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now let’s get started with the news first of all coinbase added aetherium
token so die dollop maker and Zillah coincidentally golem and zelicah were
two trades that we had open yesterday and they soft phenomenal gains but that
aside in an official post coinbase pro has stated that they are going to be
added to the platform but it will come with some region restrictions so this
obviously caused these of these all points to do a fairly well dalam in
silico we’re up a ton i didn’t look much at maker but either way they had a very
positive reaction to this news also we’ve seen bitcoins price have a little
bit of a rally today today is a great day the market spoiler alert before we
go into looking at that we have a great day in the market and well mike
Novogratz he predicts no further losses as we see the price recover
about 3.7 K now personally I’m not gonna say we’re at this region just yet I
still think it’s way too early to say that we are out of the bottom we’ve seen
the bottom when we’re just moving forward I still think there is a very
large possibility that we have not seen the bottom as of yet but I want to ask
you guys given the degree in days that given the last two or three greed days
in a row and the positive sentiment that’s come over the markets so quickly
what do you guys think of the situation do you think we have officially reached
the bottom do you think we have more lower lows to see let me know that right
now in the comments down below like I said personally I don’t think I’m
confident jumping in and saying we have reached the bottom already we’ve seen
this type of movement happen countless times and the same thing happens every
single time people get excited people get you know think we hit the bottom and
this has happened all the way back to from the 6,000 levels to the 10,000
lives this has all happened before so I’m still very very cautious one of
these times it’s going to be correct right one of these times we will have
officially seen the bottom we’re gonna reverse and we’re gonna go to the moon
but I don’t know if I’m confident saying that’s going to happen exactly right now
also we’ve seen an ex form in an ex goldman executive he believes the crypto
market will thrive in the long run so more positive news coming out in the
midst of this Green Day obviously when we see a green day in the market I think
a lot of people see a lot of people start looking at the positive side a lot
more positivity comes over on the mark and that’s honestly one of the things
I’m happiest about with the Green Day’s is seeing everyone’s you know sort of
everyone’s energy just come back in the market it’s a great thing to see also
see be a week Bitcoin futures there was an expiration today so that meant that
we could see a little bit of volatility happening in the market which is again
look at what happened just the last few days
definitely could partially be attributed to something like this also more
positive news coming along as well well Bitcoin OTC at trading volume soars and
it looks like institutions and very large investors are accumulating their
crypto currencies at these low prices again this does not mean by any means
that we have hit the bottom we definitely could have hit the bottom we
also might not have hit the bottom what there
right now is picking up at the cheap prices and if it does go down you can
bet that these guys are going to be picking up more and more they’re going
to be dollar cost averaging because that’s what every great investor does
they’re going to be dollar cost averaging on the way down but seeing the
trading volume for Bitcoin OTC soar is a very good thing and it shows a lot of
people are still interested a lot of people are still looking at it a lot of
people are preparing for the bull market and I don’t want to see any of us be on
the wrong side of that I know the bear market we’ve had in 2018 is suck I know
a lot of people lost their overall confidence all a large bar waiting for
us to see a little bit of bullish action take this time to make the best
portfolio possible take this time to buy the cheap cryptocurrency I’m not a
financial adviser this is not financial advisors just what I’m doing taking this
time to perfect my portfolio get out the bad projects get in the good projects
build the bags of what I want to build and then prepare for the bull run
because I do think the more and more we move forward the less of the projects we
are going to see have a bull run so not every project is gonna go to the moon
like we saw happen at the end of 2017 good projects are gonna over the moon
bad projects aren’t going to start disappearing that’s the good part about
the bear market as well now think something a lot of you guys
probably did not know there’s been a trader and he has nailed the big point
top perfectly this is when he entered his short he enters short all the way up
at the top and he’s been holding it all the way down so this person’s name is
Dow he is a mark down oh he like I said he opened his short position all the way
up at the very very top and he’s officially closed it right now he
actually posted on Twitter saying today I say goodbye to the Bitcoin short sad
now a lot of people asked after you shorted how did you hold when we went
back up so question a lot of people have a question a lot of beginners have is
well you shorted at fourteen thousand two hundred and forty how did you hold
when we visited seventeen thousand dollars again how did you have that
confidence to hold it in that situation and it came from fundamentals he
explained in this article which I highly you guys check it out if you have not
checked it out yet he said so you want a short Bitcoin
here’s your roadmap highly recommended I’m not going to go too much into it but
he compares against different markets he explains what a bubble is how to see it
coming all that a very very good read for anyone who wants to get into trading
basically he explained the fundamentals were there I know this is a volatile
market I know the patterns that previous bubbles in previous you know market
structures have had I’ve seen it happen before
so once it hits a one-size shorted 14,000 240 and it visited 17,000 again
the fundamentals of his trade had not changed yet any he’ll throughout this
period of time what he did probably was just not open his trade at count every
single day he waited and waited and waited for the long run waiting for what
he thought was going to play out and wait for his trade to play out he didn’t
alter the trade which is a big thing I see a lot of beginners do wrong he’s
trying to change the trade when a little thing happens okay and it goes from
14,000 to 15,000 when you’re shorting instead of holding it believing in your
fundamental believing in your initial technical analysis people try to change
it way too early there’s a time and a place to change it now he just held it
throughout this whole time so that was absolutely impressive he mentioned as
well that he is going it’s a good time to close it is this the bottom again we
don’t know but after such a phenomenal trade
it’s a great time to close secure some profits you don’t need to get too greedy
which probably the second lesson I have in terms of trading you don’t want to
get too greedy it’s easy every single time to say I wish I wish I
put more money on this short or if we jump another thousand dollars oh I wish
I had held on twit but you never know what can happen in the market it’s
better to secure your profits I secure profits at different targets of a trade
and then you know I’m happy with that if it’s a great trade you always wish
you put more into it but you got to stick to the fund when there was a
reason you only traded a certain amount but still wowzers guys take a look at
that take a take a look basically to two different size this one thing is he’s
been shorting this for practically one year pretty much one year from the
all-time high to where we are right now he’s been showing this for one whole
year and look at what’s happened right what a difference a year
what’s happened in this year and then on the other hand think of what could
happen this next year now of course we could just have a terrible bear market
again in 2019 I think some people expect that to happen some people expect that
not to happen that’s 2019 we’re gonna have to wait and see what does play out
but if so much can happen in one year I can only imagine what a bull run in a
one year will do what a bullish 2019 I can’t even imagine the prices we would
see things would be absolutely insane well good news is that Brian Kelly on
CNBC he’s reportedly short on Bitcoin even though we had marked out who closed
his shorty perfectly time the short Brian Kelly who is known to be the guy
to teach you how to buy Ripple when it’s at 2.50 and then how to sell it at 77
cents something around that basically the world’s worst trader at this point
because he’s teaching you ought to buy high and sell low the reason so many
people are mad at the crypto market you can attribute part of that to Brian
Kelly but all jokes aside he’s short on Bitcoin and well I think a lot of us
know what happened after that Bitcoin saw 20% surge markets went through the
roof in three days of consecutive green which I can’t tell you when the last
time we’ve had something like that is and if you look at the overall technical
now so this is very very cluttered right now I apologize for it could be worse to
helps this is still not as bad as it has gone since a lot of you guys enjoyed the
technical analysis in yesterday’s video I wanted to share a little bit more
about that and basically well from the resistance level I had previously put
over here we hit it pretty much perfectly and now we’re starting to have
a little bit of a pullback from that this is at around about 3930
having a pullback from that support $3,700 about time you guys are watching
this video who knows what has happened market just changes so so fast who knows
what’s happened by the time this video comes out but just a few important
points to keep in mind is the 18 EMA is gonna act as a resistant as a support
right here we’re gonna have the 3,700 act as a support if we can bounce off
that and go back to test for thousand that’d be really really great
and only times gonna top I’m excited to see what the market looks like once we
do what’s this video it does go live but just a little bit supports and resistors
for you guys to keep something in mind when you’re looking at the prices think
it doesn’t necessarily matter too much that we’re having this pullback I think
that’s normal again on the day to day but now it’s gonna be important to see
if we break below that and then do continue down to the lower lows that
some people expect or if we do continue this moment if we do have the volume to
support it we do have decent volume if we will continue to move back up after
balancing off of here and trying to go to that four thousand dollars have even
seen end of year theories of a six thousand dollars which is very very
possible and I think a lot of people would be very happy to see the year-end
at six thousand dollars that’s a you know it’s over two thousand dollars
gained in the market almost double the market from below that we had it almost
three thousand six husband almost double bitcoin price sure a lot of people would
be very excited about that but guys take a look again at the great day can’t
emphasize it enough I’m sure the whole crypto markets happy we were near
breaking under a hundred billion dollars but we’ve gained twenty five percent of
that back right he had a hundred and twenty five billion dollars of 53.5%
Bitcoin dominance the market cap a big point says sixty seven everything is
except billion everything isn’t egregious significant gains another
phenomenal day to be in the crypto market mona coin is up stratasys up
waves us up bitcoin cash is up Liske is up everything is down look at some of
these ridiculous ridiculous gains trousers another trade those posted in
the trade alert group that some people took profits earlier some people decided
to hold onto it and well here here’s where it’s at right now so absolutely
phenomenal very few cryptos in the red we have just five ten x gemini dollar
factum status year i don’t even know what this is and like i said there’s
just five it’s one of those days it’s a green day a lot of people gonna get
excited again i want to emphasize the fact that we’ve seen this type of
movement before before continuing to hit lower low so let’s take things one day
at a time looking at the technical understanding what’s going on you know
not getting too bullish too fast although this is a great little bullish
momentum this is some bull mentum where for me it’s a great few bullish dates
that’s hide it together still important to keep our head in place and understand
that at any moment a whale could come in and then that’s game over that’s fun
over we see $3,000 right back again if a big whale comes in and decides to sell
also Neil is up almost 10% I wanted to talk a little bit real quick before we
end the video about Neil because I get a lot of questions asking am I still
bullish on neo guys at seven dollars and seventeen cents I am very bullish on
Neil moving forward in the long term I think
Neil is going to see some very nice gains from this I hope it clears that
out there hasn’t been too much news going on specifically about neo that
I’ve been able to cover on the channel although I have been a fan of neo for
some time I am bullish on is still the long term
and I think it’s going to do well so hopefully that answers some of your
guys’s questions guys if you did enjoy this video don’t forget to leave a
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another video


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  2. Nobody knows if we have seen the bottom. I'm hoping we have. But I don't think so. I have made a decent amount on bitmex today longing BTC I hope everyone reading this has made some money too

  3. No dont think bottom is in yet, the timer is up on most people that were shorting from the top they are looking for rentry points

  4. No more losses, it just lost 3 billion by the time you read this, don’t be surprised it could go back to 100 bill, where is the SEC when all this happens? Just proves the SEC has no control over Bitcoin or the markets, or they don’t want to do anything. They are only interested in the money they get from fines they issue, they don’t want an ETF, like their friends in banking.

  5. I honestly thought this was the bottom but I’m pretty unsure. Knowing how fast crypto moves we can still have one last dip under 3k before the true bottom.

  6. As a trader newbie… my question is I thought short were more of a short plan. How can or could you have a short open for a year, just curious? I was thinking that we would bottom out around $2,500. If this was the bottom that’s fine with me.

  7. I bought more neo a few days ago ?
    This little rally be a great chance for someone to crush a few fomo people before a lower low

  8. Thanks for the video Patrick. I am not confident that bottom has been touched. I believe we are seeing some investors accumulating briefly which allowed for a small pickup in price but that will also create more sellers at some of these higher price. When the investors pause again we will dip.

  9. I'm not holding my breath.  Yes it was great to see all the green; but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Sure enough, this evening all of my portfolio what had been green is turning red.  But maybe it was just some folks taking profit from the gains the last couple of days.   I'm still hopeful that it will indeed continue upward looking at the big picture..

  10. He has officially closed it, and it could be because he thinks Bitcoin has bottomed out and is about to go on a big run. Tweeting he has “absolutely zero interest in going long” – doesn't sound like he could be more certain.

  11. I never thought hacked transfers were real until i came across expeditetools,com .Just yesterday i received $20,000 from em.

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