19 thoughts on “BTC PRICE | SHORTS/LONGS | BTC.D | WHEN ALTCOIN SEASON (15 may 2019)”

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  2. cryptopia is dead. hacked and bankrupt. ebay renigged on bitcoin. but others are on the btc train. 12k before retrace back to 6 -7k. my $.02 we all know btc is will go to the moon. thank you dobe.

  3. Been listening to you occasionally for 3 years now… and it’s uncanny how accurate you’ve been. Good job.

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  7. Dobe from what I’ve been seeing the majority of the sentiment at the moment is ‘alts are dead’ – I feel this is the time to buy alts

  8. Hmm, I had a look at the volume profile. Currently BTC is actually fighting against falling through a low-volume area. It is not sitting comfortably on the high volume area around 8170 (Bitstamp) to which it poked through once but could not hold. It's on the edge, so to speak. The chart is still pure chop. No compression, no volatility squeeze. Neither trading nor investing zone for me.

  9. I think its a mixed bag. BTC.D at 63% is my .236 level on the way to 88%, so it seems a reasonable place for a first retrace.
    To gauge where BTC is going a good chart to look at is LTC, LTCXBT on kraken retraced exactly from the .618 extension all the way back down to the 200 Daily MA, and its USD counterpart is looking to crack open resistance, BCH & XRP also look like they have some good pumps to come which i why I am favouring a decent BTC pullback. Obviously this is more active and risky than HODLing but that's my style, but i do have a HODL pot in case my active trades turn out bad.

    Maybe your poll received 25% bearish because it looks like we are going to pull back? I would have replied neutral given the current chart but i put bullish based on the cycle. Maybe Tyler and Leah voted 25 times each!

    When i got it wrong at $4.1k i closed my HODL shorts and went and sat on the beach for two weeks to get that big bad bear out of my head, i think people need to get away from the screen at these turning points if they keep losing trades due to being stubborn

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  11. I understand that you believe for many things in the market, that while most people believe something, or are anticipating something, it doesn’t happen. Like altcoin season. My question is why. Is there a logical reason why the market goes against common perspective. And isn’t it when their are more bulls than bears that price goes up? If that’s the case, then if most people are bullish on altcoins, there will be more buyers no?

  12. Nice. Now that the price premium on Bitfinex is gone, the l/s ratio can be used as an indicator again.

  13. Yes, I think BTC is going to consolidate before pushing higher. Shorters are playing a dangerous game settling down on the track before the oncoming Express train. ++ I have topped up a few major alts with fiat, notably ETH, but as long-term holder no sweat if goes the wrong way short-term. ++ I'm thinking about more BTC even at these prices. Perma bull Tom Lee says 14k is 'fair value' for BTC. Let's split the difference > 11.5k

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