subscribe to my channel and tap the bell. I want to thank you for writing your comments
and saying in Like this video in. I know we had the Eurasia Blokchain Summit
on Friday and Saturday. I could attend your first day. I couldn’t make it to the second day when
I was a little distracted at the Huobi VIP dinner that night, but overall it was nice. One of the winners of the invitation from
me Sefa Bey such a beautiful gift came. Thank you, he thought so fine. I thank him. I’ve got 10 years to wear this boot. It looks like a stone. Anyway, we’ve had a lot of conversation, fellas,
let’s get to the point. Now, you know, I said, or just according to
the research, at least 1000 coins will die in the next 8 years. The first data is based on this. There is a site called Coinopsy which shows
the dead coin, which is no longer working, has been garbage altcoins. Do you know that more than 800 altcoin dead
projects have been added to this site in the last 8 years? And let me tell you at the beginning. Do you know which coins are primarily on the
target? Of course, every coin can be market-specific,
so much time can be spent, but the fastest way, the health of the coins we hope we can
understand and do so that everyone can understand the fastest way to get an idea. I’ll try to show you these in a few different
ways. You can also search for coins that you have
bought or forgotten beforehand. Don’t worry about writing all the links one
by one, go down to the description section of this video, it’s already there. Now, turn on the 1st track, brother coingecko. Look how good it is in Turkish. Now we can say that coinmarketcap is a click
development. In the search box, type XLM. The Stellar we know. Our reference will be XLM. Because it seems to work better than most
subcoins on the market. After you open XLM, see that there’s a developer
tab there. We click on it and look at the overall github
volume, the intensity of work. Altcoin developers rarely share their code
in the github library, but sometimes there is a metric, so they are concerned that their
work may be copied. Now, for example, we’ve seen XLM and I’ll
show you another coin in the altcoin rankings. Look ….. No information. Let’s look at Pundix for a long time. Either they don’t really have anything or
they don’t fill up, but I think this place could be a control center. You can take a look at how much altcoins you
have working. For example, a search for investors in Turkey
is not too bad when we look at Holochain. Looks like he’s doing something bad. In addition, on the second road, folks, check
the volume of the coins in your hand from the coinmarketcap. Look at the last 24 hours, for example. For example, open abi coinmarketcap.com and
type / new at the end and click on the volume on the page that comes up, so that the lowest
volumes are displayed. We just talked about an extreme example, but
the agora has a volume of $ 35 in the last 24 hours. You know, they’d better shut it off and go
for $ 35. If you go and get $ 100 from somewhere, I
don’t know how many x coins he’s gonna make. Anyway, the last time you added coinmarketcap
when you say the last time, but again a certain time, but can not do a look at the link I’ve
given this coin. If there are coins you have forgotten, check
them out. If you are on the 3rd path, open coinmarketcap.com
again and click on view all at the top right. So you can see all the subcoins, but here
you have to click on the volume. And then there’s a huge altcoin dump. It is a miracle that these coins are still
alive on this site. Here, for example, if we refer to the research
at the beginning of the video, he said that those who have a volume of less than $ 1000
are very distressed. So of course I don’t give investment advice,
whoever wants is free to get what he wants, but this is the direct one that I’ll disappear
for a few years. I think he shouts. Surprising and experiencing a very good upturn,
do you think it will recover, of course. For example, another team decides to continue
the project seriously. Then everything can change, but which one
will happen? In the meantime, let me share a relatively
well-known example, friends. You don’t need to go far. Bytecode. You know, he’s having a lot of trouble, too? The volume dropped to $ 17-18,000. Can you believe that the daily volume of the
huge altcoin has dropped to 2 Bitcoins? When it was added to Binance, the price was
up to 2000 satoshi. Maybe it would have been better if he had
never been to Binance, instead of being thrown out later. If you have Bytecoin, I can’t guide anyone
here, but take a look again, see what he’s doing, what he’s doing. On the fourth way, my friends, I will tell
you something I have experienced myself. Enter coinlib.io and click movers on the main
page. There are some coins, for example, almost
every day you see them either on the top rising list or the highest falling list. Of course, every coin goes into these lists,
of course, but seeing a coin around here, one of the most rising, one of the most dreamy,
shows that it is the toy of people who direct the market by holding a very high amount of
coins in our hands. For example, digitex futures he has a coin,
enter see almost every day brother is located on one of these two lists. I think it’s extremely unhealthy. I think it is better to stay away. For a while, the empty project called Bitcoin
Diamond, for example, was the toy of whales. Take a look at $ 150 Take a look at $ 20. Now it’s 45 cents. Anyway with these 4 items you can take a look
at the coins in your hand. You should even look at it to be realistic,
not to consume life in hollow projects, but let me remind you again. In order to get a quick idea in these 4 ways,
of course, if we are going to analyze a coin from head to toe, so much detail enters the
work, but when there are hundreds of thousands of coins in the market, you cannot sit down
for hours and days. All right, fellas, let’s talk about this. What would kill an altcoin, a crypto money? What do you think kills, let’s talk as a comment,
let’s discuss. First, ICO before the stock market, before
the exit of the stock market before it kills not being able to enter the stock market that
some measures brought to try to regulate itself remember. Binance said that there will be IEOs instead
of ICOs with Launchpad, and if I make a pre-sale here, I will be listed on my stock exchange,
that is, Binance will be listed, you will not buy a coin that is in danger of not entering
the stock market, but you will remember this IEO wind it all came down from the roof. We don’t even know the history of most of
them. Just because Binance is behind it, we buy
it from the pre-sale. Okay, I told you before. Binance will try to back the coins listed
here so that its Launchpad doesn’t look bad, but that’s where it goes. At some point, eeh can call you a friend and
carry you as a delist. Of course I’m not saying buy it or buy it
here, but you will have Binance Launchpad and coins from other exchanges’ IEOs. Take a look at these, I think they might be
risky. Secondly, you may still have the chance that
you have coins that are completely joking, which may not have long-term life even if
they are not. The only exception at this point is perhaps
Dogecoin. He even has a brief interview with his founder
on the crypto currency documentary at Netflix. Dogecoin was saying how I grew up that I’m
even surprised. Thirdly, there may be scam coins that we call
scam. These are already happening and will unfortunately
happen anyway. The fourth one is the abandoned coins that
started out at first but lost their function over time, or coins that will become dysfunctional
with the release of Facebook Libra in the future. In the meantime, when you tell them, please
consider your own, long-term or short-term subcoins, because if I have more than 1000
coins in the next 8 years, my prediction is at this point. Most of these could fall from this fourth
category. Because they may have attracted too many investors
in good faith. Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention
to is this category of friends, since they started out with relatively better intentions. I’m telling you again. In the meantime, look at what you have. With the fall of the prices of crypto currencies
and the fall of the market cap, there are those who have already become dysfunctional
even if this affects the buy or not. If the field man does not look at the project,
if he is looking to earn money by buying and selling short-term buys, of course, but my
problem is that we go to them long-term buried. For example, after establishing these sentences,
the first NEO, like Vechain, is relatively old in the market. Like Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic nWhat will you do? So these coins are actually on the market
but they don’t exist at the same time. They can’t come booming. OK, I do not accept the price increase in
this market, but to be on the agenda. Excite your community. Can I tell you something? Look, except for Bitcoin, I swear to all the
subcoins, the market is empty now. Can you see a subcoin to lead? I can not see. If Libra comes, the rules of the game may
change harshly, but I explained in the previous video. He’s confused, too. Now, folks, let’s move on to the bonus info
corner. Today’s bonus information is this: Friends
When Paris was about to fall in the beginning of the first world war in 1914, did you know
that France collected about 3 thousand taxis in the country and carried the soldiers to
the front with these taxis? Moreover, the taximeter was opened, of course,
the taxi drivers have taken their money saying you want to talk to you a little do you know
what? You know there was an Apollo coin that we
discussed on the canal. A coin that has its own blockchain, which
rivals companies like XRP in the field of payment. Now, who knows what will happen on that side
because of the Libra, but there are some innovations in Apollo, fellas,
let me talk about them briefly. We’ve learned what Atomic Swap means now,
right from my previous videos? In the simplest terms, Automic Swap, you can
send Litecoin, for example, but it is completely planned to cross the road to the other side
automatically by crossing the road, such as XRP. Fortunately, the Apollo Foundation fellows,
friends who have implemented their own decentralized exchange that featured this atomic swap. They say we don’t have a traditional stock
market logic. In other words, they say that we do not have
a guarantor or a central existence. We only offer the platform decentralized. We ensure that the transactions take place
without any intervention. On this exchange, they say we used Ethereum’s
smart contracts for both tradingview and atomic swaps. There was also sharding
in Apollo, which means that all blockchain chapters are handled individually, thus improving
performance. Sharding, meanwhile, is an older method used
to improve network performance and is older than today’s Blockchain. This is
the end of Apollo’s sharding integration and they will publish a very detailed technical document
in their medium blog. Now, don’t leave anywhere, let’s answer a
few questions and read your comments, guys.

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