BTC to $20K? – EOS Updates – LTC Post Halving & More!

Welcome blockchainers, it’s another week
of binary related fun and games again no Lisa this week but I’d like to introduce
our new research assistant in the world of blockchain, it’s Meg she’s joining our
esteemed leader buddy doing all of our blocks and research and
also our blockchain giveaways so say hello to Meg she’s going to be joining
me today and she’s going to be helping me fill y’all in on the world of crypto
now what is on the show this week I hear you ask well I’ll tell you along with
our usual news roundup to give you all the latest on all the Kryptos you need
to follow we will be chatting to simon rag from Kryptos for beginners but we’re
going to be chatting about a lot he owes what’s been going on litecoin
thoughts on that general adoption where the Libra is helped or hindered the
whole kind of crypto journey so dive in enjoy the show and let’s start off with
a little a news roundup first up I guess let’s have a look at
where the market has been in the last week since we last chatted so you can
see as of time of press which is basically around 10 a.m. on Friday
bitcoins about 1.3 percent down but it’s you know nearly 12 percent up over the
last week the next few a theory of Ripple Bitcoin cash and litecoin all
showing down obviously litecoin not good since the hovering that’s been dropping
over ten percent by an ounce coin going up again but you can see there’s a bit
of a mixed bag there our first news story this weeks from Bloomberg and it’s
an alarming one really only 318 addresses control 80% of tether the
cryptocurrency world is even more concentrated than most observers
probably realize while large holders of Bitcoin that are commonly referred to as
Wales owned almost 1/5 of the largest cryptocurrency researcher coin metrics
says the unique identifier z’ known as addresses show that only about 300
entities control around 80% of teather the token that serves as a conduit for
trading on many of the world’s largest crypto exchanges next from the Sun
believe it or not crypto cash Bitcoin investors have been chased by HMRC to
declare their windfalls people who buy and sell Bitcoin and
other cryptocurrencies have been warned to check if they need to pay tax on any
windfalls they make amid a HMRC crackdown the taxman has confirmed its
asked a number of cryptocurrency buying and selling platforms to reveal how much
users are making experts say the move follows a similar investigation launched
by the USA’s IRS Internal Revenue System HMRC wouldn’t tell us which firms that
spoken to but cex diode told the Sun that it’s been contacted by the taxman
the crypto exchange said it’s been asked for the names and addresses of UK
residents who’ve transferred cash using the site between 6th of April 2017 and
April the 5th 2019 as well as the value and dates of transfers platform coinbase
refused to confirm or deny reports that it too
being hauled up by HMRC back in February it was ordered following a lengthy court
battle to divulge the details of 13,000 customers to the IRS still on Bitcoin
from FinTech times now a Bitcoin to breach $20,000 in the event of a No Deal
brexit a No Deal brexit could see the price of Bitcoin surged past 20 thousand
US dollars and achieve a record high as the vulnerability of fiat currencies is
amplified through such a symbolic political event according to the
blockchain specialist commercial bloc in December 2017 Bitcoin hitters all-time
high of nineteen thousand seven hundred and eighty three dollars but the threat
that a No Deal brexit poses to the stability of both sterling in the Euro
coupled with its broader symbolism of the growth of populism and decline of
political Union and globalization are likely to favor the cryptocurrency
in 2019 today Bitcoin has been boosted and validated by a multiplicity of
factors from its role in major use cases across established brands like Microsoft
and Twitter to most recently Facebook’s announcement of Libre still on Bitcoin
and from the independent Bitcoin bounces back and experts expect a huge jump the
price of Bitcoin has broken above 12,000 dollars to take its week on weak gains
above 2000 dollars and to bring an end to a shaky time for cryptocurrency
investors bitcoin is notoriously volatile but the price fluctuation since
June have been amongst the most erratic ever experienced by the world’s most
valuable cryptocurrency after six months of steady but near constant gains the
price of Bitcoin took a sharp dive in late June as four thousand dollars was
wiped from its value in the space of a week it soon bounced back and by
mid-july it was back trading above $13,000 but
even heavier losses were to come as Bitcoin once again fell towards 9,000 at
the end of July a week of positive price movement may well be preceded by another
nosedive however some market analysts believe that this time there may be more
gains to come one reason for this is Bitcoin gaining a reputation as
safe-haven asset that allows investors theoretically to power money into the
cryptocurrency when traditional markets are looking shaky with rising trade
tensions between US and China as well as growing uncertainty surrounding brexit
Bitcoin could see an influx in investments over the coming weeks and
months on to litecoin and from FX Street litecoin is down over 8% since having at
the time of writing LTC USD is changing hands about eighty nine point three nine
the coin slipped below the critical $90 support line after short-lived growth
above $100 on August the fifth the fifth largest digital asset with a current
market value of 5.6 billion has lost nearly two percent on a day on day basis
and over eight percent on weekly basis Cardno and from crypto news Cardno a da
is still in a bearish trend well no shit Sherlock I mean I can’t find any news
apart from stories about how bearish Cardno ata is if anybody’s got any news
out there about anything good that’s going on I’ve been posting on all the
channels on all the telegrams trying to get some positive news on it but there
is very little out there so if anyone has some please send it over in regards
to EOS we’re going to be talking in detail with psy coming up on our
blockchain banter which is coming up around now so we’re on to blockchain banter and
we’ve got our old pal SCI rag from crypto for beginners on the line he is
also a sort of yos fan and wanted to have a chat to him about that and lots
of other concepts so sorry are you there yeah welcome back welcome back you’re
fresh from a holiday on you so you’re you’re back in the hot seat yep thank
you for having me on you have been in a while but yeah it’s good to be back yeah
pleasure well I guess let’s start off by just three on the whole eos from we’re
following us you know fairly regularly just there’s been some talk out there
there’s not really a lot of news going on at the moment obviously since the big
announcement that happened we’ve seen the token price go down a bit there’s we
kind of looking for new stories but it seems a bit quiet on the western front
is there kind of you know to the more initiator what’s kind of going on yeah I
think my main mainstream headlines fit us is pretty quiet right now
I mean a lot of background work going on with the developers and Day app
developers with their sort of programs are there you know and apps they’re
launching and one of which have been following is the EOS links wallet and
they’ve recently released as of this week actually they’re their desktop
wallet you can get that for Mac Windows and Linux and that’s pretty cool so it’s
pretty safe you load your private key and use the EOS links wallet and the
most have got it really well one of the best I’d say mobile wallets already out
Phandroid and you know and iOS as well so that’s pretty cool actually made a
video about myself and what maybe we’ll put a link to that and then if anybody
and just that I know on that side does lots of good video content about your
about all sorts of stuff so it’s worth to follow to his channel if you’re
trying to get yourself up to speed on what’s going on yeah thanks mate and
also there’s been following the passive income streams with the US as well and
obviously the wrecks the resource exchange that launched
I think that’s toting out about not 0.15 to not 0.2 percent APR not massive but
if you’re a big back holder it’s a really straightforward and any easy way
and safe more importantly a way of earning passive income on yo-yos tokens
and that’s pretty cool I’ve done yeah we did that was amazed at how is it was
because I looked at jin-tae a while ago and I didn’t like the idea of
non-custodial I didn’t want to send and with wrecks I was just like literally
okay there it is bang bang bang done but I guess there’s been a slight
disappointment about what their kind of APR is on that but I guess anything’s
better than nothing right something that will only grow over time as the aussie
ecosystem expands and you get more the app develops on board you know they’re
after the cpu and net resources so I think that demand for it and then indeed
the APR then go up you know people lending it out so I think that the
horizons bright for that one it’s I guess it’s simple Maps isn’t it the more
people develop on it the more RAM is gonna be required those developers
aren’t going to want to buy that sort of EOS Ram so in order for them to borrow
it just what we need is more adoption across the whole network I guess yeah
absolutely and then there’s so much so much fierce competition out there but at
the same time you know the community is looking out for each other and it’s
strong right now as strong as ever and you know the pumping out more
transactions per day all the time and you know there’s this apps the apps out
there one of them prospectors to i/o that’s a massive multi multi player
online game running on the EOS blockchain on you know it’s on the main
map and that’s pumping out you know hundreds of transactions every you know
a few minutes and there’s thousands of users every day I think around three to
four thousand users are you playing the game every day it’s pretty cool to say
thrown in in-game economy system so teaching people about you know a real
economy and how it should work and also and they get passive rewards as a result
of using the game but also people who don’t even use the game can stake their
pgl token to earn a passive income on that on that token was wrong so sweet
it’s pretty cool and there’s a lot of staking models out there
is tokens as well you know in competition with that so what is that
give what you’re doing that game that sounds fun and how do I get to it yeah
so the web addresses prospectors IO and basically that’s a massive
multiplayer online and MMO game and people familiar with the game ease and
and so on and so forth will be familiar with MMO games and destiny as well on
the xbox and but yeah an MMO game you’ve basically helping each other assisting
each other to mine gold the gold supply is based on the real world gold supply
and it’s one of these games we can you can pay to have things done quickly if
you want with real real funds or you can just let it develop over time and assist
and help each other it’s kind of like a strategy based game as well with that so
it’s pretty cool people earn gold in the game and they can be used to transfer to
pgl tokens which then can be bought and sold for us if you wish and but also on
the prospective site there’s a rewards tab and basically and you can state your
PTR tokens to receive a daily depositors interest on those tokens as well and I
think that’s it’s pretty high at the moment as rather than that’s that’s just
pretty cool sounds but it sounds like a massive time vampire though whenever I
get into these things I just go down the rabbit hole and the next thing I know
I’ve lost I remember years ago playing and populace not populist the token but
populist the game and I remember like going into it I’m literally on a Monday
and just coming out of it the following Saturday where I’d achieved nuclear
capability and yeah the whole week had gone by really with about two hours
sleep games but well for those looking to seek passive income on their tokens
rarity US based or or any other crypto project for that matter and if you have
to staking rewards calm and there’s a whole list doing a great job by the way
there’s a whole list of tokens on there and what rewards you can get and it’ll
simplify your score for you for percentage score based on risk
associated with you know staking up token the complexity of which how easy
it is to do and so on and so forth so it’s pretty cool and definitely worth a
look and those wanting to put that crypto to work yeah because I’ve seen
you post a few things about recently and I’ve been shit to be honest with with
this apart from wrecks I did the wrecks thing but I know I’ve got all of these
kind of staking possibilities and passive income obviously is one of the
greatest things known to man so I should I’ll have a look and I
advise everybody else have a look as well because there’s golden than their
hills I guess so have a look at that now well we’re
talking heroes do any more on voice what do you kind of hotly awaiting that one
or what’s your thoughts I’m yeah I’m not I’m not too fussed myself personally
about voice I’ll probably give it a shot and give it a try out and make a video
or two on it and but I see it as just another social
media platform to be honest and you know I think they’re bending over to the
government a little bit and I was the KYC thing so but I suppose is going to
be a compromise sooner or later you’ve got to get them on board before
defeating them as such I think and I think that’s part of what it will take
for a mass adoption and be winning over the governments and banks alike and but
yeah I think I think it’s a good idea overall we’ll wait to see what happens
with that one yeah yeah I know I I chatted to lek SoCal in a while ago I
mean he plainly as biased because he works for consensus so but he said in
his opinion that yeah that voice was essentially like a social network that
would have been released in 2008 and you didn’t think it’s particularly relevant
but somebody quickly commented on the video saying okay let’s show is where
aetherium x’ social network is then mate and there was a silence so I guess there
is a an element of that I guess it one thing that’s interesting as well the
moment is I was reading a couple of articles this week about how the hold
Libre scenario could have advanced crypto currencies generally as far
forward as like three years just by the fact that you’ve got kind of large
decision makers at governmental levels sitting talking about crypto currencies
even though Libre may never happen and probably won’t happen the way things are
that that alone could have advanced the general cause you know a huge way what’s
your thoughts on that yeah Libre is going to be the chosen horse a backdoor
into it and for the unknowing masses if you like I think a lot of us already in
the space you know for years now aren’t really gonna buy into it of course and
but I think I think it can only be a good thing for the space it’s gonna you
know highlight the space a little more in the mainstream press if you like and
hopefully get a lot of people on board with that
so I think ultimately well you know the jury’s out on that one again and was
kind of skeptical about it I think it’s ultimately you know good thing overall
yeah I think it was interesting when it was all happening I was getting friends
who knew nothing about crypto emailing me going can I by Libra on coinbase
I mean immediately without any all of a sudden that kind of global consciousness
was kind of pointed towards cryptocurrency which is which was quite
interesting so well I’m obviously your your space that you’re in at the moment
is trying to teach people what they need to know you know to get into
cryptocurrency the crypto for beginners is there a sort of general thirst out
there for that at the moment I know it kind of goes in huge cycles usually
depending on what the market cycles are doing because people are led by you know
usually like greed more than more than fear how is it out there for a new
adoption I say I say it’s still fairly quiet
overall I mean there’s not a great deal in the news about it the interesting
thing is how the price of say Bitcoin or the crypto now there I’ve got a
specially Bitcoin has gone up and obviously you know the market dominance
is around what 70% now but it’s interesting how the price has gone up
and there’s not being a gradient in the news and for me that seems pretty
bullish medium and long term and and yeah I’ve got people on board and
there’s been you know steady growth let’s say in these first of three four
months of operating so I think a future definitely bright and then you know the
demand will be there as you know that the price increases and the media
articles you know start coming out about how people should be getting into crypto
I guess I saw an article in the Sun yesterday believe it or not saying I
think it was like crypto people have to pay taxes after Bitcoin rise there was
like a snag the article to talk about in the show and I thought if it’s making it
into the Sun then that probably is you know a sort of indicator that it is sort
of getting into mainstream but it was written from a very negative perspective
like all these people that have made money in crypto are now going to be
penalized and you could tell that that was kind of quite a negative sway on it
yeah it’s interesting how that you never see any news about potential bank
failings or on the banks here in the same breath as
well I mean yeah when that happens that will take everyone by surprise but yeah
and gold seems to have been sort of roaring up over the last three months as
well because that’s been a sort of dead duck for a long time but when you see
sort of gold signs of Silver’s not catching up there that still seems to be
lagging behind massively but gold seems to be yes or as slowly coming to the
forefront which is always an indicator for me that things aren’t well in
Tinseltown yeah say I mean only I think last week gold hit an all-time high
against the pound that’s been falling with all the breaks it news and forming
into euro and dollar as well but yeah goal to an all-time high and versus the
pound and I think again the only waves up to gold and silver still and I think
the all-time high against the euro is not far away and certainly the dollar
and when it happens I think we’ll start seeing you know around $2,000 per ounce
of gold which is going to be you know a sign of everyone’s flooding to the safe
havens away from the traditional stock markets and bad money management say
yeah and I saw Max Keiser came out this week and said he thinks bitcoins gonna
broke breach 14,000 before long do you do you have a thought on kind of where
bitcoins heading in the not-too-distant I mean Isis 14,000 before the end of
this year and I think towards the end of next year and I think yeah 14,000
probably after the break xenu’s or help spur that along and whichever way that
goes I think it’s still bullish the crypto and the metals and I think
towards the end of 2020 and obviously got the Trump election in November next
year so I think then there’s gonna be some controversy and big news out of
course and whether the markets plunge and you know we should only be a good
thing for crypto long term you know once you get back to that $20,000 time higher
can see is move it up to $30,000 and a Bitcoin in you know not to not too long
at all and I think the volatility will will get it a bit more wild as well I
think my leg runs shouting out and there’s you know big
$1,000 days I think you know that you you haven’t seen it oh yeah you know get
ready for two three maybe even $5,000 moves in a day or a week that sort of
thing so you know unless you trading as you are get ready for those movies
because I think it’s gonna be quite testing get your big-boy pants on
do you think I mean there’s still some people out there that are making claims
for crazy highs for Bitcoin by the end of the year I mean you know people like
Tom Lee is it from fun Stratton you know calling 50,000 plus for the end of the
year somebody quoted over $300,000 I’ve been so many of these quotes now I take
with a pinch of salt just because it seems you know like we’ve heard it so
many times I think it’s realistic by the time the next bull market top occurs
which for me I reckon is gonna be somewhere between Lake 2021 and the
middle of 2022 I think it’s reasonable to assume at least double the all-time
high so around the 40 thousand dollar mark from now which is you know
representing a four times gain from today’s value roughly but I think you
know that it could go to the 60 $80,000 and maybe over shoot 100,000 potentially
but I think that that price action is a result of you know those dollars being
printed into oblivion and being circulation so that’s just a measure of
how many dollars it’s worth and I think ultimately long term the dollar is going
to die so why everyone’s getting hyped up about you know between be worthless
dollars then you might not be able to sell at some point in the future for
these dollars you know you might find that Bitcoin is is the world reserve and
it’s priced at how many Bitcoin you have so the more Satoshi’s and bitcoin you’re
stacking now I think the better that is for the long term
I mean if you can trade on that as well even better and you can make more you
know you can generate more asset or earn some passive income to generate that
asset again that’s that’s only bullish you know brand good to the future what
about old coins because again wildly sort of disputed thoughts on shit
Quinn’s dead Bitcoin and everything else is rubbish altcoin season is coming get
ready everybody they’re going to moon again I mean a lot of those coins are
complete crap right and we know that they’re dead and gone but there are
still some good ones in there that presumably are going to catch some
upswing at some stage yeah I think so too and that’s just market realization
things a big part of that you know a lot of money coming in is just buying
Bitcoin and to a certain degree aetherium because of
the you know the futures markets and derivatives that they’ve launched which
sadly they should be launching derivatives but they have financial
weapons of mass destruction again and but yeah i think some of the altcoin
projects i think a lot of them need to be will be washed out either at the end
of this bear market cycle or the next one and but i think a lot of the good
ones with the big bucking behind them communities and funding will survive
will prevail and our building steadily up say for the future so we’re looking
at least you know three four five years away
we’ve obviously any decent games really realistic gains as in when they do
something the price reflects it is opposed to that 2017 madness yeah and i
think we’re going to be realistic and wait what you’re pricing it versus
whether it’s dollars to make short-term dollar gains or in bitcoin to make
satoshi gains which I think for the longer turn and you know she’s pricing
an old coin in Bitcoin have a look at the chart versus Bitcoin and see how
it’s acting you know see what the market is doing are they buying you know manera
with bit for another buying us with bit more and that sort of thing because I
think that’s very telling as to how strong a project is and it’s from the
mentors what any thoughts unlike coin I know we’ve just had the Harvin on that
and a lot of people quite correctly said that that was priced in by the time we
hit the Harvey and it’s probably going to bounce around between sort of 80 and
100 for the rest of the year but you were like coin fan or not yeah hold like
I’m a fan of white coin and whether it acts as digital Silver’s a bitcoins
digital gold or be remains to be seen whether its purpose is to be a currency
to be used by her nation state or several nation states or individuals
again remains to be seen so well you know it’s faster than Bitcoin and as
strong fundamentals there has been it’s one of the longest you know living sort
Kryptos out there yeah I think the jury’s out on it I think there’s there’s
plenty of people buying it and when I looked at the charts the volumes and
market cap has always been around 40 50 60 percent so it’s being pretty strong
even when the price has been pulling back as well yeah well let’s see let’s
see well it’s great to have you on if anybody’s looking for crypto knowledge
size runs basically crypto for beginners that’s number four we’ll put links down
below everybody should
open up the crypto knowledge so I think it’s you know get educated is the thing
to do at the moment and sign maybe we can get you back on in the
not-too-distant for more of a catch-up yeah for sure baby looking forward to
excellent we’ll catch up for a beer at some stage soon brilliant thanks rich
take it that’s everything we’ve got time for
this week folks remember to be commenting down below liking and
subscribing talk to us people we love to hear from you what else would you like
featured are there any particular projects you want to talk to do you have
any contact with people you want to talk to comment down below like subscribe do
all that good stuff because it helps us move the channel forward and it helps us
bring you the news that you would like to see in the meantime or remember until
we see next you’ve been blood chained

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  1. Do we think BTC will get to $20K? Im so unsure now, "experts" have been "working out the market predictions" for 3 years without any success it feels….

  2. Bitcoin has been in a bull market since the beginning. Over the long-term Bitcoin has only increased in value no matter how many big drops there were on the way up. Since it is expected that this pattern will continue, Bitcoin is also expected to set a new high this year.

  3. EOS is the biggest joke in all crypto. $4bn collected during ico phase but still a product that a 15 year old could produce. Biggest centralized scam coin lmao lol

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