Btrade Automated $8,500 Profit Trading Bitcoin Update!

hi guys welcome to sit on my bits a quick little up trade up trade update sorry I'm tired quick little update on be trained automated I've made quite a bit of feedback people asking me about it and so far for me quite well if you see now my balance is at six thousand seven hundred and twenty one dollars admittedly I'm placing quite high trades $200 tried to started off with put it up to 50 then 100 now 200 so obviously the higher amount the quick and a return and but so far it's still performing quite well as you can see here's cut my losses there but overall not too bad it's you know actually I'm probably about eight and a half grand in profit I already did one we've drawn off about two grand and then we face just under a and a half brand profit so yeah so far is looking good and it's easy to easy to use as well I mean I say is cut a lot easier look at the previous page cut my losses here as well but overall it's not too bad overall it's it's I'm in the money which is good it's very simple use you've got your positions here traitor that are open financial news is on there if you need it economic calendar is all on there if you want to deposit more money so anything all the latest news and everything you might need it's all on there as well if you haven't got a source set from a separate separate site but overall its performing quite well admittedly it's still on the early days I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks but yeah it's not too bad you see so very simple you put in your mount you pick your your your asset here I tend to stick to Bitcoin so that one's for Wednesday to six and March so that one's sort of higher that is it tends to be maybe for tomorrow or the day after that so if you see that one there's for Wednesday and then you in your amount I mean that's on the go for that one take a chance on that one and then it does it for you so so far not too bad I'm quite pleased with it I'm going to put another withdrawal in four maybe five grand and leave the other 17 in there to trade with and then I'll give you an update on that but so far they still early days but so far it's performing its performing quite well not too bad if you want to check it out yourself there's a link below this video if there's anything you want me to review leave a comment below the video is a lot stands out there I think one yesterday it's full of actors and crap Fiverr actors and stock images and there was even an article in The Daily Mirror that was saying that they were it had been used for they they were using stock pictures and stuff so that's how bad it was but if you've got anything like that anything that looks too good to be true let me know and I can review it for you give me a thumbs up I've got another crypto BOE video coming up soon as well and also a ppi video something a bit different but a company got me some money back on a credit card that I forgot I had years ago and they got me about four grand back which was something like just out of the blue I didn't even know about so I'm gonna do a video for that I know it's something different not normally what I do but I thought I would share it with you because I think it finishes in August this year you won't get a claim after that so I just thought everyone else might as well anyone that hasn't done it get in on it so yeah I've got that coming up as well but anything you want me to review leave a comment below the video and I'll be back you soon more updates and the viewers don't forget ya thumbs up for like the videos if you want to check out betray link below and subscribe and I'll be back you soon thank you

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