BTT UP 500% Since ICO – Will It Continue? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

good morning everyone oh happy – I don't even know the day after Super Bowl so happy Monday it's February 4th it's that time again for daily Bitcoin of cryptocurrency news there's actually a lot to talk about I don't know how many people are actually at work today cuz I know most people tune in at work but the focus I wanna I want to make today's video on is BTT that's BitTorrent token and also talked about how it's been up on a tear I mean it's up over 500 percent since its ICO and that was only like a week ago so r is more coming and what should you guys do and what about the airdrop that's supposed to be coming so I'm gonna talk about all that today I also talked about a few other things such as the topic are you guys do you guys have your spouse are they aware of your private keys and your credentials because of what's happening with this Canadian exchange and how a hundred and ninety million dollars is locked out and and there's a few other things I want to talk about but these are the main things so let's get started again for those of you guys are tuned in thanks for tuning in make sure you smash up the likes and subscribe to the channel we'll see how today goes you know we'll see if there's plenty of time for Q&A at the end of today's session alright so let's get started overall the market has been pretty slow as of late and this weekend same day there was really no movement but but what caught my eye is what's going on BitTorrent right BitTorrent I've talked about trying and BitTorrent a lot it's funny to bees whenever I don't talk about it there's always people in live chat to say why don't you talk about trying I like talk about Ron all the time right but what's going on is there's a huge huge pump going on with BTT ever since the ICO which a lot of people do not like and a lot of people don't like finance for participating because it ran out super quick there was problems with people buying and the airdrop that it did to kind of alleviate you know concerns and stuff like that was very minimal so there was a lot of if penis of this this with this ICO however those of you guys that didn't participate in ICO will be able to get air drops it's coming pretty soon and we'll talk about that but anyways look at this article this is a staggering amount so basically during the ICO was it it was each PTT token was sold for this amount point zero zero zero one two and now we're we're over five hundred percent higher we're at point one point zero zero seven eight four eight and I think it's even higher than that now so we're talking about over a five hundred percent gain within within a very short amount of time now I don't know I didn't do I didn't do the I didn't do oops I didn't didn't do a calculation because I don't know how many certain supply is so if you look at this current price and you times I circulated supply I don't know how much it's worth but it's it's probably substantial so this is this seems like the only thing that that's really pumped in right now and in my opinion I believe this will this will actually hold and that's because I've been time out Tron and BitTorrent for a long time and I think BitTorrent acquisition form for Tron is just huge it's huge it's one of the it's one of the only names out there right that's outside of crip that outside of crypto community I have heard it before even though a lot of people think that torrents only with illegal activities illegal downloads and so forth nevertheless there's a lot of people that I've heard of BitTorrent and torn a in general and participate on it because there's over a hundred million users monthly so I think this is huge saying Tron plans on doing a lot of stuff BitTorrent like streaming file distribution file storage maybe proxy services that's a lot there's a lot that they want to do with it right whether they couldn't perform all that within a short amount of time we don't know because because we right now there's concerns that that Tron's network can't even handle it so we don't know just yet but nevertheless this is a big acquisition a big PR thing a lot of people is paying attention to Tron now and that's why during like nitron 2019 you got like Kobe Bryant and guys like celebrities like that there are more interested in Tron because a BitTorrent acquisition but anyways so because of this I think the hype and the PR and excitement over BitTorrent is not gonna go away anytime soon I do think that this is go continue and BT token is supposed to be used as a currency on the BT T Network it's supposed to be utilizes as it's like an incentive eyes model where people who are born old hole are running notes basically incentivized for running those notes and sharing files and so forth right and then also people that want to have faster downloads and and and do other things they can do that with BT T as well so I think this B TT token or this currency it's gonna be widely used once it's implemented so I do think that because of that I do think the pump or whatever wherever it ends up to is goal is go state because I don't think this is one of those we have seen finance pumps right a lot of finance both go up a few hundred thousands per set and then come right back down now BitTorrent can come down a little bit but I do think what's going on with it right now it's probably we go hold because of everything else that's going on with this it's kind of like the kind of like the honeymoon stage right now with Khurana bit torn I don't think that's gonna go away anytime soon maybe until thatit's nineteen if nothing gets done it settles down but I think this is the only thing really that has people excited and crypto world while everything is just stagnant and no movement so I do think this is this is go state now those of you guys that didn't participate right you didn't want to spend any more money or you didn't have a chance or you couldn't if you're not because the air drop is coming so this was already announced a couple weeks ago so basically anyone that's holding tron TRX will get a one-to-one air drop and this is gonna happen every quarter for next six years so there's gonna be a lot that's gonna be air-dropped and they haven't taken they haven't take a snapshot yet this is supposed to happen when trans black height reaches 6.6 million and right now it's at 6.4 million so this has not been the basic snapshot not happened so basically if you want to get free air drops get as much TRX as possible right now so once the snapshot happens whatever you have it's a one to one it's a one to one snapshot and airdrop so those of you guys that didn't participate in ICL there is still a chance to get in and even though it's it's minimal right now right a lot of people want you know you guys aren't probably looking at this like oh it's only point zero zero eight one right but it's it's it's free money you're getting it for free so why not right and if you don't like it sell off your tron right afterwards so off your PTT it's it's gonna be going on for next six years so why not participate now I don't know the schedules for the next snapshots because this is gonna be ongoing for the next six years you know is it every year you know they're gonna do a snapshot or is it based on the original snapshot which will be interesting because if it is then you want to accumulate as much as TRX as possible so that you get the same amount every time afterwards I'm not sure because I don't think they released that information yet right so that's the big thing with BitTorrent I talked about bit Torah talk about Tron a lot over the last few months I think this really propels Tron up Trotta of course is still very controversial a lot of people still don't like Tron because of Justin and some market maybe with the more mature seasoned CEO trying to do better with some argue no the only reason why Tron is where it is is because of Justin so it's Tron is still a very controversial project still you either have guys that like it or you don't but regardless of that I think BitTorrent is a huge massive acquisition for them and and I think a lot of other companies now like Neil because Neil was bidding forward to and they got turned down for whatever reason they actually offer a lot more money than Tron I think a lot of these other companies are now thinking about man we should have we should have done this instead all right so that's the first topic let's move on from here a lot of people reported this already but I kind of twisted it these quad RIA I think quadriga crime quadriga CX which is a pretty big change based on the fact that they have a hundred ninety million dollars is on a on a Canada interesting side topic then this is has nothing to build Kryptos on my car channel I've been doing a lot of like videos about rich line in the cold and a polar vortex in the snow every single Canadian person that watches it has to chime in and say oh you think it's cold well you should see how it is in Canada when we get negative 30 or 40 or 50 it's just like CrossFitters like every Canadian has to brag about how cold it is in Canada I just want to share that it's just so funny all right but that's just side note outside of that so basically what's going on is the cold wallets private keys supposedly is only known by the CEO and he unfortunately passed away so a hundred and ninety million dollars worth the cryptos is locked away and basically no one had gonna get access to it so it's very unlikely that that forensics or anyone else will be able to guess what it is unless you know unless it's stored somewhere else privately and they happen to uncover later on we don't know but basically the topic got tweeted out is you know those of you guys that have a significant amount and kryptos maybe even not a significant amount you've been a few thousand dollars a few hundred dollars whatever it's money does your spouse or significant other or anyone else you know have access to it if they needed to get access to it because none of us think that we're gonna pair –is– the next day right we don't know we could be young we think we're gonna live forever but you know accidents happen or something happens and if you're gone right because of Kryptos your your your your own bank your safeguarding it right you have credentials engine exchanges you have credentials to get into wallets you have private keys to your wallets does anyone else have access to it do you have a stored in a lockbox or safe or something that is something to think about because especially for those of you guys that have a significant amount of money we're in about tens to hundreds of thousand dollars possibly even millions you know you don't want to just leave that and just lost forever if you ever perish so that's that's something that I don't think a lot of us think about but it relates to this topic so justjust think about it for those of you guys are in this situation you know I know some people responded to my tweet that hey I do I've talked about I written instruction that put it in our bank lock box so you know my wife or her husband couldn't have access to it but some people just no I never thought about it so so just think about it I think this is an interesting thing that a lot of us should be thinking about all right so let's move on from here what else is there report crypto changes South Korea scrambling to survive as bear markets hit hard well this is no surprise we're basically any company in the crypto space right now is kind of struggling but we have seen reports about fake volume coming out a lot of these exchanges especially the ones from South Korea and Japan right so if that's the case then they're not really making as much money as people think they are and if that's the case then yeah they hire too many people they probably are struggling right now and thinking about laying people off so I don't think this is a surprise unfortunately I guess this is the good and the bad right because just like the projects that are getting phased out because they are money and they never should have been in a in a space in the first place a lot of these changes and other companies that's involved like consulting companies or even B C's miners exchanges those that can't survive shows that they're very poor at money management or they've been you know they've been fudging the numbers a little bit all along so I don't think this is really a big surprise but we'll see because they even named bit hum in there and bit hum recently made a splash there go by go by some American companies to offer I think futures right and they've all become the first publicly traded company first publicly traded crypto exchange in the u.s. through that by I don't know how they're able to do it if they're actually struggling financially so that is that interesting all right so now there's a couple of counter arguments so you got Bears and bulls all right so this is kind of like a bullish bullish signal I guess for Bitcoin is there's a there's this guy named dr. John whose main HUS main and he's uh he's someone that predicted you know a lot of things such as the last financial crisis and dot-com bubble and stuff like that right now he's saying Wall Street continued to shill stock saying that everything is okay we don't have to worry about recession we don't have to worry about the next housing bubble we don't have to worry about interest rates and stuff like that so basically Wall Street continues to go higher and higher and he is saying that that's BS it's the most obscene valuations ever right now so he's predicting that the stock market and basically though what's going on within the stock market and all that stuff at least in the u.s. about carry over to the to the whole world that basically we're we gotta brace for collapse right now and and basically the counter-argument is that if the financial institutions start struggling the banks start struggling stocks start struggling everywhere so struggling then bit coin and crypto will rise because of it right because there's a finite supply it is it is non-sovereign and deflationary nature there's a lot of counter points to that so the Bulls are looking at well the stock market might fall and might fall hard and then financial institutions will crash and fall with it then people place their faith or you know in Bitcoin as a safe haven that is one scenario that a lot of bulls are looking at but the thing is I don't know I'm not a financial guy economics guy you know it's like our debt in the u.s. continues to go up you know how far can it go before collapse I don't know it doesn't seem like the us go collapse anytime soon so a lot of these arguments I can't really say one way or another maybe some of you guys can chime in and speak better speak to this better now in terms of the Bears okay bears is all looking at like short-term what's going on with it so here's another story where if you look at Bitcoin related tweets okay just kind of like Google search trend if you look at Twitter tweets that relate to Bitcoin it is all-time low right now basically the same levels down 14 which basically shows that no one cares about but what I could tell with my tweets like almost nobody serious and because of this because of this a lot of people say that we're we're we're still we're we're nowhere close to recovery and we're gonna stay in this crypto winter for a while and other people are looking at you know the 200 weekly atmae that a lot people talk about now people are looking at a 300 400 weekly ma which will put Bitcoin down to 2,400 or even 1700 so the Bears continue to pile on the bad news but the Bulls will still focus still focus on the long-term which is something that I still do and you guys and I advocate that you guys do too now before I get to the some of the charts and stuff let me finish the other things Kraken Kraken acquires a future startup somehow they want to they want they want to get into future and a deal that's worth 100 million dollars I mean how does how does like these other changes you know that are barely surviving and I don't know how crackin has so much money that they're able to put a hundred million dollars to acquire future startup company and what's interesting is this futures company called crypto facility provides data to CME for the Bitcoin reference rate so the CME Bitcoin futures index is actually coming from this company and crackin just acquired it so this is pretty significant there's 100 million dollars this is this is around roughly the same what Tron paid for BitTorrent so this is probably the second biggest you know acquisition from crypto company interesting I don't know why Kraken wants to get into futures but they want to make it so that it's all in your grade is within their exchange it's going to be very easy to to get a baldness stuff but these futures are big or a cash base not crypto based so it's not it's not gonna be the same as what backed is gonna be coming out with uh I don't know why I talked about John McAfee but but basically he's still under run from an IRS and he's talking about or people are I asked him how does it go run for a presidency if if he's on a run in his boat and basically he's gonna say he's gonna use surrogates he's gonna hire people to show up as speeches and stuff wearing a microphone or a screen and then he'll broadcast from his boat yeah and that's how he's gonna do it so basically he's not trying to become president he just wanted to spirit he just want to spread his word about Bitcoin and and his libertarian views and stuff like that so we will see what happens finally Jack Dorsey who is the Twitter CEO and square CEO basically went on and Joe Rogan show and talked about how he loves Bitcoin he thinks Bitcoin could become the world's first internet currency and how blockchain makes it so that things are transparent and immutable and how that is such a great thing so you don't have to rely on someone's word you can definitely check the yourself and verify if something happened so so Jack Dorsey continues to become be a Bitcoin bear I mean bull alright so lastly you know I showed you guys this chart I showed you three patterns before that was very very similar right basically bot driven and right now it looks like we might see the same thing again where a 34:10 of course everyone is still looking at the 200ma which we haven't hit yet it's around 3300 so we're hovering about above that but the main concern is the main concern is I just you know I put this wedge in and yellow you can see this is a little bit longer but still the pattern holds true is just to a lesser extent you see up down up down up down right kind of the same thing but overall sideways and what happens afterwards you get a huge spike up then sideways then dump and then dump again right so if I if I was trying to predict where things are gonna go go I'm will say we have a spike up then sideways and possibly down again and I think this is just more of the same from the bots that are programmed to do this but overall the 200 weekly I'm a still holding so we will see what happens is that is that gonna spur a huge rally up or or we go go down in terms of what these guys are saying did we go down to 2,400 1,700 we won't know until we hit that point all right outside of that I think that's it one hundred and thirteen point eight billion so roughly the exactly the same where we were on Friday right all right guys it's good I think we got a good amount of time make sure you smash up the likes guys and let's do Q&A McAfee be present with signal the end of the world he said he doesn't want to be President so there's no way he's gonna get elected um what else how about how about Amazon and Prime coined well that's the thing if Amazon adopts Bitcoin I think everyone will have to follow suit so that means the biggest competitor to Amazon right now it's probably Walmart Walmart is accelerating their online play and everyone else is to target Best Buy everyone let's try and do that right and if Amazon actually adopts Bitcoin I think others will follow suit so that I think that'll be a big thing did I invest in BTT no but I have a good amount of Tron is one of my you know one of my holdings so I'm just gonna wait until they're drop what is cryptic crypto vehicle open again probably never I think it's open some people are have access to a wallets that's what some people said but yeah croteau Pia it seems like all their wallet private keys are done I mean they're gone in the hands of the hackers so basically I don't think they're gonna be able to recover anything so check it if you could go in and withdrawal do it now but if you can't then unfortunately I think it's gone I'm sad to see Londo traitor for Davis did that actually happen I've been waiting for that for awhile that get at that finally get announced no that didn't happen yet the dogecoin upgrade this coin I don't know I haven't heard about that one is the airdrop happening it's happening when the block height hits 66 6.6 million and then no happened on February 11th so right now the you know the the snapshot has not happened it'll happen when the black eye hits 6.6 million it's at 6.4 million and then the air drop will happen on February 11th at least that's planned right so it has to hit as to hit six point six million first which most likely it will and then I'll start on February 11 no I'm not I'm not a Brady fan John I'm not well trying to go down again before February 11th that could be both Tron and BDT can sell off a bit after the 11 so there is at least one more week for that to happen but overall I think this is one of those cases where if it sells off they'd go hold majority of their gains we know that Tron has been going up significantly within the last month BTT obviously right now is going through a massive pump I believe these are both I believe in these companies long term it's it's unknown right now if they can promise everything that they're trying to do within a short time it might take longer than people expect and who knows maybe they do get another leader right to kind of take over who knows there's a lot of things in play 2019 is still early but I think this is a huge acquisition for truant it's huge I bet every other company out there is thinking about why didn't bid and why didn't try harder to get bittorrent Lincoln should I buy a Thor BTC I would definitely lose me I would go what BTC Oh breath you know right now I don't know I just don't have a lot of faith in you throw him right now it'll go up it'll go up there's no doubt I'll go up but I think BTC is definitely more enticing at this point but right now don't have any trial in a moment that's if you want to get the airdrops right if you want to get air drops it's worth it and only if you believe in tron right I believe in Tron I think they're their company worth holding on to but if you don't believe in Tron and you just want to get the beauty teardrops I don't know if it's worth it because if you buy you wait for a snapshot you try to sell there might be a chance Tron goes down a bit after the 11th so I don't know but that's worth it I think trying to be TV drama is very unhealthy for crypto as a whole exploit I mean nothing can be worse than the Bitcoin cash and Bakura SP for that was the biggest black eye ever and I don't think anything could ever top that over again am I still bullish on exo-m yeah I haven't give up a so um it's just that I don't like this to selling right now but I think there's still I mean unless IBM comes out and says you know we're not building worldwide on stellar anymore and we're not really partnering up with stellar anymore unless you see that come out I think stellar is worth holding on to how would you potentially celebrate the next poll right I don't know I don't buy a bigger house buy a lot of Lambos have my insider party you know there's a lot of things I want to do after the next bull run hey Tony great to hear that yeah it's it's funny you know we had a negative 22 Day in the Midwest and now it's like 50 degrees outside like a 70 degree swing within a week it's crazy BTC and LTC is what matters most I'll agree with the FIR part not the second part to that BTC is definitely what what is gonna be the ultimate store value and ultimately what what really I don't know drives adoption at this point all right all these other tokens is too premature I showed I showed a DAP chart from this website where it got DAP rankings here we go this is from a website called DAP radar calm right overall adoption it's just it's laughable like on on earth or you throw him right now if you look at users in the last 24 hours the most used app is a game called my crypto heroes and within the last 24 hours is about a thousand users just a thousand users within a day that that is not that is not good okay almost almost every single app on the App Store gets more user than that and you compare this to something like Facebook or Instagram or snapchat or Twitter this is bad alright and Yost's about eight eight thousand with this PR a candy box and Tron you got about almost 7000 for play GOC you see look at these all gambling everything is gambling let's see yes you know some others but mostly gambling I mean in terms of DAPs and turn the overall adoption when my point is overall adoption is very very very minimal right now right so we we need to we need to get the option truly up there right now it has to it has to start and lead with Bitcoin and then move on to other things so that is also why bitcoin is so important should I go for Zeljko or bat go gold both they're very good companies I would not try to choose one over other they're both very solid companies Chinese New Year it's gonna bring low even lower ball or volume unfortunately because a lot of people almost everyone gets at least two weeks two to four weeks off in Asia and there's not a lot that goes on so that means that a lot of volume is go drop from the market so so that's what that's what's to be expected Ricky that's the same argument Ricky D says LDC is fast and expensive finite in use it's the same argument BTC tell me how litecoin is better than Bitcoin in any and any of the things you just said would you be interested in going around the world with the whole night one no if I won't go do so it'll be for Bitcoin why would I do so for a light coin Virge I don't hear anyone talk about Virg I still want to see if they're gonna be forced to pay millions to stay on pornhub we'll see if that happens Chinese New Year starts tomorrow yes on Tuesday the last pump was based on nothing well there's some truth to that in 2017 why did we go up no one really knows is it because Biff Enix introduced tether and just started pumping the market is it because you throwing them started pumping is it because Wall Street guys were too rich and they need to put money somewhere that will never be answered right but I will say what's different since the last two years it's funny to say two years these were in 2019 but what happened in 2018 even though the crypto market has started tanking it brought in a lot of detention so you got it you got to recognize that the fundamentals now is much much better than 2017 a lot of bears will say this is no different than two thousand fourteen or fifteen sixteen seventeen no it's vastly vastly different okay it's in it's in everyone's eyes now you don't have you don't have companies like you know bat or Nasdaq or TD Ameritrade or fidelity these gigantic companies getting involved bit coin and crypto s– right and you don't have a lot of these other players that's getting involved with futures or or VCS or hedge funds that's that's investing that you know they created hundreds of millions of dollars of funds that's investing in blockchain companies and so forth these type of stuff didn't exist like two years ago even or three or four or four or five years ago so the argument like oh we're just gonna tank back to zero or back to a thousand or back to whatever because it's no different than before is totally BS the fundamentals have gotten in feeling better with even from two years ago don't miss any comments on Neil Devcon I think da humph a just had an interview with watching Brad I think I did not watch the whole thing but I think I read it people said it's pretty good neo DEF CON is not here yet so we don't we don't know what's going on Jake that's a good question yes how are things lately compared your first year in crypto any comparisons you can make on progress infinitely better when I first got into kryptos 2013 the last big pump I'm an IT so I've heard this thing like hey you can mine mine something for free you're it's like literally growing a money tree but except with miners right and what mining so I got in I Bitcoin already moved to a six so I start mining like coin and the similarities between mining litecoin and ether name is exactly the same well basically Bitcoin shot up to 1200 BTC I mean like coin shot up to about 40 something or $50 this thing started crashing down and the reason why I left and almost everyone left at that point is there was no fundamentals at that point at that point everyone really focused on yeah it was just speculative pump an abrupt bubble burst and that's it there was no there was no signs of adoption no signs of any vendors nowhere around the world looking at Bitcoin no financial institutions looking at Bitcoin no one taking it seriously no one actually you know considering it as as a store of value it was really driven by just you know the libertarians and cyber punks that that want to overthrow the government I mean that that was really you know the thing that's why most people left they're like hey the money the money's gone I'll never recover back but it did and what happened to 2017 like I said kind of the same thing because no one really knows why it started and but it did and went up but now it's changed 2018 and now it on 19 completely change the game so the similarities is yeah we don't know why both time pumped up it could just be Wall Street guys for money wanting to make some more money wanted to put money into Kryptos just pump it up and then take their money out so we will never know so the similarities between 2017 and 2018 but recovery now I think is gonna be different because the fundamentals have gotten so much better all right those of you guys are tuned in late make sure you smash up the life I know the the watch colleges start going up so a lot of people probably on lunchtime so the main topic I you know of this video is be TTS of five hundred percent since I co will continue am I in my opinion yes now short term short term because there's an air drop coming February 11th short term after February 11th it could certainly go back down people are gonna take profit view or go start selling off their air drops so does not mean that BTT is gogo in flowing up like a hockey stick alright there's go be times to come down but overall in terms of my opinion I think bit torn acquisition is a huge huge win for Tron I think it leapfrog them tremendously above others in the same space and it's gonna make it very hard for some of these other companies to compete because of this and once Tron actually integrates BTT fully into BitTorrent you're getting you're talking about exposure to close to 100 million users right away now granted not all of them are they'll be using it maybe even maybe just 10% used it to think about 10% is 10 million users right no no one else can say that at this point no one else can say we have 10 million users that's actually using a token a cryptocurrency of some sort no one could say that so I think this is a big thing I think because of this I think Tron and B TT token is go be is gonna have a very bright future right but again like I said doesn't mean us go go off forever right he's still important to buy in increments to take profits when you can because there will be points where it comes back down and after February 11th you just want to go do the airdrop there could be a chance it comes back down so dr. Lecter you keep time on Nash I don't see it what are you talking about I'm at Ron Coan Maximus hey Weber haven't seen in a while I got a I got a reschedule Weber and Jon if you guys are still here I got to uh I got rescheduled in Saturday in May so I apologize so those if you guys have more questions you could ask Wyoming passes bill to recognize cryptocurrency okay good too bad it's just Wyoming too bad it's not California or something like that yeah Ricky no one knows what Nash's I thought he said net n cash but that's not what you say all right host beef says no one trusts any technology comes out China because people are afraid backdoors built-in every tech he used today come out of Silicon value si I don't know you should you should do more research because because people are saying that that si has access to every single Cisco router out there and that is the reason why Chinese companies don't buy routers and switches from Cisco because they say that the NSA has a backdoor into all them so it doesn't whether or not that's true I don't know but it's likely so you can't just say one way because it goes both ways – you think the US government is not spying on you but they are and they'll do tricky things where they'll have a relationship with Canada and have Canada spying you on their behalf something like that so there's a lot of there's a lot of political things that we don't know about George do you think pick one bull run will again pump all points like a dead yes in a lesser fashion I believe I think now most of us that's been in this space know that yeah a lot of is just speculation right too much so and we got caught up in the hype I think most of us knew that right on my show a lot of times even though I talked about a coin with promise every week you know throwing the bull run it was like non-stop ups and a lot of times I would say you know what to me this just looks too expensive but when everything Alice is going up at the same rate it no longer looks expensive right so I think during this next run I think people will be a lot more careful in terms of just picking speculative place to put all their money in I didn't go to start looking at well this is project have a good leadership right maybe so on that has a good business background because we've seen a lot of companies that struggle financially because they may have a good tech background but not a financial background so they don't know how to handle money right so I think the people are gonna be a lot more choosy in terms of what they put money on and because of that I think some of these all points may never recover but some of the ones that really last the ones that's you know doing really well during this down period they will be the ones that flourish Wilhelmy knock yeah you know that's the thing uh patrons kill that that the Superboy yesterday was a really actually bad game it's like the the most boringest boring us game ever the only thing I really loved is the Bud Light Game of Thrones commercial if you guys didn't watch that that is epic because I love Game of Thrones and that that really like was a surprise so you guys if you guys didn't watch out search on YouTube that is but definitely the highlight of yesterday's game I didn't watch the halftime show I thought sleep so I can't comment on it what do you think new trigger to look for it could be a whole bunch of stuff it could be it could be institutional investors it could be retail investors could be retail stores in general right we need something big like if Amazon declared that they go a step Bitcoin that could spur a big trigger because all the all the merchants start looking at it right yeah somehow Tesla analysis there go do STL that could spur a retail investor you know trigger institutionalism getting in because fidelity opening up custody services and back hold me up or ETF so triggers have come anywhere but we need something right now we just don't have any of that so we need something that's that gets excitement going right gets FOMO going and a good in a good positive manner uh my vegetarian no hell no will be Jamie wants to make a comeback definitely definitely so well Japan use XRP at 2020 Olympics I don't know I don't know all right guys that's it so let me conclude you know main topic is BitTorrent right I think this is very promising I like this acquisition a lot so if you guys missed my spiel rewatch the first half also I just want to make a point about quadri quadriga CX and how the CEO died and now a hundred million dollars is lost because no one knows the private keys or knows how to access the private keys to the cold wallets so I think this is also important those of you guys are watching if you have any crypto s– or significant amount of Kryptos make sure that you you write down your you know your pastors credentials you know where you can access your private key put it in a safe lock box or somewhere right so that in case you happen to be gone tomorrow someone else can access it and get access to your fund so just something to think about I think most of us think we're gonna live forever and maybe we will but those of us that don't live forever this is something to think about all right all right guys that's it you know make sure you smash with life subscribe to the channel and hit the notification button and I'll see you guys tomorrow all right take care bye bye

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  2. You will be able to earn #BTT on the Vibravid platform just listening music !!! How cool that will be ???

  3. ratio of 1 TRX = 0.11 BTT

    that means everyone should dump tron so the price drops.. =) cheaper tron means cheaper btt

  4. Our team at Prestige IT has developed advanced enterprise encryption tools that would have prevented the QuadrigaCX situation entirely. Our tools require organizational consensus to unlock encrypted information, so there is no single member of senior management holding any password. Several large projects in the blockchain space are currently using our products. We would love to give you a demo.

  5. Great video, I totally agree that the level of excitement & hype surrounding BTT will not go away anytime soon. Here's my video response, what do you think?

    Also, my Spouse & I divorced when she found out that I wanted to start investing (& in crypto), so she never got my private keys!

  6. Do you think something like this can start a bull run I think a lot of blockchain projects will start acquiring companies with broad user bases. This can be the story of 2k19 Adaption and Company Consolidation.

  7. BTT is another pump and dump to fill those scammers pockets. Still too many suckers in crypto that's why I don't think we have seen the bottom yet.

  8. Please note BTT TRX airdrop WILL not BE 1 to 1 NO!! it will be 1:1% In short 10 billion BTT against 66 billion trx . So, for each TRX one get 0.6 BTT or less.
    Therefore the Airdrop is insignificant – so Better go buy some BTT. 50$ would buy you more BTT than you would get holding a million TRX.

  9. BitTorrent buy now @ 35 Sats Yesterday 17 Sats Dont miss the train ! Buy while its cheap ! HODL aim for $0,10 USD

    If you can afford to spend $100 on crypto then you can afford a hard wallet!

  11. Once corporate entities figure out they can buy bandwith from the torrent network for the fraction of the price of a datacenter, there will be some real adoption of this. Imagine if netflix for example was able to save millions by streaming encrypted files via BT.

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