BTT Dump after Speed Release [VLOG#101]

CryptoSlo with more crypto what’s
going on guys hopefully getting your gains on both in
and out of the market so it’s the news today oh man I’ll tell you what that BTT it’s pumped like two or three times and
I thought a salad and I didn’t sell and it’s obvious to me that bgt is being
traded very very heavily just really disappointing you know they launched the
the BitTorrent Network speed project and you know VTT is kind of slumping down so
you know this just goes to prove you know
I don’t think a lot of these projects will reach stability until they’re
bringing a revenue stream in of some type on a consistent basis and you know
that’s the reality someone was doing that to me the other day with chain-link
they’re like it’s gonna moon it’s gonna moon it’s amazing from you know how many
amazing projects are that’s all I ever hear decentralized amazing fast secure
private you know I’m kind of Numb to those words
why don’t you start talking about revenue as base mature would say yeah
revenue man I mean a lot of these coins just don’t have a revenue stream you
know and therefore they’re real long term
you know I think you know arrows that you use case use case how about revenue
case but let’s let’s coin a new term I’m going to call revenue case where’s the
dang revenue man where’s the money where’s the money you know or the
transfer of value onto the network you know I think VT is way undervalued for
what they’re using it for I mean you had that Walmart announcement and they’re
actually using it is it has value as information there’s I would say there’s
a revenue stream attached to that because you know there’s an ecosystem
around entering all that food safety data into the blockchain which is kind
of you know like is proof-of-work in a case and you know that that’s the
problem is there has to be some kind of value transferred into the project which
in this case the vets case would be information you know proof of work by
itself there’s an okay case but you know people still sell you
know and that’s really the whole problem with crypto right now is there’s more
traders in crypto than there are people that are investing in you know file
projects that have revenue streams you know I mean theoretically 100
million people just got introduced to crypto so
you know it’s gotta be good for Tron right I
would think that would increase the demand for Trond it would increase the
demand for PTT I don’t know I don’t know it’s like I said it’s just disappointed
you know disappointing that you know we saw it dump a little bit and honestly
next time it pumps up to that resistance point I’m a shave off a little profits
and that’s what I did the first time around
the first time the first time it pumped I got rid of a couple hundred thousand
ATT just took those profits and they’ve been
into large caps but yeah it’s just not doing anything minutes you know I don’t
know I guess we have to give it some time to get that revenue coming in to
get that ecosystem of payments for people seating files and you know quite
honestly – if someone’s downloading stuff on BitTorrent they’re probably
already in decrypting so I don’t know if their percentages are as high as what
they claim because you know BitTorrent itself is kind of techie geeky and
non-traditional similar to crypto you know because that it really hasn’t gone
mainstream guy you know there’s the saying that if you put a hundred people
in a room there’s probably only one person that is active in the crypt
which is crazy you know that that just shows you how much thumb oh
there could be the problem is is that the projects are being created faster
than the adoption being plain supplies are way too
a lot of projects and quite honestly it’s kind of stupid in my opinion to
have a bazillion coins on a coin anyways because it’s fractional I mean if you
can divvy out to eight decimal places then we don’t need a hundred billion
gazillion coins so I don’t know in other news you know we saw the bankroll
Network looks like bank teller was doing a buyer sale second phase to get those
tokens out into the community out of that Genesis block which is fantastic
before stinking starts because staking quite honestly you know it’s going to be
a pretty cool way to earn more banker and I’ll be doing it so I’m still
stacking on my daily I’m trying to let that get up to a really juicy number and
I’ll make sure I do a video cash that in so you know for multiple
reasons to get my credits up as high as possible as well as stack some banker
tokens when I hit that clean but because the daily when you hit the claim button
divides by the mining rate and you get that in banker tokens so and the D decks
the new exchange is working fantastically I will do a video on on
that it’s a little confusing to people basically in its exchange that runs on e
and when you move into it you’re actually you have to transfer your Tron
into their stable point it’s called wrapping and then you can
buy and then your proceeds will come in that stable point and then you’ll unwrap
it and then it will go to your wallet so it works pretty flawlessly like I have
not had any problems with it but I’ll do a demo of buying and selling just so
people understand how the exchange works because it is a little different from
you know just the direct wallet transfer back and
so that is today’s news this is crypto slo, if your not talking gains, then we’re not talking

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  1. Dude you need to get more informed. Btt speed is the clean way of mining and IMO will be the next Bitcoin. Btc uses Miners but BTT uses clean mining. Justin knows what he is doing.

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