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Today is no exception So make sure you jump back in time go to a two days ago, March 26. I posted posted this video Well Bitcoin fall, we was a teetering around thirty nine hundred dollars So now that we bounced up a little bit I wanted to give the other side of the story and Look at what Bitcoin would have to do if it continues to go higher? Also, I wanted to shout out my man. Mr. Ron For coming through with the super check donation. Thank you, sir is good to see you You’ve been rockin out with us, you know for a long time not to appreciate the support But make sure if you haven’t done it check that video out You’ll see what BTC looks like to the town and today’s video We will talk about it going up higher and what that would indeed entail and so this is the chart This is a thirty three minute chart, right? if we look at the 343 a Couple areas. I wanted to highlight on this. I’m really just looking at the down right because in order To go higher we must understand what it took to go lower and where that energy came from So if we start with these two squares up here right one and two this was kind of like the first breakdown big big big breakdown that kind of shocked the world, you know and start at this whole Six-month sell off that we’ve had right but all of that energy, you know that negative sentiment negative energy We can capture in two Intersections this Fibonacci right there. Boom You’re doing a like boom. Boom Right Put it on the seven and the 343 or the 231 because it’s a 343 sometimes, you know, the waves work different ways But what this shows us from breakdown to breakdown Is that this green line? Right. Yeah the 3/2 that’s going to be a reversal lunge right Green is positive, right? And when you break down break down it almost acts as like a catch basin To try to level you out a little bit and you notice this box right here We can encode this like orange. Maybe this is like our wonky zone This is limbo land but the 2 2 2 2 to 6 is where things start to turn around a little bit So you see me drop crash boom hit that little rubber bands on right here went whoa, and now we’re consolidated and Showing a little bit of a floor right there on that green zone. That’s what you want. Right? And this is that 3450 so as far as I’m concerned, you know as long as we stay above 3 4 5 That’s good That means that the floor is in and it’s not a matter of if but when we will see BTC rise higher Let’s do this Right and so again don’t get lost in the sauce and candles, you know, just trying to play it day by day I really don’t need a mic coming on here and doing these quick Bitcoin update videos But because I just put 1 playing Bitcoin down and it’s possible I figured I’d go on and show you guys how to chart it going higher Right, so we know that this 3 2 is the floor that green line down there is the floor I’ll just move, you know move this thing down a little bit so we can get it off the screen This trend line right here is a very very very port and trim line from the bottom of that To the bottom of that, right? That is a very very very Important trend line. This is essentially the channel that we’re riding on right now it’s confirmed a few times it confirmed as support right there support right there and now it looks like It wants to be resistance and this is what I tell you We have to look for the place where the floor becomes the ceilings and the ceilings become the floors If we did a sideways fibonacci running off this thing Right. I Would imagine That doesn’t really help us Because we don’t have any other info down here To ride on this is why I said if Bitcoin Falls, it’s gonna fall to you know Somewhere down there basically to catch itself, but it looks like it wants to pop up right the problem The problem is that the more we don’t have the volume in number two We’re running out of quick energy right to be honest this little pop right here could have just as easily been associated to the maximum sine wave coming back and now after we run into Our two to six zone we could see a pull back If we don’t break out, then we’re gonna start to breakdown and where will we catch? We will catch right here right around 38 50, right? We need a big pop right? But even then even then we’re gonna need to pop above This top, right? and so essentially if we turn the candles on we’ll need to get to Confirm out of this down cycle because we got three signs pointing to down We will need to break doubt and stay higher than 40 54 What is this 33 on the seven for about two days? Once we do that if we do that I will come back on and I will make a video and I will show how Bitcoin is going higher Right, but now it’s in like limbo land literally in limbo land And it’s no strong direction either way How do we notice we notice because all the intersections are going up going down going up and down and the 231 is relatively flat It’s no clear direction Formed so I hope this helps with regards to the interim and understand what BTC is going on and how it’s working If you appreciate this insight, make sure you give this video a thumbs up It really helps in getting the word out to all of our subscribers and if you want to know more Jump on over to balsa Bitcoin calm. This is the number one crypto trading resource on the internet I have a Facebook group number one Bitcoin group in the world. Just click that link right there. You can also follow me on trading view wanted to top published authors on there and lastly you can check out the different products and packages that we have I think one of the most Easiest ways to accumulate wealth is to never take a big loss and that’s what the boss method does better than anything So I’ll wrap all of that information up in three different packets is easy for you can tear it off Whatever works best for you to profit package. I will be delivering in this hand selected list this morning to the guys I wanted to wait You know 24 to 48 hours just to see if BTC was gonna break out break down what was going on? But there will be a new profit package as soon as I’m done with this video So check it out, you know boss of Bitcoin calm. Thank you so much for your support. I do appreciate you Leave me a comment down below if you have a coin that you want to see charted after this video I’m gonna jump on in the comments and probably do two or three videos just from the comments alone So if you made it this far in a video, that’s your reward Show me what you want to see charter and then i’ma jump in there and get it the faith That being said everybody is that time of the day signing out Oops, boy became no matter where you state Brazil debate, California all the way back out fool jerk money Good night. Good morning, and good day Till we meet again. Stay cryptic y’all Yes

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